Neutron Star Merger Gravitational Waves and Gamma Rays

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The merging of two neutron stars was detected by gravitational waves and then by telescopes in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is a historic detection as it demonstrates:
- the first gravitational waves detected from inspiraling neutron stars
- the first joint observation by gravitational wave and electromagnetic wave astronomy
- identification of a gamma ray burst in conjunction with merging neutron stars
- how gravitational waves and gamma rays can be used together to locate their source
All evidence so far indicates that the data support General Relativity.
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Jets and Debris from a Neutron Star Collision
This animation captures phenomena observed over the course of nine days following the neutron star merger known as GW170817. They include gravitational waves (pale arcs); a near-light-speed jet that produced gamma rays (magenta); expanding debris from a "kilonova" that produced ultraviolet (violet), optical and infrared (blue-white to red) emission; and, once the jet directed toward us expanded into our view from Earth, X-rays (blue).
Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/CI Lab
Virgo Helps Localize Gravitational-Wave Signals
Sky localizations of gravitational-wave signals detected by LIGO beginning in 2015 (GW150914, LVT151012, GW151226, GW170104), and, more recently, by the LIGO-Virgo network (GW170814, GW170817). After Virgo came online in August 2017, scientists were better able to localize the gravitational-wave signals. The background is an optical image of the Milky Way. The localizations of GW150914, LVT151012, and GW170104 wrap around the celestial sphere, so the sky map is shown with a translucent dome.
Credit: LIGO/Virgo/NASA/Leo Singer (Milky Way image: Axel Mellinger)
Variety of Gravitational Waves and a Chirp
The signal measured by LIGO and Virgo from the neutron star merger GW170817 is compared here to previously detected binary black hole mergers. All signals are shown starting at 30 Hertz, and the progression of GW170817 is shown in real time, accompanied by its conversion to audio heard at the end of the movie. GW170817 was observable for more than 30 times longer than any previous gravitational-wave signal.
Credit: LIGO/University of Oregon/Ben Farr
LIGO is funded by the NSF, and operated by Caltech and MIT, which conceived of LIGO and led the Initial and Advanced LIGO projects. Financial support for the Advanced LIGO project was led by the NSF with Germany (Max Planck Society), the U.K. (Science and Technology Facilities Council) and Australia (Australian Research Council) making significant commitments and contributions to the project.
More than 1,200 scientists and some 100 institutions from around the world participate in the effort through the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, which includes the GEO Collaboration and the Australian collaboration OzGrav. Additional partners are listed at
The Virgo collaboration consists of more than 280 physicists and engineers belonging to 20 different European research groups: six from Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in France; eight from the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) in Italy; two in the Netherlands with Nikhef; the MTA Wigner RCP in Hungary; the POLGRAW group in Poland; Spain with the University of Valencia; and the European Gravitational Observatory, EGO, the laboratory hosting the Virgo detector near Pisa in Italy, funded by CNRS, INFN, and Nikhef.

Alex Benton
Alex Benton 24 dagar sedan
Why isn’t promethium produced in these mergers?
ChipTheApe Månad sedan
Voicecrack at 4:52
Yowshi52 2 månader sedan
omg seeing the actual thing at 2:45 is just awesome I don't even have the words
Ricardo González
Ricardo González 2 månader sedan
Great video!
AussiePeaceKeepers 3 månader sedan
Wow what a great video. #WWG1WGA #b17drop #WWG1WGAWW #B17Bombdrop
nsamba taufeeq
nsamba taufeeq 4 månader sedan
its a miracle that you can see an event 133 million years old
pokenei 4 månader sedan
The video didn't explain the absurd sensitivity of the instrument required to detect gravitational waves. That's what caused people to be skeptical, not the idea of detecting gravitational waves. How do you rule out that the vibrations are of Earthly origin which are much much much more probable?
Arjo Das
Arjo Das 7 månader sedan
When 2 people shoot each other in fortnite and your CPU starts rattling
PRADEEP KUMAR 8 månader sedan
Sounds like a sneaky fart.
