Post-Truth: Why Facts Don't Matter Anymore

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4 år sedan

Why we can't seem to agree on what's true when it's easier than ever to check.
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This video was filmed at a meetup in Stockholm, Sweden on Dec. 9, 2016. Huge thanks to everyone who attended - I had a great time. Sorry to those of you I missed, especially Lund and Gothenburg.
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DJ Frech
DJ Frech 16 timmar sedan
Why so many dislikes?
Les Bray
Les Bray Dag sedan
It is exposing dictatorship tendencies. The lack of diversity of thought on legacy media channels has obviated the degree to which “News” is propaganda. The diversity of ideas that was on the internet facilitated criticism of that which has been dominant. As highlighted by others evolution of ideas will not happen. Confirmation is relied upon when beliefe are internalised as with marketing/propaganda that works at the level of subconscious. It is most relied upon where “dumbing down” is the order of the day. As was promoted by leftist in the “interest” of inclusion. Confirmation bas works where ideas become indoctrinated and intuitive. The obviating of partiality, half stories and spin is made worse by cancel culture and attempts to sensor. The portrayal that the internet is at fault misses the degree to which legacy media has been the home of fake news and has failed to change. Fake news and propaganda has been around for so long. Awareness of how prolific it is has not.
Ryan Sutter
Ryan Sutter 8 dagar sedan
The answers to your question can be found in the many lectures of Jordan Peterson....
Ernesik 9 dagar sedan
Why so many dislikes? What the hell happened here? This doesn't seem *that* controversial.
brian Richard
brian Richard 10 dagar sedan
This was just horrible for polotics, people will deny problems of minorities based on some dumb fricks making strawmen arguments.
Jan Michael Beran
Jan Michael Beran 10 dagar sedan
If we wish to navigate to a point where truth matters, we need to re-establish WHY truth matters in the first place.
Closing the Loop
Closing the Loop 11 dagar sedan
If only there was a book that served to help us see the bad consequences of independent thinking and what happens when we demand the right to choose for ourselves what is right and wrong... oh yeah! The Bible predicted this! The Bible praises people who are enamored with what they can see and give credit to an intelligent Creator for the miracles that surround us and live in fear of displeasing the Giver of life. It’s a lack of respect and fear that has propelled men forward to do things that are ultimately destroying our planet and destroy hope for future generations. People who are willing to make sacrifices in the present for the sake of future generations are the ones that the Bible recommend to us as examples to follow. So the answer is not more information. It’s not the quantity of information, it’s the quality of information and not being distracted from it when you’ve found it.
michael chan
michael chan 12 dagar sedan
I'am human validate me or sounds like religion
Giorgio Baradit
Giorgio Baradit 13 dagar sedan
"we are more polarized than ever before"... oh boy, if we thought 2016 was polarized and we ended up 2020 as it is... Im scared of 2024
yurikolovsky 14 dagar sedan
It's amazing how accurate you were.
StriveMan 16 dagar sedan
Hyperbole. You're blathering dude. You sound like a propagandist for power. And you're completely wrong about what's going on. This is one of your worst videos. 2 simple reasons for what's going on - 1) Intel agencies working for very powerful and wealthy people manipulating everyone so that no one challenges those wealthy and powerful people & the manipulated version of history and events they want everyone to believe. 2) You're in denial that much of what you assume to be true is not true at all. It is something completely different than you ever thought it was. And you're in denial of reality and the truth. So you scream FAKE NEWS! You're in denial and delusional to your religious version of reality that you didn't realize you had because you're still on the good side of those in power. That's why your SVfrom channel is so big. Otherwise, if you really told the whole truth, you'd be deplatformed instantly.
payrim Dwein
payrim Dwein 17 dagar sedan
wow algorithms are true after this video i got recommendation to this:
Alper S.
