Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 122

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Critical Role

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With secrets and mysteries ever growing, the Mighty Nein must navigate the rising tension between themselves and their ersatz allies as their travel to Aeor continues...
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Flando Maltrizian
Flando Maltrizian Månad sedan
HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 0:15 The cast plays Cyberpunk 69 3:05 They got Matt 4:05 Everything resets at the end of the ads 5:20 01211 6:55 Laura’s Merch Corner 8:20 Intro cinematic 9:55 Episode Starts 12:05 Recap Ends (Sam’s Laura shirt) 14:40 Caduceus just carries mustard around 17:25 A chewin’ drink 19:00 Goals 24:15 Jester has lofty ambitions 33:05 Fake stuff 34:45 Laura notices Sam’s math 35:40 Crazy conspiracy 41:00 Zemnian psychoanalysis 41:25 The Parable of the Squirrel 43:40 The dome is not that secure 48:25 Lucien’s code 52:40 Messaging Udolla 54:05 Beaunicorn 54:40 It was a long week 58:25 Nonagon is just rabies 59:35 Pupper Caleb 1:03:00 Periscat 1:05:20 Can’t wear the armor 1:09:40 The Book 1:21:55 Caleb whips it out 1:25:40 Day 14 (Sam ruins everything) 1:27:30 Lucien is confident 1:32:00 Lucigast 1:37:40 Messaging Dagen 1:45:50 Veth speaks Zemnian 1:47:25 Door 4 1:49:45 Door 9 1:51:05 Door 1 2:00:00 Top floor 2:03:45 Not going to dive for an extra roleplay scene 2:05:25 Break Starts 2:10:15 Art Montage 2:22:35 Break Ends 2:23:45 Saying grace 2:25:30 This is a high maintenance table 2:37:30 Beau tries to be nice 2:40:00 The Gnoll story 2:45:15 Sprinkle is highly allergic 2:48:40 Mega meow 2:52:45 Meowmories 2:55:40 Divine Interventions 2:58:20 Planning starts 3:11:10 Planning ends 3:13:20 We could use words 3:16:00 One Big Bed 3:17:50 Jester gives a tour 3:18:45 A peeking Scanlan 3:20:00 Jester takes massive dumps, canon 3:23:15 Jester forgets to pee 3:24:05 A flood of cats 3:27:00 Sweet dreams 3:31:40 Strip searching Caleb 3:33:40 Getting in on the ground floor 3:36:30 Episode Ends The in-game start date for the episode was the 25th of Brussendar 836. Sam’s flask has a picture of a vampire clown picture of Matt, fusing with a picture of Travis to form a picture of Travis from the unreleased movie “To Have and To Hold”. Search ‘To Have and To Hold Trailer’ to learn more. The back is an old message saying “Turn your stuff into a Turtle” in the TMNT font, and also “Larry, I’m in DuckTales” scrawled at the top. I know I’m late to the game, but MonarchsFactory is really good. It’s just some classic geeking out over ideas for homebrew. Even when I disagree about how I would implement something, it still gets the creative wheels turning. Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?
Angela Frantz
Angela Frantz 18 dagar sedan
Thanks Flando!
Gyrre 27 dagar sedan
@Bees? ?? Must take notes during the livestream, and organize the notable points in a text document. Then, a simple matter of copy-paste on the day of the upload.
Keit Leemet
Keit Leemet 27 dagar sedan
Keit Leemet
Keit Leemet 27 dagar sedan
Keit Leemet
Keit Leemet 27 dagar sedan
Jacob Moody
Jacob Moody 2 dagar sedan
I think Lucien is trying to recruit the Nien and give them as empty vessels to the other people
Swanolia 2 dagar sedan
Gotta say, I’m pretty sad to see Matt homebrew his own lore. (Blood hunter)
TrumpetingOtter 2 dagar sedan
WTF Liam?
Joseph Wolf
Joseph Wolf 3 dagar sedan
Has anyone deciphered what is on Sams's flask?
