ONE HOUR Of Gordon Ramsay Hating On Food

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Kitchen Nightmares

2 år sedan

No-one asked for it so here it is. One hour of Gordon Ramsay hating on food.
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Yujiro 7 timmar sedan
“Pinwheel. I feel like doing a cartwheel outta here” 💀💀
Jacopo Cesselli
Jacopo Cesselli 16 timmar sedan
Waitress: "This is fruttE dE mare" The italian language: "MY BODY AND SOUL IS BEEN VIOLATED, PLEASE HELP"
Seantae Tomlinson
Seantae Tomlinson 16 timmar sedan
Me: watches kitchen nightmares Next day: *orders pizza* Me: "why is it so doughy?"
g g
g g 18 timmar sedan
As a fellow caribbean im kinda embarrassed
bundiq Dag sedan
more adverts than content
Korneel Verbeke
Korneel Verbeke Dag sedan
The saus is called: "jerk saus 😂
Korneel Verbeke
Korneel Verbeke Dag sedan
Are you? - No Are you? - No Are you? - No You are. - Alright than
Николай Карачобанов
Николай Карачобанов Dag sedan
39:50 - 43:40 From which episode and season is this one?
198_Somya Das
198_Somya Das Dag sedan
PaRtY PaRtY YeAh
PaRtY PaRtY YeAh Dag sedan
Something most of them have in common is their big ego.
Khasis 2 dagar sedan
Is it just me who would probably eat atleast half of those dishes and not think anything bad of them?- ._.
Luisa Goltz
Luisa Goltz 2 dagar sedan
I think the best in all Restaurants was the Water he had 😂🍶
James Blake
James Blake 2 dagar sedan
Doctor: 'You can't make Jamaican food fresh everyday' Also Doctor: 'he doesn't eat Jamaican food everyday, i eat it everyday'
Gavinside 2 dagar sedan
Lady from Jamaica: "He doesn't eat Jamaican food every day, I eat it every day." Yeah? My grandad eats fish and chips everyday, and it's always gristly, undercooked and fried in cheap oil. Just because your diet is tied to your cultural background doesn't mean you automatically have the best standards for it.
khaosghost 2 dagar sedan
40:00 The music makes the cucumber look like its from the 5th dimension 💀
kane mcguckin
kane mcguckin 2 dagar sedan
the first woman annoys me just how boring she is in everything she does "oh he is banging his hands on his head" no shit sherlock what do you want a medal?
Patrick0708 2 dagar sedan
Owner: 'Freshfrozen out of the can.' Me: 🤯
nalie2005 2 dagar sedan
Im curious if there are kitchens that doesn't have hot temperature, cuz the lady just looks like she was giving a bad excuse
literally-defective 2 dagar sedan
"what is he, some kind of health department inspector?" sir I - do you think that's helping?!
Not Baldski
Not Baldski 2 dagar sedan
9:09 fucking gold
Sou1defiler 3 dagar sedan
Oh you don't need to be scared Of Gordon Dr. You just need to be scared of your bank balance... And I'm sorry but I owned a restaurant and a customer showed me plastic in a crab cake the chef would be out the door quicker than he could hit the power button on a microwave.
chloe sutcliffe
chloe sutcliffe 3 dagar sedan
29:55 anyone else get Nicholas Cage vibes from that guy?
No Name
No Name 3 dagar sedan
I got Gordon MasterClass youtube ad during this video and I am not even mad lol
Just nibblinn
Just nibblinn 3 dagar sedan
piece of bread that looks like .. door opener AHAHAHHAHAHAH
Nicole Sarchuk
Nicole Sarchuk 3 dagar sedan
Keep it up Gordon
Alvaro 4 dagar sedan
How can something be overcooked and delicious at the same time. THERES NO SUCH THING MAN!!!!!!!
HaHaLooLoo 4 dagar sedan
i hate it when the servers suck up to him and sell out the restaurant bitch serve the damn food and move on
Well mate that sucks
Well mate that sucks 4 dagar sedan
I like how eventho the foods so fucking disguisting he keeps nice to the waiters because he knows it's not their fault the food sucks
john doe
john doe 4 dagar sedan
If this channel has taught me anything it's to be suspicious of doctors with strong opinions on jerk chicken
Fabio Croce
Fabio Croce 4 dagar sedan
"Frutte de mare" wtf is that? is it so hard to use google translate to at least write it right if you want to pretend to be italian lol
Anto Noza
Anto Noza 5 dagar sedan
Rory Slaine
Rory Slaine 5 dagar sedan
I love when chefs/owners say: "Well we've been doing it this way for years!" It's like yeah... and that's why you're in the shit.
Jolly Good
Jolly Good 5 dagar sedan
I love Italian food and the Italians really know how to cook but just BEING Italian doesn't make you automatically a fantastic cook.
