Science of Laser Hair Removal in SLOW MOTION

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4 år sedan

We also made a video about laser cooling!
Check out Audible:
Check out Beyond Slow Motion:
More on this topic:
Special thanks to Laser Away in Santa Monica for helping make this happen - your staff was awesome!
Research and filming by Raquel Nuno and Aaron White.

HiimRaul 22 dagar sedan
"I used the hairs to destroy the hairs." - Laser hair removal specialists probably
hina bilal
hina bilal 25 dagar sedan
So irony of this we use melanin protective power against it , can it likely cause cancer later in life??.as we are destroying germcell??
Shaintaine Khaye Ellis
Shaintaine Khaye Ellis 27 dagar sedan
It’s like taking a heat picture very near to the hair to make it burn
Rt M
Rt M 28 dagar sedan
Ada yg bs jelasin dgn bhs indo gak si,,, 😂😂
Aziza Sheikh
Aziza Sheikh Månad sedan
I feel bad for the little strand of hair😔
PROJECTileKN1FE Månad sedan
So they didnt try it with an infared filter??
El George
El George Månad sedan
Wait why do people get their hair removed..?
Leyer Moderador
Leyer Moderador Månad sedan
There are a few components to reducing tattoos at home . One resource I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Chads Tattoo Tactic (google it if you're interested) definately the most helpful guide that I've heard of. Check out all the incredible info .
Samay Agrawal
Samay Agrawal Månad sedan
Sooooooo laser hair removal is racist?
Lucifer Månad sedan
Cesar Blanco
Cesar Blanco Månad sedan
If you are looking for a laser hair removal, without pain without exaggerated prices and that you can do it from the comfort of your home. I recommend the IPL technology in laser epilators, I hope this can help you.
yamanrajab Månad sedan
Shut da hell up
Shut da hell up Månad sedan
Find you a girl who looks at you the same way the doc looks at him
Ruheela Ameen
Ruheela Ameen 2 månader sedan
does this pain?
Karim Shaikh
Karim Shaikh 2 månader sedan
After watching this... lot of people will never consider laser hair removal.
Liquology 2 månader sedan
"using the hair to kill the hair" I'm so surprised this was said before avengers endgame
Tilson Tomas
Tilson Tomas 2 månader sedan
Say Hair name. Hair, hair, hair.
Didit Wahyu Permadi
Didit Wahyu Permadi 2 månader sedan
But what happen with the root?
Derak C.
Derak C. 2 månader sedan
Can you do a video of laser rust removal and if a hair laser can do the same thing
Trick Trick
Trick Trick 2 månader sedan
According to flat earth society people ,Derek you are a paid actor from NASA , coz according to flat earthers there is no such land as Australia. Okay, but I am not from flat earth 😂.
No One
No One 2 månader sedan
2:33 WW3 footage 🥺
Yuki Yuka
Yuki Yuka 2 månader sedan
Me: planning to laser myself tomorrow SVfrom: WANNA WATCH YOUR HAIR SUFFER?
APOSTR 2 månader sedan
This reminds me cancer...
Jyoti C
Jyoti C 2 månader sedan
That dying hair.. 😟
AR极乐世界 2 månader sedan
sweetvanillia 2 månader sedan
Mine is tell me to come with my hair shaved????
Mihir Gandhi
Mihir Gandhi 2 månader sedan
So if you you have lots of hair I mean a lot does it helps
Deputy 2 månader sedan
Your hair has been Terminated.
Snehasish 2 månader sedan
The poor hair got shot 5 times! :(
Rob Lowen
Rob Lowen 2 månader sedan
Definitely would think of shaving the hair short to prevent getting burned by the melted hair.
Kalyanjit Mahanta
Kalyanjit Mahanta 2 månader sedan
I used the hair to destroy the hair
Mainak Mukhopadhyay
Mainak Mukhopadhyay 2 månader sedan
So nominees for best application of laser technology are: LIGO, cancer treatment, electronic optometry, weapons navigation, Eye surgery, precision metrology. And the award goes to: Hair removal.
