part 1 : Molly Sandén going to Husavik

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Molly Sandén

21 dag sedan

Behind the scenes - Molly My Marianne Sandén on her way to Husavik (Iceland) to record her performance for the Oscars 93rd Academy Awards.
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Instagram: m0llys​
Facebook: mollysandenofficial
Thank you to Netflix US, Artista Records, Savan Kotecha, the city of Husavik & Kristján Pór Magnússon for making this happen.
Produced by Milkshake TV
Edited by Joanna Lundbladh
Music by Fanny Hultman

mea 3 dagar sedan
So happy for you Molly ❤️
עמוד רע
עמוד רע 3 dagar sedan
If you were not white you would have won best song
Umesh Subba
Umesh Subba 6 dagar sedan
One of the favorite song of mine ..lots of love..😊
Aaron Richards
Aaron Richards 7 dagar sedan
I watched your performance on SVfrom for the Oscars and you did great. I didn't watch the rest of the Oscars and according to the ratings, America didn't either. I with that show cared about art more so your talent could be seen by more
Hobby Bugs
Hobby Bugs 8 dagar sedan
Yes its your new hometown they love you there
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 8 dagar sedan
Best of Luck Molly! You have an incredible voice!
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 9 dagar sedan
Best of Luck Molly! You have an incredible voice!
Joanna 9 dagar sedan
Good luck Molly! Your win is the thing I'll be looking out for.
Briktu Lucy
Briktu Lucy 10 dagar sedan
⚡❄🌬🌊🌜💈🌁💒☁☀🌀🌈🔥💧⭐🌟⛅ *På grund av kärlek. Gud sände sin son Jesus Kristus för att dö i vår plats. Tre dagar senare. Rose honom från de döda. Nu. Endast av Jesus Kristus.* *Gud har gett oss den eviga livets fria gåva. Han kommer att rädda och läka dig..* *(titta upp mot himlen och fråga honom))*
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 8 dagar sedan
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 11 dagar sedan
My 5 year old twin daughters have been singing this song for 2 months straight. And I still love it lol
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 9 dagar sedan
first like, then to watch video :D?
Ananas Siktir
Ananas Siktir 11 dagar sedan
På Skansen vi rökte en JOOOOINT!
Joanna 9 dagar sedan
conquer the hearts of people and you did just that!! So i guess you really did win!! :)
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 11 dagar sedan
If this song doesn't win I'm rioting haha. Hope you're having the best time in Husavik, can't wait to see your performance! Vi hejar på dig här hemma 🥰
Thomas Gson
Thomas Gson 13 dagar sedan
Inte alla som får flyga privatjet. Akademien sparar inte på krutet.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 11 dagar sedan
different oceans 🌊 :p
rek131 14 dagar sedan
Glad you didn't wear a long scarf!
jimbob28 15 dagar sedan
Is that a private jet? Are u using a private jet just for the Oscars? WOW! So much for being green and saving the planet!
jimbob28 13 dagar sedan
@Tobias Lundqvist I mean I don't really care but there are certain limits ffs! U dont need a whole plane for one person! 🤦‍♂️
Tobias Lundqvist
Tobias Lundqvist 13 dagar sedan
Nah....your right! Let's go American......-fuck the planet!!!! 🙄
Lea Larsson
Lea Larsson 15 dagar sedan
Du är bäst.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 11 dagar sedan
Esa Canción es Hermosa, la primera vez que la vi y la escuche lloré de emoción, ojalas ganes el Oscar te lo mereces, esa melodía es fenomenal
Evelina Music
Evelina Music 15 dagar sedan
mjdesignandmedia 15 dagar sedan
My 5 year old twin daughters have been singing this song for 2 months straight. And I still love it lol
david mckesey
david mckesey 16 dagar sedan
You beautiful. Keep it up
Pia Lie
Pia Lie 16 dagar sedan
Finns Husavik i verkligheten 🤔😊
Tobias Lundqvist
Tobias Lundqvist 13 dagar sedan
Ett litet samhälle på Norra Island. 2300 invånare.....typ. 😊
Erica Pike
Erica Pike 16 dagar sedan
Thank you for fixing the pronunciation
peteiswriteingnow 16 dagar sedan
Think you were robbed definitely should have won the oscar, such an incredible voice and song. Another great singer from Sweden they do have them, and why are they always so pretty.