Matjaž Čeh
Matjaž Čeh 9 månader sedan
Yo dumbo, check "Sagnac Interferometer" and you will see how full of lies those scientists are
Bitcoin Motorist
Bitcoin Motorist 10 månader sedan
Cool, so now we know how to make gold
The Duke 71000 71000
The Duke 71000 71000 11 månader sedan
The Claim is quite simply incorrect ! As less than 0.5% of mainstream Cosmological scientists availed themselves of an Electrical Engineering degree or better, they are in the words of an Astro Electrical Physicist "Not qualified to look at the Universe, so of course they cannot identify correctly what they are looking at". The Universe IS Electrical.
Cymoon RBACpro
Cymoon RBACpro År sedan
Danish physicists claim to cast doubt on detection of gravitational waves *The creation of an illusion* Understanding by analogy; The cookie dough is represented by the noise picked up by the instrument (LIGO) in order to create a cookie (the chirp) you would need a mold (the filter) and impress the cookie cutter (mold or filter ) into the mass of dough (noise ) in order to form the cookie, the expected signal the chirp. So you see, the signal, the so called *gravitational chirp (the cookie) is a creation of the process (*Convolution) a mathematical artifact and it doesn’t stand alone.* Without the cookie cutter (the filter) you have no cookie (Chirp signal)! *Convolution; is a mathematical operation on two functions (f and g) that produces a third function expressing how the shape of one is modified by the other. The term convolution refers to both the result function and to the process of computing it. It is defined as the integral of the product of the two functions after one is reversed and shifted.
Greg Smith
Greg Smith År sedan
"A clear gravitational wave signal"...? Don't you mean a signal interpreted as a gravitational wave? I'm sure you meant to say that and not jump to conclusions. Too much bad interpreting going on around here! Check the electromagnetic universe theories before you jump.
C Harris
C Harris År sedan
183 MILLION years ago 2 dinosaurs on opposite sides of the largest landmass took a sh!t in the local river...simultaneously this caused a gravity wave in the water that traveled many miles and eventually collided creating a Supermassive 'hydrostatic ripple merger' that scientists have just detected with LIEgo and its theoretically beyond questionable irrefutable absolute fact and they know which 2 dinosaurs were responsible. Simple mathematical equation.
Helli BRO
Helli BRO 3 månader sedan
JT År sedan
So neutron stars which are just small enough to not have become black holes initailly don't create a black hole when they merge?
IAM HE År sedan
So our solar system was created from double neutron star killonova explosion 💥 left over collections of gas cluster clouds that formed 118 table of heavy elements known on periodic table. Amazing😉hip hip hooray😃😄 😁
Siddharth Kakroo
Siddharth Kakroo År sedan
It was a black hole merger
Frank DiMeglio
Frank DiMeglio År sedan
E=mc2 is DIRECTLY and fundamentally derived from F=ma. This truly explains PERPETUAL MOTION. By Frank DiMeglio​​
Freethinker G
Freethinker G År sedan
Are there some people who still believe earth is flat? Lighthouses are more helpful than Churches. The way to see faith is to shut the eye of reason. Proud to be a free thinker.
Rafael Pelegrina Pieroni
Rafael Pelegrina Pieroni År sedan
A 'hi mate' from Oz, Derek. For the last 14 months, I've used quite a few of your videos to study and satiate a bit of my curiosity. Right now I am collecting the information from this one in combination with to refer back to your content for a uni assignment. If you don't mind me making a suggestion to you, please always put your full name at the beginning of your video descriptions or say your name at the end of the video. Just because although people know you and your face, I believe that some folks, still don't know your name. Thanks a lot and have a great day.
Steve Crothers
Steve Crothers År sedan
Crothers, S.J., Time Warps And The M87 ‘Black Hole’, Stephen Crothers on the Synthetic Imaging of EHT’s “First Image of a Black Hole” in M87,
broe5010 broe5010
broe5010 broe5010 År sedan
Does he like orange?
World Friend
World Friend År sedan
Derek I love you and want to send you humble kiss!
Jedi Monk
Jedi Monk År sedan
Aren't these all picked out of tens of thousands of possible candidates on a computer catalog? Are the g-waves faster than the light? The other one had a blind spot??? XD
Illuminati65 År sedan
showermeinblood År sedan
Lmfao "blindspot" wow
Zachariah M. Baird
Zachariah M. Baird År sedan
My mom told me to stop watching so many dumb videos on my phone. 90% of the stuff I've watched in the past couple weeks is Veritasium.
