My Video Went Viral. Here's Why

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My hypothesis is that the algorithm, rather than viewer preference, drives views on the site. As the algorithm shifts, various SVfromrs experience burnout (as what used to work no longer works) and right now click-through rate is the key metric. So clickable titles and thumbnails are the only way to get a lot of impressions and hence views - they are the only way to go viral. This leads me to wonder which audiences will become most prevalent on the site and if there will even be a place for educational content. In the long-term, hopefully SVfrom is able to measure satisfaction through surveys and other metrics to ensure an optimal experience for everyone on the site.
Flipchart artwork by Maria Raykova
Filmed by Raquel Nuno
Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci

FF UK 7 timmar sedan
Who else is trying to grow their channel? Let's help each other
Michael Connor
Michael Connor 5 timmar sedan
nopenopenopeomfgNOPE 11 timmar sedan
dig your stuff. keep cooking it. also - consider the bell rung
Mahdi b93
Mahdi b93 19 timmar sedan
Amazing explanation
Flavor Addiction
Flavor Addiction 21 timme sedan
you have some interesting and i think good suggestions in your video, but also some that don't really work. I have a channel and I am posting weekly one new video. this is the latest in the series and I think the quality is at least above average. The CTR is 100% but still, I'm bellow the 100 views regardless of what strategy I'm applying.
Raja Muda DiGunung SeriMaha Malapetaka
Raja Muda DiGunung SeriMaha Malapetaka 22 timmar sedan
You have a tonne of video which is 10 time better than blackball vid,.not just better but a valuable content enlighting people with knowledge,.ur subcriber is not like others channel subcrbr,.we followed ur vid for content that we really want,.u dont hv to follow every trick n hint just to catch the algorithm,.its only make a small fire cracker pop for a while,. im pretty sure ur creation of pre-existed content gonna keep ur channel growing
Fahim Junayed
Fahim Junayed Dag sedan
Veritasium spied on me. He just gave the examples of the channel I recently loved in Nov. 2020.
Микола Стрєбков
Микола Стрєбков Dag sedan
I am a subscriber of your channel for a long time already but I almost forgot about you and actually re-found your videos by clickbait about impossibility to measure the speed of light. So, unfortunately, your Mr. Beast is absolutely right about CTR. It's the world we live in. But I'd recommend to think about your own site as another/backup channel of content distribution. I'd see it employ something like Telegram/Discord/WhatsApp notifications about the new content and, probably, torrents for actual content delivery. And thanks for your work, btw. I really enjoy it. Cheers.
Name: Sza6
Name: Sza6 2 dagar sedan
"SVfrom what would you pick?" SVfrom: ○ Actually satisfy the audience ● Show as many ads as possible and make money ○ Other
PRINCIPLES WISE 2 dagar sedan
Wow! This was an excellent presentation, with a great analysis. Me, personally, I'm trying to motivate myself to start, but at the same time looking for content that helps me with the learning curve. Is like I have to know what is ahead, what to expect in this adventure. This video seems to have it all covered in a brilliant way. (Thank you!)
Chris Chan
Chris Chan 2 dagar sedan
From my experience as a watcher, like to dislike ratio (when there are enough of them) seems a good indicator of video quality.
Tanmay Jain
Tanmay Jain 18 timmar sedan
Sometimes that's misleading though, especially on videos sharing opinion on a certain topic. Like there was a ted talk giving evidence against homeopathy and was dislike bombed because people disagreed and accused him of being a person bribed by big pharma and being misled, when they themselves didnt have much to back themselves up.
Brent Kreuger
Brent Kreuger 2 dagar sedan
OK... you've convinced me. and I have to say that THIS is the first (and only) bell I've ever rung.
De Ganz Tv
De Ganz Tv 2 dagar sedan
Still 1 month anniversary at SVfrom and struggling yaayy
Whisky Pete
Whisky Pete 2 dagar sedan
Fantastic video, super helpful. Thank you very much!