Kurt Holtzer
Kurt Holtzer 3 dagar sedan
Love how Lucian's eyes kinda work like a beholder, shutting down magic within his field of view. Plus the deep speech shows their messing with some serious aberration shit
Irina Bertoluzza
Irina Bertoluzza 3 dagar sedan
I expected it to be Matt, but when the camera panned to him I started laughing so hard I almost fell
Gerasimos Serafeimidis
Gerasimos Serafeimidis 3 dagar sedan
For those wondering caleb says "Onwards, although never forget" in German
Jack Akimbo
Jack Akimbo 3 dagar sedan
I... Sam's beard
Steven Scheibal
Steven Scheibal 4 dagar sedan
Major 90s Shania Twain vibes from Marisha in this episode
Levi L
Levi L 4 dagar sedan
Can someone tell me from where is the music while they are displaying the fanart? It is just amazingly epic!
Dreadpirate 5 dagar sedan
I can honestly say I've never had a more visceral hatred for an NPC than the hatred I have for Lucien. My blood boils every time the M9 kowtows to his shitty little power moves or let's him get away with feeling in control. I quite literally seethed when they let Lucien into the tower. I cannot wait until they kill this asshole with extreme prejudice.
The Heartless Alchemist
The Heartless Alchemist 5 dagar sedan
Liam: "Oh, man, I'm going to get eight straight hours of sleep? This IS a fantasy." I hear you, Liam.
Adam Chamberlain
Adam Chamberlain 6 dagar sedan
I just spent 45 minutes looking at photos of the wizkids minis I won't be able to afford... I regret nothing.
Omar Y
Omar Y 6 dagar sedan
22:21 is my favorite musical change coincidence. It's always perfect in games when things like that happen.
Sammy Rodriguez
Sammy Rodriguez 7 dagar sedan
Does anyone know what shirt Taliesin is wearing? I have the same one from years ago but can't remember the name
Darksnake12345 mrniceguy
Darksnake12345 mrniceguy 7 dagar sedan
Katie Wood - A Trans Journey
Katie Wood - A Trans Journey 7 dagar sedan
As a trans woman, the level of seriousness that Matt Corrected Marisha on Udala's pronouns (idk how to spell their name) moved me. Like seriously
Jacob Christian
Jacob Christian 8 dagar sedan
is it just me or is molly maybe coming back I feel like lucien has changed even travelling with the mighty nein for a little
Dudelsackonator 8 dagar sedan
Caduceus: telling a story about a rabid squirrel Me, screaming at my screen: Squirrels don't have rabies!
ya9752 8 dagar sedan
I think all the characters at some point have wanted to take a swing at Beauregard
ya9752 8 dagar sedan
Laura is fantastic
Blue Chimp
Blue Chimp 8 dagar sedan
Everybody wakes up just in time to see Beau staring in horror at Calebs taint and, even more weirdly, it is now staring back at her....
ThatEditingBaka 8 dagar sedan
The NordVPN saga probably is one of my favorite things to come forth from sponsorships for the show XD
Blue Chimp
Blue Chimp 8 dagar sedan
It would have been interesting if the stained glass history of Molly and the Nein had, had windows of his death and burial. I know that sounds kinda cold and macabre, but I would have liked to see if there was any reaction.
Devon McDaniel
Devon McDaniel 9 dagar sedan
You could see the look of utter relief on Travis's face when Caleb and Beau were called for weird dreams
Tahleasin Parker
Tahleasin Parker 9 dagar sedan
Lucien: why shouldn’t I just take this right now? Caleb: cause you won’t get to stay in our tower if you do neither will you if you don’t let him in idiot, he will just collapse it snd no one will be in there... that is not a threat
CelticShadow 9 dagar sedan
well now i have to know what matt's whole rant on grandpa joe is.
ndisfoshiz 9 dagar sedan
When Lucien asked “who has a story” without thinking I started saying “once upon a time there was a weasel...” You all know the rest!
Pedro Ferracuti
Pedro Ferracuti 9 dagar sedan
ok, that ending was freaking cool
Gothsuki I
Gothsuki I 9 dagar sedan
Them contemplating what to do when it comes to them debating about Essek it reminds me of someone's mind when they are debating to call someone or not. Just a bunch of different opinions clashing hilariously.
