New starter in a D4 dozer

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Andrew Camarata

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Installing a new starter motor in a Caterpillar D4C bulldozer.

Good boy Ringo
Good boy Ringo 6 timmar sedan
Always remove the battery cable before the starter wire. I'm sure you did that but it wasn't in the video. Removing that starter bolt is nuts and to get it started back on would be crazy. Some how you always manage to get it done but you got luck pulling on the starter with one bolt still in it and not breaking the block.
subterranean zombie
subterranean zombie 7 timmar sedan
what is the yello and purple stuff he sprayed on the battery terminals?
Nicu Marc
Nicu Marc Dag sedan
The ,,brave guys a CAT" make great engines and equipment but the access to starters are horrible!!!Itssame thing with an issue i had on a Peterbilt semi with a cat 15 in it....Good job Andrew!!Greetings from California!
Ryan Allendorf
Ryan Allendorf Dag sedan
I miss the craftsman impact.
squidskunk 2 dagar sedan
sledge hammer,digging pole,skid loader should be in everyone's starter replacement tool box.
Highlordratick 2 dagar sedan
Amazing how they design a 30 ton or whatever it weighs piece of equipment so you have to in from the bottom with only a foot of ground clearance.
John Dawson
John Dawson 2 dagar sedan
Just love watching these videos, such variety, always interesting and great lab inspectors...
Z W 3 dagar sedan
what was that he was spraying in the vent thingy at 13:45?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 3 dagar sedan
Starting fluid
Randy Talley
Randy Talley 4 dagar sedan
Wow. Zero room to work.
Timothy Goodman
Timothy Goodman 4 dagar sedan
when i saw the bobcat show up, I lost it LOL good stuff man! :)
Sarah Southgate
Sarah Southgate 6 dagar sedan
Was watching this and at the moment you started to grease up the bolts to replace the protective screen an ad for emollient face cream popped on followed by laundry detergent advertised for men. What a hoot! any way got over it and back to the “job at hand”!
Kubota Oz
Kubota Oz 6 dagar sedan
I really look forward to your new videos. You really seem to have things dialed in. When I was young I kinda approached things in the same fashion as you seem to do. I absolutely despise the way most things are built. Most of this overpriced junk has not been engineered correctly. Its made to create a hell of a mess for the person who has to come along and repair it. I applaud your ingenuity 😀 Be careful and stay safe 😀
Brad Denham
Brad Denham 7 dagar sedan
I bet Cat technicians would love to be able to yank the parts out with another machine. What a pain!
Sharpshooter 250
Sharpshooter 250 7 dagar sedan
As soon as you had trouble , I knew something awesome was going to happen . You never give up . I don't think I have ever seen anything you can't fix .
Angry welder
Angry welder 8 dagar sedan
The next video will be, "So I bought a new dozer."
Breen Walshe
Breen Walshe 8 dagar sedan
Andrew just called in an air strike on the starter...................
Josh Kelton
Josh Kelton 9 dagar sedan
When he got the hammer i laughed. When he got the skid loader i died laughing.
Aaron Helland
Aaron Helland 11 dagar sedan
Hey Andrew you need to put a winch on that during thing that little D4 is a bareback and it's no good for that but a winch on it and keep your cat inside of a shed so when you're ready to use it it's good to go man winch shed
The Groomer Guy
The Groomer Guy 11 dagar sedan
No bad words are said.... or some very good editing Andrew, I would of been swearing like an old sailor. lol The only thing that sounded a bit bad, dirty was at 12:09. go have a listen guys. Hahahahahahha!!!!!
Thomas Brennan
Thomas Brennan 13 dagar sedan
When is the new video
Thomas Brennan
Thomas Brennan 11 dagar sedan
What day is
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 12 dagar sedan
IDK, when its ready.
Darell Sunderlin
Darell Sunderlin 13 dagar sedan
Lucky is the word I was thinking of Mark G. Lol
z28k5z71 13 dagar sedan
Hack way to do a starter change. Wow. There is nothing funny about this.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 12 dagar sedan
Hack way to design a starter that doesn't fit right.