Andrea Garrett
Andrea Garrett 2 dagar sedan
“harry potter fans that are bad at spelling”
Dr Fill
Dr Fill 3 dagar sedan
The veritasium ultimatum? Well done sir :)
Dr Fill
Dr Fill 3 dagar sedan
I have that ball thumbnail in the next video! Ps I learned ages ago that the vids I want don't surface. That means I actively go for the ppl l like
Nathaniel MaenNoop
Nathaniel MaenNoop 3 dagar sedan
Bell?! What Bell?.. oh.. that bell.. when that'd show up? .. err.. that DOES something?!?! How long that's been? huh//
squishyboii 4 dagar sedan
16:34 Oh?? I guess I gotta make better thumbnails lol
Muhammad Nada
Muhammad Nada 4 dagar sedan
SVfrom for me is search subscribe ring 🔔 normally I don't rely on recommendations and I wonder who is ?
Riham Hani El-Gendi
Riham Hani El-Gendi 4 dagar sedan
I clicked the bell. Oh Lord please help us. I guess now WE MUST help each other MORE THAN EVER.
Riham Hani El-Gendi
Riham Hani El-Gendi 4 dagar sedan
I cant believe that this is the reality. I am super sad i am actually very down and devastated because my....
Lovnish Verma
Lovnish Verma 5 dagar sedan
Sambit Pasbola
Sambit Pasbola 5 dagar sedan
This video got recommended shizzzz
Terence Statham
Terence Statham 5 dagar sedan
Open and honest. Respect. 👍
Laughing With Lucky
Laughing With Lucky 5 dagar sedan
This video made me very sad😭
Catra T. L. Heaven
Catra T. L. Heaven 5 dagar sedan
Thank you for this... quite useful... and thought provoking. Be blessed...
RDB's channel
RDB's channel 5 dagar sedan
hm, complicated.
J. S.
J. S. 5 dagar sedan
That was an amazing presentation on the easel; It looks like a lot of effort went in to all the hand-drawn artwork.
Peter Cawdron
Peter Cawdron 5 dagar sedan
For writers, substitute Amazon for SVfrom and the same holds true
SAVAGE & I 5 dagar sedan
You can ring my bell too. Ooooooh Yeeeaah. haha
SAVAGE & I 5 dagar sedan
100,000 views feels like a major disappointment. LOL I wish. I average 25 views per video. :)
Stephen Faddes
Stephen Faddes 5 dagar sedan
21:51 This is the first time I've heard a SVfromr suggest its audience unsubscribe if they don't want to see more content.That's how you know they deserve the sub.
pavel payne
pavel payne 5 dagar sedan
Hey Derek! In some sense, I think the algorithm is doing a good job - it offered me your videos a few weeks ago and since then I watch quite a few, very much enjoyed them and learned a lot of new things. But after watching this one, which I found interesting too, I feel like I have to write a comment. I'm a scientist (in experimental evolutionary microbiology though, not physics), and you have a science background too, so please label your axes next time! (Take it as a poke joke.) The main motivation behind this comment is to thank you for what you're doing and to wish you good luck with chasing The Algorithm in the future. But don't compromise on quality, keep it as outstanding as it is!
Yaya 5 dagar sedan
Thank you! 💜
Listen2 TheLink
Listen2 TheLink 5 dagar sedan
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Listen2 TheLink
Listen2 TheLink 5 dagar sedan
🔥🔥🔥🗽🗽🗽🌍🌍🌍🗽🗽🗽🔥🔥🔥🔥 HOW DOES STUFF GO VIRAL... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🗽🗽🔥🔥🔥🗽🗽🔥🔥🔥
Digital Know Matt
Digital Know Matt 5 dagar sedan
Absolutely fantastic video. I agree with you 100%. It is kind of sad, that sensationalism is currently king. I rang then bell homie!
