Nancy Pelosi: The 2021 60 Minutes interview

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60 Minutes

17 dagar sedan

Days after her own office was ransacked by Trump supporters, the speaker of the House talks to Lesley Stahl about what she experienced that day and more.
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60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.

Jake Be
Jake Be 2 timmar sedan
"A deranged, unhinged, dangerous President of the United States..A handmaiden of Putin."I never thought I'd hear our beloved SPEAKER say that, and I'm a senior citizen.
jeff 2 timmar sedan
Deranged, unhinged speaker of the house... fixed it for ya...
jack william
jack william 3 timmar sedan
when is this old crow gonna kick it?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 4 timmar sedan
Impeachable accusations that our POTUS "stirred up" and "aimed down" an angry mob. Really Leslie, that's the best you've got?
Original Mama Grizzly
Original Mama Grizzly 8 timmar sedan
AND Nancy and co. were evacuated LONG before the Antifa and co. even broke in! THE DEMS PLANNED IT FROM BEGINNING TO END!!
Satomi Urata
Satomi Urata 8 timmar sedan
Ego doesn’t age well
Satomi Urata
Satomi Urata 8 timmar sedan
Man this interviewer knows how to do her job
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 4 timmar sedan
How many stimulus checks are we going to get and what is going to be the amount?
kevin wilson
kevin wilson 9 timmar sedan
Have people in the thirties and forties run the country.
Kathryn L
Kathryn L 12 timmar sedan
Well that was pathetic.
Christian T.
Christian T. 13 timmar sedan
Biden didn’t win, the democrats and the media are children of the lie
Ava Martin
Ava Martin 16 timmar sedan
Trump is THE worst president in the modern history of the United States. He’s accomplished nothing but covid deaths, soaring unemployment and a disastrous economy. He should be in jail for all the crimes he’s committed and thank GOD he’s OUTTTTT
Dottie R
Dottie R 19 timmar sedan
I wish pill o see would quit. Spouting hate, she says unhinged. What? A congressman is Not there to call any President deranged. They don’t like it because they have nothing on him for blackmail
Dottie R
Dottie R 19 timmar sedan
I’ve heard about the taking of organs by China, I want to know where are these organs going?
Daniel Jerónimo
Daniel Jerónimo Dag sedan
omg they broke a mirrow. omg thats terrible. lool what a show this people are playng... sham on pelosi and 60minutes
lotus flowers
lotus flowers Dag sedan
one more month then she would have had trumps baby,.
Nobody but libturds will ever wstch 60 min. Again. .
Todo lies 60 minutes. .
Steven Menendez
Steven Menendez Dag sedan
We love u Nancy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Latinos for Biden 💙💙💙💙💙
Steven Menendez
Steven Menendez Dag sedan
Thanks Nancy ❤️💙💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️
elizabeth velez
elizabeth velez Dag sedan
How many stimulus checks are we going to get and what is going to be the amount?
jie li
jie li Dag sedan
simple fact! India 1 years got 10 million infected people! America 1 years got 25 million infected people! which means America corona virus ro×2 ro3.7×2=America infected people!
Rj Kogan
Rj Kogan Dag sedan
jie li
jie li Dag sedan
We infer New Coronavirus in the United States from the number of New Coronavirus infected people in the United States. corona virus it's RO 5.7!
Lawrence 96367
Lawrence 96367 Dag sedan
We should be able to vote on in real time what we think of Pelosi and of our politicians and of Bills, Exexitive Orders, and local events like Antifa, BLM, Capital riot, and Trump rally etc. Wosh there was an easy way to click if we agree or disagree with topics. With everyone having a smart phone would be awesome to have an app to engages americans to the journalist.
Lawrence 96367
Lawrence 96367 Dag sedan
Wish their was a way for 60 minutes to create a voting app to their questions. Would be awesome for us to have a way to vote and give them suggestions what to ask their guest speakers. 60 Minutes would get a good look at America’s concerns. There has to be an app we can all be able to vote on.
