Parler executive speaks out following Google app store ban, threats from Apple

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Fox News

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Parler Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff discusses a potential ban for Parler following President Trump's Twitter ban on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'. #FoxNews #Tucker
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Wolfgang Mueller
Wolfgang Mueller 35 minuter sedan
there is a point where a saw has to saw.
37 minuter sedan
Get ready to meet your God Jesus is coming
Tony Nameless
Tony Nameless Timme sedan
I have a solution. Your own servers. Host app on your own website. Expensive ? At first but you should have ton of cash by now anyway.
Josh Gibbons
Josh Gibbons Timme sedan
twitter was used as a platform to organise blm riots and twitter did nothing about it? why dont they get removed?
some one
some one Timme sedan
She has a really creepy face.
Linda Roberts
Linda Roberts Timme sedan
xVSupremacy 2 timmar sedan
They are not suppressing Potus and American people they are trying to subjugate them , they will fail.
motherofone1 2 timmar sedan
Oh grow up...Both of you....Just because you create an app, does not mean anyone else out there is responsible for hosting it for you. If, after all of this time, you have not figured out how to have a back up system in place or even to fork out the money for your own servers, then you don't deserve to stay in business. It's that simple. It's like a restaurant that runs out of food and then blames the grocery store because the chef was too lazy or stupid to go buy groceries.
Darren Neilson
Darren Neilson 3 timmar sedan
Trump NEEDS to create media network to replace ALL the techlords. No more gaggle, no more twatter, no more boobtube, no more farcebook . TMN TrumpMediaNetwork.
ASHA NYC 2 timmar sedan
Dream on. The greatest American mind is progressive liberal. Trump needs to worry about his upcoming criminal charges. Right wing deplorables creating technology companies??. you kidding?? No way.
Hold my hand
Hold my hand 3 timmar sedan
Who the _ _ _ _ do you think your kidding!!! The only people who have "Freedom Of Speech," are the OWNERS OF BIG MEDIA!!! That includes the newspaper, radio, and TV news, etc!!!!
Jean-Philippe Martin
Jean-Philippe Martin 3 timmar sedan
If you're incompetent and dont do the work. 👋
Jean-Philippe Martin
Jean-Philippe Martin 3 timmar sedan
If you're a not smart and do your job , you get fired. That's it That's all
Leo Gerritsen
Leo Gerritsen 3 timmar sedan
Read 'Listen Little Man'
Daniel James
Daniel James 3 timmar sedan
We need A platform and New Engine.
eCheez 5 timmar sedan
The left is Godless. Without God, they will never succeed. Like, ever.
The FM Club
The FM Club 5 timmar sedan
Trump said he didn't have a Parler account. Good to see his chief bootlicker Carlson calling him a liar 😆
The FM Club
The FM Club 5 timmar sedan
They should ban Tucker Carlson too.
ann lc
ann lc 2 timmar sedan
ann lc
ann lc 2 timmar sedan
EvilKris 5 timmar sedan
It’s just a chat app it wasn’t coded by Klan members or insurrectionists. I can’t believe regular people are going along with the silencing.
pat comerford
pat comerford 5 timmar sedan
Trump's Insurrection, Trumpism and the enabling seditious GOP have said there is no systemic racism! The American hypocrisy has finally been exposed in the so-called greatest democracy (note small 'd')!😠
Ekalb Drauner
Ekalb Drauner 5 timmar sedan
Tucker Carlson looks like he couldn’t figure out how velcro shoes work.
E D 6 timmar sedan
“This came out of nowhere “ said the guy pretending there wasn’t just our first attempted coup, with the next one being planned on parler. “Mrs. Lincoln got up out of nowhere and started crying during the play. How rude.”
E D 6 timmar sedan
Waaaah, private business shouldn’t have to bake a cake. Waaah, private business shouldn’t be able to stop us from lying on their platform.
E D 6 timmar sedan
We’ve never had an uprising before either, so expect unprecedented response to unprecedented threats.
Muffin Topp
Muffin Topp 6 timmar sedan
Dianne Estell
Dianne Estell 7 timmar sedan
It's not so much about windows and damage. It's about the lives that was taken. Died for no reason. ....hello people wake up.
