Not What We'd Expect From a Winter Sail - Sailing Uma [Step 262]

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Sailing Uma

28 dagar sedan

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Berit Havre
Berit Havre Dag sedan
Brunost is made of the whey - the clear stuff that is left when the cheese stuff is taken out of the milk (adding a dash of vinegar to the milk make the separation happen) - the simmered down to cheese -
45 th Parallel
45 th Parallel 2 dagar sedan
I was thinking more like Smurf
Svein M. Bortne
Svein M. Bortne 8 dagar sedan
I'v done this route before with my sailboat. But that was in summer 2002. Visited family and it was smooth sailing all the way. Trip to Værøy, Lofoten and ended up in Trollfjord. Norway and particular this part of Norway is breathtaking beautiful. Thanks for let us come with you in this (bloody) Covid times. Good job!
David C
David C 8 dagar sedan
Another great episode of Sailing Uma. Pretty cool the shot of Plumpy Lumpy all in blues complimented by a pale shade of blue all around Uma on the video footage. Thanks & Cheers!
Pick My Ride USA
Pick My Ride USA 9 dagar sedan
Sooo Jealous. I love snow and I love sailing.
Pick My Ride USA
Pick My Ride USA 9 dagar sedan
Sooo Jealous. I love snow and I love sailing.
Travelling Sunglasses
Travelling Sunglasses 11 dagar sedan
Totally agree on the brunost not-cheese! We even took some home from our trip to Oslo :)
Jørn Olazo-Nerland
Jørn Olazo-Nerland 12 dagar sedan
Uthaug use to be Norways biggest harbour for fishing boats, about 110 years ago...
Chris Arnel
Chris Arnel 12 dagar sedan
That loose hanging lock at 1:35 certainly caught my eye, hope you didn't lose it! Lovely sail video, great to see you both having fun!
mikael wiik
mikael wiik 15 dagar sedan
The only thing that would be More norwegian would be if you had a kvikk lunch :) pro norwegian tip, the brunost is superb with strawberry jam on top 😀
kristian pedersen
kristian pedersen 16 dagar sedan
So thrilled youre in my home country! Been following you for some time - hope you find Norway worth the effort!
Pamela Flexer
Pamela Flexer 16 dagar sedan
My nickname as a baby was plump a lump! Til I was 3 lol 😂 Love it
kobrapelle 17 dagar sedan
Looked like Kika was going down ha ha
William Schall
William Schall 17 dagar sedan
Love seeing ..."you kids" in love.....
Mike Bunn
Mike Bunn 18 dagar sedan
Another great video 👍 Is that fan on top of your stove electric ? Cheers from NZ
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma 18 dagar sedan
Nope. Thermodynamic! It works on a peltier device, generating electricity from the heat of the stove.
Bill B.
Bill B. 18 dagar sedan
We loved watching the fun and joy that you share together. The Aurora Borealis was an added plus. Safe travels.
Don Kaffenberger
Don Kaffenberger 18 dagar sedan
Looks cold and desolate there. Crack a bottle of wine... jump into a warm sleeping bag... keep each other warm...let the cares of the world leave with the outgoing tide.
David Martin
David Martin 19 dagar sedan
Fine detailed pee-by-pee commentary! ;-)
Dan Szineki
Dan Szineki 19 dagar sedan
Your images and drone footage is outstanding. Really enjoyed this step. You guys make it all look so easy, but i'm not fooled. Thank you for sharing so much with us. Stay safe and well.
Rune Martin Guldberg
Rune Martin Guldberg 19 dagar sedan
Come to Melbu for off piste skiing.
Rune Martin Guldberg
Rune Martin Guldberg 19 dagar sedan
Cod is easy. Almost for sure to get one. Funny when most Norwegians fish for cods they use a fishing hook called "Swedish" pilk. In Norwegian "Svenskpilk".
Rune Martin Guldberg
Rune Martin Guldberg 18 dagar sedan
@Stein Johansen Morsom historie...
Stein Johansen
Stein Johansen 19 dagar sedan
It is called "Svenskepilken" because of WW2. The pilk was first made in 1940 in Norway, and during the war, it was not allowed to produce steel products . So they said it was made in Sweden to avoid trouble.
Rune Martin Guldberg
Rune Martin Guldberg 19 dagar sedan
List of other Norwegian foods to try: Smalahove. Lutefisk. Pinnekjøtt. Tørrfisk. Fenalår. Ribbe. Gammel ost, (cheese). Fårikål. Sursild. Finnbiff. Flatbrød.
