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Life of Boris

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Welcome to Life of Boris SVfrom channel, Home of Slav King.
On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
Stay cheeki breeki!
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Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
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Thotus Maximus
Thotus Maximus 7 dagar sedan
I wonder how many people ship Boris and aloona
thespogny 10 dagar sedan
Nelo Guitarra
Nelo Guitarra 12 dagar sedan
Any recomendations on good ushankas?
miskey 2
miskey 2 13 dagar sedan
What ya popin bro? Ahh ya know some Nico Belić shoes that's all got them on a sale
Daniel Choupak
Daniel Choupak 16 dagar sedan
when I saw that ear diagram, let's just say I thought it was something else
_moz 17 dagar sedan
В отличии от алены, этот переигранный акцент на такой скорости напряжно слушать чет
drunk Russian 69
drunk Russian 69 20 dagar sedan
You forget english sometimes dont you borris
iSamYT Backup
iSamYT Backup 20 dagar sedan
Romania we pronounce it nike Not nikey
Skryonix 26 dagar sedan
I only watch Boris, and listen to uamee most of all the time.. due to Boris’ influence ofc. It feels чики брики to actually know some words that he says in Russian sometimes, now that I’m studying the Russian language.
dolce_gabana_st 27 dagar sedan
Found Aloona raiding video when watching this in 2021.
dolce_gabana_st 27 dagar sedan
0:52 Suka blyat blin Nice slogan, Boris.
dolce_gabana_st 27 dagar sedan
Western spies work for you.
Life of Vadim
Life of Vadim 28 dagar sedan
Aloona= cheeki breeki Boris= Blyat
John Douglass
John Douglass Månad sedan
Aloona is western spy!
Vui Vui
Vui Vui Månad sedan
Allooni Allane... Whatever her name is = simp site Life of Boris = *MAN OF MOTHERLAND, MOTHER RUSSIA, AND SOVIET GHOPNIK CULTURE URA*
Somebody you don't need to know
Somebody you don't need to know Månad sedan
This video made me subscribe to Aloona
Lizard Boy
Lizard Boy Månad sedan
I wonder if he has a room full of vodka or just has bottles everywhere
Carros e Aviação
Carros e Aviação Månad sedan
Wait, what if Aloona is Boris real girlfriend? OY BLYAT
Metanoia Podcasts
Metanoia Podcasts Månad sedan
Gordon Ramzanov 😂
der echte russe
der echte russe Månad sedan
I Like this
Shebin Paul
Shebin Paul Månad sedan
Boris after making a shorter video than Aloona: *T A C T I C S*
Tomiwa Aina
Tomiwa Aina Månad sedan
It took me 2 minutes to realize he was speaking english
nica alex
nica alex Månad sedan
3:01 i think i'm gonna press both of the buttons
Dick Salacious
Dick Salacious Månad sedan
It's thanks to this channel I understand the girl I work with. " Do it or I slit your throat " turns out is her way to say " we should get married "
Ligrep Månad sedan
KKKKKKKKKKKK...pera porque to rindo ? Bem fds, mano só pra mim que as pessoas pensam que eu tenho sotaque russo ou português, mas vc é br ? (to achando engraçado esse sotaque do cara, não tô rindo da sua cara ;-;')
Andrew Thies
Andrew Thies Månad sedan
Bubba your just a funny guy🤣👍
Justanotherperson Månad sedan
I have Nike tracksuit *confused cheeki breeki noises*
Indie Månad sedan
Rookie ODST
Rookie ODST 2 månader sedan
Mouse Mee
Mouse Mee 2 månader sedan
"is this goblin who tried" lol i cant
Doz Clips
Doz Clips 2 månader sedan
Call me idiot but I do not know who Altoona is
Nu Liform
Nu Liform 2 månader sedan
ah mah gah i'm dyin here **face cracks in a huge grin**
Super Starched
Super Starched 2 månader sedan
3:25 I didn't think I'd see Ferry's work anywhere on this channel, that made me feel like I got hit upside the head. Blindsided
sargothi 2 månader sedan
Boris is actually entertaining though. Aloona has no personality. She's cute it's the only reason anyone clicks her videos. Boris #1
DARK_ PHANTOM 2 månader sedan
i don't wanna say this....but....... *sniffs* smells like simp here
Patricio HE
Patricio HE 2 månader sedan
Hey comrades, can someone give me a link or something that leads me to the video on minute 3:23
Eddie Current
Eddie Current 2 månader sedan
You spell haha, xaxa?
