Seeing the Invisible: SLOW MOTION Schlieren Imaging

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3 år sedan

This is what the world would look like if you could see invisible air currents, temperature gradients, and differences in pressure or composition of the air.
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Tony Fadell, Donal Botkin, Jeff Straathof, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal, Nathan Hansen
I first saw a Schlieren imaging setup around ten years ago in Melbourne. I was immediately fascinated by the way I could see the warm air coming off my hand. I hadn't expected the currents to be moving that fast or to be so visible. This was a tricky setup to get right because alignment is very important and here I'm just working with what I had lying around the house mostly (plus the mirror). For the best Schlieren photography, making sure the mirror is stable is essential. I want to improve my setup so the mirror doesn't wobble back and forth too much creating the pulsing light and dark sections of this video.
The relationship between index of refraction of air and temperature, pressure, humidity and wavelength is complicated. This website will calculate it for you:
Slow motion by Hollywood Special Ops:
Sound Effects by A Shell in the Pit:
Filmed by Raquel Nuno
Special thanks to Blake Nichols for assistance

Nexus Dag sedan
Hello. I've been experimenting with a single mirror schlieren system, and I can't seem to wrap my head around a very particular aspect of it. After the reflected light rays are intercepted by the knife edge at the focal point, I don't understand why the projected schlieren image (the shadow/silouhette formed when I hold up my hand) appears flipped and rotated relative to the object in front of the mirror (i.e., a blow dryer). Conversely, when I move my camera with a telephoto lens into place, the schlieren effect appears "right-side-up" in the viewfinder (it aligns with the true orientation of the blow dryer). What is the reason for this?
stuCameraman1 8 dagar sedan
Supernatral capture? Scale up your set the mirror is the size of 1 wall. Go to a haunted location and see if there's any strange air disturbances. ......Maybe?
Manoj Bhakar PCM
Manoj Bhakar PCM 17 dagar sedan
what is the use of point source light LED in such bright environment??
louis t
louis t 18 dagar sedan
Why was the light source in front of camera lens , as not behind camera lens . Less side lobe interference
ReCaptcha Heinz
ReCaptcha Heinz 21 dag sedan
Every time I see this video, I want to do it myself... I love it
Make it Happen Workshop
Make it Happen Workshop 21 dag sedan
This is so damn cool !!
SK Slav
SK Slav Månad sedan
Hot phone (flat on table and on side with both sides exposed) btw amazing vid
Furn Månad sedan
So Air is a liquid, got it
Dileeja G
Dileeja G Månad sedan
AsARose Månad sedan
When the man struck that match he reminded me about a guy some one my friend knew struck a lighter in front of his own fart and the fire followed the gas all the way in his anus, hospital time true story.
Sven Phillip S.
Sven Phillip S. Månad sedan
Ultrasonic would be interesting.
Jaang29 Månad sedan
I can see sometimes the " steam " when I'm being, when the restroom is colder... is that weird? Do I have super vision?
shock13elec 2 månader sedan
I see stuff like this often, is something wrong with me?
Quanchy Plimp
Quanchy Plimp 2 månader sedan
2 people talking, laughing, sneezing, coughing together, showing breath patterns and how easily droplets and moisture are passed to one another. Might help people understand a bit more about how easily COVID is transmitted.
David Lockett
David Lockett 2 månader sedan
I would like to see air passing through a conical pipe, from the wide end to the narrow end and also from the narrow end to the wide end. Air releases heat as it is compressed and acquires heat as it expands, but the exact mechanics of this are difficult to envision because the air also accelerates or decelerates depending on the direction of flow through the conical pipe. Of course, the amount of heat loss or heat gain through a relatively short conical pipe that could be observed in your setup may be too small to register any visible effect.
Paul Cordova
Paul Cordova 2 månader sedan
I' like yo see breath and speaking of a person un order to observe how far and wide an particle of corona can go
Febriyan Prayoga
Febriyan Prayoga 2 månader sedan
A M A Z I N G !