Interstellar Axeman
Interstellar Axeman 8 timmar sedan
I would humbly submit that "silicon valley" is a monopoly then, is a limited product with many hands and pockets, but one mind,....a 1 track mind. However, in the manipulated reality I wont be submitting that thought if nobody is seeing this. It is not so much that they censor and shut peoples voices down, it is about them watching on many levels what you do, how you think, the forensic pathways of your life,.... Once people see who and what they are, the smarter people leave and go elsewhere. The control they DO NOT have over you at that point is an entirely separate issue from what you can do there they cannot see without violating laws, so they want to make look like they are trying to shut it down as they really want it to be operable for something you cannot see now. If they wholesale shut these alternatives down, it is both a firewall to your ability to freely communicate, and to loss in numbers as they expect the 90 day attention span of most people to have them come back after some sort of "our algorithms have been misapplied" or some other sugar coated BS.They are after the larger picture of extended control.... But they want you to think you got away.... Another very real possibility is that this "shut-down" could be window dressing for a front, that the alternative has a fake front but is really somewhere down the line balls deep in that valley, bred into that silicon-sect with a few token up front and visible owners that seem compatible to your ways,.....but are actually unwittingly allowing the backdoor to that footprint to be left wide open when it suddenly starts to flourish, they actually wanted it to. Flypaper,....I smell it...they sell it.
MM N 8 timmar sedan
Twitter shut me down. THEY WOULDN'T LET ME SHUT MY OWN ACCOUNTS DOWN. I hate Jack. I hate Twitter. I hate FOX
Gabbie Merced
Gabbie Merced 8 timmar sedan
That lady works for Hillary
Alex 8 timmar sedan
Miriam Ostrovska
Miriam Ostrovska 8 timmar sedan
Fascist elite's desperation is getting pretty obvious!
Scott Slider
Scott Slider 9 timmar sedan
Apk file is still download able on the web
Alex Grabowiecki
Alex Grabowiecki 9 timmar sedan
I’m no able to subscribe FOX , is it blocked ?
Alex Grabowiecki
Alex Grabowiecki 9 timmar sedan
It’s ok now, After few times finally I was successful.
David Bartles
David Bartles 9 timmar sedan
You dont have a RIGHT to use googles servers, and you certainly dont have a RIGHT to be on twitter. You are using anti free speech rhetoric to condemn anti free speech which makes no sense. Others have a right to put whatever they want or do not want on their servers. And no most people do not like it, only trolls and lunes. And maybe 2 ppl in the world i care about who are confused and manipulated atm.
K Seipp
K Seipp 9 timmar sedan
Thomas Jefferson once said, “The Government will one day be corrupt and filled with liars, and the people will flock to the one who tells the truth”. Is it amazing the Thomas Jefferson president of the United States would be talking about Donald J Trump someday.
Bela Blasco
Bela Blasco Timme sedan
Some people will always flock to the one who lies, as 74 million Americans did with Trump in the election he lost.
T R 9 timmar sedan
Until we address Fox and all the other fake Right-wing media outlets, this doesn't stop. We cannot sustain a Democracy with misinformation and hate mongering allowed to masquerade as "news".
Ampha Doyle
Ampha Doyle 10 timmar sedan
Biden Democrats Communism system poor stay poor,Rich get more rich, Google Twitter Facebook amazon apple get more rich no sense of giving back,They break family community religion be single mom men pay child care no family no time for love one work work,18 years old pay health care no income,Elder alon,Colleges kids in debt before have job.Biden will let China bitcoin take over wall street and US economy,US worker no job or work for China.
Kendall Adaramola
Kendall Adaramola 10 timmar sedan
I hate this Carson guy
Star Mac
Star Mac 10 timmar sedan
Freedom of Chaos is not constitutional. Bye bye Parler and take your racists with you.
SidneyStone 11 timmar sedan
Parler breeds the actions of these domestic terrorists. I'm glad their plug was pulled. Flatline!