Alper S. 19 dagar sedan
"Medium is the message"
Special_T 23 dagar sedan
CGP Grey's video about ideas - - mentioned at 10:02^
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas 24 dagar sedan
the internet is the perfect place for confirmation bias. when i look something up i don't stop at the first available answer, if it's something i feel strongly about i'l branch off and look at as many versions as possible, not only looking at information from sources i trust (they can be cross referenced as reliable) but dipping into things i don't trust so much. i think the majority of fact checking that people do though is purely to confirm something they already believe, and one source, or two if they want to pretend they've @researched@ a subject is pure confirmation bias. i caught out neil de grasse tyson on his claim that a baseball sized earth would be perfectly smooth, much as i like NDT i couldn't see how something that casts shadows (of mountains) could be perfectly smooth, whatever size (pictures from space for instance still have shadows, but from space earth looks baseball sized) after two or three searches i found i was right - but even then, being a good skeptic - i wait for more information. 7:23 lies are easier to tell. i can make up crap about any crap, no research, no cross referencing, any idea i want. facts are hard though, and 50% of facts are going to be stuff we don't want to hear, lies are much easier to digest and back to confirmation bias, they don't need much effort. and anyone who lnows the millgram experiments will realise it's ever so easy for humans to do really appalling things with very little persuasion, tell big lies, appeal to the darkness in people, presto! you have murder and corruption.
Cesar R
Cesar R 24 dagar sedan
What's the breaking point in all this , or do we just need to evolve past that now that the cat is out of the bag as an optimist I believe its a chance to be better as we realize how we accept and view the choices were making based on what's available to us
Mac attack
Mac attack 24 dagar sedan
Truth has become controversial. It’s just a fact
Sergiuss555 26 dagar sedan
Okay you can brainwash some teenagers with your hippie rubbish. But did you travel and talk to people? They have different values and different ways of thinking. Sometimes there is no way to find common ground even with your neighbor. And more importantly, I don't see why everyone should have the same opinions in unison. What an absurd obsession.
Sergiuss555 23 dagar sedan
@Harry Nicholas Also, if I am the person who revealed your stupid opinions that you'd been hiding your whole worthless ingenuine life, I say I am not a shitty person. I am actually proud of myself.
Sergiuss555 23 dagar sedan
@Harry Nicholas the goal of communication is to exchange with information, not to make each other feel better. If your solution is to keep your ideas to yourself, it completely devalues communication. And in many cases it devalues the search for truth as well.
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas 23 dagar sedan
and hippie rubbish has ALWAYS been positive, humanitarian and if you recall, about peace and love. if you think hippie rubbish, peace and love is indeed rubbish that makes you a real shitty person. see, normally i would keep that to myself.
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas 23 dagar sedan
the US is the perfect example of being polarised by made up news, 45 has deliberately concentrated on dividing opinion and aloowing those opinions, bad opinions, a platform. even the UK has fallen fowl of political manipulation. you aren't aware, juding by your comment, that everyone on the planet disagrees with everyone else on the planet on most subjects, but take me for example, i despise pretty much everyone, but no one notices cos i keep it to myself, and everybody keeps their thoughts to themselves in the main, they get on with the life they have to lead and let other people get on with theirs, never even thinking about differences, until someone like 45, or our government MAKES things an issue. the internet disseminates ideas faster than MSM, but MSM is responsible for highlighting all the differences people have, and those differences then bubble up to the surface and you wind up with the America you have today, everyone hating everyone else, and being noisy about it.
Shan Yang Yau
Shan Yang Yau 28 dagar sedan
plus with the curation of information, we stay in our own communities and we cannot come out!
JM - 12RK 741664 Mayfield SS
JM - 12RK 741664 Mayfield SS 29 dagar sedan
If you like this video, you could also check out CGP geys video on thought germs
insaaanestuff Månad sedan
There is no such thing as a fact
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas 23 dagar sedan
i think you just proved that.
Ben Perry
Ben Perry Månad sedan
but the people that control internet searches only allow you to swap out your paper with their can't find real news anymore
John Nicholson
John Nicholson Månad sedan
I have a problem with what was said @11:07 In particular, the number of EV manufactured is less than the number of vehicle replacements on the roads. In other words, the life cycle of a car is replace with a new one because of wear and tear, wrecked, being a lemon and other issues. Keep in mind, new cars for a large portion, is made of recycled cars also. So, while the statement looks true, you have to look at what the new car is replacing. Which is to say new old style internal combustion engine (ICE) car or new modern EV car. Clearly, both ew cars are a environmental cost, but the EV reduces this cost compared to the ICE. The same is true with the machines that make the machine. Here is another way to look at this issue, how many owners/renters of an new EV has to happen before the EVs life ends, is that different for an ICE?