TK's Planet
TK's Planet 5 dagar sedan Must watch
StarshipBocaChica 6 dagar sedan
Would love to see the analytics on this video... over time from 5/19/19 to today 11/18/20. We're struggling to break 30,000 views on a single video. This video now has 3.3MM. Congratulations on your channel. We're tired of being whipped by Alphabet Inc to create more and more so we just went ad free... and of course our views dropped. We're being punished. But! ... We produce because we love the topic.
Listen2 TheLink
Listen2 TheLink 5 dagar sedan
We support SVfrom Artists.
macca JFT96YNWA
macca JFT96YNWA 6 dagar sedan
Bell 🛎️ rang
Will Becker
Will Becker 6 dagar sedan
I agree those "see you again 6 months" people are very annoying
Listen2 TheLink
Listen2 TheLink 5 dagar sedan
Please support and show love thanks
losjorgos 6 dagar sedan
i actually know a real good way to fix it, but google is gonna hire me for that. hi lance diaresco, lets havea chat on sunday 😉
losjorgos 6 dagar sedan
i love your stuff. of course not everything, but the intelligent content. the balls video? seriously? i watched it, but that this goes viral kinda makes me sad compared to the great topics you offered in the past.
Listen2 TheLink
Listen2 TheLink 5 dagar sedan
What's up world. Please support
Heather Friedli
Heather Friedli 6 dagar sedan
did the pidgeons get water?
Kyle Broder
Kyle Broder 6 dagar sedan
Hearing a science channel, with the reputation of Veritasium, talk about the SVfrom algorithm, I did not expect that. Amazing video!
Top Nep
Top Nep 6 dagar sedan
that's why I have subscription as my yt frontpage, not home.
Listen2 TheLink
Listen2 TheLink 5 dagar sedan
Ok what happens burn out
oK 6 dagar sedan
Wtf that video is just below this video
Ishaan Nigam
Ishaan Nigam 7 dagar sedan
I am a youtuber since past 9 years but haven't reached the 5k mark yet inspite of uploading a quality content and my original music. Music lovers in the list are most welcome to my channel. Consider subscribing my channel to enjoy my new releases. Thanks :)
Listen2 TheLink
Listen2 TheLink 5 dagar sedan
Listen to my music
sofia j
sofia j 7 dagar sedan
oh great, here's a veritasium video. see you again in 6 months
Ishaan Nigam
Ishaan Nigam 7 dagar sedan
I am a youtuber since past 9 years but haven't reached the 5k mark yet inspite of uploading a quality content and my original music. Music lovers in the list are most welcome to my channel. Consider subscribing my channel to enjoy my new releases. Thanks :)
Chigeon 7 dagar sedan
Little did he know everyone would start to go viral... just in a different way.🦠
Avery Hubatch
Avery Hubatch 7 dagar sedan
I watch this video and the first one in the next up list is the 96,000,000 Black Balls on a Reservoir.
Cornbread Millionaire LifeStyle
Cornbread Millionaire LifeStyle 7 dagar sedan
Thank you for this EXCELLENT information. Now, I truly understand this topic. I'm inspired and empowered to create new content for my channel.
SavedBy Grace
SavedBy Grace 7 dagar sedan
The only reason I know you exist is because of smarter every day; even though I been watching that channel for a couple years youtube never had any of your videos in my suggested. I watched and subscribed at Destins recommendation.
Listen2 TheLink
Listen2 TheLink 5 dagar sedan
How about this... it does feel great...
Mateen Abbasi
Mateen Abbasi 7 dagar sedan
~21 minute mark - the first famous youtuber who told his subscribers to unsubscribe if they haven't rang the bell :O
strangefruit • Batalla
strangefruit • Batalla 7 dagar sedan
ThankYou for breaking it down so good 💚
Listen2 TheLink
Listen2 TheLink 5 dagar sedan
Hello world. Can we really make this viral...