Samhiter123 År sedan
Pretty darn cool. I'm glad space camp intro'd me to this stuff
Cymoon RBACpro
Cymoon RBACpro År sedan
*The quantum Microscope LIGO* It is appalling the lack of self assessment in the scientific community, relating to this LIGO chirp. Possibilities; Microscope *LIGO device is actually a seismic instrument,* for detecting and measuring activity in the quantum environment, what is referred to as the quantum foam or ether. What is this “foam “ ? Well, John Wheeler derived the concept of the “quantum foam” in 1955. It is also referred to as spacetime foam and bears a superficial resemblance to the old concept of the ether (or Aether). So inadvertently these scientists have entered the realm of the Quantum environment, and are listening into a new phenomenon called Quantum foam which physicists describe to be a place of violent activity of the quantum world. ...the chirp is nothing more than the pops and crackles of this quantum environment and are not related to black holes.
Cymoon RBACpro
Cymoon RBACpro År sedan
Explosions will never yield something greater than what it started with. If mass is energy and explosions takes place which implies an expenditure of energy or a lost of mass which will produce less gravity (less gravitational energy) specially , when considering a sphere gravitational energy is concentrated on the surface. In insisting that a explosions creates something of greater gravitational energy is to violate the laws of nature (Conservation of energy) in other words, you’re claiming perpetual machine. This presentation is total hogwash
Abirdthatflew År sedan
"There can be no doubt..."? Science consists of two wings, The theoretical and the pragmatical. If this discovery can be put to use, then fair play. So far, only Kepler's laws, Doppler Shift, Boyle's Law, and a few others, have worked out for practical purposes in astronomy. All the rest, like Time and Space are conjectural. BTW, Maths is not physics: maths is an abstraction of the world, it doesn't actually exist, whereas physics is real. We landed a man on the moon, and took high-quality photos of Pluto, using what we know for sure in physics. Theoretical physics, like black holes and space-time and the Big Bang, are speculations, and never actually observed. Computer models and out-of-this-world maths, and the backing of half-wit professors pleading with the bursary for a hand-out, is not science, it is buffoonery. Lets get real: can you cure cancer? Or don't you give a damn about the real world? Gravity waves? Is it even a wave? A quantum particle, maybe. Or even something else? More research is needed, more funding, bigger computers, better staff, more money...
Billy År sedan
why do stars collapse under there own gravity when nuclear fusions stops, but planets do not collapse
Meme ier
Meme ier År sedan
I understand it on a basic level like this is presented... however, it makes me feel stupid because there is so much I know I can't wrap my head around...
Gabriel Cabungason
Gabriel Cabungason År sedan
Its like we are going back in time
Ed Cullen
Ed Cullen År sedan
How come they picked up the gamma rays seconds after the gravitational waves. Aren't gravitational waves instant since it's a force. And we only see the light of that system 100** million years ago (is that when the collision occurred?)
Chaitanya Tarkunde
Chaitanya Tarkunde År sedan
don't know what remains after that neutron star merger Is it seen or still a mystery
Xingyuan Zhao
Xingyuan Zhao År sedan
If you put a black hole in between sun and earth, and you make the sun disappear. The gravitational wave will travel through black hole and reach earth in speed of light, but the sun light will be distorted by the black hole and circulate black hole several times before it leaves black hole orbit and went towards earth. which means the gravity of sun will disappear earlier than sun light. Also, if you put a large body of water or cosmic dust in-between sun and earth, light will slow down, but gravitational wave won't slow down.
RaiyanPlayz År sedan
Wait a sec... Gravitational waves travel at the speed of light?? Does it really travel at that speed?