Myers 5 dagar sedan
Fucking hated Cee Cee, she acted like a stroppy child for the whole episode!
Enkel Tafa
Enkel Tafa 6 dagar sedan
My boy martin caught in 4k
John Marston
John Marston 6 dagar sedan
10:22 LMAO just noticed hes humming to the music like he just knew it would come in
Tom 6 dagar sedan
9:14 even the camera team doesn’t want the food
TheFadedKaz 6 dagar sedan
is she dum jerk chicken aint dry
Miriam Elnakib
Miriam Elnakib 6 dagar sedan
"My soup might be 2 days old but that does not mean its garge yk.. AnYwAyS WHO EvEn Is He To CrItIsIzE My SoUp?!" He's just the best chef in the world Jezzy
Idony Swan Grimblehawk
Idony Swan Grimblehawk 6 dagar sedan
No.1 thing aspiring restaurateur should know: No microwave in the f*****g kitchen❗
ꨄRedJazzꨄ 6 dagar sedan
I’m a Jamaican and our patty is not like that so idk what they made but it is not Jamaican patty and why did they put a sauce
Leeba Ann Chacko
Leeba Ann Chacko 6 dagar sedan
This will be followed by - ONE MINUTE of Gordon Ramsay Loving Food.
Glenn The Great
Glenn The Great 6 dagar sedan
Oh my gosh..disgusting ! Haha
riri _ that girl
riri _ that girl 6 dagar sedan
Me: that looks good tho Also me : I can hardly make ramen
Ryley Masters
Ryley Masters 7 dagar sedan
Viviana Nova
Viviana Nova 7 dagar sedan
Why does the woman in the first restaurant act like a dumb “quirky” teenager?
riri _ that girl
riri _ that girl 6 dagar sedan
Fr she just gives off stupid vibes
Kimmy Plays Everything
Kimmy Plays Everything 7 dagar sedan
I feel like I'm loosing my sense of taste because of this video
aiikle 7 dagar sedan
1:00:00 is when it should've stopped-
It's Me Shelly
It's Me Shelly 7 dagar sedan
After watching episodes over episodes of kitchen nightmares, I have started to Nitpick every food put on my table😭
riri _ that girl
riri _ that girl 6 dagar sedan
I told my mom once that her macaroni and cheese was dry I make it myself now 😭
Just Your Average Weirdo
Just Your Average Weirdo 7 dagar sedan
I feel bad for the waiters, serving embarrassing food to unknowing customers all day. They also have to sit their and watch a world renowned chef grimace at the food they have given him and awkwardly agree. They know the food is awful but they can't say anything to the chefs because they are so entitled.
Riot U7
Riot U7 7 dagar sedan
“They would fucking kidnap me if I served that in Jamaica” *well I mean he isn’t wrong* 😂
riri _ that girl
riri _ that girl 6 dagar sedan
Right if the chicken is dry something is wrong like what jerk chicken has she been eating that's an insult to beef patties too
Barry Yang
Barry Yang 7 dagar sedan
I love how the doctor was being so anime about the chicken. "Now hold on Gordan-san let me set you straight"
riri _ that girl
riri _ that girl 6 dagar sedan
But the chicken shouldn't be dry
NeoArashi 7 dagar sedan
"Oh shot, here he comes"
A1cJ_YT 7 dagar sedan
shitty food works for me. As long as i can fill my tummy, its good enough
Stacey Von
Stacey Von 7 dagar sedan
The strong exclamation basically manage because temper rhetorically sniff astride a strange touch. billowy, vulgar summer
Carter Reid
Carter Reid 8 dagar sedan
Why would you ever call something you feed to a human “Jerk Sauce”
Atmos 8 dagar sedan
19:30 Nice how they changed the angle so we don't know what he's actually microwaving.
Nadine Brown
Nadine Brown 8 dagar sedan
Some of those look good though!
Sam Sung
Sam Sung 8 dagar sedan
Its like.....caca lol
Jess Smithhh
Jess Smithhh 8 dagar sedan
As a Jamaican we don't claim her
Marcelo Marquez
Marcelo Marquez 8 dagar sedan
4:10 i thought he picked up a napkin and took a bite.
Watchme Burnyou
Watchme Burnyou 9 dagar sedan
The thing is, some of the restaurants owners are stupid af and trynna argue about the origin of the dish when Gordon Ramsay himself travelled all around the world to taste the authentic taste of the dish.