Auroni Bhattacharya
Auroni Bhattacharya 2 månader sedan
Laser har removal is pretty racist
Tyrone Watermelon
Tyrone Watermelon 2 månader sedan
B J 2 månader sedan
Use the hair to kill the hair? So that's how thanos got that idea from
Bunny 2 månader sedan
0:57 Look at those poor vietnamese peasants... if only there was god to save us all from humanity :' (
Halil Ibrahim Osmanbey Oğlu
Halil Ibrahim Osmanbey Oğlu 2 månader sedan
Ooooh , now I can get rid of the forest of pubic hair .
cb4canes 2 månader sedan
Can black skin get the same procedure?
SJG 2 månader sedan
Make one about laser skin rejuvenation!!
Ashok Ram
Ashok Ram 2 månader sedan
Did anyone else read the channel's name as Veritaserum the first time they saw it? Nobody else? Only me? Ok
Pradeep Singh
Pradeep Singh 2 månader sedan
4:45 you can kill cancerous cells that way?
sufiyan shaikh
sufiyan shaikh 2 månader sedan
Is this permanent?
illumi naughty
illumi naughty 2 månader sedan
Thats as same as burning my hand hair on a stove.
Zachry Binks
Zachry Binks 2 månader sedan
He used the hair to destroy the hair
Robert Sundström
Robert Sundström 2 månader sedan
About: "Melanin 'meant to' protect our skin". I think of it as it just happens to protect us in certain situations. There is no specific purpose in things seen from an evolutionary perspective, only coincidence.
Zabihullah Shakir
Zabihullah Shakir 3 månader sedan
Medically Proven Hair Removal Beauty tip
Anthony PC
Anthony PC 3 månader sedan
2:30 i feel sorry for the little hairs 🙁 they didn't stand a chance
MrGAMECATCanaveral 3 månader sedan
Can I use this on my ball sack?! And how much does it cost?
Asiya Cole
Asiya Cole 3 månader sedan
Wow. I actually feel bad (it's the music's fault!). Who would have thought killing hair could be so sad!?
b roMance
b roMance 3 månader sedan
Wait were you saying its burning the melanin or something?? Does this not work on black people?
Jager1726 3 månader sedan
2:17 She’s BEYOND gorgeous!
Aarav Guleria
Aarav Guleria 3 månader sedan
Seriously? No
Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner 3 månader sedan
I need this. But I have no money:-/ I can do waxing... On another note, I prefer hair on my scars, just not on other body parts:-/
gaya quinn
gaya quinn 3 månader sedan
Then what about straightening hair won't that destroy the structure of hair nd result in hairfall?
leander cunha
leander cunha 3 månader sedan
Look like worms in hot soil
tihzho 3 månader sedan
FUN FACTS: Infrared lasers at 1064 nm starts out as a 808 nm laser that pumps a neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet crystal to produce the 1064 nm laser. Taking this one step further this 1064 nm laser pumps a KTP crystal which frequency doubles it to 532 nm, so now its a green laser! These are called Diode Pumped Lasers.
Todd Jenest
Todd Jenest 3 månader sedan
She’s gorgeous!! xoxoxo
FATMA MERZOUK 3 månader sedan
Epilation efficace Kit d'Epilation à La Cire: Livré avec appareil chauffe cire,400g Perles de Cire à épiler,30 spatules en bois. sur Amazon . fr
Sk8ingcoach 3 månader sedan
You’re supposed to shave the area first.
AlAA S 4 månader sedan
this is why I don't want to go for laser sessions, because I like the idea of destroying any tiny cells in my body just to get rid of the hair
M Heberling
M Heberling 4 månader sedan
I wish this actually worked. I am such a gorilla and would love to have this actually work.
Daniel Agustín
Daniel Agustín 4 månader sedan
I'm researching removing tattoos naturally and discovered a great website at Chads Tattoo Tactic (look it up on google)
TheSkittleFur 4 månader sedan
Some of the hair strings just turn into sausages...
TsaR 4 månader sedan
I can already hear the thanos memes at 4:10
Sarah Fields
Sarah Fields 4 månader sedan
Looks like a war zone
Laura Maric
Laura Maric 4 månader sedan
That is so cool but by looking at the hairs i almost puked 😂
TheWobblyEmily 4 månader sedan
do one with electrolysis
TheWobblyEmily 4 månader sedan
god the smell is so awful. not to mention having high pressure cold air blown into your nose if youre doing upper lips. on the chin/upper lips this thing can hurt like FREAKING HELL on my legs and everything tho it feels like a tap honestly
shuzi puzi
shuzi puzi 4 månader sedan
i used the hair to destroy the hair
me me
me me 4 månader sedan
good for ingrown hair. what about fire ?