Drea Drechsler
Drea Drechsler 13 dagar sedan
Core charge? What core charge. Gotta love his calm can-do. I'd have given up as soon as I had to take my gloves off in the middle of up-state NY winter.
Dean Mcclelland
Dean Mcclelland 14 dagar sedan
omg. mechanics around the world shaking their heads. i really like his videos but he is quite the HACK
CIA 16 dagar sedan
9:22 checks to see if he scratched any paint off. 9:25 uses a bobcat to remove the starter. 🤣🤣
jose chaparro
jose chaparro 16 dagar sedan
Bro bro u waisted more time beating the thing out of it n effort then if u would just took the bottom skid plate off I think u would of finished faster lol
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 16 dagar sedan
Taking that bottom plate off is a job for inside a garage.
Rob H
Rob H 16 dagar sedan
new title .. The Torch is OUT.. .. lol ..I watch this many times ..
volvojohn 17 dagar sedan
Sure gets it done though.
volvojohn 17 dagar sedan
I'm going to guess they won't take the old starter as a core, what you think?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 17 dagar sedan
There is no core when buying new parts. Cores are just for buying rebuilt parts.
volvojohn 17 dagar sedan
I think I would have removed that engine mount and bracket first.
Donald Koch
Donald Koch 18 dagar sedan
Use a chainsaw
Larry Walker
Larry Walker 19 dagar sedan
A bit unorthodox yes, but I will not give him any grief for yanking it out like that. I understand his principles and mindset. Pulling the belly plate should not be a step for the R&R of a starter, accessibility to the starter should have been a primary concern when the machine was designed. Dropping the belly plate should only be necessary when removing the engine oil pan for major repairs, not something as minor/routine as a starter. The engineers should have thought like "Suppose this machine has a starter failure in mud up to the belly plate." And regarding the "core" of the old starter, new starter probably does not require a core, lots of new starters now don't even want a core unit returned. The OEM starter was old school type with actual field coils, the new starter uses permanent magnet fields, and that is why it is only about half the diameter of the OEM starter.
Ad Nast
Ad Nast 19 dagar sedan
That's why you should start machinery at least once a month or fortnight.. lucky he didn't crack the engine/trans housing
Greg Deeth
Greg Deeth 19 dagar sedan
I bet you the guy that installed the original starter (in the factory) thought to himself, boy oh boy, the guy that's gonna replace this starter is going to need a skid steer.
Space Kissingher
Space Kissingher 19 dagar sedan
These video always make me feel more validated about the way I wrench on things. I've torched out a few starters and yanked many soft parts with an excavator
Graham Kennedy
Graham Kennedy 20 dagar sedan Like big truck transmissions?
65easyrider 20 dagar sedan
Love your videos, man! Looking forward to undercarriage overhaul someday. Thank you for posting all this!
Mathis J
Mathis J 21 dag sedan
I've so far found nothing better than this dude on SVfrom. I've come close, but he's still nr1.
Baron Clime
Baron Clime 21 dag sedan
That sounds like a solenoid issue. The starter will either go or it won't. It may be sluggish or engage the Bendix and not do anything. The clicking will be the solenoid. Also would have been quicker to remove the belly pan.
nick echavarria
nick echavarria 21 dag sedan
Don’t think he got a core for that starter..!
RKelly Pullin
RKelly Pullin 21 dag sedan
Caterpillar sure screwed the pooch on that starter access....SMH
Keith Fox
Keith Fox 22 dagar sedan
Engineers can be jerks eh?
Dale Premo
Dale Premo 22 dagar sedan
Where's the chainsaw?
Shawn Brown
Shawn Brown 23 dagar sedan
AC starter removal kit: big ass chain, skid steer! Job done ✅😂🤓
V33R4J S1NGH 23 dagar sedan
What’s that foam he put on, to prevent corrosion and keep a good connection
dre04mach 23 dagar sedan
Jesus, did they outsource this model to VW? :D
homeslice gamer
homeslice gamer 23 dagar sedan
what was that stuff you sprayed on the battery cables?