Simon Attwood
Simon Attwood 20 dagar sedan
Missed your usual Thursday release. Hope everything is OK in Umaland?
Demy Delfi
Demy Delfi 20 dagar sedan
Such a great episode! Hey, does anyone know? Is Kika's jacket (the blue one) waterproof?
Stein Johansen
Stein Johansen 20 dagar sedan
It looks like a down jacket from Norrøna, so I would guess water repellent, not waterproof. ;-)
Lindi 20 dagar sedan
Hi Kika and Dan, since there was mo episode yesterday, I just wanted to ask if you guys are okay? If you just needed a break, no worries and enjoy your time.
Geir Håstein
Geir Håstein 20 dagar sedan
FINALLY someone that agrees that brunost is not a cheese, but a sort of milkfudge. Makes it alot more usable in a way.. Love your videos btw, and salute you for taking on Norway this time of the year. God tur videre!!
John Robertson
John Robertson 20 dagar sedan
Loved that the video ended in silence. Some things aren’t enhanced by words.
GreenHeart 524
GreenHeart 524 20 dagar sedan
This is a wonderful 22 minutes. Thanks for this and so many other great videos of sailing Uma
Gary Sherman
Gary Sherman 20 dagar sedan
i was wondering. i have heard stories from my local yacht club that when you are really far off the coast the stars are really really visible and that on calm nights one can loose track of the horizon giving off the illusion being surrounded by stars. can you confirm?
GIGA CETATEAN 20 dagar sedan
Derek Ottman
Derek Ottman 20 dagar sedan
"...if we caught a cod..." If you want to go FULL Norwegian you have another step after "cod"... and turn that cod into "lutefisk". (Some people don't like it, maybe you're Norwegian enough now.)
lars eriksen
lars eriksen 20 dagar sedan
Your are so cool, the great way
Dar Knappster
Dar Knappster 20 dagar sedan
I watch sailing channels to escape. Thanks for actually sailing around. Too many others are building, refitting, planning etc. That is what my job is so that just seems like an extension to my work day! Yours is a great channel to be sure. Hi from Canada eh!
ole86225 20 dagar sedan
Be aware the sleeping bag should be shortened (use a rope) so it fits the sleeper! Thank you for an extraordinary effort showing off my homeland to the world - this is way better than any professional TV show - it makes me wanting to take on the northern coastline myself!
Juanmi Olmos
Juanmi Olmos 21 dag sedan
Muy buenas tomas!! Saludos. Juanmi y Aisha.
stlouisactor 21 dag sedan
As architects, Hve you guya given any thought to designing a new boat for yo?
Michael Van Winkle
Michael Van Winkle 21 dag sedan
Thank You for videos with more sailing and less sitting on anchor. Good to see more of Norway also. Do you plan to sail along any of the Netherlands later?
Stephen Allen
Stephen Allen 21 dag sedan
One day would love to do something like this. Of course electrifying the inboard motor was fascinating! From sustainability and convenience perspectives this seemed like such a win! Was there a reason that you stopped there? As I imagine owning a sailboat at some point down the line it seems like electrification wherever possible would be really cool, although in some areas it may of course not yet be feasible or practical. I have not made it all the way through your series and so not sure if you might have addressed this question already. Thanks for the fantastic videos. Learning so much on your channel.
Stephen Allen
Stephen Allen 20 dagar sedan
@Sailing Uma Fantastic! I'm on step 45 or so right now and rapidly making my way through. Thank you for sharing all of this information and experience, it is really amazing to see your adventures.
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma 21 dag sedan
Pretty much everything on our boat is electric. But we have analogue redundancy as well. We can sail, steer, cook and head without any power at all. Since systems can and do fail.
Que Fait Loulou
Que Fait Loulou 22 dagar sedan
You are so cuuuuuute 💙 Be proud , Be happy 🤩
Bence Nagy
Bence Nagy 22 dagar sedan
I just finished watching all your videos from the beginning, and I have to admit, I was hooked for the past 13 days. Well done guys, really nice channel, definitely will be sticking around for a long time.