Justin DeFouw
Justin DeFouw 4 månader sedan
Spent 16K back in 2004 to 2006. I am super white and dark hair. Didn't work at all. Hair fell out but was back months later. It is a scam. Does not work.
efs4ueh9n7fos43ienf 5 månader sedan
What are ‘laser hairs’ and why are you getting them removed?
Ney vanny
Ney vanny 5 månader sedan
Our hair will come back again or not when we use this laser
Arieh Marks
Arieh Marks 5 månader sedan
How do the home laser hair removal devices work?
chandni hussain
chandni hussain 5 månader sedan
Can we epilate instead of shaving the spot to be lasered
Oumaima LAHBOUB 5 månader sedan
The doctor was totally flirting with him though..
Jacek2048 5 månader sedan
You're awesome, very understandable and entertaining content. Also, thank you for avoiding the subject of politics in your videos.
半夜起来打游戏 5 månader sedan
i have hair on my shoulders too
Barnabus Collinsworth
Barnabus Collinsworth 5 månader sedan
Way to give us all a heart attack right at the start of the video
PoetryPickle 6 månader sedan
Meri Shaktiyoun ka ghalat istemal kiya gya hai.... only those who watched krrish 1 will understand.😬
shoaib akhtar
shoaib akhtar 4 månader sedan
Jadu ko complain karna padega phir to
ZtrueStile 6 månader sedan
Murderers. Cold hearted hair murderers.
Vera Sinha
Vera Sinha 6 månader sedan
Hair: why you bully me
weruleyoudrool 6 månader sedan
Has anyone done this on their pubic area? I'm scared. Lmao
prakash v
prakash v 6 månader sedan
Hi. Is it possible to remove tan from skin using the same principle as said in video?
SUMIT MANDAL 6 månader sedan
Does it mean... White hair not containing melanin won't work this way?
mixolyte 6 månader sedan
the things us girls do to our bodies...never wished more to be born as a boy
dope aiman
dope aiman 6 månader sedan
Should use much more hairy volunteer...
xradelox 7 månader sedan
No hairs were harmed in the making of this video. LIES!!!
Zariii 7 månader sedan
Victoria Canovas
Victoria Canovas 7 månader sedan
Great review ❤️ I actually got the same device but from a different brand from it was a lot more affordable.I’m on my 8th session and I Highly recommend it !
Milica Golubovic
Milica Golubovic 6 månader sedan
This person is commenting this on every hair laser removal video. It's obviously just a sponsor
Lucky Medrano
Lucky Medrano 7 månader sedan
Sylvia 7 månader sedan
Victoria Canovas 😍
Kelly Kapowski
Kelly Kapowski 7 månader sedan
Victoria Canovas I just ordered mine I can’t wait
Alahna Duval
Alahna Duval 7 månader sedan
Victoria Canovas how many sessions a week
Mairen Taylor
Mairen Taylor 7 månader sedan
the advert to this was why you shouldn’t get laser hair removals 😭😭🤣
That guy who likes paper
That guy who likes paper 8 månader sedan
7:46 buzz lightyear
J Arcadipane
J Arcadipane 8 månader sedan
I'm curous to know how much input energy the laser uses.
Alok Singh
Alok Singh 8 månader sedan
There is any chance of skin cancer ♋️
heena kathuria
heena kathuria 8 månader sedan
Is it safe for our skin ...specifically for facial hairs
Mia-chan 8 månader sedan
I want to do laser, but after c this i feel bad to kill my hair
Beauty for less
Beauty for less 8 månader sedan
What are the side effects, can't this cause skin cancer.
EMIWAY UNOFFICIAL 8 månader sedan
Does it hurts
CHANTEL A. 8 månader sedan
Reminds me of those firecracker snakes 🐍🐍
Infinity Laser Spa
Infinity Laser Spa 8 månader sedan
You are supposed to shave before undergoing laser hair removal. Not shaving may increase the risk that you get burnt.
Mariana Becerra
Mariana Becerra 8 månader sedan
Was I the only one that felt sorry for the hairs?
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