Cymoon RBACpro
Cymoon RBACpro År sedan
*Gravitational wave and its problems, explained* Lovely, beware of one hand clapping. Now for the bad news, In reference to this signal( gravitational wave) here is something to consider LIGO False positive; the problem is that the methods used to Extract the signal From a sea of noise and the interpretation of such a signal signal. The signal amplitude is smaller then a atomic nuclei a it must be filtered out from a sea of noise, the methods used is highly dubious, because the investigator introduces a predetermined template comparator that may introduce a bias in these extractions (observations). Furthermore, the filtering processing requires a inordinate amount of data processor or data comparison in Searching for the predetermined signature of a chirps, which starts with a low and moves to a higher frequency, may also be the characteristics of many other natural phenomena, not related to gravity. There is also another problem, interpretation of the source, at is, to associate the Signal (chirps) with a Specific cosmic events (Gamma burst, x-ray emissions). There are three natural relationships: similarity, contiguity and cause and effect. Of these, the causes and effects it is the most problematic where the narrative does not have a connecting principle, but instead it is artificially juxtaposed by the mind and not real. In other words, how many of these events could be associated artificially and are not real. How many of these events occur in the Universe and are accidentally and wrongly associated. This is a problem that has not been answered beyond a shadow of a doubt. *This is a prediction; they will find these type of phenomena (chirps) are very common in the environment and are not related to black holes. It Is going to be the biggest debacle in Scientific history! Similar to the epicycles of the past.*
Cymoon RBACpro
Cymoon RBACpro År sedan
*Singularity and infinities* Infinities and inconsistent reasoning. Here is an argument; in general relativity the equation called the Lorenz transform is used to calculate the limits of mass acceleration which basically is one over square root of 1- v/c where v= velocity of the moving object and c= Universal speed of light , note when v approaches the velocity of light the ratio v/c will equals 1 therefore the divisor becomes Zero, that is, you are dividing by zero (infinity is the result), which According to the theory of relativity means matter cannot be accelerated to the speed of light, or matter can not Exceed the speed of light, it is prohibited, because you cannot divide by zero (which would yield infinities). And this is perfectly reasonable argument, because this has been confirmed by particles accelerators, incidentally the discipline of particle physics which also interprets infinities results as a Indicator of an incorrect theory. But in black hole Schwarzschild equation which states the radius of the Events horizon ~ 1/(r x c^2) where r is the radius of the singularity which equals zero when black hole status is reached, we have a mathematical scenario which we are Again dividing by zero. And yet this is interpreted as acceptable, this infinity would allows matter to be compressed to infinity, a preposterous interpretation. Yet the opposite Interpretation is rendered when general relativity and in particle physics are Involved. Only in Astrophysics is these infinity results are Considered to be valid , and nowhere else, this is inconsistent Reasoning. why is this excepted?
Cymoon RBACpro
Cymoon RBACpro År sedan
Well here is a dose of Veritasium; the concept of the black hole or neutron stars violates universal law, as follows Explosions will never yield something greater than what it started with. If mass is energy and explosions takes place which implies an expenditure of energy or a lost of mass which will produce less gravity (less gravitational energy) specially , when considering a sphere gravitational energy (newton Mechanics’) is concentrated on the surface. In insisting that a explosions creates something of greater gravitational energy is to violate the laws of nature (Conservation of energy) in other words, you’re claiming perpetual machine. This presentation on black hole is total hogwash!
Cymoon RBACpro
Cymoon RBACpro År sedan
Neutron stars are hypothetical objects ! And the signal is a hypothetical interpretation, based on the existence of this hypothetical object.
Cymoon RBACpro
Cymoon RBACpro År sedan
I hate to bust your bubble, but In reference to this signal (so called gravitational wave), Has a flaw which needs to be addressed and that is LIGO False positive Issue, the problem is the methods used to Extract the signal from the sea of noise (which has a amplitude smaller than the atomic nuclei), the researchers use a predetermined template scheme that Introduces a bias in these observations which would lead to a false positive signal. Also the expected signal called the chirp which Exhibits a low to a higher frequency signature may be due to many other natural phenomena. There is also a problem when associating Signal (chirps) with cosmic events; There are three natural relationships: similarity, contiguity and cause and effect. Of these, the causes and effects it is the most problematic where the narrative does not have a connecting principle, but instead it is artificially juxtaposed by the mind, and not real. In other words, how many of these events could be associated artificially and are not real. How many of these events occur in the Universe and are accidentally and wrongly associated. This is a problem that has not been answered beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is a prediction; they will find that these types of phenomena is Very common and are not related to black holes or neutron stars, but are part of background local noise. It Is going to be the biggest debacle in Scientific history! Similar to the epicycles of the past.
Profound Techz
Profound Techz År sedan
In the graph against light and gravitational waves i saw the gravitational wave is detected first and then the light. So can we say that gravitational waves travel faster than light. And we broke the rule that nothing can travel faster than light.
Profound Techz
Profound Techz År sedan
@Lünkel Thank you for that explanation. I have one more doubt is there anything in the universe that can slow down the gravitational wave
Lünkel År sedan
No, it doesn't. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. However, space is not a perfect vacuum and light slows down when travelling through a medium. So the light was slowed down by the interstellar medium, while gravitational waves are not. Also, the light is released in the moment of the neutron stars hitting eachother, while the gravitational waves are strongest moments before that.