Josh Key
Josh Key 22 dagar sedan
I'm from Indonesia .. yes .. .. very sailing ship, next try to Indonesia DEBUT ,,
stlouisactor 22 dagar sedan
I don't know exactly where you are in the world but wherever you are, there is love.
stlouisactor 22 dagar sedan
I just recently discovered your channel and am hooked. Not because of your adventures (wgich are awesome). Not vecause Kika is so gorgeous ( which she is). Not because I live vicariously through your travels (ehich I do). No. I am hooked because I can see how much you love each other. It is the common thread that runs theough your posts. That moment when she laid her head on gis shoulder as the storm raged outside touched me derply and I galt/saw the love between you two. Awesome. One last thing....I used to have a Haitian gf and when she spoke Creole, i thoughtt it was the most melodious sound I'd ever heard. Let's hear a little, ok? Regards, Charlie M
PatriciaM 22 dagar sedan
Epic! I love your stories...❤❤❤
Cool Water
Cool Water 22 dagar sedan
Love this vid, only drama are the two warm hearts staying warm, just a simple sail and eats.
David Vigneux
David Vigneux 22 dagar sedan
Thanks for sharing! Love you guys! 🙏
Steve Sims
Steve Sims 22 dagar sedan
Yall R Lots of fun to follow. Tha ks 4 taking the timr.
Brenda Kidd
Brenda Kidd 22 dagar sedan
Beautiful sea and sunset! It is snowing here in NW Arkansas (USA). I think Mother Nature has dementia because it is supposed be spring time right now. I really enjoy your videos! Safe travels.
Ralf Dankert-Paulsen
Ralf Dankert-Paulsen 22 dagar sedan
Videos are getting better and better. Really enjoy your Chanel. Hope you plan some time for the Baltic Sea as well. Some cozy spots here as well. Cheers to you both.
Oskar Farkas
Oskar Farkas 23 dagar sedan
John Haug
John Haug 23 dagar sedan
Yee Haa, just finished ~ 6 years of steps..... Now looking for Step 263......thought I screwed up, but no, that is correct!
Bog Splash
Bog Splash 23 dagar sedan
About as close to perfection as you can get I reckon.
Whiteflameone 23 dagar sedan
I really like watching your ordinary daylife AND sailing! The BEST sailingchannel on internet!
Stiff Wood
Stiff Wood 23 dagar sedan
@5:36 You forgot a shot of aquavit or at least a cold pilsner. Or maybe you save that for the "ankerdram"? Man you are tuff sailors! How many Norwegian sailboats have you seen on your voyage? None?
Shawn Zirger
Shawn Zirger 23 dagar sedan
Wonderful adventure =)
Abdul Samad
Abdul Samad 24 dagar sedan
You are loving and respecting to each other
F O 24 dagar sedan
Incredible sailing and filming. Although cold weather has its charms, I wish a lot of sunny days for you to come. Keep going, Stay save.
Grady Harper
Grady Harper 24 dagar sedan
maybe you think its winter though these temps are their summer time temps LoL Norway Summer's Burrrr! sounds of chattering teeth you guys should location tag your videos where she is saying Puffer i am used to hearing Poofy
Balmaine B
Balmaine B 24 dagar sedan
When you two coming home you both looking home sick I am loving the videos and beautiful pics 😍❤🇯🇲🇺🇲
Balmaine B
Balmaine B 24 dagar sedan
Love that all smiles here 😀😄😊😁😍🇯🇲🇺🇲👍❤🙏
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma 24 dagar sedan
We are home.
Sammy 24 dagar sedan
We should support them!
Eric Taada
Eric Taada 24 dagar sedan
Hemingway once wrote about Sailor Journalists who would write articles about their travels and then wait for the cheques to arrive before moving on. You two have succeeded to the extent that the commentaries are longer to read than your productions. Carry ON!
PrivateUsername 24 dagar sedan
...I mean, electric-powered heated clothes are a thing, yall. I keep a set so I can ride the Harley year-round here in Colorado. They work really well, and can easily last 12 hours. It will help with mobility on night & cold sails. And most are either water-proof or highly resistant.
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma 24 dagar sedan
Well I do have heated socks 😉But they dont hold charge for very long. Not sure about clothing... especially in the wet salty environment. But We found merino wool And puffer jackets to work wonders in the arctic.