Darryn H
Darryn H 11 timmar sedan
Tweeting and promoting acts of Violence against our Capitol is not FREE SPEECH it is TERRORISM ! Plain and simple ! Freedom of speech is what has been practiced and foundation of our country not Acts of Terrorism ! If you don’t know the difference , quit drinking Disinfectant ! When you sign up for all of those accounts , it has ALWAYS been there your obligations and rules ! Unless you think you are above rules and law that is a different problem ! This isn’t confusing unless you want it to be !
zuko 57
zuko 57 11 timmar sedan
11k trump haters ,buncha masta betas
Vieled 11 timmar sedan
John 15:18-20 If the world hates you, you know that it hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world will love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I say to you, `A servant is not greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you.
Noreen Constantine
Noreen Constantine 11 timmar sedan
So what? Does he not understand?!? What an idiot!!
Kick Rocks
Kick Rocks 11 timmar sedan
Social Media is a huge problem and it effects all of us, even if you choose not to participate.
jay paasco
jay paasco 11 timmar sedan
TC! After all these years of you preaching law & order, and now you go all socialist ‘cause it’s your friends who are the criminals?? What’s wrong with you, man?? You do the crime, you do the time! Stop mollycoddling your white nationalists
Ann Pippin
Ann Pippin 11 timmar sedan
Captioning needed.
Anthony Slevin
Anthony Slevin 11 timmar sedan
Amanda knox has come a long way.
Pursue Happiness
Pursue Happiness 11 timmar sedan
Everybody seems so angry and fighting on Planet Kindergarten every day.
jay paasco
jay paasco 11 timmar sedan
You should count your blessings; most traitors lose their heads, you only lost your platform
RICHARD CARD 11 timmar sedan
This is the first time I’ve looked at Fox News and I can’t believe what a load of crap that comes out of that news readers mouth
Ruben Centro
Ruben Centro 11 timmar sedan
"muh free market"
Viky Salazar
Viky Salazar 11 timmar sedan
Freedom!!!!! 🗽🗽🗽
Pooh Fartman
Pooh Fartman 12 timmar sedan
What a stupid move. Tweeter and Facebook breaking their own monopoly by kicking out 50% of the customers.
Anthony Corbett
Anthony Corbett 12 timmar sedan
Facsist propaganda left wing propaganda everybody has an agenda. True false and all points in between. A simple man walks away and they follow. The real world
Katheline Blain
Katheline Blain 12 timmar sedan
Any company allowing Trump and his supporters to sput hatred, violence and lies should be blocked. Fox is the worse!
Obie Da Shinobi
Obie Da Shinobi 12 timmar sedan
Don't let them take your rights away Shinobi Squad Assemble and protect our freedom to speech
Christian Perspective
Christian Perspective 12 timmar sedan
boycott iphones - next phone i get will be android
olli perez
olli perez 12 timmar sedan
Wonder when filty foxnews will be held accountable for it's big role in brainwashing, liyng and dividing, along with it's fake, maliscious and greedy "journalists"
Vimal Patel
Vimal Patel 13 timmar sedan
Oh it's everywhere so it's okay if we do it. Right. Gtfo.
Misha Solovyev
Misha Solovyev 13 timmar sedan
Why is everyone up at arms about this, US is not the first, neither will it be the last, country to practice censorship in the name of some good (I was born in a country with heavy censorship, but it eventually failed) Today you have internet move to Telegram - 300+ million users (more than FB), they won’t censor American political speech (they will actually even promote it), secure communications (novel encryption), create channels/blogs/comments whatever Telegram servers are around the world and rest of the world is not emotional about BLM/BoogieProudBoys/Antifa or whatever other movements....if American social media censors its own citizens move on to non-American alternatives....done censorship failed
Wouter d.B.
Wouter d.B. 13 timmar sedan
This is what you get Fox for NOT SUPPORTING YOUR PRESIDENT
Vimal Patel
Vimal Patel 13 timmar sedan
Tuckers a tool. Parlor was a danger to our democracy.
ds0904 9 timmar sedan
You lib fascists don't care about "democracy." Only POWER
Angie Cates
Angie Cates 13 timmar sedan
Never forget. The second you get off social media your more free than anyone else on this planet. Americans know who they are and what they can and cannot do.
