Sandwich Bag Fire Starter

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Grant Thompson - the King of Random - teaches me how to start a fire with a Sandwich bag. And we tried to melt glass in my backyard:
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The intensity of sunlight on Earth is about 1300 Watts per square meter. When you focus the sun's rays using a magnifying glass (or in this case sphere of water) you can increase the intensity roughly ten thousand fold. This increases the temperature of wood to its autoignition point starting the reaction with oxygen in the atmosphere. By protecting the hot embers and adding more energy and fuel, you can get these hot coals to start a roaring fire.
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mr_nobody Dag sedan
so what gender is it
Agent Jebediah Kerman
Agent Jebediah Kerman 2 dagar sedan
RIP grant
Agent Jebediah Kerman
Agent Jebediah Kerman 2 dagar sedan
RIP grant
NovaRanger 2 dagar sedan
Cool.. But, I'd rather do what John Plant does in Primitive Technology.. Because I would want the plastic bag to carry edibles or water or things that I don't want to be dirtied.
Chirag Bokolia
Chirag Bokolia 6 dagar sedan
Mother: Go play with the neighbor kid Neighbor kid: 04:03
K0PSTL 10 dagar sedan
May he rest in peace
Jansen embarrasses herself on the internet
Jansen embarrasses herself on the internet 14 dagar sedan
This video aged poorly. RIP grant.
737pilotbro 14 dagar sedan
Anyone else feel how much distaste Derek has for grant throughout this whole collab? -awkward
Dell Martens
Dell Martens 14 dagar sedan
Or you could just pack a magnifying glass.
Brenton Stebbins
Brenton Stebbins 14 dagar sedan
Rest In Peace Grant.
GEORGE ZEIGLER 14 dagar sedan
R.I.P Grant 1980 - 2019 died in a accident on July 29th
David Williams
David Williams 17 dagar sedan
Rest in Peace Grant
Atomic Smash
Atomic Smash 17 dagar sedan
But what if I want the fire in the evening. I can't burn wood whole day !
Anime Alex
Anime Alex 18 dagar sedan
R.I.P Grant
ZeroTwo 21 dag sedan
time to test this at school
José Roberto Lopes
José Roberto Lopes 22 dagar sedan
REST IN PEACE Grant.. (press F chat)
Collin* 18 dagar sedan
Ryan Larson
Ryan Larson 22 dagar sedan
Green blue
Green blue 23 dagar sedan
What if you don’t have that bag with you or you can’t find clear water
Android Gamers
Android Gamers 23 dagar sedan
Grant 😍😥
Angela Sharp
Angela Sharp 24 dagar sedan
RIP grant you’ve always been an amazing person
SIDHANT JASROTIA 24 dagar sedan
So its in 2020 that i come to know about grant and his channel, I don't even know anything but i agree with everyone, he seemed a good man, rip His channel is turned to trash,i agree
Hibachiie 25 dagar sedan
R.I.P grant 🙏💯
Jamille jeez
Jamille jeez 25 dagar sedan
Zachary Schneider
Zachary Schneider 27 dagar sedan
long rests the king
The intellectual Mole.
The intellectual Mole. 28 dagar sedan
RIP man you were awesome. When I heard about his death in 2019 I honestly couldn't believe it.
Mehul Kumar Nirala
Mehul Kumar Nirala Månad sedan
What if I don't have ziplock bag?
몰린 Månad sedan
Rip grant
Nibras Alchoufi
Nibras Alchoufi Månad sedan
For me they are the two greatest youtubers and both featured in one video, Amazing 🤩.
EpicN Månad sedan
RIP Grant
Panos Triantaphillou
Panos Triantaphillou Månad sedan
Stick a cylinder on top of the fire eg a can opened from both sides and avoid all the spinning. You gotta know all your thermodynamics. {conduction, convection, radiation} :) I think though that it is more likely to have about you a lighter and a penknife rather than a zip-bag! Though careful at airports: they tend to be confiscated. :( Sorry to learn about Grant like this. RIP
Willson Li
Willson Li Månad sedan
The straw: I think not 4:44
у р а
у р а Månad sedan
Harri Tran
Harri Tran Månad sedan
Damn youtube why u recommending Grant feels so bad rest in peace Grant
Zeino Madikizela
Zeino Madikizela Månad sedan
The king of random doesn't understand much physics, he just knows what needs to be done, all that focal length talk isn't for him 😆🤣 1:53
Daiv_ Play
Daiv_ Play Månad sedan
Anthony Månad sedan
RIP Grant. left with love
John Leonardo
John Leonardo Månad sedan
May the legend rest in peace
Darren Miller
Darren Miller Månad sedan
RIP Grant :(
B Rich
B Rich Månad sedan
I miss grant :(
VC Nair
VC Nair Månad sedan
RIP Grant
Noah Tabor
Noah Tabor Månad sedan
Spin technique
Noah Tabor
Noah Tabor Månad sedan
YehoshuaBenTorah Månad sedan
Would this work in the winter? Say -20 celcius.
YehoshuaBenTorah Månad sedan
@Saif Ali oh for certain I personally can't wait to go home.