Обитель Игрока
Обитель Игрока 24 dagar sedan
⛵ ⛵ ⛵
Peter Hansen
Peter Hansen 24 dagar sedan
Cod in Norwegian is Torsk. I ate a lot it that we caught ourselves the summer I spent time on Merdøj on the south coast.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 24 dagar sedan
Way too much winter, time for the tropics. Norway looks beautiful but I have no interest in more winter blah! LOL
AKA Mag Regor
AKA Mag Regor 24 dagar sedan
I find my self savoring these videos. Closed in by age, health and government regulations makes my soul feel trammeled and caged but your videos let me know that some people are able to live a much freer life. A life of your own rules. I also admire the closeness of your relationship. Being a widower at too young, it brings joy to my heart to see ya'll and be allowed a window into your life. Thanks for all that you are doing and who you are. Keep on!
Betty L Pettus
Betty L Pettus 25 dagar sedan
Looking at this makes me cold and I'm sitting in front of my fireplace! Brrr!
Jose evaristo Domínguez
Jose evaristo Domínguez 25 dagar sedan
Me gusta vuestras aventuras os sigo Desde las Islas Canarias Os invito a canarias tengo Atraques para ustedes en el muelle deportivo de las palmas....gracias por sus aventuras
Lisa Ryan
Lisa Ryan 25 dagar sedan
Puffer hats are a thing!
SteelAttorney 77
SteelAttorney 77 25 dagar sedan
You guys are such a cute couple keep up the great work and keep making great content! Safe travels👍
Roger Bayzand
Roger Bayzand 25 dagar sedan
Running a fishing boat through many freezing cold winters we discovered the flotation suits developed for the offshore oil workers were the best for keeping us dry and warm as toast. They are mostly made of 2 to 3 mm neoprene with nylon fabric liner and outer, couple that with a "wooly bear" one piece fleece underneath a pair of moon boots and neoprene gloves. Great filming and editing as always. Cheers Rog.
Magnus Karlsson
Magnus Karlsson 25 dagar sedan
Where are you sailing, Arctic or?
Richard Richard
Richard Richard 22 dagar sedan
@Sailing Uma Diplomacy! Keep up with the Training LOL
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma 25 dagar sedan
Andrew Page
Andrew Page 25 dagar sedan
Love your videos! Zhik must have loved the product placement... Geeky question- what speed do you assume for passage planning? I’m guessing 5 knts?
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma 25 dagar sedan
On long passages where we’ll sail longer than a 3 day forecast, we usually plan for 6kts. On shorter 1-3 days trips we can plan more accurately. With good wind we’ll average 7kts. In light and variable wind, probably closer to 4.5-5.
Kai Piatscheck
Kai Piatscheck 25 dagar sedan
Wow I think this is going on my list
Victor Raymond
Victor Raymond 25 dagar sedan
You guys make us feel guilty because have a pilot house for colder climates. Nevertheless we are impressed with your film making, passage making and fun making adventures. I hope we get to Tromsø this year and maybe meet up. Enjoy.
Victor Raymond
Victor Raymond 24 dagar sedan
@Paul SJ I have been trying to get back to my boat there but so far I haven’t found the right excuse. I am about to hire a captain to take it to Iceland or Faroes where they will let a vaccinated person in.
Paul SJ
Paul SJ 24 dagar sedan
Better hurry up! I'm guessing that you may only have a few weeks before they eventually leave Tromso...
Ken Siggens
Ken Siggens 25 dagar sedan
In 22 years of wedded bliss, I do not think I have had as much connection as I saw in this one video. I love watching your videos
here for the comments
here for the comments 25 dagar sedan
Fellow Canadian...I love your videos... you two are super cute.
Felicia Baham
Felicia Baham 25 dagar sedan
Did you guys see the Northern lights? If so, please share...
Felicia Baham
Felicia Baham 11 dagar sedan
@Stein Johansen that's what I get for making this my nightly routine...watching this wonderful couple is how I relax my mind and I fell asleep and missed those beautiful lights. Thanks for your comments...Wow...sooo beautiful!
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma 25 dagar sedan
Yea sadly we missed the window of epic dancing lights of the North.
Stein Johansen
Stein Johansen 25 dagar sedan
You have to watch the video one more time. Look for the green light dancing in the nightsky. If they had been further north between november and february they would have seen it way more intense dancing in the sky, and shifting between green,blue and yellow. ;-) I´ve been living in northern Norway all my life, and the northlight never stopped to amaze me!
john cometti
john cometti 25 dagar sedan
I am watching and it took me a minute to hear the boat sounds- I’m a full time cruiser but I sail a steel boat. No creaking-. Keep up the great work, thanks.