UVCHR 3 månader sedan
X A X A *_Pronounced /hɑːˈhɑː/_*
xlib 3 månader sedan
Русский язык:*существует* Русские субтитры: букв armani Луи де ту видео зум и районах
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf 3 månader sedan
2:39 Bee stings.
Grant Cai
Grant Cai 3 månader sedan
I like your taste in phones
Ranjan Biswas
Ranjan Biswas 3 månader sedan
Ok, i'll break the delutions of the Boris fans. He is already married. 🤣
Shad0wSpill 3 månader sedan
No way.
Angaan AK
Angaan AK 3 månader sedan
XAXAXA Aloona,Uamee and Komrade boris make music video.Hardbass if possible pls.
Калифорния Наша
Калифорния Наша 3 månader sedan
Хаха ахринеть как смешно
Krakencrotch 3 månader sedan
Boris, Nike is pronounced Nick-eh, the old way. The only way.
Ghøsty 3 månader sedan
The accent got me fucked up I cant keep up I need the subtitles sometimes you really think he be speaking in Russian
R3LL1K 3 månader sedan
SHANEDOESYOUTUBE 3 månader sedan
0:10 "twice the content, FOR NONE OF THE WORK!!!' hang on a sec, ain't this capitalist heresy XD??? cuz i'm pretty sure it is
StartWithAnE 3 månader sedan
I want to see a wedding video
Samarth Bhargava
Samarth Bhargava 4 månader sedan
So... You're Ukrainian, daddy Slav?? :P
Samuel Benedicic
Samuel Benedicic 4 månader sedan
i watched both videos, 2 times. First time i watched Boris first than Adloona Than Aloona and Boris second, thanks to the AdGuard and Express VPN
RZT_3 4 månader sedan
Что за блин? Какая связь между этими двумя? Мне не хватает какого-то соперничества?
Pj Styles
Pj Styles 4 månader sedan
I clicked aloonas blyat
Josh_da_boss_ hello
Josh_da_boss_ hello 4 månader sedan
Nike is from Oregon. I am also from Oregon. It is pronounced Nikey. Like the Roman goddess of victory.
Ultra_axe781 4 månader sedan
Clicked this one first
themelonboi 4 månader sedan
How the fuck did you get my phone case in that intro Give it back
Vual 4 månader sedan
Is it weird I ship these 2
Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell
Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell 4 månader sedan
Nike is Greek though lol
Константин Голомозов
Константин Голомозов 4 månader sedan
Твой Английский, всё ещё лучше чем у меня...(
David Gavrun
David Gavrun 4 månader sedan
4:09 lmao 🤣
Floozlel 4 månader sedan
Cykaaa, not boris checking subreddits
Nilton dos Anjos
Nilton dos Anjos 4 månader sedan
Can someone explain me how they started doing videos about each other? CAP?
pitu tisza
pitu tisza 4 månader sedan
me watching this my neibour:starts drilling (idk why) me:vadim blyat
MouldieTheSlav 4 månader sedan
Boris is no mere man I beleve he is a scientist experiment to create the perfect slav
меня зовут тим
меня зовут тим 4 månader sedan
Do a nose reveal
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel 4 månader sedan
Хахахахаха. ДА!
Idkwhatthisisfor Plzhelp
Idkwhatthisisfor Plzhelp 4 månader sedan
x Enkeii
x Enkeii 4 månader sedan
2:12 boris says the n word
N0b0dy 0
N0b0dy 0 4 månader sedan
Boris, the honey case is when you go catch honey in the woods the bees don't like too much, get it?