Caden D
Caden D 9 dagar sedan
Hold on, does the circle of rags in the floor of the loft behind door #1 mean that Frumpkin is a real cat that Caleb's family had? Since he's in his early-mid 30's, that means either a) Frumpkin is a rather old cat Caleb turned into a familiar or b) the original Frumpkin died in the fire alongside Caleb's parents and Caleb used find familiar to summon a fey in the form of his old family cat and kept the name
Django 7 dagar sedan
The original Frumpkin was Caleb's childhood cat and died of old age before the fire.
Chris Sands
Chris Sands 10 dagar sedan
Beta Partical
Beta Partical 10 dagar sedan
*spoilers* Monogons
Joshua Logue
Joshua Logue 10 dagar sedan
I'm more interested in the Ultra Codex saga than the mighty nein at this point
bijitimah 10 dagar sedan
Can someone PLEASE GIF. Travis wiggle into the Shaq and cat wiggle GIF.!!!!!?
GioFireheart 11 dagar sedan
If they were trying to get the info that Yudala has, they could've asked her to wait exactly 10 minutes before saying what she had to say, and then used those 10 minutes to scry on her, right? That feels a bit meta-gamey idk
ヒロ君 11 dagar sedan
I’ve always wondered about this. Does Molly know about the Eyes of Nine? Or The Order at least? Cuz I remember being weirded out the first time Molly “reunited” with Cree. Matt didn’t make Molly roll a deception check. If he didn’t have his past memories then Molly was talking vague enough to let Cree think he knew what she was referring to. I think the others even asked Molly what they talked about(?) and he said he didn’t know. I get not rolling for skill checks between PCs but the conversation with Cree was loaded enough to earn SOME kind of roll at least. Am I missing something?
25taylor91 11 dagar sedan
For fucks sake. This is the longest streak in CR history where virtually nothing has happened. I’m like 4 episodes behind because this has become torture. GET FUCKING GOING.
IaIaCthulhuFtagn 11 dagar sedan
2:41:41 Okay Beau what is the point in telling this "story". The party wants to put them at ease (I know that's not likely to happen given the situation), yet she's trying to put a veiled but not so veiled threat out there with a story about killing cultists and baby beasties, totally killing the cooperative sharing mood of the dinner.
Chayenne Oosterveld
Chayenne Oosterveld 11 dagar sedan
Just here rewatching the entire NordVPN series.
pinepo15 11 dagar sedan
3:15 when the camera pans to Matt in the helmet its the funniest thing I’ve seen this year so far his face waiting for a queue or something to tell him its his turn looks so confused... you can tell they are really just improvising these things with 2 seconds of prep time before hand lol
TheHereticSpot 12 dagar sedan
does someone know where i can find the travel/encounter sheet Matts using`?
Rebecca Giraffe
Rebecca Giraffe 12 dagar sedan
Liam is so good at acting, and Taliesan at playing that super high passive insight, the moment Caleb opened door 1, Cad knew it was home from the look on Liams face
Brittany Gump
Brittany Gump 12 dagar sedan
Damn you Liam for making me cry. ...And also thank you Liam. Sometimes I forget how tormented Caleb is with his past, especially as he continues to grow as a character, and then we get smacked in the face with it. Its just completely heart breaking.
wildcatgrad 12 dagar sedan
So I am grading papers, listening to the show in the background. The ONE thing that pulls me back to the screen is the Nord VPN saga. Everything else I can just listen to in the background...but that skit I have to focus on with all my energy.
Emily Contino
Emily Contino 13 dagar sedan
I just had like a mental break down during the "8th and 9th floor" scene...... thank god for comedic relief. At the same time Caleb and Beau said "endless possibilities" I said to myself while balling "infinite future". Needless to say I lost it at that point. Oh trauma... you are a bitter bitch...
Killer Bee
Killer Bee 13 dagar sedan
Has anyone thought about their guide that was traveling with them ? They haven’t checked to make sure he’s still following behind !
The Cinemagician
The Cinemagician 13 dagar sedan
"Are you ready to Jack yourselves on live television?!" "Everyone, quick, JACK OFF! JACK OFF NOW!" On a different note, cad gave me know it all vibes this episode. He really should've just enjoyed his hot meal.
