Schlieren Imaging in Color!

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How Schlieren imaging works in color, black and white and slow-mo.
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Filming by Raquel Nuno
Sound Effects by A Shell in the Pit

Ben Lewis-Jones
Ben Lewis-Jones 19 dagar sedan
Standing wave!!!
John Bela
John Bela 21 dag sedan
Can u see energy from a practitioner of tai chi?
Sharmila Villuri
Sharmila Villuri 27 dagar sedan
You can also find them on bright sunny day
Aalap D
Aalap D 29 dagar sedan
Whoever said physicists can't be artists had no idea.
DIPANJAN DEY Månad sedan
If the mirror is not very quality..and it is 50 mm dia, 150mm FL, can this mirror produce schleiren effect?
soulshinobi Månad sedan
I love how you didn't clean up your garage to make this. Edit: And the bike tire is flat 😂
Patrica Abraham
Patrica Abraham Månad sedan
Awesome imaging!
Nunzio Turtulici
Nunzio Turtulici Månad sedan
Great Video. At about 5:50, when you make fire reaction travel up the gas (loved the chain reaction visualization), I guess it would show best the dynamics with the use of a IR camera. As we can see thanks to this arrangement, the fire starts and propagates without emitting "flames" (in the visual spectrum). You and people like you make SVfrom worth using and a better place, thanks.
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor 2 månader sedan
What's the diameter and focal length of that mirror?
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor 2 månader sedan
K, he said 1800mm focal length. I'm guessing ~300mm diameter?
LittleMissRose 64
LittleMissRose 64 2 månader sedan
This... looks so cool. Getting so many vaporwave vibes. There's some serious visual art potential with this, hot dayum
DON SCHMIDTKE 2 månader sedan
I have a supersonic nozzle that we have made (converging diverging). With the naked eye you can actually see the shock diamonds in the air flow. I would be happy to allow you to make a video showing supersonic flow in compressed air. We could send you the nozzle (we would like it back) and you would need at least 40 psi and a large air compressor capable of 200 cfm. Or we would be happy to show you a demo in person if you would like to bring your photography equipment and setup in our facility. We have plenty of compressed air.
Justin Chang
Justin Chang 2 månader sedan
Pretty similar to a sphere --- Veritasium a Engineer
michael Steven
michael Steven 2 månader sedan
i love his videos and how he explains it in depth
Richard A
Richard A 2 månader sedan
so basically humans are blind
OMKAR HEGDE 3 månader sedan
Do you also get the sound the way you show in the video...1:19
tihzho 3 månader sedan
How about a large diameter (15mm) clear glass neon tube? This would be filled at pressure of 8 mm/hg - atmosphere pressure is 760 mm/hg. Let me know, I'll make a sample tube for you as I make neon signs.
Meghanshu Verma
Meghanshu Verma 3 månader sedan
0:56 just like sine of dx is equal to dx.
Yu Zu
Yu Zu 3 månader sedan
* Cutting the light with a razor blade * Hearing ninjas crying...
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor 3 månader sedan
Slow motion clapping is disgusting 🤮
Anti Thesis
Anti Thesis 3 månader sedan
Why wouldn't you put a very thick rainbow in the area of the light? so you could see more than 2 colors?
Imran Qureshi
Imran Qureshi 3 månader sedan
I wonder if you ran some edge detection algorithms on the smoke and smoke lines with some parametric curves, could you derive the differential equations that model flow curves (like navier stokes)?
Antonio de' Giudici
Antonio de' Giudici 3 månader sedan
To see a sound wave you could protect the mirror with trasparent glass and light a firecracker. It's a try that could easily fail, but the footage might end up to be interesting anyway, give it a chance!
Kisa Wisa
Kisa Wisa 3 månader sedan
the mirror looked about circular when it was at the middle of the screen this camera be W I D E
Dr. Sarkis
Dr. Sarkis 3 månader sedan
Derek Muller is like the white version of Shervin Alenabi.
UthPakhi 3 månader sedan
your sponsors are also great.
Barney Stafford
Barney Stafford 3 månader sedan
I wanna see Schloundwaves
Saint Valkyr
Saint Valkyr 3 månader sedan
A small firecracker
Brett 3 månader sedan
10babiscar 3 månader sedan
I didn't know the word 'mirror' was only one syllable
Ultra Nyan
Ultra Nyan 3 månader sedan
Veritasium: Schlieren effect Me: *MINECRAFT CAVE SOUNDS*
Henning December
Henning December 3 månader sedan
your bike got a schliering puncher
Tony D
Tony D 3 månader sedan
How about Schlieren Electron Microscopy?