B W 25 dagar sedan
B W 25 dagar sedan
Would not make a pimple on a mechanics ass! It it good to have a rich mommy and a rich daddy!
V33R4J S1NGH 23 dagar sedan
Brenda Ortega
Brenda Ortega 26 dagar sedan
I'd be cussing by now.
ZIPPI 79 26 dagar sedan
А я думал что только мы русские можем кувалдой технику ремонтировать
Bruce MacGlynn
Bruce MacGlynn 26 dagar sedan
Bo88y22 26 dagar sedan
I Think your dad may have been right back in the day, ( just hire a machine when you need it). Some of these machines are lying doing nothing for a long time, not earning, money tied up and costing big bucks to fix. Ok they are good for you tube content, but I still reckon dad was on the right track.
Tony Scott
Tony Scott 26 dagar sedan
i wonder how they got those bolts in when they installed them.
Junior Alfaro
Junior Alfaro 26 dagar sedan
Can you tell me how to buy that type of wrench??????
Bill Jenkins
Bill Jenkins 27 dagar sedan
Andrew folds napkins, gets 150k views. I'd watch.
Guy Patts
Guy Patts 27 dagar sedan
Nice work u get it done thats all that matters 👍
Tommy Pate
Tommy Pate 27 dagar sedan
It needs a grease job also
Tommy Pate
Tommy Pate 27 dagar sedan
Andrew's nice excavation equipment
B Ye
B Ye 28 dagar sedan
Impressive. Most impressive. Obiwan taught you well. And caterpillar needs to have their engineers learn feng shui.
David Osbourne
David Osbourne 29 dagar sedan
Things are getting serious
Perry 29 dagar sedan
That was a bit of luck. Worried you would break the bell housing. Does this thing have glow plugs? I hate stuff that is not designed to be maintained.
Phil M
Phil M 29 dagar sedan
Newton Highlands Auto Parts. 1994 forever
Phil M
Phil M 29 dagar sedan
Good job dude. You fuckin did it and that is all that matters
Phil M
Phil M 29 dagar sedan
Good show
Phil M
Phil M 29 dagar sedan
My wife is kinda having a weight problem
Phil M
Phil M 29 dagar sedan
Couple of timing belts and a paint job
Phil M
Phil M 29 dagar sedan
I can sell you an alternator some brake pads turn the drums and correct your steering.
Phil M
Phil M 29 dagar sedan
Trump 2020
Phil M
Phil M 29 dagar sedan
Yeah dude. Just replace the starter
Phil M
Phil M 29 dagar sedan
Just replace the starter
Damon Hayden
Damon Hayden Månad sedan
you should invest in a air rechet
V33R4J S1NGH 23 dagar sedan
He has one never uses it check the video on the utv when he replaces the brakes
-Tee- -Bee-
-Tee- -Bee- Månad sedan
“If it doesn’t fit, get a bigger hammer”, or in your way of doing things, get the skid steer.🤷‍♂️🤣🤷‍♂️
Phil Mohl
Phil Mohl Månad sedan
I would say all you needed was a new solenoid, almost always the starter is good whilst the solenoid (main contacter) has melted it contacts
David Elliott
David Elliott Månad sedan
Your batteries stand for long periods which seriously shortens the working life. Have a look at LFP batteries. They can stand for months with no damage and will deliver 95% of the charge capacity so only need to be 30% of the size of a lead acid because LAs can only deliver 30% at full current. They do need heater pads for cold weather so you'd need to think about that. But they will work when cold, you just need a couple of failed attempts to warm the battery cells.
Prince Harambe
Prince Harambe Månad sedan
Golden hands
Timothy Pirnat
Timothy Pirnat Månad sedan
Caterpillar should be ashamed to not give access to commonly replaced parts.......