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas 23 dagar sedan
i watched a couple of videos about autralia's incentives to go green and i seem to rcall that over the lifetime of an electric vehicle they not only save you money but they are indeed greener. it appears to have fallen by the wayside but for a time australia had really good incentives, and financial rewards, for green behaviour. governments for some reason want to ruin the planet though. i maintain that if you act as if climate change is real, even if it isn't, you get all the benefits, new tech, cheaper cleaner ebergy, cleaner water, more economical everything, but if you treat it as a hoax, and it's not, you drown or burn. to me it's a logic problem, not a political controversy. we need more scientists in government.
lucas cabu
lucas cabu Månad sedan
Why does this dude quotes Adam Curtis as if he had thought all that?
Maas Bekooy
Maas Bekooy Månad sedan
Everyone seeing this is like: "Thank god I'm on the GOOD side" Btw 'zondag met lubach' made a good (yt) video last week if you'r interested
Zahid Månad sedan
it's 2020.. and still it's no where near to be solved!
Oberon Månad sedan
it's just the short version of "The Social Dilemma" ( by netflix) in more detail. you saw it coming. respect
Oliver Downing
Oliver Downing Månad sedan
the thing is humans can be fooled and AI is inferior to human intelligence. Every system is susceptible to bad actors and the internet takes what was a lot of systems: different countries, different social groups and other different systems of people and merged them all into one giant system with more bad actors who each have access to far more people and the issue is that human society hurts itself and we have been protected by having lots of communities and societies who can challenge that but as humankind becomes more homogenised we can't do the same thing and each issue has its own individual split that polarises us on that one issue rather than lots of groups of people individually verifying the facts. You say the internet is the problem and it can't be denied that the internet does exacerbate those issues it is not the root cause and I don't think it can be relied upon to be the solution until the algorithms are both significantly cleverer than humans and in complete control of information which is not a nice thought either. The bigger your group the louder your toxic minority becomes and the internet has made that group everyone and the only checks and balances are algorithms that don't want to protect us and fundamentally can't either.
Uncanny void
Uncanny void Månad sedan
Theres always going to be good and bad. You can improve on the good parts but the bad parts will always be there lurking. Humans can make anything a weapon. Give a paper to a child, one will make an airplane the other will spitball a kid in the eye. Give a grown man a butter knife, one will use it to cut butter the other will think about his capability to hurt someone with it. ( you see where I’m going? )(imma keep going) Give a teen a mobile phone, one will use it to call friends or family the other will use it to prank calls. ( it depends on peoples mind set and intention of using things of the outcome. If they cant even use a pencil properly don’t expect them to Use the internet properly (remember the tidepod eating challenge)) Humans are both the smartest and the dumbest creatures on the planet
Uncanny void
Uncanny void 23 dagar sedan
@Harry Nicholas i was talking about the outlook of humanity as a whole. Your case is also right but it’s a different case ( more political). I mean, you’re talking about false advertisement and word twisting people use to pass lies as facts , for whatever gain( correct me if i’m wrong ). Idk if donald trump has gone through the same ‘procedures’ as obama but in my opinion One of them is a liberal and the other a nationalist. ( im not an American so i chose to question humanity as a whole rather than judging something I'm not well educated of )
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas 23 dagar sedan
not necessarily, especially in the US at the moment the bad is being highlighted, 45 has used every tool in the box to divide the country on pretty much every issue, he is one bad actor. whether you like obama or not, despite his own personal hypocrisys, he was a good influence, a positive speaker and certainly a better example of a person that 45 will ever be.
real eyes realize real lies
real eyes realize real lies Månad sedan
Very naive...For someone with such a great science background...While everything you said is true...You dismiss the American empire...Every war we've been involved with has been based on lies...Foreign policy is an euphemism for imperialism...Media is a tool to manufacture consent, profit, and divide and conquer, not to inform....Everything in our society is based on untruths...Wikipedia is a horrible example of truth...Science is based on varifiable truths, but is supressed for profit, narratives, etc....Our system of public relations is one of deceit...we have made it legal to propagandize our own citizens....
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas 23 dagar sedan
he seems a bit off colour in this video, like he didn't really think in advance what he was actually trying to say, and perhaps his audience weren't quite on board either, anyway, normally he does a lot better in presentation.
Sign O Thee Times
Sign O Thee Times Månad sedan
He talks about people with biases and particular agendas and are "intolerant" like he somehow is above it... then says so matter of factly, Cnn is more likely to be true than Breitbart news... Then laughs as if to say, haha none of these kids called me on my clear bias.