Dianna Castillo
Dianna Castillo 9 dagar sedan
17:00 name or link of this chapter please
Togg Tlas
Togg Tlas 9 dagar sedan
So what's going on at 3:16? Freeze the frame and you see a green edge around her hair. A green screen scene?
bk bk
bk bk 9 dagar sedan
the waiters should just shut their mouth, they are like the messengers of persia to ramsay/leonidas *THIS IS SPARTA!*
Jen 9 dagar sedan
Stuffing myself with easter chocolate watchibg this. Even looking at weird food makes me hungry...
mintchipp 9 dagar sedan
how do you get pizza wrong???
steven jackson
steven jackson 9 dagar sedan
The miniature spoon typically mend because page strikingly rub per a naughty moustache. political, cut cost
CentroA 9 dagar sedan
He was unnecessary tough over the jamaican doctor
Heart Cruz
Heart Cruz 10 dagar sedan
25:51 i swear he fake swallow the food haha.
Maksim Sarovic
Maksim Sarovic 10 dagar sedan
ви смрдат јадењава.
rapidrunner 95
rapidrunner 95 11 dagar sedan
18 mid rolls 😳
Pathogen Apex
Pathogen Apex 11 dagar sedan
If repetition is the definition of insanity then I'm 100% insane of Gordon Ramsay videos
Still Chill
Still Chill 11 dagar sedan
America doesn’t believe in vegetables
Sahil Mondal
Sahil Mondal 11 dagar sedan
Who is she at 13:11
CORPSE Wife 11 dagar sedan
The fact that a compilation of Gordon Ramsay hating food is 1hour long and a compilation of him liking the food is like 10minutes long xD
Astro's Electronics Lab
Astro's Electronics Lab 11 dagar sedan
"It's fresh, frozen... outta the can" there's no such fucking thing, LOL!
Davie Jay
Davie Jay 11 dagar sedan
Canned seafood?! Disgusting ! -me eating a can of sardines and jalapenos in oil, without even a fork, n sipping on the oil once im done Its not even food at this point, its only fuel
Astro's Electronics Lab
Astro's Electronics Lab 11 dagar sedan
Man, do they purposely want to look like idiots on national television or what?
Astro's Electronics Lab
Astro's Electronics Lab 11 dagar sedan
"Are you that stupid?" "No." "Are you?" "No." "Are you?" "No." "And you are!"
King LJ
King LJ 11 dagar sedan
Wait he sometimes a pain in the was to elder
careless 11 dagar sedan
“Fresh frozen out of a can” I’m pretty sure there’s 4 different oxymorons in that sentence😂
hikari_are 12 dagar sedan
I'm Italian and please...frutte de mare? Wtf does that even mean?
nejdalej 11 dagar sedan
I think it's seafood, like 'fruits of the sea' x
All Might
All Might 12 dagar sedan
I'm sorry canned food at restaurants id be pissed
CasualGamer 12 dagar sedan
"I eat dry chicken in Jamaica everyday, it suppose to be like that" well, whos fault is that, that you are a freakin dope
Squid Lisa
Squid Lisa 12 dagar sedan
I still can't get over the "fresh frozen out of the can" XD
Alfie 12 dagar sedan
what watch is Gordan wearing ? - 8:56 - 23:32
Grim Daddy Dog
Grim Daddy Dog 12 dagar sedan
that first woman is just fucking clueless. thats what happens when you just tell a someone 'yes' her entire life without telling her she may be wrong at least once in her life because otherwise they just live in a fantasy world like that.
Melina Wagner
Melina Wagner 12 dagar sedan
I rlly feel bad for the waiters
Dexter 12 dagar sedan
I finally found her 13:11 I love her😍😍
Ronnie Dakota
Ronnie Dakota 12 dagar sedan
Must of been hard to make it all into an hour, eh?
Sigurd Carlsen
Sigurd Carlsen 12 dagar sedan
"fresh frozen out of a can" loll
Ethan wood
Ethan wood 13 dagar sedan
what I love about these Is gordon’s never rude to the waiters, he realises it’s not their fault. So many people could take a page out of that book
Miriam Elnakib
Miriam Elnakib 13 dagar sedan
IMAGINE microwaving food for THE gordon ramsay, the best chef in the world, AND BEING SURPRISE- TF
SHAKESPEAR 13 dagar sedan
Ngl I'd eat the shit out of that meatball sandwich 🥪 😋
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 13 dagar sedan
Chef: “Tell him its fresh but it is frozen” Waiter: “she said the salmon comes in fresh then they freeze it” Stan the waiter
KarmedyJen 13 dagar sedan
Oh Gordon’s poor stomach. It must be immune to the flu by now with all the shit it deals with
jacqueline B
jacqueline B 14 dagar sedan
Aww I felt sorry for Ashton. People need to accept Gordon's constructive criticism....he is there to help.
yungaciong 14 dagar sedan
Me: damn this food looks like art Ramsay:
Happy GAMER 14 dagar sedan
to this day he will always wonder what type of cheese that is
RAM GAMING 14 dagar sedan
as usual delusional owners
RAM GAMING 14 dagar sedan
my guy gordon always says thank you. what a man
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