Ella Hardek
Ella Hardek 14 dagar sedan
So we’re not gonna talk about the beanie
Rio Morris
Rio Morris 14 dagar sedan
Catching up to the last few eps (work killed my CR mood) but instantly thought WHAT IF THE LAST PAGES LAID OUT INTO A SPELL! Into a glyph to cast from
Ali Imran
Ali Imran 14 dagar sedan
I am so freaking close to catching up man
Connor Sullivan
Connor Sullivan 14 dagar sedan
Did Lucien ask Beauregard if she’d killed any other cults, those worshipping the manticore, or colts, referencing its cub they killed? Was he asking if she’s killed any other kids?
Soirtemeht 14 dagar sedan
Jester asking Molly/Lucian " Do you trust me?" Gave me hard Alladin vibes.
Soirtemeht 14 dagar sedan
And God dammit so did they like 10 seconds later.
Helbereth 15 dagar sedan
I wanna hear Matt's rant about Grandpa Joe...
GeassEnabler 15 dagar sedan
Sam is wild for refusing to use his own racial trait
Johan Svanborg
Johan Svanborg 15 dagar sedan
It's so funny that walking in freezing temperatures leads to the body feeling sore, but being beaten to 1 HP or even being unconsious/resurrected (several times) is always fine after a long rest.
Khanthiilas 15 dagar sedan
Studded Leather +2 does not require attunement FYI
Khanthiilas 16 dagar sedan
not to be a rules lawyer but only the people in the dome as its cast can enter and leave all others are hedged out.
Maeve Baruk
Maeve Baruk 16 dagar sedan
2:54:00 Why isn't anyone getting a roll to resist being scryed on? Someone tell me I'm nuts but hasn't every npc had a resist roll ?
Will Tb
Will Tb 16 dagar sedan
I expect Matt roles on the PCs behalf so they don't know they're being scryed on.
Kirin Earl Lee
Kirin Earl Lee 16 dagar sedan
Matt talking shit about Vegemite, caaaareful mate you'd hate to have an accident with an ill tempered drop bear in ya bed cob
Blind Liberty
Blind Liberty 17 dagar sedan
I wish I could grow Matt's beard
Lee Phillips
Lee Phillips 17 dagar sedan
Did they just invite the vampire into their home?
warforged 79 2.0
warforged 79 2.0 17 dagar sedan
These campaign is about killing cults.
Dillon Hockett
Dillon Hockett 17 dagar sedan
Jesus CHRIST! How did Sam grow a beard in 45 seconds?
Draconic YT
Draconic YT 17 dagar sedan
2:24:15 how to speak deep speech!
Prince Mills
Prince Mills 17 dagar sedan
Periscat? Tub caleb? ... I WANNA KNOW what these references are, too...! >.
Roger Giltner
Roger Giltner 17 dagar sedan
Beau the bully making Caleb show and share things he wasn't comfortable or ready to share
Lee Phillips
Lee Phillips 18 dagar sedan
I love Sam's ultra beard! That is all.
Jonas fyldeng
Jonas fyldeng 18 dagar sedan
Sam's beard looks fake to be honest, like he's impersonating a fisherman or something
Stephen Bryant
Stephen Bryant 18 dagar sedan
I'm getting major scp vibes from this city. I know its not that but it feels like it would fit in with it
SrReidi 18 dagar sedan
The sentence Caleb says to open the 8th floor translates to "Gone, but not forgotten" holy shit liam
TheBaconlaser 18 dagar sedan
Joaquin Gardner-Gotera
Joaquin Gardner-Gotera 19 dagar sedan
Nicholas Kandas
Nicholas Kandas 19 dagar sedan
So, the dome does stop magical affects from crossing it's threshold.