Sign O Thee Times
Sign O Thee Times 23 dagar sedan
@Harry Nicholas Well I said nothing on religion but to be fair atheists need a bias too... Because simply no one knows.. you have to just assume your biases are right on both sides because we would not know until we die... but why are you bothering me... he said there was more fake news on both sides during last election than real.. but then endorsed cnn... All I am doing is pointing that out bud... no need to bring up science being unbiased (as if we havent changed our minds on half of the things we've wholeheartedly believed to be true before) And you can't say you don't trust ANY news source but then in a very bias way say isn't it true that cnn reports sensationalism... (but yes it is true) again just simply pointing out contradiction in the video. so what does asking me even have to do with what I said? It still doesn't refute that he said it because you can't that's obvious.
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas 23 dagar sedan
i get into arguments about religion quite a lot and i see bias this way, believers have a clear bias, they are under orders to believe in god, or else. i am atheist, but that doesn't mean i don't believe a god exists, it mean, to me, that i am suspicious of religion, and i argue from a skeptical point of view, him, and me, go by the scientific method, how can i falsify his claim, so although it may look to you that he, and me, have a bias, we don't (within scientific bounds) the trick is to evaluate the truth from as many directions as possible, and particulalry to recognise any bias you might have and try to comepnsate. and if anyone is "tolerant" ie you give them space, then yes, we are on the high ground. and i know nothing about CNN or breibart, other than i don't trust ANY news source, but is it bias, or true, that one reports news while th other reposrts sensationalism?
Sign O Thee Times
Sign O Thee Times Månad sedan
“It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.” T.S.
Clyde Cessna
Clyde Cessna Månad sedan
Before, we had gate keepers like the state owned and at least partially controlled BBC that controlled information and we had little opportunity to research other understandings of events and no means to communicate this to other people as the BBC had the exclusive rights to publish. A little later we did get ITV but the eyes in which the British saw events had been established . I am not sure that the information chaos we have today is worse than those days.
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas 23 dagar sedan
unfortunately what ANY body requires is honesty and integrity, and both have been whittled away over the last 25 years, we have governments that can't be trusted, and news moguls who have their own agendas. it's hearsts game @if there isn't a war somewhere, start one@
Ryan Overton
Ryan Overton Månad sedan
Disagree: This is not new. Plato's allegory of the Cave is focused on this very idea. Even deeper than you seemed to go with it. Not only are people unwilling to acknowledge truth when comfort and familiarity is much more important. But the very fact that the person coming in with "the truth" often comes across as condescending unless handled with the utmost care and tact means they will be reviled and ignored.
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas 23 dagar sedan
@GrimShockz the problem is that people are looking for confirmation bias, they think up some thought, or hear some opinion, and they look at one source that aghrees and presto, job done. not mamy people are looking to see if their idea can be refuted, this is what the internet could be extremely good for, to see as many points of view, studies, information on your subject of choice and THEN form you opinion, but most people do it the other way round, okay, i'm right, cocoa time.
GrimShockz Månad sedan
Yes i agree its not new. But i think the point in this video is that this is amplified now more than ever in human history due to widespread internet access and dependence. While people may not like to be proven wrong, these "arguments" commonly occur between only friends and family even 50 years ago. But now with the internet, you could post an opinion online and literally millions can read it and instead of your friends or family arguing against you, its hundreds of strangers online, just feeding your anger and hate against the other party, which is very very unhealthy. This is a huge problem honestly and im so worried for our future.
Chad Curtiss
Chad Curtiss Månad sedan
I honestly don't agree here.. I think fake news has always existed and its always been spread. The internet didn't create this or make it possible. The internet just the made the spread of information (period), faster and easier. So ALL information, fake and factual spreads much faster and much easier now. But i don't think that has impacted the amount of fake news. And anyone who says we have more fake news now than ever before, I think is just trusting some goofy source where someone "analyzed" it and came to that conclusion.
David Robinson
David Robinson Månad sedan
@7:49 mentionings, Factions, It Flashed into my Head, Divergent: The Film Series, which I Loved in Match or November, the hunger games, please excuse the s at sixteen characters in, Noel would understand
David Robinson
David Robinson Månad sedan
I'm a Master debitor & You're A Cunning Linguist, shall we discuss? after all, Love makes the world go around, as someone once said
Rico van Midde
Rico van Midde Månad sedan
If ratio follows the feelings, we need to make science fun again, good work Veritasium..