Techie Cooks
Techie Cooks 8 dagar sedan
Great insights. If you are a new youtuber watching this keep on doing videos and you will be successful soon. Lets support each other while doing so. Keep on going !! and all the best
HanOnkel 8 dagar sedan
I always find myself scrolling through the commentaries in whatever video I'm watching. What if there was an algorithm that had the ability to present the videos that had the most wholesome commentary feed?
Olli Paust
Olli Paust 8 dagar sedan
hes like the only person who scientifically understands youtubes algorithms
Name: Sza6
Name: Sza6 2 dagar sedan
Mr Beast has joined the server
Samuel Prevost
Samuel Prevost 8 dagar sedan
Just sit tight, I'm gonna make what's called a pro player move
CuboFlix 8 dagar sedan
very good explanation
Chuck Reid
Chuck Reid 8 dagar sedan
rayan abu omar
rayan abu omar 9 dagar sedan
His video about going viral went viral. How ironic
Ultimate Badass Motivation
Ultimate Badass Motivation 9 dagar sedan
Love the way you explained how youtube is evolving. The strategy you are adopting to focus on sensational thumbnails, as long as your content's quality is great, makes sense.
x3mofile 9 dagar sedan
Do you know I have been avoiding your videos lately because of the click-bait titles? I now I love your content but ignoring click bait is so ingrained into my system that I haven't been able to click on them. However, because of the explanation provided on this video I will renew clicking your videos.
M H 9 dagar sedan
As a consumer this video was extremely interesting! And definitely explains a lot of things about how the system has changed over the years. Now, of course people change over time and their tastes change, and I've definitely trimmed my sub list more than once since SVfrom's introduction. But I've noticed myself being much much more particular of which channels I actually subscribe to, and with a smaller and more controlled list, I still don't get all of my subscription notifications. So instead I just head straight to the subscription tab and watch the newest from my favorite channels, instead of waiting for SVfrom to (maybe) show me what I've already said I want to watch. I'm amazed and admire the drive that you and the rest of the creator community have to continue pressing through, despite all of the crazy challenges thrown at you guys on a daily basis. Keep up the great work!
888 Records
888 Records 9 dagar sedan
I did not see that thumbnail but cool video
Tutor 9 dagar sedan
Lets MAKE this the most liked comment hihi
Stefan Alenius
Stefan Alenius 9 dagar sedan
I saw the thumbs up at 227999 and just could not click it... there you go: 228 000 likes!
D1V15OR 10 dagar sedan
I wondered why I saw titles change so much
snowiePL 10 dagar sedan
I think that the problem is that youtubers listen to the comments too much, and then change profile of their movies, intead of listening to their own "guts".
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Raphael 11 dagar sedan
dear Derek ... oft cited neuro-scientist Karl Friston has a model ... you are a wise guy and the feedback loop you are discussing is apparent in all living systems ... now would you like to see how *Karl's MODEL based on the Markov Blanket can be placed in a superposition with both EPR paradox and the ancient RoTaS SaToR palindrome and the algorithm you are trying to 'convey?'* ... thus presenting itself as the 'theory of everything' formula that Noble winner *Leon Lederman was questing after that could be placed onto a T-shirt?* .... what if ... basically a 'consciousness feedback loop' Here is Karl's model:
Laurens Woltermann
Laurens Woltermann 11 dagar sedan
The notification bell is for me the only tool I take seriously when it comes to what I trully want to follow. So I made that an "all notifications" bell for this channel a while ago and that seems to do the trick :) But for the views: thank you for explaining CTR! Might also be useful for me someday :)
Kons Fuzius
Kons Fuzius 11 dagar sedan
who is Matpat?