MultiTomtom23 År sedan
That and things like this just blow my mind...unbelievable...I am speechless...and on the other side there are still ppl that think the earth is flat -_-
Prof2You Smithe
Prof2You Smithe År sedan
Remember, science is never boring..............even when it is!
Cc Wynn
Cc Wynn År sedan
Thank you for another great element of truth. S--A has it as #10 greatest story in science in their 2018 Collectors Edition
Peter Kiss
Peter Kiss År sedan
black hole no exist show me one
Rilquer Mascarenhas
Rilquer Mascarenhas År sedan
It’s kinda a nice seeing you so excited about this, it reminds why I got into science in the first place
mr bad boy
mr bad boy År sedan
I think there is a mistake. if light takes 130million year to reach earth then gravitional waves should take more time then light so how did u guys decided that there are same from same collision?
Helli BRO
Helli BRO 3 månader sedan
Speed of gravity and light is same
fj333 plays mc
fj333 plays mc År sedan
mr bad boy gravitational waves travel at the speed of light so they arrive at the same time.
Arul Francis
Arul Francis År sedan
2: 31 - i thought neutron stars collided to form blackholes ? How is it that light's being emitted??? Am i wrong ?
Madhusudan Chunletia
Madhusudan Chunletia År sedan
But but but There are some inconsistency in their math
milapchand bhora
milapchand bhora År sedan
130 million light years !!!!! seriously how long will it even take to reach earth
Lünkel År sedan
130 million years. Gravity spreads at the speed of light.
busybillyb33 2 år sedan
Imagine the speed of these objects just before they merged...
stuart pratt
stuart pratt 2 år sedan
Is it possible that this is also at play with binary stars and we have not seen the event conclusion not sure if this sounds stupid but would be a wonderful thought experiment anyways
Raghavendran T B
Raghavendran T B 2 år sedan
How can I experience gravitational waves?
mrnnhnz 2 år sedan
"...more tools to understand our universe..." Cool. Bear in mind one of the last SVfrom clips I saw was Kurzgesagt telling us how we're creating such a cloud of tiny deadly debris in low earth orbit we won't be able to have stuff up there any more soon (cell-phone and weather satellites too, in case you don't care about science stuff up there.) That implies there'll be a lot less tools to understand our universe. No Hubble, Chandra, JamesWebb etc... Perhaps we should ramp up efforts to deal with space debris before it truly is out of hand (bummer we couldn't have done this 20-30 years ago when we first noticed the problem.)
Harry Hamburglur
Harry Hamburglur 2 år sedan
Something interesting I heard in this video. "The neutron stars emit gravitational waves and in so doing lose energy and this is what causes them to eventually get close enough to merge" this is a paraphrase, not exact wording. I would like to know why they are emitting gravitational waves, and does everything in the universe emit gravitational waves, I mean does anything that has mass emit (no matter how incredibly small) gravitational waves
ruben martinez
ruben martinez 2 år sedan
This guy is too enthusiastic. It is estimated by astronomers that if a detector covered the whole sky, all of the time, we'd detect about 2 GRBs per day on average, so one event correlation would still be accidental coincidence and may not be real, more would be is needed to affirm the conclusions, there is plenty of room to be wrong. How many flashes do you think there are in our sky in one day? Nevertheless , it's Amazing. How out of one chirp you can get such a convoluted story...Well, I guess, if they don't , they will run out grant money. I predict this is going to be the debacle of the century.
Maxi Brizuela
Maxi Brizuela 2 år sedan
¿Álguien sabe donde puedo ver el documental uranium en español latino?
ruben martinez
ruben martinez 2 år sedan
Newton's Law; for every action there's a opposite reaction, is still held Supreme and gives the universe stability. The Pauli exclusion principle keeps neutrons from collapsing any further, and according to this hack theory, it is the force of gravity which keeps this bogus neutron star intact. He also forgot the Heisenberg principal which is a corollary principle, that states; the more the confinement of matter the greater the outward momentum, there by countering further increase in density. This momentum is vectored against gravitational force preventing black hole or neutron star from forming.But let us not mention that, it will spoil everything.
ruben martinez
ruben martinez 2 år sedan
Look at this guy, inventing a very elaborate story, from just a light emanating from the darkness of space, if you believe this, I would love to sale you a Bridge in Brooklyn, cheap!
ruben martinez
ruben martinez 2 år sedan
The entire field of cosmology is a hack job, they invent physical phenomenon that has not been observed and omit the ones that contradict their narrative.
ruben martinez
ruben martinez 2 år sedan
The signal blip detection that he's talking about has an amplitude less than the size of a proton. Delusional!