Gary Numen
Gary Numen Månad sedan
If you could write an algorithm for truth, and you can't, it would not matter. Google, Facebook, Twitter have all show us they will do whatever it takes to push their agendas. They are incapable of being neutral. What is worse, they know this and do not care. At this point, I don't think anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty could any longer disagree. Also, most of us that disagree with someone else's viewpoint feel no need to scream at them, to hate them or to take action against them. A small minority do, and thus this small minority make most of the noise.
Some Nygaard
Some Nygaard Månad sedan
Democrats are the party of science. Women can be men. A mother can kill her baby a few hours before birth.
Chris Winter
Chris Winter Månad sedan
And when he says "the internet" he means social media conglomerates that are basically looking to maximize ad revenue by maximizing screen time. There are plenty of places on the internet that fundamentally don't work that way, but it must be said the amount of those is diminishing. It's about time that facebook, youtube, twitter and instagram are held up to the same legal and redactional standards as any printed press. Just because it's digital, it doesn't mean it's not printed. :)
Rachid van Heyningen
Rachid van Heyningen Månad sedan
I'm a physician, have an IQ of 148, happily married, two kids, but most important of all I'm a born again christian. I love science, but I also think we are wired to be incapable of fully understanding reality. Doesn't mean we can't pursue practical solutions to our problems, but we must not fool ourselves by limiting reality to our flawed empirical tools and methods.
Karyuu Månad sedan
2020 Facebook and Twitter have been doing exactly this, censoring public opinions and not allowing discusions. I understand your good intentions Derek, but not everyone at those companies has the same intentions as you
Bemad82 Månad sedan
That's also my experience. In the case of different talking points. The more you try to give sources the more your debating partner trys to ignore them or there are more arguments about moral and personal opinion. That was defenitly less the case in former times. I think the internet is destroying some opinions that they carry with them for along time and that people doesn't like that. And sometimes the truth doesn't fix the "image" that you would sell to other people and therefore they have to push it besites all facts that exist if you would look close enough. But for most people it's easier to go their way further and further. We humans are interesting in that direction. Some of us will develop a mental sickness to explain differences in their expectations to what they really see. In summary I think humans are not really good with the truth. It's more like we haggle about the truth and the speaker that carries our view (implanted or through reseaech) is our Favorit.
XPuntar Månad sedan
And ditching all or any wisdom of the ancient past is just another sign the current humanity just do not want to know "the truth" Look up on Hermetics, or Manny P. Hall books! "All is mind, the universe is mental"
7 Horseshoes & A 4 Leaf Clover
7 Horseshoes & A 4 Leaf Clover Månad sedan
Hate this video enough to comment. So....... I guess it means I like it:(
Fatmandangerous Månad sedan
man, remember when you can attend class in person. Those were the days.
Donny Pradipto
Donny Pradipto Månad sedan
it should be started from ourselves to check , this based on the guide from God that says : O believers, if an evildoer brings you any news, verify ˹it˺ so you do not harm people unknowingly, becoming regretful for what you have done.
Sarbecue Bauce
Sarbecue Bauce Månad sedan
Recommended video: There is No Algorithm for Truth - with Tom Scott
pdlussier Månad sedan
You're so wrong re Google and fake news... Hope it's not a bias because they own YT. Just saying.
Bill D. in Iowa
Bill D. in Iowa Månad sedan
People need to learn how to practice discernment.
Ditch Weed
Ditch Weed Månad sedan
If you want to find out the truth follow the money. Language is a game used to manipulate people. Mainly for corporate profit and power. So all these climate accords are started by politicians to tax people and not represent them and by corporations for profit. Watch Moores doc Planet of the Humans. Meanwhile geniune movements like Free Tibet and Greanpeace are squished and no one noticed.
Rizwan Pallickal Moidu
Rizwan Pallickal Moidu Månad sedan
Why does this have 6K dislikes?
A. Randomjack
A. Randomjack Månad sedan
October 12th #2020 Hey! Look what I just got in my You Tube feed: *“United States of Distraction: Fighting The Fake News Invasion” A Documentary Film*
Donbros Månad sedan
I like and don't like (because I am not agreeing with everyright you say, just some things) what you are saying, but it is interesting to watch still :) fun channel, watched like 100 videos already
Benis Muncher
Benis Muncher Månad sedan
I feel like nobody cared.