Siddy Sid
Siddy Sid Dag sedan
Impeach Crazy Nancy. She's useless. Saying Nancy Pelosi is garbage is an insult to garbage-she's obviously way worse than garbage. Nancy Pelosi has absolutely no redeeming qualities.
Bryan Kelly
Bryan Kelly Dag sedan
Mike Pence is a coward and so is the immediate past president. Lock them all up.
Fashion Fairy
Fashion Fairy Dag sedan
False Flag to stop the debates concerning the illegal electoral vote. Absolute hog wash . Color revolution Purple
pyro cybe
pyro cybe Dag sedan
I just cant understand how you can be 70 years old and not wanna really help the world?! Wtf are u people doing why are you so greedy ??? Y?!?!?😓🤢🤮
Yvonne Hess
Yvonne Hess Dag sedan
She doesn't influence anyone but the brainwashed sheep
wouldentyoulike toknow
wouldentyoulike toknow Dag sedan
🇺🇸This puppet needs to be removed from office she is true evil which we dont need this is a disgrace to our country how did she ever rise to this position we know Trump wasn't perfect but he was trying to fix our country but this hag and others made this terrible pandemic worse look what she did with stimulus we need to get rid of her and her followers dont let them impeach or President Trump🇺🇸
Nicholas Karounos
Nicholas Karounos Dag sedan
The fact she held the covid the relief bill because she didn’t want Trump to get credit is absolutely ridiculous and unconstitutional. She is a disc race to the American people
Nicholas Karounos
Nicholas Karounos Dag sedan
Pelosi is a disgrace of an American
Indeliblystamped Supertramp
Indeliblystamped Supertramp Dag sedan
FFS she should never take that mask off, playing with her denturs like that , i almost vomited in my own mouth
John Monday
John Monday Dag sedan
and Lawmakers getting a 3.2 percent pay raise in 2022 is purposed. While citizens get nothing but more lockdowns. Democrats in both chambers of Congress have reintroduced legislation to boost basic pay by 2.2% across the board next year, along with an average 1% increase in locality pay.
Belinda Henderson
Belinda Henderson Dag sedan
Omg! I hate violence!! This was disgusting! I wish it never happened! I also wish the democrats stood up and said enough when the rioters were destroying and looting businesses all summer. Killing cops and civilians. Democrats and media never mentioned that. Shame on them!!
Stephen S.
Stephen S. Dag sedan
I think anyone who voted for Nancy pelosi should be ashamed of themselves.
Merlin Senses
Merlin Senses Dag sedan
Leslie Stahl tends to criticize Pelosi first. ugh
jie li
jie li Dag sedan
thanks for America leadership leading world over the 100 million people got corona virus!
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Dag sedan
Soooo was it the Democrats that allowed and incited all the “protests” all summer since they never condemned any of the buildings being burned
Brianna Braden
Brianna Braden 2 dagar sedan
Only bad cus it came to there door but I have kids who are afraid of the blm and Seattle what happened there was fine because it did not bother them it only became bad when they were on govenor there in Seattle or Portland... hum think they would see that but no us little Americans are not as important are we ....
A O 2 dagar sedan
What a conspiracy theorist Nancy Pelosi is... She’s the one who is very dangerous and need to be impeached. Nothing dangerous happened at all except her madness.
Enstigator Official
Enstigator Official 2 dagar sedan
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Dag sedan
Shame CA
Eagle775 2 dagar sedan
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV, Jesus Christ is the only way
John Monday
John Monday Dag sedan
God Bless you. keep up saving the soul.
Waverly Johnson
Waverly Johnson 2 dagar sedan
2:57 She tried to cry, but can’t... 🤖
Alan Jano
Alan Jano 2 dagar sedan
Democrats wanted this I don't know why they are upset, 😂😂😂
More Power!
More Power! 2 dagar sedan
Nasty pelosi is a tyrant and needs to be treated as one and locked up
James Fox
James Fox 2 dagar sedan
Oh.... So Trump was a deranged and unhinged individual? Looks who's talking Pelosi.... You nasty HAG!!😠😠😠
David R. Stone
David R. Stone 2 dagar sedan
🆘 Pope Francis get it in your liberal socialist head that Joe Biden who supports evil baby killing abortion and gay marriage is totally against the Catholic church doctrine and teachings and it’s time for you to call him out as well as Nancy Pelosi. Now do your job as the leader of the Catholic Church ⛪️ Remember Jesus would not support abortion or gay marriage why should you?