Andreas Lundell
Andreas Lundell 16 dagar sedan
Håll dig gärna till musik o sång.
Paloma Praise
Paloma Praise 16 dagar sedan
vladinum 16 dagar sedan
Beautiful voice and great performance !
HerthasTV 16 dagar sedan
Like someone said i was watching the oscars just to see you win! Best pf music by a billion!!! Shame you guys didn’t win. But usually the best sonhs never get awards, yet they conquer the hearts of people and you did just that!! So i guess you really did win!! :)
Youngkyu Ahn
Youngkyu Ahn 16 dagar sedan
kenneth lam
kenneth lam 16 dagar sedan
Oh private jet!!! So posh and luxury ! Hope she is not environmentalist, if not Greta is going to be unfriended her ! How dare she to take a private jet, and I have to sail across different oceans 🌊 :p
J B 16 dagar sedan
Take it easy with those burgers, god damn.. you put on weight guuuurl
Olga Luna
Olga Luna 16 dagar sedan
Esa Canción es Hermosa, la primera vez que la vi y la escuche lloré de emoción, ojalas ganes el Oscar te lo mereces, esa melodía es fenomenal
Christian Galesias
Christian Galesias 16 dagar sedan
John Tsanis
John Tsanis 16 dagar sedan
Why every time I listen to the song I have that Lump-in-Throat feeling?
Juris Senvalds
Juris Senvalds 17 dagar sedan
I am so glad that after watching Eurovision movie i went into research on magical voice behind this and discovered you!!!
Rosie Strandberg
Rosie Strandberg 17 dagar sedan
She's come so far! Love her ❤️
lil Devi gacha
lil Devi gacha 17 dagar sedan
Im actually from Iceland but I live in Reykjavik
Melanie Genz
Melanie Genz 17 dagar sedan
With my friends we watched the movie so many times and every time we hear the song it is like we hear it the first time. Your voice and how you transmit the power of the lyrics is something from another planet. Thank you!
MrHotbulldozer 17 dagar sedan
Haha, en gammal tant! 🤣
Viking 17 dagar sedan
You did amazing! You did my town proud!
Jason Pantig
Jason Pantig 17 dagar sedan
Many people still believe Husavik should won, anyway great job on the performance and with those kids as well. GORGEOUS ! ! ! :)
RENE 17 dagar sedan
Your performance was magical. Everything about it was perfect.
Tong 17 dagar sedan
You deserve this, love the song and movie
Alister Brenton
Alister Brenton 17 dagar sedan
There's good, then there's 'getting flown to Iceland with a whole-ass Citation Longitude to yourself' good 😃
Bromptin Owner
Bromptin Owner 17 dagar sedan
You should have won Molly ! Loved this song since watching the film, incredible voice x
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas 17 dagar sedan
It was an incredible performance Molly! Should be proud!
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 17 dagar sedan
Goddamn you are so beautiful.
carrickfergus77 17 dagar sedan
Molly I can't begin to explain what this song means to me but I shall try. At a time in our lives when everything is so turbulent and unknown your stunningly beautiful voice has given me peace and strength. I'm a freelance musician based in London so I haven't performed in over a year now and I'm sure you can imagine how difficult that feels. Your angelic voice has comforted me so much, I had it on repeat for so long. I'm wishing you all the very best for the Oscars, you deserve all the success and so much more. Thankyou and best of luck 💖
Teresa Harry
Teresa Harry 17 dagar sedan
You are an AMAZING incredible voice! Wow, what an powerful voice you have! All the best to you!🇨🇦
eirene smith
eirene smith 17 dagar sedan
who's here before she wins an Oscar : 👏
Rodolfo Avitia
Rodolfo Avitia 17 dagar sedan
I loved your song since I saw it on Netflix, and now your performance at the Oscars was more than brilliant, congratulations. Your song and the one of Pausini, for me, were the best ones.