Rabbet Månad sedan
I feel that the coronavirus pandemic has forced a lot of people onto the internet so they’ve been exposed to fake news even more.
Frederick Malouf
Frederick Malouf Månad sedan
It's not the internet. It's the system that wants to own, profit, through disempowerment. It's the framework. Hope is always lost if wealth is measures through owning scarcity.
Ryan O'Reilly
Ryan O'Reilly Månad sedan
Balkanization, like the Balkan area in eastern Europe. Since they were small and strategically important they created strong treaties with more powerful countries to come to their defense if attacked, and that's how a small country having one of their leaders assassinated started a war that embroiled the entire globe
Tiar Salsabila Fitriazaki
Tiar Salsabila Fitriazaki Månad sedan
why is there no table
Earl Whayne
Earl Whayne Månad sedan
Why does this have 6.8k dislikes?
101Ezb Månad sedan
socialist drones suck,internett just makes it worser,,,
101Ezb Månad sedan
lest youre rich .. and you didnt get that way by telling the truth..
101Ezb Månad sedan
and the facts have been shunned since always,, you dont get laid telling the truth... ;)
Ivan Barrikov
Ivan Barrikov Månad sedan
The protagonists are PaleoConservatives.
Yogender Singh
Yogender Singh Månad sedan
Is this the origin of Netflix's Social Dilemma? He did it before Netflix made it "Viral".
Alembican Månad sedan
Ooooohhhhhhhhhh how we had no idea the half of it, three years ago. (Love your videos and content! You've been keeping me sane, thank you!)
Marble National
Marble National Månad sedan
nearly 4 years later and Facebook still doesn't care...
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall Månad sedan
Let Facebook decide what's real news? Next we'll be letting the elite inoculate our kids. Oh wait?!
Lessons to Learn
Lessons to Learn 2 månader sedan
Let us put some rules here to define a source of information to be trustworthy: - The more neutral unbias group of people that can provide evidences or relate to stories of their experiences about piece of news from a source of information to be truth, the more this source of information become more authentic to be a trustworthy - The more a source of information is sharing scandals or sharing what are found to be fake news , the more the source is likely to be unreliable source of information and lose more creditability to be a trustworthy. In other words, if we have big quantity of unclassified items ( let us give as example group of items with black and white colors and grey in between ) the more to find in number to be classified ( as black or white) the more this group of items become defined based on the most classified items in it (if more white than black, then its likely to be classified as group of white colored items) based on the number of classified items.
TonyOldLock 2 månader sedan
8:37 "I think we need to find a way to overcome this division and find a way to agree again on what is truth and what is not" - I don't think there ever was a time in the past where people agreed on what was truth and what wasn't. People have always tried to sell lies and change what groups of people thought was true. I also don't think people are inherently different from how they were before the internet. I think the internet amplifies the good and bad of humanity, i.e. channels like this vs. fake news. That stuff was there already, but now we see it amplified as a result of a more inter-connected world. Or would people here say the internet HAS changed what people consider to be true / false?
Rishav Madhukalya
Rishav Madhukalya 2 månader sedan
Hey veratasium, thanks for the great content. You should have a reddit community of your own.
Matthew Balvers
Matthew Balvers 2 månader sedan
Beliefs built on false beliefs allow for creative facts that allow for observers to use for going off to discover previously undiscovered truths.
Matthew Balvers
Matthew Balvers 2 månader sedan
ignorance can be blissful
Matthew Balvers
Matthew Balvers 2 månader sedan
use critical thinking
Matthew Balvers
Matthew Balvers 2 månader sedan
credibility... Support your local news papers! and Veritasium!!!
Matthew Balvers
Matthew Balvers 2 månader sedan
The internet is the latest catalyst to this.