Tariq Mohammed Erwa
Tariq Mohammed Erwa 3 månader sedan
A paraboliod is more equivalent to a sphere than just a parabola
Maxim BLAZ
Maxim BLAZ 3 månader sedan
I thought the Razor Blade was used to get a sharper image *ba dum tsss*
Sebastian Lange
Sebastian Lange 3 månader sedan
watching a video about Schlieren in Schlieren, Switzerland.
Luna Lockhart
Luna Lockhart 3 månader sedan
you saying "rainbow schlieren" made me wonder how it would look to use 6 colors of triangle (sorry indigo) converging on the focal point instead of cyan and magenta. I only go with 6 because it would keep a horizontal separation between ROY and GBV, commonly considered the warm and cool colors respectively
Omar Mijares
Omar Mijares 3 månader sedan
Schlieren image various type of welding arcs
dtiydr 3 månader sedan
0:39 People never think beyond their nose.
Momo 3 månader sedan
The burning pingpong ball would make such a good vinyl center label and album cover!
Kfftfuftur 3 månader sedan
So what if you used a powerfull laser with a leans to spread it out to the size of the mirror?
Tyler 3 månader sedan
please link where you got the items.
Tyler 3 månader sedan
This is very true, I got audible and although i already like long car rides and flying, it made them even better.
PilotFlux 3 månader sedan
If you're able to see the soundwaves produced from a speaker, would it be possible to pull sound from a soundless schlieren image?
Shawn Lawyer
Shawn Lawyer 3 månader sedan
unsubscribed! you became such a sell-out.
TheOriginalMakaaka 3 månader sedan
So that's how they make the Plumbus! I always wondered how they incorporated the Schleemance.
Demo 3 månader sedan
You just KNOW that someone, somewhere is thinking... "what does a Schlieren Image of a Fart look like?"...
ARBG 3 månader sedan
and i am guessing that someone is you lol
sami Nat
sami Nat 3 månader sedan
Look for the Miracles of Qu'ran on SVfrom :)
Nikhil Swami
Nikhil Swami 3 månader sedan
the dislikers were laminar flow lovers...
aprilialover125 3 månader sedan
still don't understand how the schliren thing works..
Graeme Roberts
Graeme Roberts 3 månader sedan
Brilliant! I love your easy informality.
Ron69 3 månader sedan
The thumbnail looking like a penis tho😐
SavetheWorld 3 månader sedan
SavetheWorld 3 månader sedan
Ping pong balls are quite COMBUSTIBLE....jussayin'
SavetheWorld 3 månader sedan
Erma Gerd!! Schlieren ermagerng!!
Carl C
Carl C 3 månader sedan
I lost my mind when you popped the balloon
fatalmystic 3 månader sedan
for better light ... maybe a small fresnel lense in front of the flash light can improve the amount of light you get to the mirror?
Lance Castonguay
Lance Castonguay 3 månader sedan
So did you ever fix your mountain bike rear tire?
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo 3 månader sedan
This is just amazing. Thank you for shearing it with us. I would suggest, not sure if it work- try to image of a microwave magnetron, or/and a Tesla coil discharge.
Ronaldo Brito Roque
Ronaldo Brito Roque 3 månader sedan
Do you think cockroaches can survive on Mars?
TheKrensada 4 månader sedan
I am still subscribed to you because you put your plugs at the end of your video where they belong.
Amir Eliad
Amir Eliad 4 månader sedan
5:56 flame princess?
Mohak Gujar
Mohak Gujar 4 månader sedan
You ask us for suggestions and try it, I like that kind of interaction, like peer-0to-peer learning, kind of.
Logan Creach
Logan Creach 4 månader sedan
Thumbnail looks like 8==D
Gabriel Howell
Gabriel Howell 4 månader sedan
Wow! I don't know what any of this means! *(likes)*
heatshield 4 månader sedan
Its funny that everyone who starts trying to explain how this works, ends up trailing off into the demonstration again without really ever telling anyone how it works. I understand it, but I'm positive there are thousands of people who end up thinking they just never will.
man drax
man drax 4 månader sedan
The camera in shot appears to be a Panasonic Lumix (probably a G5 or G9) which can only (to my knowledge) handle 20fps. I have a G9 so naturally curious. What camera was used to obtain 2000fps, or did you fall into error when intending to refer to 20fps? [I use my G9 for microscopy]
Quecksilber 4 månader sedan
Schlieren or as it is called in German: Schlieren. LOL
eurybaric 4 månader sedan
back up back up ! use oscillators and image that!
Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name.
Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name. 4 månader sedan
Try using Schlieren Imaging to see the soundwaves of an Indian mantra
Sion 4 månader sedan
*@Veritasium* Suggestion: Firecracker :D
MrInfernoe 4 månader sedan
Ah yes, physics, where the definition of a parabola is thrown out of the window.
M Lab
M Lab 4 månader sedan
Hmm saying about sound, if we use ultrasonic to create standing wave (like acoustic levitation) it might be capture by this method.
M Lab
M Lab 4 månader sedan
using led without reflection cone might give better result.
Santiago Ardiles González
Santiago Ardiles González 4 månader sedan
That's why we used ping pong balls to made smokey bombs back then in school days hahaha I had no idea.
Alan Salihi
Alan Salihi 4 månader sedan
How come the fire is yellow?
Alan Salihi
Alan Salihi 4 månader sedan
If theoretically you used a gradient colored filter (film), say a rainbow gradient. Would that allow for colored Schlieren effect? RGB?
Zathras Yes
Zathras Yes 4 månader sedan
What about the flat tire?
Lawrenzo Green
Lawrenzo Green 4 månader sedan
Looking for sounds, use a mini speaker playing a metronome type of rhythm with different frequencies. Then take two lit candle wicks on both sides of the speaker to act as a tuning fork.... Oh.... Wait.... I guess you could look at a tuning fork through it. Well the speaker is still in the table.
Bruno Santana de Alencar
Bruno Santana de Alencar 4 månader sedan
Sr. Ezze zii oee
Sr. Ezze zii oee 4 månader sedan
test aiming at the sun c:
Tony D
Tony D 4 månader sedan
schlerin with sodium and water!
Tony D
Tony D 4 månader sedan
Paraboloids are difficult to work with because the only way to measure their properties is to measure what you can and deduce the rest. It's a shame required engineering math for non-engineering majors stops with 2D conic sections. When things don't get interesting until you start using 3D conic sections to affect sound, light and other waves.
Johnny B
Johnny B 4 månader sedan
Loved this vid
It's Now
It's Now 4 månader sedan
When you popped that balloon and clapped in schliery vision, I saw exactly how they spread that coughing face mask propaganda. thanks smartereveryday. its getting harder for them to lie to us. Either that or that poor balloon had covid.
C NC 4 månader sedan
Try with face shield and mask to see the air escaping !
Voxel Music
Voxel Music 4 månader sedan
I own a cow that approximates a sphere.
Jim M
Jim M 4 månader sedan
wasted opportunity to fart in front of the mirror. schlieren fart..
Ixil Miniussi
Ixil Miniussi 4 månader sedan
fun fact, you can also read actual books while in a plane.
Ixil Miniussi
Ixil Miniussi 3 månader sedan
@Mustache Merlin how many books do you hope to go through on a plane trip?
Imran Qureshi
Imran Qureshi 3 månader sedan
Bill gates is famous for carrying a bag of books on a plane. Of course he owns the plane so there's more space to be had...
Voxel Music
Voxel Music 4 månader sedan
Fun fact, not all planes have phone chargers
the little rubberduck
the little rubberduck 4 månader sedan
Ehmmm thinking about that dual color film, what if you made RGB or maybe RGB with the colors between R, G and B
Farzad E.
Farzad E. 4 månader sedan
angel figueroa
angel figueroa 4 månader sedan
i want to see the heat coming off my shlong after doing the horizontal dance 💃
Leo V
Leo V 4 månader sedan
Ok in know y’all are thinking the same here so I’ll just say it , what about a fart ?
Kajtek Pl
Kajtek Pl 4 månader sedan
Do three colors and a collab with the slomo guys
Tejas Gandhi
Tejas Gandhi 4 månader sedan
A little hard with your setup but a neat way to see sound could be to setup a speaker/audio monitor in front and if it's loud enough you can see and feel the pulse it let's out. Probably would annoy any neighbour's but might give some interesting results lol
Phil Chia
Phil Chia 4 månader sedan
Internet + Veritasium = mind blown. Well done.
Evan Johnston
Evan Johnston 4 månader sedan
So how does a cow approximate a sphere?
林 勇
林 勇 4 månader sedan
It's body is massive at the center than the limbs
Aaron Bernakevitch
Aaron Bernakevitch 4 månader sedan
Derek, I'd love a breakdown of your video set up. Lens (is that the 180 macro?) , Frame rate, camera, post process ext. I'm curious how you got 2000 fps on a DSLR? Did you use twixtor. Thanks in advance
Ринат Сабитов
Ринат Сабитов 5 månader sedan
Haw U get the sounds!!!????
suddenpenguin 5 månader sedan
Arrival (2016)
Milo McLastname
Milo McLastname 5 månader sedan
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