Jimmy C
Jimmy C Månad sedan
He has the patience of a saint. I probably would have just lit the thing on fire and walked away
Johnny621 Månad sedan
"I've been at this for hours, can't get those two bolts... Now the torch is out." lolz. I found your channel a couple weekends ago and I haven't stopped watching since.
God that looks like a pain in the ass to work on nice video
Double Doink
Double Doink Månad sedan
I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes through this type of crap with my "fun" hobbies. Engineers will go on and on about their intelligence but most have little real world knowledge in such things as this. You would be surprised at how much cut and paste I see on specifications in my real job. Anyway, this is so fun to watch because I just went through a 97 Ford F350 10 hour 460 engine oil pan gasket replacement. Look it up... it's insane.
Baskin Robbins
Baskin Robbins Månad sedan
You should stick to grading driveways, you are worse than a Walmart oil tech!
Baskin Robbins
Baskin Robbins Månad sedan
@Andrew Camarata 😭😭
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Månad sedan
I'll do whatever I want to do.
Jerry Blice
Jerry Blice Månad sedan
Don’t ever give up your day job to become a mechanic it’s not gonna work
Larry Torres
Larry Torres Månad sedan
The horrible catsup promisingly ski because vest totally force unlike a joyous height. lush, next tongue
xyz xyz
xyz xyz Månad sedan
Perfect application for a Wera Joker wrench
Nick Horne
Nick Horne Månad sedan
Dude, you went full on bulldozer on that bulldozer. How are you expecting to install the new one with a torch and a pry bar?
carl kenyon
carl kenyon Månad sedan
I saw this last week . Today i'm laying under my volvo s40 trying to get the sway bar bushings off. I say outloud " I've been messing with this bolt for too long, time for the cutting torch " then I say " damn I don't have a cutting torch " , then I think Sawsall , bam the bolt is off in no time ..Thank you Andrew !!!!....
Олег Лежнев
Олег Лежнев Månad sedan
Я думал что только Русские инженеры рукажопые!? Но нет тут опередили всю планету!🤣😂🤣
Charles De Francisco
Charles De Francisco Månad sedan
I love your can do attitude Andrew and I like others never saw such a brutal attempt to remove a srarter I own a similar machine and mine starts just looking at the future when you replace a direct drive starter which by design are bulky can get a gear reduction type that is considerably smaller...I replaced one on my cat c12 just because I like the way it sounds and they require less amp draw which would be useful in your machine as it seems to not fire quickly
big baza30
big baza30 Månad sedan
No Wait !.....Did you just yank a starter motor out of a Dozzer with a Bobcat ? f^*kin MINT. love it
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal Månad sedan
"They want you to take that bottom plate off, I'M NOT DOING IT. " rofl I was wondering if that would be true...then came the jaws of starter extraction and the big chain - then the RIPPPP ... oh.. how about that, starter nosecone crack-o-toast and bolt snapped success... No way man. Come on man !
Accomplished Auto
Accomplished Auto Månad sedan
Put the old one back in the box and hope the parts guy doesn’t open it but still gives you core credit
Jeff Weber
Jeff Weber Månad sedan
"That starter broke into pieces coming out of there for no good reason at all"
Donatella Botolino
Donatella Botolino Månad sedan
How the heck did you learn how to do that 👍 impressive 💃🏻
Shank Armstrong
Shank Armstrong Månad sedan
In a few years a retired operator will view this and give you all the wisdom you need. It's not me I just bought amc at 2$!!
Sarah Southgate
Sarah Southgate Månad sedan
Great video so helpful. Recommendation for you to enjoy for fun. The Post Apocalyptic Inventor. useful rebuilds (not the super restoration kind, just practical )
Shane Berryman
Shane Berryman Månad sedan
old delicate fingers
wompchar Månad sedan
Mechanics HATE this one easy trick!
nocoolname32 Månad sedan
i have a feeling you would have got a lot more views if you would have actually been honest and titled the video "using a skid steer and cutting torch to replace a starter"
nocoolname32 Månad sedan
it's only stupid if it doesn't work.
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