Elisabeth Becker-Schmollmann
Elisabeth Becker-Schmollmann 2 år sedan
Wo kann man denn die entsprechenden Signale sich anhören? Eine andere Sache: Habt ihr euch noch nie Gedanken darüber gemacht, ob Gravitationswellen auch Einfluss nehmen oder sogar Eindruck auf das Botenstoffsystem hirnphysiologischer Prozesse? Mein Mann hat sich damit beschäftigt. 1987 betreffend - 7 Jahre vorher und 7 Jahre nachher - in der Mitte der Nullpunkt zur Zeit der Supernova 1987 A - und beobachtet, wie sich die Fluktutationen des globalen Sprachgebäudes anders verhielten, sich veränderten. Jeder kann heute, wenn er Rückblick hält, erkenne, dass ab 1987 viele globale Verhaltensweisen, auch in der Politik eine Wende nahmen. Erst mal soviel dazu.
Pranab Kumar
Pranab Kumar 2 år sedan
What a gamma Ray do , when it radiating on Earth? Please answer it, please please
Sairam Niranjan
Sairam Niranjan 2 år sedan
Astrophysics rocks!
Sairam Niranjan
Sairam Niranjan 2 år sedan
0:40 Hey! Today is August 17th. (2018)
Sanjay Krish
Sanjay Krish 2 år sedan
u look like elon musk
Ryan Tan
Ryan Tan 2 år sedan
It's funny how Eastern Time refers to a time zone that it in the Western hemisphere. Another instance of Americans thinking the world revolves around them?
Dana Chapin
Dana Chapin 2 år sedan
Ryan Tan - The designation of Eastern and Western hemispheres are human constructs you know with no basis in physical reality? Why wouldn't any country name its time zones in a way that informs that country. There's a lot to criticize America about but your criticism is a ridiculous stretch. We call it Eastern time because it occurs on the eastern quadrant of the continental United States. Is this too hard for you?
c Jones
c Jones 2 år sedan
Why do I find geekiness immensely sexy?
ҳҲ̸Ҳ̸ҳ 2 år sedan
How did kilonova create heavy e;ements when there were no elements to begin with ? just neutrons
Thaddeus Gutierrez
Thaddeus Gutierrez 2 år sedan
"No more doubt..." LIGO GW required several trigger times to reveal any pattern to their arrival times and correlations between their energy, distance, masses; the incompatibility of LIGO objects as a class with all other known BHs and, now, neutron stars should be considered as evidence of foreground effects, poor signal processing, bad statistical modeling, or an entirely different class of transients than BHs and NSs. We know from responses to the Creswell 2017 paper by LIGO, and further work by Akhila Raman, that poor signal processing and bad statistical models are accepted by LIGO and biased peer reviewers as standard and sufficient to approach false alarm rates and precision error so extremely small.
Thaddeus Gutierrez
Thaddeus Gutierrez 2 år sedan
LIGO detected discrete interplanetary-Earth feedbacks known as magnetospheric sawtooth boundary/particle injection events, which are day-minute correlated to activity of Earth-facing coronal holes, sunspot number, TGFs, substorms, and other periodic space weather. GOES and ACE record these fluctuations, with superimposed 5-minute pulsed globally-coherent CG lightning discharges and ground magnetometer data, coincident with phase-locked quasiperiodic LIGO "noise." Major thunderstorms were active in the line-of-sight, displaying this burst behavior, of LIGO detectors during GW triggers. Several unbiased analyses on LIGO data that I have conducted are available:
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 2 år sedan
Ben Reddick
Ben Reddick 2 år sedan
How neutron stars don't exist they are impossible
SuperBking1340 2 år sedan
Any proof ? Not a fukin chance Full o shite as usual.
Cubba 2 år sedan
I like how not detecting an event gave more information about its location than actually detecting it.