JakaWere 🇨🇦🇰🇪
JakaWere 🇨🇦🇰🇪 25 dagar sedan
Always a treat seeing the Canada 🇨🇦 flag in the background. You guys rock
Maxwell White
Maxwell White 25 dagar sedan
my day always gets a bit brighter when your videos come. I love watching you two grow and progress not only together and as people but your sailing skills as well! Love you both!
Col Smith
Col Smith 25 dagar sedan
I only found this channel a couple of days ago I'm hooked line and sinker. You guys do a great job, move over magic carpet and teleport. I'll get there one day. I'm a forever fan. Who needs movies when you watch a beautiful reality.
Frank Moore
Frank Moore 25 dagar sedan
Fluffy Lumpy 😃😃😃
Kevin T.
Kevin T. 25 dagar sedan
You guys are awesome. I love your sailing, and I love your love. Like I say to my daughter - don't ever change!
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 25 dagar sedan
The wood stove is next level.
yuba sinnott
yuba sinnott 25 dagar sedan
After all this time you still arive before sunset🤣
ThePerfectPeter 25 dagar sedan
Omg singing ABBA!!!!
HellyWelly93 25 dagar sedan
I agree with you on the brown cheese, really didn't like it when I first had it....but found myself craving it since then 😅
Dan Knox
Dan Knox 25 dagar sedan
You might want to try bringing the new sail out before taking the old one in. Enjoy your videos. Best wishes. Stay safe.
Dan Knox
Dan Knox 25 dagar sedan
Racing has zero to do with it. One sail covers the second and it is then very easy to furl. There are always multiple ways to do things in sailing and each way has benefits but if you try this I think you will find it both easier and safer. Then again your way seems to work fine for you.
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma 25 dagar sedan
We’re not racing, so no need to complicate things. Much more can go wrong with two headsails out at the same time.
ilCigno 25 dagar sedan
Beautiful video. I’m so much enjoying watching this. Some sailing things so familiar, some scenery so new and exiting. As another sailor says, no bullshit, just sailing!
Tommy Topham
Tommy Topham 25 dagar sedan
Why can't you heat the cabin while on sail ? I didn't know about this cant you run some heating cable through the floor or hv a heating fan of some kind I dont get it.
Tommy Topham
Tommy Topham 24 dagar sedan
@Sailing Uma sounds like a darpa problom chken or egg ahah thnks ill work on a solution thier got to be one .
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma 25 dagar sedan
We have a wood stove. Any other type of heat takes fuel (which we don’t have) or electricity (which we use sparingly). But we finds it’s easier just to stay warm in good clothing, since we’re in and out a lot and we’d loose any heat inside anyway.
Sailing Dame Blanche
Sailing Dame Blanche 25 dagar sedan
Beautiful video ❤️
John Mayer
John Mayer 26 dagar sedan
You don't seem to use your wind vane any more. Is there a reason ?
John Mayer
John Mayer 24 dagar sedan
@Sailing Uma Actually I think it is kind of a misconception using a wind vane only for very long distances. I used my Aries almost constantly when sailing single handed in the Danish islands even for stretches of less than an hour. Saved battery power (only lead acid was available at that time) and it was quiet. Tacking or reefing using the vane - no problem at all. I think a little more 'advertising' by SVfromrs like Uma would give more credit to wind vanes and less or smaller resource hungry electrical autopilots need to be produced.
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma 26 dagar sedan
We explained this a bit more in the previous episode ( step 261) . But we normally use the windvane on longer offshore passages. Most of our sails here in Norway are 24hrs or less, or in narrow channels.
TheOakRoom 26 dagar sedan
Simple sailing, love, care and attention to the world about.
Greg Jackson
Greg Jackson 26 dagar sedan
Great video guys really enjoyed the content as always.
flash more
flash more 26 dagar sedan
Baked=Nuked lol
Desiree Osterman Makeup
Desiree Osterman Makeup 26 dagar sedan
Wow! The northern lights during a night sail .. amazing! Thank you for sharing your journeys
Alan Davenport
Alan Davenport 26 dagar sedan
Plumpy lumpy lol. You're so tiny you nearly disappeared under all those layers. :D
Alejandro Vanags
Alejandro Vanags 26 dagar sedan
I guess you like the path less travelled. Let’s do the Norwegian coast during winter! The Canadian influence. Eventually Haiti will prevail and we will see you back in warmer waters!
賢治 26 dagar sedan
13:17 "mmm smells like bilge in here." 😂
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