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 2 dagar sedan
She Condemned violences when it comes through her doors. BUT when it comes to our homes she dosent condemned them.
ToxicBurnz 2 dagar sedan
F pilosi
jenn bi
jenn bi 2 dagar sedan
President Trump the greatest President!!!!
Lucille Marilyn
Lucille Marilyn 2 dagar sedan
Stop bailing out BLM and antifa rioters. Tell people what’s really happening. “150 Antifa dressed in black first rallied in the afternoon at Revolution Hall in southeast Portland behind banners that read, “WE DON’T WANT BIDEN-WE WANT REVENGE,” “WE ARE UNGOVERNABLE” and “A NEW WORLD FROM THE ASHES.” The banners were accompanied with symbols of communism, anarchism, a Kalashnikov rifle and the Iron Front logo. Antifa then marched unimpeded to the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon where they proceeded to smash windows one-by-one using hammers, batons and other tools.”
:p 2 dagar sedan
What's wrong with baby girls poor eye? 😕
Pat Jones
Pat Jones 2 dagar sedan
You reap what you sow Nancy.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 2 dagar sedan
always look forward to your videos !!
richardww427 2 dagar sedan
Pelosi’s private room is bigger than most people’s houses. Our government is enjoying our hard work and living the best life while they tell you the other party is the problem.
tybazsco5150 2 dagar sedan
This is such a bias piece of crap. Nancy you are a terrible actress and an even worse person. 60 minutes is bought and paid for.
Texas Koreana
Texas Koreana 3 dagar sedan
Shame CA
Find Bridge
Find Bridge 3 dagar sedan
Leslie Stahl looks creepy, like something from Coppola's Dracula movie.
Abdullah Akcay
Abdullah Akcay 3 dagar sedan
nancy is 80 (81 in march) lesley is 79 (the interviewer)
Gavin Byrne
Gavin Byrne 3 dagar sedan
The way she initially walked into that room reminded me of when Bambi took to walking for the 1st time. Like a frog on rollerskates she was
Erik Mitchell
Erik Mitchell 3 dagar sedan
It’s funny how trump barley got into office and they said his election was hacked by Russians now that the tables are turned Pelosi and these Democrats pout like babies and wanted him impeached from day one and now want him impeached because they know they can’t fix the election twice and will loose with a relection so let’s impeach him for there own security
Karmelle Bert
Karmelle Bert 3 dagar sedan
Did Nancy fake cry? I saw her try hard to cry but I saw she could not produce a single tear. It reminded me of those sociopath killers who fake sympathy.
Terry Walker
Terry Walker 3 dagar sedan
Nacey needs to brush up on her acting she suck at the crying scence
Suzette Conte
Suzette Conte 3 dagar sedan
Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. The Don reinstated the 1776 Constitution July 4, 2020. America no longer belongs to the bankrupt Corporation. Tick Tock Oh!! Thank for all that 'personal' info. LoL
studfindingball 3 dagar sedan
Two depraved elites more worried about misdemeanor trespass than a veto override that gave Army recruits a raise to $11 dollars an hour. Despicable. Time for an ice cream break, right Nancy???
Barstool Blues
Barstool Blues 3 dagar sedan
Crazy Nancy
Clay Austin
Clay Austin 3 dagar sedan
Nancy Pelosi 💪🏼💪🏼
regina roberts #fil-AMcouples
regina roberts #fil-AMcouples 3 dagar sedan
Yap this is not reasonable , world peace please 🙏🕯
Rigger Please
Rigger Please 3 dagar sedan
Our political servants have forgotten they serve WE THE PEOPLE. Not gonna lie. I’m glad they are a little afraid now.