Matthew Balvers
Matthew Balvers 2 månader sedan
Our brains come up with the best solutions they can, even if the solutions are false because the brain wasn't able to be omniscient about the truth in the situation. The brain can't accept believing that it doesn't know. Thus it spits our untrue facts.
fabfab06 2 månader sedan
Might be a unpopular opinion but I'd say that instead of filtering the "fake" it would be better to make the true "truer" provided it means anything. Reason is simple. Truth is true, there is no need to sell it. Fake is, well... fake so you have to sell it. I feel that people tend to go to what is more appealing, namely what is sold.
keita melle
keita melle 2 månader sedan
This video is 4 years old now, but I have to say it resonates a lot to me right now. The subject of fake nows and split society is something I come across every day as a part of my jab. I am afraid I have come to conclusion that it is people who have to adapt. We have to teach young kids already in kindergarten and elementary school to analyse any kind of information. Media literacy should be a part of standard education. If we teach ourselves to understand and think more critically the truth will not be drowned out. This is particularly important because of propaganda and lobby that takes place as a part of politic campaigning.
Lumiens 2 månader sedan
People form communities and then defend them...facts don't matter with emotions. The survival of your community - by beating the other communities (competitors) is what matters.
_Masko_ 2 månader sedan
To quote Will McAvoy from "The Newsroom": "People don't just choose the news they want anymore. People choose the facts they want" A lot of the responsibility of "Why facts don't matter anymore" is on the media, in my opinion. They create content based on what people want, not what people need. Engagement is more important than truth. Media used to be this sacred ground of objectivity, where every article and news item was fact checked and double checked before print, but has devolved into pandering in the modern age. And it's because there are so many opinions flying around the internet nowadays that a news company has to compete with the "raving youtuber" for an audience. It's entertainment over actual news nowadays. Watching a boring segment of something mundane vs watching some guy shouting that "chemicals in the water turn the frogs gay". It's a no win scenario for the boring news segment, sadly.
Trouts Bane
Trouts Bane 2 månader sedan
This video is an echo chamber.
Lumiens 2 månader sedan
Every conversation becomes an echo chamber based upon the number of people and opinions that people have. You create a conversation by agreeing to certain premises (explicit or not) otherwise the conversation does not continue.
RAP TABURETKA 2 månader sedan
The "Arab Spring" actualy was the first big Fake News Agenda staged by the US on the Internet to overthrow some US-hostile Leaders.. what is the moral of the Story? "Hold the Thief" - The Thief shouted..
Muhammad Nada
Muhammad Nada 2 månader sedan
Truth is bitter, bias is sweet
Tepalus 2 månader sedan
*Laughs in 2020* If you just had known bavk then how bad such things will become...
Meister 2 månader sedan
The algorithm is out there, I can't change it to make things better or make things worse, but all I can do is to share this video, let more people see this, even in 2020, especially, in 2020.
Jason Dinger
Jason Dinger 3 månader sedan
The dude from Phantogram is smart
B C 3 månader sedan
"Truth" pertains to the physical world. As in, "I exist" or "The earth exists", but to say "This president is better than that one", or "You're smarter than I am", or "My God is better than your god" are not statements that pertain to truth. Truth is the wrong way to conceptualize statements relating to humans, our opinions, and our beliefs, even our most sincerely-held and strongest convictions. It's nearly impossible to ascribe truth to anything related to human consciousness. In order to ascribe truth to something said by people, you would have to give the "full" explanation, context, and associated factors. Even something as simple as "The earth is round", is not actually true. Topographically, there are mountains, valleys, and varying levels of height or depth, in relation to "sea level", which is usually the standard for altitude. The expectation for truth, as it relates to human perception, consciousness, and our various beliefs is like chasing smoke in a hurricane. The difference between truth and conviction is one of the most misunderstood distinctions ever. And one of the most important.
C N 3 månader sedan
Facts are so last century, it's all about alternative facts now.
José Marino Coloma Domene
José Marino Coloma Domene 3 månader sedan
People don't care about the truth because they don't want the truth, the want to hear what they believe. There's a lot of people in Facebook that share fake news, and even if some days later they find that aren't true, they not even delete the post...
Bagra Fourseason
Bagra Fourseason 3 månader sedan
Okay then, I admit it is horrible but in other ways, post truth era shows us that truth or fact is no longer provided by the hegemony of those in power. Peoples on it's interest elevate something that satisfying it's needs. Therefore the problem is not there is no truth, multiples truth or no objectives truth.
Conversations with the A.I.
Conversations with the A.I. 3 månader sedan
Midway through 2020 and Facebook has definitely doubled down on it's profit-centric "All News Matters" stance... it's extremely profitable for the purveyors of the pendulum/seewaw to have exaggerated polarities in order that they might harvest the power via the dynamo at the fulcrum.