Funk Machine909
Funk Machine909 18 dagar sedan
why add english subs when you speak in english in the video??
SirTubeALotMore 16 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure you will figure it out ... 😉
Charlie Duke
Charlie Duke 18 dagar sedan
Jeg elsker dig Molly, og du har mange fantastiske talenter. tak så meget for at dele dine gaver med verden! Meget kærlighed fra Utah, USA P.S. I know I was typing in Danish, but that is because I can speak Danish.
Kim Hussey
Kim Hussey 18 dagar sedan
I haven't cared about the Oscars in years, but seriously, girl - this song is just the most beautiful thing. It hits me right in the heart every time I hear it, and I am getting teary-eyed just thinking about it. LOL. I have all of my toes and fingers crossed for a successful and enjoyable evening for you. You and the writers of this song deserve to go home with that Oscar!! Best of Luck!
Florida Fishing And Fitness
Florida Fishing And Fitness 18 dagar sedan
When I saw your performance at the Oscars I was absolutely blown away!!!!
Paul Secondino
Paul Secondino 18 dagar sedan
Cool.Thanks for sharing
clana1smallville 18 dagar sedan
The song is so powerful! Gives chills! Hopefully this will also be preformed at the Eurovision song contest!
evo lve
evo lve 18 dagar sedan
👏🏻 congratulations Molly! Well deserved.
Maja Werelius
Maja Werelius 18 dagar sedan
Du är så duktigt!! Gud va jag böla! Grattis!
Bryan Silverstein
Bryan Silverstein 18 dagar sedan
Molly, congratulations!
Familjen Reinhold
Familjen Reinhold 18 dagar sedan
Du är fantastisk 🤩
B P 18 dagar sedan
Fridriksson 18 dagar sedan
Looking forward to tonight
Lotta Nissen
Lotta Nissen 18 dagar sedan
Jim Caldwell
Jim Caldwell 18 dagar sedan
You deserve it best wishes great song great movie
peetno1 18 dagar sedan
Lycka till Molly på kvällen du är outstanding!!!!
Maria Stenfeldt
Maria Stenfeldt 18 dagar sedan
Mark Peters
Mark Peters 18 dagar sedan
Silly movie - the ending with this song though - 🔥🔥🔥
Niklas Gandeborn
Niklas Gandeborn 18 dagar sedan
ur eyes are so nice :D molly
Thomas González
Thomas González 18 dagar sedan
Woot, woot! So happy for Molly and everyone involved in the film! I predicted from the moment I heard "Husavik" that it would be nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards! :)
Te E
Te E 18 dagar sedan
Why wasn’t this your first choice? I don’t understand why you wanted to go to USA and record there when Iceland is the obvious choice and now you only went there because you had your US work visa denied .
MrJapanApan 18 dagar sedan
This is fantastic news! Im so happy for you, you truly deserve it. I just wish you could perform live for the people there to witness your talent, but with the current situations this is second best. Enjoy your trip. :)
Owe Bellring
Owe Bellring 18 dagar sedan
Lycka till!
Håkan Tedman
Håkan Tedman 18 dagar sedan
Bara sååå ljuvligt underbar. Det är din Oskar❤️ Molly Du är förebildernas förebild o man blir bara lycklig av att se o höra din fantastiska version av Husavik
Rose 18 dagar sedan
Lol how are you still getting it wrong. No one asked a person who actually speaks the language ? In my hometown = Í heimaBÆNUM mínum, because we use declensions in the grammar. But if you're just saying my hometown you skip the í and say heimabærinn minn. That makes more sense, dno why you had the í in the first place.
Anders Nilsson
Anders Nilsson 18 dagar sedan
Go Molly! Fantastiskt kul :)
Vladimir Luna
Vladimir Luna 18 dagar sedan
Stort lycka till, du är en stor förebild för många unga sångerskor och har kommit att bli en av Sveriges främsta sångerskor! All lycka till dig och damn it girl vilken pipa du har!