Accidently on Purpose
Accidently on Purpose 3 dagar sedan
Shame on you Nancy for inciting riots. BLM/ ANTIFA caused over a billion dollars in damages and they murdered 20 people! The hypocrisy is ridiculous. O do not trust the voting system. Get all these greedy politicians outta office. They are not helping us
Accidently on Purpose
Accidently on Purpose 3 dagar sedan
This is a mostly peaceful protest.
Accidently on Purpose
Accidently on Purpose 3 dagar sedan
Hahaha Nancy!! When somebody cries they produce tears!!!
Bryan Black
Bryan Black 3 dagar sedan
There are proud to be cheaters and stealers! It's not over till the ugly polosi cries! And she will!, It's coming!
William Dunn
William Dunn 3 dagar sedan
Sounds like she slurring her words she should get a drug test or see if she drinking on the job
Yoobao Liu
Yoobao Liu 3 dagar sedan
Ah, I am not a fan of red or blue. But I hate this Nancy. She occupy this place for so long and she is not qualified at all.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 dagar sedan
economy post Covid-19. So many questions no coverage, no answers.
Bobby Rios
Bobby Rios 3 dagar sedan
Nancy Pelosi is stupid
Bobby Rios
Bobby Rios 3 dagar sedan
Why is she wearing a mask and you ain’t??
SuzyPappas 3 dagar sedan
where are your closed captions?
Scott Clark
Scott Clark 3 dagar sedan
Captions are not available for this video
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones 3 dagar sedan
My unlike is for Nancy, but I wanna thank 60 Minutes for airing this gem for us all to enjoy. Hahaha
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 dagar sedan
The devil is in control and is running things.
Donnation 3 dagar sedan
My God this woman is why our political system is a disaster.
David Hawkins
David Hawkins 3 dagar sedan
Communist cheaters
Üte T.
Üte T. 3 dagar sedan
Hope see loses next election
Kween Ree
Kween Ree 3 dagar sedan
She supports dt!
jie li
jie li 3 dagar sedan
we are tested some foods Contaminated corona virus! im just warning u be careful your foods!
Penelope Pitstop
Penelope Pitstop 3 dagar sedan
In response to a whole summer of BLM & Antifa riots, pelosi said "People will do what they do ". It looks different when she is in the middle of the riot now.
victorstu11 3 dagar sedan
Filthy humans these 2 !!! No one is buying your lies anymore. Even SVfrom is in on the fix having to editing likes and dislikes. SVfrom IS JUST AS BAD
Penelope Pitstop
Penelope Pitstop 3 dagar sedan
Who did she think Trump was going to Nuke !?! 😆🤣
R h
R h 4 dagar sedan
Deranged unhinged
David R. Stone
David R. Stone 4 dagar sedan
Warning ⚠️ Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi you’re going to put a target 🎯 on both your back’s if you move forward with ridiculous impeachment again. Remember 74 million Americans love President Trump and will absolutely despise you. Doing another ridiculous impeachment will only divide the country more, not to mention there’s crazy people both Democrat and Republican who are capable of doing crazy violent things. Your hatred for the president Trump will bring out the worst in those crazy people if you move forward with impeachment. Just go do your jobs and get the stimulus money out to people ASAP that are hurting. Many people already think you’re both incompetent career politicians part of the Washington DC swamp. With senile incompetent Joe Biden running the country may God help us all.
Dimafil Kahn
Dimafil Kahn 4 dagar sedan
Nancy is adorable
Vic Naz.
Vic Naz. 4 dagar sedan
Brilliant journalistic work!
no one
no one 4 dagar sedan
The devil is in control and is running things.
sam baaam
sam baaam 4 dagar sedan
Nancy Pelosi; Biden will be president no matter what"
Neywin Mongmaw
Neywin Mongmaw 4 dagar sedan
Politicians violate their voters all the time... That can't only blame Trump Trump and Trump.. Check under your collar too
vamshi hindupur
vamshi hindupur 4 dagar sedan
Oh comeOn now, politics aside she thought she could sneak that laundry n dishwashing, nice try, may be she thought that over the drive to studio!! I bet u couldn't hear pence voice over ur dishwasher n laundry sound huh
HoJo Chi Minh Biden
HoJo Chi Minh Biden 4 dagar sedan
Mustard 4 dagar sedan
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