Rene Csicsovszki
Rene Csicsovszki 2 månader sedan
Would be nice if you could film a Schlieren Image of Wim Hof, when he is in his meditative state, where he could withstand coldest temperatures.
Najnin Sultana
Najnin Sultana 3 månader sedan
Just Amazing!
mohammad reza
mohammad reza 3 månader sedan
0:31 you can see the match and its box with the light the fire made i expected that to be in black
Ali Al-Ali
Ali Al-Ali 3 månader sedan
Ihsan Ahmed
Ihsan Ahmed 3 månader sedan
Hey, can i achieve this setup using a shaving mirror? I dont have one with me to try it out, but if it is plausible, i might get one.
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain 3 månader sedan
Isn't that a giant match in the statt of the video.
headybrew 4 månader sedan
Where on earth do you get a mirror with that focal length? What was the focal length? Isn't that longer than a typically available telescope mirror?
Rob Franzblau
Rob Franzblau 4 månader sedan
I teach conducting in a college music department. To help infuse our gestures with greater artistry and sense of “resistance-to-motion,” one of my conducting teachers used to have us practice moving our arms (hands, etc.) very slowly, not actually conducting, and visualize the little swirls and eddies in the air left behind in the wake of the motion. Seeing Schlieren videos from the ongoing UC- Boulder aerosol study, and again your videos today, have got me thinking - could this actually be filmed? I would love to engage my students’ imagination with this kind of video. Nothing too elaborate or long.
SavetheWorld 4 månader sedan
Farts! Farts! Farts!
SavetheWorld 4 månader sedan
do a car exhaust!! do a car exhaust!!! can you see electromagnetic waves?!!!
-COOKIEZILA - 4 månader sedan
4:11 I thought it was a starlit sky, but the stars were just my dirty screen. It seems schlieren imaging is also good to see how dirty my screen is
Tech Tips USA
Tech Tips USA 4 månader sedan
Can you do this with an iPhone
Luna Lockhart
Luna Lockhart 4 månader sedan
what would happen if you used a laser instead of a flashlight?
H. H.
H. H. 4 månader sedan
Where does the sound come from?
Asif Khan
Asif Khan 4 månader sedan
Did you add the sounds effects? Just curious.
Shaobo Lei
Shaobo Lei 4 månader sedan
Where can I buy this parabolic mirror?
Savan Hirpara
Savan Hirpara 4 månader sedan
Cloud chamber
Timothy Gill
Timothy Gill 4 månader sedan
Hey There. Given the times. Would be cool to see the Shlieren effect on someone who is wearing a mask vs someone who is not. Short vid! Great for education.😉
Sebastian M.
Sebastian M. 4 månader sedan
Where can I purchase that mirror?
John Riley
John Riley 4 månader sedan
Please demonstrate this with and without a mask on please... Cough, yell to to see if masks really work or not. ( I am certain they do this will just help explain it to fatheads saying they don't work ) Thank you in advance for your time and effort.
Gary 4 månader sedan
You should make one of these videos on Human breathing and masks, we need to educate the human race!
Ariandy Vargas
Ariandy Vargas 4 månader sedan
What happening if we put lents for polarise light in front of camera?
LeoGandul 5
LeoGandul 5 4 månader sedan
CO2 released to the atmosphere
GGworld entertainment
GGworld entertainment 5 månader sedan
GGworld entertainment
GGworld entertainment 5 månader sedan
That's what I see when I'm on shrooms no cap
Arden Juanir
Arden Juanir 5 månader sedan
hear the sounds, notice the screen-play, how fast or how slow, how professional this video is: I want to be that good but I'm lazy
kal kal
kal kal 5 månader sedan
ANYONE WHO CAME FROM How Well Do Masks Work?
andrew cobb
andrew cobb 5 månader sedan
Masks cannot be tolerated by the elderly. Please checkout someone sneezing into a tissue behind a face shield..... or a domed umbrella. Thanks.