Zxaviola AVI Maharaj
Zxaviola AVI Maharaj 18 dagar sedan
Då jätte stolt över dig Molly bästa hittills Husavik Lycka till Standing Ovation to the Oscars Your Saga Molly Älskar Dig👍🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼💙🇸🇪
Jennie H
Jennie H 18 dagar sedan
Vet någon när sången ska sändas? Jag hörde att det ska vara under någon för-gala? Så när sänds det?
Jennie H
Jennie H 18 dagar sedan
@nevzz onerose tack!
nevzz onerose
nevzz onerose 18 dagar sedan
På webben TV4 Play kl. 22:15 ikväll (25 april) - "93rd Oscars - Införgala"
Keith Foo
Keith Foo 18 dagar sedan
Go Molly! I'm rooting for you and Husavik so hard! ❤️🙏🏼 Did you get to see the volcano on the flight in? 🌋
twinigirl85 18 dagar sedan
Judy Miller
Judy Miller 18 dagar sedan
Thank you for sharing this with us!!! Wow!!!
Camille Subida
Camille Subida 18 dagar sedan
to be honest, I just watched fire saga because of Demi Lovato, I am a fan and it's her first movie after so many years BUT HOLLDDDDUPPPPP I was blown away with the singing voice of Rachel McAdams and right after the movie I found out that it was Molly ❤ and that was the day I started to listen to all of her songs til today. GO MOLLY
Eva Varga
Eva Varga 18 dagar sedan
Stort GRATTIS!! En stor ära att vara nominerad. Men det är du värd med din vackra röst!! Hoppas på vinst!
acid._.alex 18 dagar sedan
Okaayyyy I see you in a private !🤩👏🏼📈
Maja Andersson
Maja Andersson 18 dagar sedan
Men åååh så himla glad för din skull! Så himla stort verkligen😩Man blir ju så sjukt stolt över att kunna säga att Molly kommer från Sverige om någon skulle fråga vem den tjejen är med den otroliga & magiska rösten❤️
Siva Charan
Siva Charan 18 dagar sedan
Your voice was so so nice ,you look awesome I love the song and love you😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
Louise Göransson
Louise Göransson 18 dagar sedan
Sååå fin sång! Din röst är alltid magisk när du sjunger, och kul att du åker till Island😍 Lycka till på Oscarsgalan, jag håller alla tummar och tår att du tar hem det❤️
Dr. Jay
Dr. Jay 18 dagar sedan
Velkomin heim :)
Nuno Moreira
Nuno Moreira 18 dagar sedan
Your song is absolutely amazing! It brought tears and a lot of emotions to me! Good luck for the Oscars, you deserve to win. From Portugal/ Canada'
Shalonda Tavarez
Shalonda Tavarez 19 dagar sedan
Your voice is amazing
antonio torres
antonio torres 19 dagar sedan
Molly Cancún México love you !!! Good luck
Mike Wallden
Mike Wallden 19 dagar sedan
So excited for you!!! Truly couldn't imagine a more fitting celebration for you, and this entire film's production team. Thank you!
Allen Lwin
Allen Lwin 19 dagar sedan
It means a lot me and i hope you win the Oscars... Much love 💘❤
Winston Green
Winston Green 19 dagar sedan
Sa bra
Mario Montoya
Mario Montoya 19 dagar sedan
You’ve got this and you deserve it!! Good luck!
Louise A
Louise A 19 dagar sedan
Söta Molly! Det hä! Ta hand om dig 💛
Emma Jonsson
Emma Jonsson 19 dagar sedan
Stort Lycka till! Det spelar ingen roll om folk tror att du är isländsk (men dock lite roligt att läsa om) då du är DU. Den bästa du kan vara - varesig du kommer från Island eller Sverige eller Ankeborg.Ta åt dig av den äran
Harald T
Harald T 19 dagar sedan
Go for it! You are awesome!
Fanny 19 dagar sedan
Europe are rooting for you and Husavik Molly!!
Björn Bergqvist
Björn Bergqvist 19 dagar sedan
Lycka till på Oscarsgalan!
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