My Thoughts on Reality Shifting

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Holy shift kids are trying to cross the multiverse just to be with Draco Malfoy. Second channel ➤
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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!

Jasmine Carson
Jasmine Carson 6 minuter sedan
I got rlly interested in shifting stuff a while ago and all I ended up doing was creating a room from a show in my imagination and enjoying a hug from Jonathan joestar. For a lot of people 'shifting' just ends up being lucid dreaming which comes with its own problems and stuff cough cough sleep paralysis cough
valerio jim
valerio jim 9 minuter sedan
Happy birthday james I forgot to tell you yesterday, but it's okay, no: 'v?
yoitsjane 12 minuter sedan
The vaccination issue is just like abortion: my body, my choice. I shouldn’t be demonized for choosing how I live my life and taking calculated risks.
cthhkt 25 minuter sedan
he posted omg
It’z Zay [euphoria]
It’z Zay [euphoria] 26 minuter sedan
This guy is a legend.
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer 28 minuter sedan
Alex Menane
Alex Menane 29 minuter sedan
parallel universe mean no gravity
It’z Zay [euphoria]
It’z Zay [euphoria] 45 minuter sedan
I mean he’s just spitting FACTS. The reality shifting community acts like it’s a religion.I mean it’s TIKTOK..TIKTOK people. Reality shifting is a cool way to put how u can control ur dreams with literal scripts I get people try to put up the hype with trends since IT IS TIKTOK. This happens every time- Teens, as James said, don’t notice this but they’ve made it as a PSEUDOSCIENCE topic. But no one really knows. What if you can go into other realities. From what people know ofc the characters don’t really’s just in ur mind We should be grateful for the fact that we have the ability to control our dreams and not just “cancel” people for questioning major concepts It’s all about the experience and the fact that we can actually do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING in dreams I’m glad this got dragged out because this theory is way over humanity- This is the way James makes his videos. Hilarious. Entertaining. Absolutely better than watching countless lies about shifting tiktoks This is no way to cancel someone- cancel culture itself shouldn’t exist
SHADOWY_DRAGOX 50 minuter sedan
I believe that theres multiple realities but that u can shift from one to other nah i dont think so
Samuel Liang
Samuel Liang Timme sedan
Colin Johnston
Colin Johnston Timme sedan
Me seeing Nukes Gamez commented 3 mins before me: 😧😧😧 Someone actually watches the same stuff as meh
Nukez Gamez
Nukez Gamez Timme sedan
I agree with everything he says except for anti-vaccine
Gaming Viper2
Gaming Viper2 Timme sedan
same james XD 0:05 :l
Xander Spanos
Xander Spanos Timme sedan
Happy day early birthday
DreamRealmReality Timme sedan
Ah look another reason I never got into tiktok XD
SabYeet Timme sedan
So many Bakugo references😳
One and only Andrew G
One and only Andrew G 2 timmar sedan
Watch out bakugo is his if u see bakugo run before he sees u
Tater Spud
Tater Spud 2 timmar sedan
I would've rage quit at the last bit but DANG HE KEEPS GOING ON
Lucky Singh
Lucky Singh 2 timmar sedan
Bro plz try to make More per week
Lucky Singh
Lucky Singh 2 timmar sedan
Plz tell me
Lucky Singh
Lucky Singh 2 timmar sedan
Bro I like your video plz tell more things like this
Redsheep Playz
Redsheep Playz 2 timmar sedan
Is bassicly lucid dreaming about reality shifting so is just useless
Ethan Narvaez
Ethan Narvaez 2 timmar sedan
i want to go to the pokemon world how do i do this
Unharmedツ Timme sedan
LOL it doesn't work. It is fake.
Blubboi 2 timmar sedan
Pfft its funny how he posted this video one day after my friend actually shifted to the hxh world-
XxDarknessxX 3 timmar sedan
Me when i missed an Odd1sOut Video: *My Dissapointment Is Immeasurable And My Day Is Ruined..*
XxDarknessxX 3 timmar sedan
Since he uploads a *video* a *Month.*
David BaGuetta
David BaGuetta 3 timmar sedan
Oh in that case i will shift to Sigil "The city of door" 🤣
Spooky Grayster
Spooky Grayster 4 timmar sedan
My brain hurts
neida tamez
neida tamez 4 timmar sedan
i freaking love your videos
Han-a-land 4 timmar sedan
Fun fact: all the three “e” ‘s in Mercedes are pronounced differently
Kangaroo Monkey
Kangaroo Monkey 4 timmar sedan
I don’t know what to do with this information, but I am happy I know it.