BG 5 månader sedan
Use schlieren to get people to wear masks. So many don't believe the science.
Aaron Bernakevitch
Aaron Bernakevitch 5 månader sedan
Very cool video, what camera did you use for these shots. The footage seems very slow, did you run Twixtor on the footage. Super curious about your set up an process for capturing this. Did you digitally blow up the footage you captured?
Sahil Yadav
Sahil Yadav 5 månader sedan
love your videos. I have been a follower from a long time now. If you dont mind can you tell me where did you buy that concave mirror and for how much roughly. Sorry for asking such a weird question. Anyways keep inspiring, :-)
Kata Tumbász
Kata Tumbász 5 månader sedan
How can we visible harmful air pollution? Dust, pollen..
Parth Patel
Parth Patel 5 månader sedan
This is sooooo cool. Love this
manju s
manju s 5 månader sedan
Hi, Impressive video. We are trying to research the chanting of asian monks. Is there a way you can advice or help us visualize the vibrations coming from chanting? that would be very helpful to better understand things. thanks much.
Green Green
Green Green 6 månader sedan
4:10 home made mushroom cloud
Elena Prioreschi
Elena Prioreschi 6 månader sedan
Where did you buy the mirror and how much did it cost? I’m trying to set up a schlieren experiment and bought a 40cm diameter mirror for around $50, and am unable to receive a nice reflected light spot, it isn’t circular and is not solid. I’m wondering if this is due to a poor quality mirror or a problem with the light source. Would appreciate your input!
Sandra Wong
Sandra Wong 6 månader sedan
Smoke looks really dense man
Your Songs
Your Songs 6 månader sedan
It'll be interesting if we can see spirits using this device. Spirits are probably electro-magnetic waves, but at least we can give it a try. Scientific proof of the soul has always been a thing of awe.
Brian Daniel Gaming
Brian Daniel Gaming 6 månader sedan
Nathan Brydn
Nathan Brydn 7 månader sedan
Hi Veritasium If the gas is phosphorus and split light ultraviolet then everything glows UV. #blacklight 💡 Thanks for the great science video Nathan
John Hawk
John Hawk 7 månader sedan
Great demo of the Schlieren effect!
crafty_geek 7 månader sedan
Saw a schleren video regarding mask-wearing & breath patterns. Am I correct in thinking that the reason some airflows were so low-resolution is because of diffraction limit effects from such a small light source?
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 7 månader sedan
Not only how small it is, how potent it is as well.
Robert Nesta Marley
Robert Nesta Marley 7 månader sedan
why do you cut half the returning lightpoint with the razor? I dont understand that.
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 7 månader sedan
To know the difference in shadow and light, and thus be able to see the contrasts.
Emil Smyk
Emil Smyk 7 månader sedan
Schlieren photography was described by August Toepler. He constructed the first instrument in 1964 (
Victor A
Victor A 7 månader sedan
Gary Kindt
Gary Kindt 7 månader sedan
Where did you source the 40cm first surface (parabolic) mirror?
John Mooney
John Mooney 8 månader sedan
How about breaking the tension in a Prince Rupert's Drop. Or perhaps that just explsive physical tension being released so Schlieren wouldn't really be best for that??
Hussain - Film
Hussain - Film 8 månader sedan
Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan 8 månader sedan
You should team up with the slow Mo guys
Aerospace Education
Aerospace Education 8 månader sedan
Anyone have an idea of where to get a mirror this big? I looked online and a 12" mirror was almost $3000. It was Scientific grade. I'm assuming we don't need that precision for this.
GreenOx73 8 månader sedan
- Gyroscope spinning - Top spinning
Nischal Naik
Nischal Naik 8 månader sedan
In the video, it's mentioned that the dia of the mirror is 40 c.m. Then what is the focal length of the given concave mirror??