Jason 2 år sedan
Do the gravitational waves carry energy (on top of spactime) that make the waves? Or is the "energy" inside of spacetime's fabric propagating out around the universe? I want to know if there is energy riding with the waves or is the energy transferred into spacetime's "fabric" causing gravity that has separated from its original source. Gravity that is independent of mass...
Jakob 2 år sedan
More of such episodes Derek, it's in these you really shine imo.(highly fascinating and addictive)
Andrey Lebedenko
Andrey Lebedenko 2 år sedan
Should those gravitational waves be affected by universe expansion effect?
Rahul Raj
Rahul Raj 2 år sedan
Is is the gravitational wave effect on time....
T T 2 år sedan
The world has to be at peace if you want countries to work together. I wonder how many scientists would collaborate if their own governments threatened them against sharing information across borders. Hooray for world peace and humanity united for the pursuit of knowledge and advancement! I like how I learned how neutrons and neutron stars react with each other. You can call me kilonova
metalperslfx 2 år sedan
we are in a yet another era of 'watch & observe'. probably some studies too
Hollman Daniel Quintero Salazar
Hollman Daniel Quintero Salazar 2 år sedan
Alguien se dió cuenta que finalizando el vídeo al man se le salió un gallo? Jajaja es chistoso y triste por qué nadie va a entender este comentario :''(
John Johansen
John Johansen 2 år sedan
The sensitivity of the LIGO instruments is amazing! The gravitational waves they measured had a wavelength of one thousands of the diameter of a proton.
Obishman 2 år sedan
So, the event was located at 130 million light years away and the gama rays reached us just 1.7 sec after the gravitational waves produced. 1.7 sec difference in 130 million years is a very very...very small difference. It looks like the speed of gravity is the same than the speed of light after all.
a little boy
a little boy 2 år sedan
Man this is so cool.
София Благоразумная
София Благоразумная 2 år sedan
Лайк, если учишь английский по научпоп видосам:3
Reddit Bar
Reddit Bar 2 år sedan
But why the 11 hour gap , doesn't gravity travel the same speed of light
TimmacTR 2 år sedan
emacs john
emacs john 2 år sedan
what if the earth wobbles like a water-filled balloon due to some unknown geological phenomenon. So then does this experiment still valid?. Ideally, this experiment must be done in space.
It's Sathya talks
It's Sathya talks 2 år sedan
130 million year ago !? , Okay how are the scientist now seeing those things !? I mean the data which is apprearing are 130 million year old!? Can you please explain how scientist calculating these things and what are they seeing now !? So how to dected the present senario !?
Helli BRO
Helli BRO 3 månader sedan
Because light is slow
Billy Qian
Billy Qian 2 år sedan
Since the speed of light is not infinite, light takes time to reach us. Gravitational waves also happen to travel at the speed of light. As a result, something that happened 130 million light years away would take 130 million years for it's light and gravitational waves to reach us. In other words, these findings describe something that happened 130 million years ago.
Peter Pann
Peter Pann 2 år sedan
great set of videos, can't wait for the next, i have a question, as the gravitational waves are used to alert the telescopes to look at a direction is it then safe to assume that gravitaional waves are faster than the speed of light,,,
Dmitriy Kukushkin
Dmitriy Kukushkin 2 år sedan
Представим, что кто то резко стал великаном ростом от Венеры до Юпитера. Отбросим в сторону условия для его жизни типа воздуха, давления, температуры и т.п. Что было бы возможным для такого великана? Смог бы он бросить Плутоном в Солнце? Или растормошить и вытрести душу из какого-нибудь Газового Гиганта, как бы сказывалась на нём гравитация. Смог ли бы он как то передвигаться? Может быть цеплялся за планеты и отталкиваясь от них мог бы перемещаться? И что если бы он положил руку на Венеру? И с какой бы скоростю двигалось моё веко во время моргания.?Ну в общем всё всё всё что только можно будет попробовать.
New People A.B
New People A.B 2 år sedan
Wyatt B
Wyatt B 2 år sedan
We are actually observing the past from long ago? Mind blowing. I wonder what’s happening right now in the universe.
V kk
V kk 2 år sedan
What would a gravitational wave feel like?
Michael Siaotong
Michael Siaotong 2 år sedan
cant even prove that there is space. need to lie to everybody. all you have is theory:)
logitech4873 2 år sedan
I don't think you understand what "theory" encompasses.
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