Saif Ali
Saif Ali Månad sedan
@YehoshuaBenTorah no probs, everyone has to go sometime
YehoshuaBenTorah Månad sedan
@Saif Ali sorry to hear
Saif Ali
Saif Ali Månad sedan
Idk man but I really miss Grant RIP
Crystal 959
Crystal 959 Månad sedan
Starting fire with water
Alireza Eskandari
Alireza Eskandari Månad sedan
We miss you grant , we miss you
Brick Attack
Brick Attack Månad sedan
Rip grant he was an amazing creative and loving person ❤️❤️
CurzenGT Månad sedan
more like how to burn down school lol
Anti Gen
Anti Gen Månad sedan
Rip grant
Timothy Kelley
Timothy Kelley Månad sedan
Miss you Grant
Kaerix Unofficial
Kaerix Unofficial Månad sedan
Rest in peace Grant Thompson 😥
Navin Singh
Navin Singh Månad sedan
Looks like they can make a fire out of anything!
Four Kings
Four Kings Månad sedan
Oh, i miss Grant and his content... This days, his chanel contents are trash...
Joseph Simunek
Joseph Simunek Månad sedan
R.I.P Grant the king of random
jeep biscuit
jeep biscuit Månad sedan
Death 😭 i mis grant 😭 😭
the challenge squad 101
the challenge squad 101 Månad sedan
this guy, grant, was the life hack master but they all worked and weren’t fake
Joseph Kirschner
Joseph Kirschner Månad sedan
Paul And Cybele
Paul And Cybele Månad sedan
R.I.P grant
Eveydude Månad sedan
Grant was a good person, r.i.p.
Kinasho Månad sedan
Ah a classic grant
YeaProbably Månad sedan
Just realized half way through watching this that grant is dead
M1staken G1ark
M1staken G1ark Månad sedan
And it is at this point I realize that man's evolutionary biology has just dipped below the humble caveman
Aiden Rakow
Aiden Rakow Månad sedan
TKOR went downhill without grant..
Jorge Beavan
Jorge Beavan Månad sedan
windex pexs
windex pexs Månad sedan
Brogan Davis
Brogan Davis Månad sedan
RIP grant You will remain in our memories
StarryFungus Månad sedan
this hits different with grant gone
30 something what what
30 something what what Månad sedan
RIP grant
Adrian Lemes
Adrian Lemes Månad sedan
FirName Månad sedan
I was gonna saw "you stole this" until I saw grant... RIP GRANT
Eveydude Månad sedan
it's veritasium why would he steal anyway
George Washington
George Washington Månad sedan
I feel like by the time you’re lost enough to start thinking of making a fire that the sun is mostly gone by then
Unnecessary Talking
Unnecessary Talking Månad sedan
We miss you Grant😞 Hope youre having fun in heaven.
Zohaib Zarrar
Zohaib Zarrar Månad sedan
R.I.P Grant Thomson Damn life is cruel
malenotyalc Månad sedan
Spin, or just I don't know blow on it lol.
Some Guy
Some Guy Månad sedan
alinost27 05
alinost27 05 Månad sedan
Rip grant, he will always be remembered
The random walrus
The random walrus Månad sedan
Hey grant heres a tip: dont go parachuting on July 29th. From the future.
Hayden Månad sedan
bruh no. i laughef but my god 😂
Jojo490 Månad sedan
oh.. grant is in this video :(. RIP to the king
TEEPOSE Månad sedan
rest in peace grant...
Maxomic Bomb
Maxomic Bomb Månad sedan
Joshua Abraham
Joshua Abraham Månad sedan
damn im miss him
Mirza Munif
Mirza Munif Månad sedan
This just came up on my feed and it's sad to watch now
Vincent Que
Vincent Que Månad sedan
f for grant
Vocalpro International
Vocalpro International Månad sedan
Rip Grant. Unbelievably sad to hear of your passing after seeing this video
DEMONITIZED BOI AKA Random Rail Fanner Månad sedan
RIP Grant. We miss you 😭😭😭
Smug Boi
Smug Boi Månad sedan
Rest In Peace, Grant
Abhi Månad sedan
While rain and clouds start laughing....
Viper么 [XMORTAL]
Viper么 [XMORTAL] Månad sedan
Rest in peace Grant Thompson 😭😭. You were the best😭😭😭
ジャンドラ Månad sedan
I miss him ;-;
Corona Virus
Corona Virus Månad sedan
Jakarta Plane Spotter
Jakarta Plane Spotter Månad sedan
RIP Grant
The L man
The L man Månad sedan
Didn't Grant... die? Like in 2016, what's going on.
KasenesaK Månad sedan
@Hayden It's because why would you like that someone died
Hayden Månad sedan
The L man never had someone like your comment?
The L man
The L man Månad sedan
What the hell, someone liked the comment
KasenesaK Månad sedan
2018 or 2019
ChaiChetu 23
ChaiChetu 23 Månad sedan
SweeFlyBoy's Fish
SweeFlyBoy's Fish 2 månader sedan
Will H
Will H 2 månader sedan
Just carry multiple devices
小喵【100訂閱挑戰中】 2 månader sedan
Oh my God, it was so cool 😎
Amazing Coder
Amazing Coder 2 månader sedan
rip 1980-2019
VeganVixen 2 månader sedan
Aww Grant :( RIP...
Jim Russell
Jim Russell 3 månader sedan
Thank you for this demonstration. I greatly appreciate the both of you sharing essential knowledge. I will add this technique to my survival skill kit in my head. 👍
Slacin' Ace
Slacin' Ace 3 månader sedan
this was the renaissance time of youtube.
aomanchutube 3 månader sedan
Well, I guess now we can only do it ourselves. Maybe we can also call for rain with a little rain spin dancing
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