SrReidi 19 dagar sedan
Lucien's powers just seem cheaty to me, beholder abilities but without the boundaries on top of blood hunter abilities, doesn't sleep and seemingly control the other tomb takers, i don't know, gives me the hibbie jeebies
SrReidi 7 dagar sedan
@Maeve Baruk I believe Matt has something in mind, and the players apparently are fine with it, maybe it's all for the sake of the story, and if that's the case I'm fine with it, but it is weird nontheless
Maeve Baruk
Maeve Baruk 16 dagar sedan
I know right?! Like this whole North Arc has been a running series of hinky as fuck setups (here's an abomination you either fight disadvantaged or get incapacitated because of a light-bulb, here's a snow worm that incapacitates you on first attack unless you roll really high & I'll ignore the stats I stated in the campaign book I wrote & instantly attacks the person with reactive armour to break the polymorph). Lucien is just a shady flagship for it. Matt keeps push M9 to drop into fight mode with Lucien. I get that he's likely frustrated that M9 keeps borking a good chunk of his big-bad encounters, but yeeesh.
Brian Hastings
Brian Hastings 19 dagar sedan
If you take a shit in the tower ... does it come out when the tower collapses
Emma Gallegos
Emma Gallegos 19 dagar sedan
This was my favorite Nord VPN ad yet
EddieHalifax 19 dagar sedan
Dear god, please not Dairen again. Please. I can only take so much.
Crypto Readings
Crypto Readings 19 dagar sedan
Bro when will they mention Vokodo already damb
Jon Hernandez
Jon Hernandez 20 dagar sedan
So... Normally I find Liam's over selling or long descriptions a little dramatic, but revealing his memory rooms really got me.
Sabrina Savage
Sabrina Savage 21 dag sedan
I swear next season Liam is going to be a halfling and just use luck all the time. He's gotta be tired of Sam not using it!
Maeve Baruk
Maeve Baruk 16 dagar sedan
Sam is the kind of player that pulls a close 2nd behind "Murder Hobo" players. I hate troll/'for the lulz' players. Their amusement comes at the expense of other players, by shittin' up things for everyone else. I wish he'd learned his leason when he got Nott got insta-killed in the "Happy Fun Ball", but nope -_-
Francisco Borja Escobar Suarez
Francisco Borja Escobar Suarez 21 dag sedan
Caleb's 8th floor is Cobb's dream elevator in Inception I love stuff like that
Jann Fredryck Matias
Jann Fredryck Matias 21 dag sedan
I would really love it if all this devouring city and even the affliction in Caduceus' woods are all the works of Tharizdun the whole time
Andreas Graham
Andreas Graham 21 dag sedan
am I the only one who wants to kill lucian super bad?
Krishna Parmar
Krishna Parmar 21 dag sedan
Idk if this has been proven yet, why do I get the feeling that the cobalt soul has found out about lady dirognas death...
Frostblud 21 dag sedan
LOL make a C'thulu Mythos check. Come on, I can't be only one that thought it. We're getting really close to a DnD and C'thulu hybrid here. And, I find that idea amazingly intriguing.
Essential Asa
Essential Asa 21 dag sedan
3:16:16 Does Matt Mercer watch Pitch Meetings?
Charles Ruble
Charles Ruble 21 dag sedan
What happened to Ivar the halfling from the ruin?
Essential Asa
Essential Asa 21 dag sedan
OMG! This was the first episode that aired after I heard about Critical Role! It took 6 weeks but I'm finally catching up. Road to 125!
Michael Erler
Michael Erler 21 dag sedan
I keep forgetting that Veth has a cursed dagger.
Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper 22 dagar sedan
Doesn't matter what happens for the rest of the episode, Travis barely holding it together during the ad was the best part of the show XD
Gediminas Daugela
Gediminas Daugela 22 dagar sedan
what did you two DO?
Ben Hicks
Ben Hicks 22 dagar sedan
The rooms lowkey broke my heart. 🥺
Lukas McCartney
Lukas McCartney 22 dagar sedan
The fact that Matt can portray a disgruntled cat perfectly without a damn word is amazing and fantastic.
Jon Michael
Jon Michael 22 dagar sedan
Check the Gooch!
John Willis
John Willis 23 dagar sedan
WHAT... WAS... THAT?!?!?!(NordVPN commercial to be specific!)
Jim's Gaming Cave
Jim's Gaming Cave 23 dagar sedan
8 hours of sleep? What could go wrong?
Just Someguy
Just Someguy 23 dagar sedan
1:45:55 the closed captioning...I lost it lmao
chromaticdragon 23 dagar sedan
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