Rommel Art
Rommel Art 11 dagar sedan
Veritasium...we love you forever and we dont care about the SVfrom Algorithm...I am a child of Aristotle...we study not for money but for wisdom...we dont watch Veritasium for money or for entertainment...we watch it for WISDOM
Rommel Art
Rommel Art 11 dagar sedan
This means that you need to pay us graphics artists with a higher rate...this is the AGE OF GRAPHICS ARTISTS
Rommel Art
Rommel Art 11 dagar sedan
Thank God I know Photoshop. Soldiers lets go to Thumbnail Warrrrr!!!! Ahhhoooo aaaahhhhooo
Walter Mayer
Walter Mayer 11 dagar sedan
The best you can do is simple stay at the truth. Nature, math and science is so phantastic to show interesting news. But when a channel or tv starts framing the mind, it becomes awful.
Valeriy Huz
Valeriy Huz 11 dagar sedan
that feeling when you're subscribed to the channel for ages and still have 'personalized' bell (because default sub turned into personalized bell at some point), but still see every video on the channel in the feed
ZergeN 12 dagar sedan
you used green for the x, im out
William Lazenby
William Lazenby 12 dagar sedan
Haha! Jokes on you, I'm already subscribed 😂
Andoryuu 12 dagar sedan
I'd never seen the video you mentioned in my recommendations, until clicking on this video.
Martin Brunswick
Martin Brunswick 12 dagar sedan
The thing is it's the inevitable rational endpoint for SVfrom to make the most money because it's all about continuous engagement and sucking people into the cycle. It caters to trends, to the masses, not to the interests of the individuals. I hope that the direction you talked about at the end is actually the way we end up going
Videocast Nepal
Videocast Nepal 13 dagar sedan
Awesome. Keep on ringing the bell. 🤩
Alkuf100 13 dagar sedan
I thought I saw this and the black balls videos a long time ago how comes it was as recently as a year ago
Ângelo Lima
Ângelo Lima 13 dagar sedan
SVfrom should give us some tabs like reddit: "all" where they don't care about your history and subscriptions, "hot" which is click-rate, and "top" which focuses on watch time of whoever clicks
HailShott !!
HailShott !! 13 dagar sedan
This is the first video that I am watching of yours. And the way you have explained is so SIMPLE and EASY. It is helping me grow my channel. More power to you 💪
TheJaisah 13 dagar sedan
I'm happy for you to do popular videos and "tune" your thumbnails to be more clickable as long as the video content actually reflects what was advertised. Keep up the great work!! I hit the bell icon because I value your videos.
David Chavez
David Chavez 13 dagar sedan
They all complain about the same thing in the same way they all copy each other on every other video topic.
Evandro Carlo Ciaccia
Evandro Carlo Ciaccia 13 dagar sedan
Jérémie Fournier
Jérémie Fournier 13 dagar sedan
My suggested video after this one is Why are 96,000,000 black balls on This reservoir ? HAHAHAHAHAHA, damn it.
Csaba Bobák
Csaba Bobák 13 dagar sedan
Green cross. Green. Cross. A cross in green sharpie. And you contemplate about declining view count. (I'm joking, of course. I love your content.)
Rutvij Sankolli
Rutvij Sankolli 13 dagar sedan
Cleanest explanation of the algorithm ever given
Imafidon Isi TV
Imafidon Isi TV 13 dagar sedan
Thank you
Brandon White
Brandon White 14 dagar sedan
Now it's niche culture.
David Andrews
David Andrews 14 dagar sedan
Actually thought I'd done the bell thing. Turned out not so. Just did the bell thing. Ta for the reminder. 👍
Dae Star
Dae Star 14 dagar sedan
Bro the thumbnail in the beginning is all over my reccomended and shiz now. Why have you done this to me?
Lucifer MorningStar
Lucifer MorningStar 14 dagar sedan
I watch all of your videos. But i just realized that i haven't subs you.🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Texownian 14 dagar sedan
Damn them! they removed the BELL!
CHADAMITE 14 dagar sedan
The earth doesnt move andhas a dome over itself. It was created by God..
CHADAMITE 14 dagar sedan
The earth doesnt move andhas a dome over itself. It was created by God..
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