Angie Cates
Angie Cates 13 timmar sedan
They take away 1 and 50 will pop up! Bring it!
K Lh
K Lh 13 timmar sedan
I just downloaded parlor from google play. So what are you talking about
Tony Ballin
Tony Ballin 13 timmar sedan
None of this is a violation of the 1st amendment. This is a private company and they can suspend anyone they feel violated their policies. This isn’t a government company so this is NOT a 1st amendment violation.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 13 timmar sedan
It’s ironic,America say they live in the land of the free and the home of the brave,hmm.
Bruce Glover
Bruce Glover 13 timmar sedan
Still waiting for the firehose.
Elaine Thomas
Elaine Thomas 14 timmar sedan
Your asses is still talking ain't it? I call it sqewlching the stupid. Where's Chris Wallace,, Damnit?
Elaine Thomas
Elaine Thomas 13 timmar sedan
@Buck Ó Donnghaile it only matters to you. Obviously. Lonely?
Elaine Thomas
Elaine Thomas 13 timmar sedan
@Buck Ó Donnghaile Humor is so soothing in theses trying times, though. And... Most people like my hair, too.
Buck Ó Donnghaile
Buck Ó Donnghaile 13 timmar sedan
Seriously, have someone proofread your comments before posting them as that is just embarrassing. Have you no shame?
Buck Ó Donnghaile
Buck Ó Donnghaile 13 timmar sedan
First off, your hair is cultural appropriation personified and your language skills are on par with a particularly dimwitted 12 year old....ain't it?
Mimi B
Mimi B 14 timmar sedan
Symbolic bra burnings of the 60's and 70's let us introduce some masks, lol
More c M
More c M 14 timmar sedan
We the good people who believe in fair and just treatment, and our constitution will wait for Parker to get back online. 75 million people will come to parker.
LMAO0O0O0 14 timmar sedan
They are federal agents, disinformation agents. All politicians, all media, all of government and most all of these youtube leaders of government info are part of the psychological game of politics. We are all being played for fools. Trumps and Clintons have been friends for decades. They are all on the same team and we have been used and fooled.
Kerstin Klenovsky
Kerstin Klenovsky 15 timmar sedan
Tucker Carlsen oozes untrustworthiness.
Andre VanderHeyden
Andre VanderHeyden 15 timmar sedan
Carlson you are a parastic nobody. A condescending ignorant fool.
Cookie La Paz
Cookie La Paz 15 timmar sedan
How much of these censored accounts is coming from the United States government. The Democrats are the ones telling Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook to censor us. Where are these senators and congresspeople who are meeting with these companies and demanding they censor public comments?
earthlingification 15 timmar sedan
This guy is a complete moron
ViroCMN 15 timmar sedan
Its time we all avoid apple.. Amazon and Facebook
Dave Green
Dave Green 15 timmar sedan
It's a far right platform encouraging misfits. Any wonder it's being shut down when it's the 'go to' place for racists and various weirdo groups.
Jacob Stein
Jacob Stein 15 timmar sedan
Why doesn't ISIS have a Twitter account too? Where is free speech?
Brent Pulford
Brent Pulford 15 timmar sedan
'Free Speech' online is synonomous with hate speech.
Republican Voters Against Trump
Republican Voters Against Trump 16 timmar sedan
*Tucker Carlson is a pathetic thin-skinned hack! The reason why the POTUS was removed was because he incited a deadly insurrection against the US Capitol and our Democracy as a Republic.* *Trump is an Anti-American wannabe dictator who lost because people got sick of his lies and broken promises. That and we cannot have the leader of this Great Nation spew rhetoric and lies, especially when he relies heavily on braindead QAnon conspiracy theorists.* *It's like trump says, he loves the poorly educated. Which is why he controls his little pawns and used them to do his dirty work, and when all was said and done he turned his back on them and said they will all be prosecuted. Now they have criminal records tied to domestic terrorism and are all on the FBI's no-fly lists, and he is smiling all the way back to Mar-a-Lago.*
Buck Ó Donnghaile
Buck Ó Donnghaile 13 timmar sedan
The neo-cons are out in full force today. You must be so happy that you have another warmonger in chief in the oval office.