Motion Cell
Motion Cell 4 månader sedan
Lish_the_catfish 4 månader sedan
Nikey? Whats that blin i only know NIKE
long yap
long yap 4 månader sedan
420k view
Nederlandse Ridder
Nederlandse Ridder 4 månader sedan
I hate how you in your other videos that gopniks are cool, Gopniks rob you and break in to your house and beat you up
Ian the tornado guy
Ian the tornado guy 5 månader sedan
This is the only SVfrom drama I'm interested in.
Don Dotta
Don Dotta 5 månader sedan
@2:17 boris and aloona sitting on the ground, this is slav way of f***ing arround
Fredrick Rourk
Fredrick Rourk 5 månader sedan
Wait Aloona is a Nun? I need to go to confession now.
ben smith
ben smith 5 månader sedan
SlightlyOddish 5 månader sedan
Can anyone explain Aloona's humour because I watched a few videos and could not find a single funny "joke" in there. Is there something I'm missing? Does everyone just like her because shes hot but, dont want to admit it? She makes reaction videos but calls them "original content"? 🤔 and is the attention-seeking at the beginning of every video where she says how shit she is also supposed to be part of the comedy, or not? Very confusing. Not at all the same type of slav humour as Boris nor my Polish grandparents. Blyat, I'm obviously getting too old for these attention-seeking and self obsessed youtubers. (Even tho I'm only in my 20's lol). I thought millenial humour was supposed to be the worst humour, but this kind of stuff definitely takes the blin! It's funny that Boris has such a huge following because hes the exact *opposite* of that stereotype; how ironic that he doesnt even realise this 😂
Puteri Shahira
Puteri Shahira 5 månader sedan
Realising that the "how do i know its real honey" guy picture is actually a picture of the guy who picked the honey got stung by multiple bees
Puteri Shahira
Puteri Shahira Månad sedan
And he seems to "bee" allergic.
Sean Downey
Sean Downey 5 månader sedan
HEY. I have info that real slav pronunciation of Boris puts emphasis on the "i", so it really should be like Bor-ees, not Bor-is. Are you Western Spy?
Electro ADRN
Electro ADRN 5 månader sedan
He's so good with bits
Pleb Plays
Pleb Plays 5 månader sedan
Play SCP secret Slavotories
Kushagra Tiwari
Kushagra Tiwari 5 månader sedan
CK Chan
CK Chan 5 månader sedan
You know what? I'm sure Masha is Aloona who changed her name.
Pablo Menjivar
Pablo Menjivar 5 månader sedan
Aloonas redit cover: pops up Aloona Boris: OPAAA
Edmundo Ramirez
Edmundo Ramirez 5 månader sedan
Boris: it's like reading someone else's book for money Pre k teachers: -_-
Abdullah Hawary
Abdullah Hawary 5 månader sedan
2:12 holy cyka!!! Boris said the n word!!!
Shikhar Saxena
Shikhar Saxena 5 månader sedan
Now I want boris also to make a fictional character like adloona or brad-ad
Play Like Notezy
Play Like Notezy 5 månader sedan
Russians take over the internet -2021
Ruby Fox
Ruby Fox 5 månader sedan
Twice the content for none of the work! -Disney making live action remakes
FHD yukihira
FHD yukihira 5 månader sedan
Aloona: Привет Boris: Привет Здравствуйте supa Добрый день
Space Meat
Space Meat 5 månader sedan
отсутствие русских субтитров делает меня грустным медведем :(
Ulna the Cat
Ulna the Cat 5 månader sedan
How many pairs of glasses are you wearing?
• I hate My self •
• I hate My self • 5 månader sedan
ah my comrade that in the first 5 seconds ur litteraly pewds
• I hate My self •
• I hate My self • 5 månader sedan
ah my comrade that in the first 5 seconds ur litteraly pewds
ilias men
ilias men 5 månader sedan
Luv boris ❤❤😂😂
Dromoys 5 månader sedan
I still dind't get what he is doing. Is he reviewing memes? Is this a person? Wtf?
SirHell 5 månader sedan
From what I know, women can be monk too, well at least for some Buddhism branches
Matatabi 5 månader sedan
Now this is what called plan Or lets just call it taktiks
Cheeky Boii
Cheeky Boii 5 månader sedan
the way he says "links" is cute ngl
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