William Walkup
William Walkup 3 månader sedan
So your saying the Borg could never spread out and assimilate the Universe because factions inside the Borg Hive Mind would never agree unless a Dictator was in place at the head.
Jorge Olivar
Jorge Olivar 3 månader sedan
Does anyone know why they teach Evolution as a Fact when in reality there is virtually no evidence of it, either in the fossil record, or in the study of biology for example?
Jorge Olivar
Jorge Olivar 3 månader sedan
I'll answe that question if I don't forget to come again to the comments of this video I promise!🔍🔬🔭📡
gnshapiro 3 månader sedan
Veritasium: Knows all about how to calculate the age, size, and mass of the universe. Also Veritasium: Doesn't know what balkanization is. Conclusion: Everyone has a lot to learn.
Ry Rez
Ry Rez 3 månader sedan
is the statement "were living in a post truth world" true? lol
HoboGardenerBen 4 månader sedan
This video was very helpful for me personally. I share it when it comes to mind, probably a couple times a year when i encounter someone highly intelligent but too certain because of the internet hall of mirrors effect
MTN17 4 månader sedan
The money changers have stormed the temple is an easy answer. Facts are a commodity (along with Lies, now). Personally I think there is a side of human spirituality which is ignored and missing in the function of our knowledge base. Something along the lines of long term collective goals/ responsibilities. Excellent presentation. Thanks!
Kevin Jensen
Kevin Jensen 4 månader sedan
And I thought it was just me who was losing faith in this wonderful tool! I could not agree more with the theories about the "splinter-net", but it doesn't explain the trend towards fake news over real news. I think it is the inherent laziness and inherent biases in all of us (yes, I know it's a gross oversimplification) that have allowed small minorities to peddle blatant untruths, but that misses one very important driving force. We are a species that looks to being lead (inherent laziness again and/or group conformity?) and when our leaders are peddling these mis-truths or allowing them to stand, most will accept gross lies rather than extend any effort to find the truth. Finding the truth is difficult right? I am hopeful that this trend can be beaten and will begin to wane when the world wakes up to the lies of some of our leaders, just as a cult member can wake up when they see that what being preached doesn't match that being seen - they see through the lie. I hope it is a blip, because I don't have a lot of faith that influencal forces will change the shape of the net when there is so much money in pushing peoples buttons.
Daniel Stoica
Daniel Stoica 4 månader sedan
7:00 Why does it seem like the "fiction section" of libraries are bigger than the "non-fiction section". And why is it non-fiction? That is like my kid going "not-the-mama" instead of "dad".
James McPherson
James McPherson 4 månader sedan
predictive / personalized search engines were the start. That feature marked an inflection point where the internet would tend to insulate us versus encourage a process that would encourage consensus.
Jack Middleton
Jack Middleton 4 månader sedan
I am surprised someone so smart could be arrogant enough to accuse different groups of the population of living in information bubbles while being unable to recognize that he himself is in his own bubble. He uses CNN as an example of a source on the extreme side of truth while simultaneously calling for monopolistic corporations like Facebook to authoritatively eradicate supposed "political non truths" and he does all this with a clear undertone of being against the current political administration of his nation and hinting that the only way it could have come into power is through misinformation. For this he is an embarrassment to science. The truth does not reign supreme in this era for multiple reasons. First of all because as solid as Newtons laws, power always reigns supreme. Liberty and tolerance are at all time highs and so there are many divisions of opinion on what is right and wrong. Power is also divided pulling for agendas one direction or another. Second of all a lot of what is being debated as fact and fiction is just that, debatable.
Liam 4 månader sedan
i think you made a mistake here as google search actively promotes scam centre websites and numbers at the top of its searches, hote-mail was one of the weirdest searches i found just trying to login to my old hotmail account, it was only the actual page address that said hote-mail, the rest made claims to legitimately being a hotmail website, never mentioning hote-mail in any actual text... fake websites...
Charles Springer
Charles Springer 4 månader sedan
It doesn't take the Internet to do this. What comes to mind right away is political ads that portrayed Republicans as pushing grandma off a cliff.
Olá, Ciência!
Olá, Ciência! 4 månader sedan
Why questions were made only by men?
Talon Greenlee
Talon Greenlee 4 månader sedan
Because everyone has the ability to say anything, regardless of its veracity, anyone can say false information and can claim that it is truth without repercussions.
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