Guenter Scherling
Guenter Scherling 16 timmar sedan
3:35 @they are not going to be fact checked ... Yes, that's what Trump supporters urgently need. No facts, except out alternative ones.🤦‍♂️🤣
L H 16 timmar sedan
Presidents have the press at their door 24/7, they managed perfectly well before social media. They have a massive stage to air their opinions every moment of every day, they don't need social media to do this.
Henry Rodriguez
Henry Rodriguez 16 timmar sedan
Leave it to Tucker to support traitors in the name of free speech? Tucker should remember that his quote that nothing is free and everything comes at a cost. If a president of a democracy claims that an election is stolen then he should be able to prove it in a court with a real judge. Instead the President lied to his constituents and told them it was stolen with no evidence outside of wild conjecture that no real judge would accept. Allowing people to invite others to violence and planning the overthrow of a certified election is sedition and planning it with others is seditious conspiracy. If Parker refuses to abide by CBC regulations, they and any other media communications agencies can be held liable for their non compliance with those regulations.Tucker always claims ignorance when what he should claim is laziness in doing proper research. This is why the United kingdom refused to allow Fox in their country.
Henry Kriss
Henry Kriss 16 timmar sedan
Great job Google kuck Twitter and face book too
Sandy Walker
Sandy Walker 17 timmar sedan
Most people don't like your app. Only those that can't communicate in a normal rational manner. Fox news should be out of business. You guys have no decency and are disgusting. You're promoting violence, racism, hatred and blatant lies!
Disney CEO
Disney CEO 17 timmar sedan
Trump should purchase CNN and fire Zucker. Then create a truth news network.... TNN!
David R. Stone
David R. Stone 17 timmar sedan
LOL! 😝 at liberal bias Facebook and 🐥Twitter !$51 $BILLION$ LOST by Facebook and Twitter combined in market cap after their decision to ban a sitting president of the USA 🇺🇸 from their platforms. After the social media expulsion of President Trump users have been flocking to alternative social media sites. It’s time to take the protection of section 230 away from “big tech”companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google to name a few who have way too much power and are way to bias to conservatives posters. Now go do your dam jobs Pelosi, Schumer instead of wasting time and taxpayers $money$ on your ridiculous impeachment nonsense. You two look like out of touch elderly buffoons!
Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini 17 timmar sedan
Parler = Mossad & Aman Covert Operation
William Clayton
William Clayton 18 timmar sedan
Free speech doesn’t extend to speech that incites violence. Unfortunately Parker has allowed speech that aims to incite violence. Facebook has monitors that try to remove inciting violence.
Robert e lee
Robert e lee 18 timmar sedan
Hey lady wanna get with a real Caucasian founding father come over ill be here
Driving to Hawaii
Driving to Hawaii 18 timmar sedan
A boot 🥾👢 on your face FOREVER.
Tyto Rubio
Tyto Rubio 18 timmar sedan
There should be a way to keep Parler online Please fight back! Shut down your facebook and twitter account. This is so obvious they dont want us to think freely and have conversations in a free manner.
nitzlnader 19 timmar sedan
I won’t buy anything any more from Amazon I hope other people do the same .and I will look if there is an other possibility for google !!!
milkboccle 19 timmar sedan
Jo Skinner
Jo Skinner 19 timmar sedan
Communism does not allow freedom of speech that's what this is about
7 Milan
7 Milan 19 timmar sedan
Deleted and permanently closed my Amazon and Facebook just weaning myself off SVfrom lol
Raul Gubert
Raul Gubert 19 timmar sedan
... _ _ _ ... (SOS TRUMP ) People from USA, you can express your vote again, it is simple and powerful: beep your horn like an S.O.S. so everyone can hear you very well during the Biden Inauguration Day.
Richard Wait
Richard Wait 19 timmar sedan
You are nuts about time you lost your job
Richard Wait
Richard Wait 19 timmar sedan
And rightly so because you are right wing fascist
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