Nischal Naik
Nischal Naik 8 månader sedan
In the video, it's mentioned that the dia of the mirror is 40 c.m. Then what is the focal length of the given concave mirror??
Aphiwe Mntungwa
Aphiwe Mntungwa 8 månader sedan
Can't they use this to visualize corona virus
Petar Gigov
Petar Gigov 8 månader sedan
try to catch human soul
Chase Assaker
Chase Assaker 9 månader sedan
Any body know where I can get that mirror? One that size with a long FL
YoutubeThrow Away
YoutubeThrow Away 9 månader sedan
High speed capture of an exploding firecraker ?
Randy Avery
Randy Avery 9 månader sedan
Have you tried to put a speaker playing a song? Will the differences in air pressure be visually symmetrical and maintain time?
rhsnail cp
rhsnail cp 9 månader sedan
0:00-0:10 by portal you mean LSD?
Hi, I speak from Colombia. I have a doubt, at the time of placing the filter I can not focus the focal point with my camera, the assembly has already been implemented but the density changes are seen without using a filter, since I have not been able to do it. What would you recommend
S D 9 månader sedan
explosive diarrhea in schlieren
Александр Васильевич
Александр Васильевич 10 månader sedan
it's amazing!
Gensou Music
Gensou Music 10 månader sedan
Me playing violin or cello or piano :)
Dimethyl tryptamine
Dimethyl tryptamine 10 månader sedan
Thank you for your hard work sir, I really enjoyed this video.
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B 11 månader sedan
I got an interesting flame experiment for your schlieren effect. There's another SVfromr, Brian Brushwood from The Modern Rogue who's a professional fire eater... Has anyone seen fire tricks through this effect?
Savitha Gayathri
Savitha Gayathri 11 månader sedan
Wow! You and your videos are just mind blowing !!! I wonder if you can use a microscopic lens in the setup to view microbes in the air!
RedBull34thID År sedan
A high voltage discharge spark from a Tesla coil, or Wimshurst generator.
PP År sedan
In which mode is the camera operating on? What setup do you use for the camera? Because it doesnt look like a standard mode ^^
Nothin's Up
Nothin's Up År sedan
And I thought infrared was the coolest
dieselrotor År sedan
Far out !
ankokuraven År sedan
in an early episode you had a compression heating syringe, i bet that would look cool seeing the change in pressure as you hit it
As Above So Below
As Above So Below År sedan
Can you see magnetism
John Adams
John Adams År sedan
Wow you have showed us so many wonderful things along your videos!
ThePilotJ År sedan
Do I have to darken my surroundings for the experiment? and, Did you use a high speed camera ? how did you get a slow motion?
jayknight139 År sedan
This is wild I love it.
Tender BTW
Tender BTW År sedan
nice سبحان الله
Syed Akram
Syed Akram År sedan
BRAINSTORM: How would all these affects look in zero gravity? Could this question be a revolutionary idea? :)
Shiro to Kuro
Shiro to Kuro År sedan
An air horn
Ronald Delvax
Ronald Delvax År sedan
If I understand this correctly; I would get a greater "efficiency" if I used a laser as light source, and placed a lens in the beam to make it diverge? The focus point of the mirror would then be just in front of the lens after all. An even better light source would probably be an arc-lamp. They are made of two sharp carbon rods with the points real close together. Light is produces by arcing electricity between the points. It's really dangerous to work with though. Not only can you go blind from the bright light (as bright as a welders arc if you want) but it also needs a real high voltage to work... If that IS correct though, I might try to do something like this together with my optician :p I have some lasers with a real sharp beam.
NightShadow År sedan
The reflections in that mirror is freaking me out
davidvdbergen År sedan
do a multiple camera setup and create a 3D image of it :-)
MIKNO År sedan
It's like an intro to an old cod game
Shubhkarman Sandhu
Shubhkarman Sandhu År sedan
Nice lesson for thieves.......
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