Shine like a Star - Aarna
Shine like a Star - Aarna 5 timmar sedan
You got strange ideas, dude!!!
Luna Klenze
Luna Klenze 6 timmar sedan
ay you posted this on my sisters birthday 😩🤚
Vitor Gabriel
Vitor Gabriel 6 timmar sedan
Faz um vídeo falando sobre o Brasil
Baby Mitsuki
Baby Mitsuki 6 timmar sedan
It has been four months
Juaniprro Rosa
Juaniprro Rosa 6 timmar sedan
Y like bakugo too
Ojastej 6 timmar sedan
You can have super powers!
Sydney Wright
Sydney Wright 6 timmar sedan
James do you know what happen to jaiden she has´nt post anything and i´m worried about her so reply back if you know.
Noodlez gaming
Noodlez gaming 7 timmar sedan
its just lucid dreams
horse chip
horse chip 7 timmar sedan
i love it so much
Pro_Master /LJ
Pro_Master /LJ 7 timmar sedan
James why bakugou
Jc Amiel Dilig
Jc Amiel Dilig 7 timmar sedan
James is so old
Toga X Ochaco
Toga X Ochaco 7 timmar sedan
Back of bakugou his mine 💀
Latrace B
Latrace B 7 timmar sedan
Uhh what side of tiktok is James on? 🧍‍♀️
no.? 7 timmar sedan
I can meet taiga aisaka
Drawings from Jayden
Drawings from Jayden 7 timmar sedan
I’m dead in 145.350 universes.
Aram Mazhari
Aram Mazhari 8 timmar sedan
They are probably lucid dreaming
Kangaroo Monkey
Kangaroo Monkey 4 timmar sedan
Yeah, probably.
tno team
tno team 8 timmar sedan
Hogwarts is real oxford college
TheOddGator 8 timmar sedan
sophia Isabella
sophia Isabella 8 timmar sedan
Theodd1sout likes bakugou? Okay my respect went up
Random guy
Random guy 9 timmar sedan
I saw a debunking video on this video. Just why.
Marlon Bendijo
Marlon Bendijo 9 timmar sedan
I playd your geme it was fun i love it❤️❤️❤️
Jordan Leow
Jordan Leow 10 timmar sedan
Yeah mi brain is tellming mi there is not real beacuse taht no real there no clone there is no way can go to other universe so this is no real is fake
that one guy
that one guy 10 timmar sedan
Be funny if this got pinned
Mr Parrot and Steven Studios
Mr Parrot and Steven Studios 11 timmar sedan
8:09 *"Right Bakugou?*
0_avadraws_0 11 timmar sedan
"and also back off bakugo he's mine" -James
liubo raev
liubo raev 11 timmar sedan
You are taking tik tok way too seriosly my guy. Its litteraly a trend. These kids will forget about this in a week.
Sadbh O'Dwyer
Sadbh O'Dwyer 12 timmar sedan
I believe in alternate realities, but not reality shifting.
Bugwastaken ツ
Bugwastaken ツ 12 timmar sedan
It makes me really sad seeing/hearing a person I looked up to for a long time basically call me insane :( especially since shifting is honestly a comfort for me
Bugwastaken ツ
Bugwastaken ツ 27 minuter sedan
@Kudakwashe MAKWABARARA i had a stroke reading that 😃
Kudakwashe MAKWABARARA 31 minut sedan
He didnt say that he said show him the reaserch
Bugwastaken ツ
Bugwastaken ツ 12 timmar sedan
As a reality shifter this makes me sad :( ... shifting is a huge comfort type of thing for me
Bon appé-tit
Bon appé-tit 5 timmar sedan
@Bradley M if you don’t believe it that’s fine but why don’t you have to say all of that? Science can’t prove any religions but people respect their beliefs, also shifting has been apart of our history even before Tik-tok. Often Buddhists will astral project, is that lucid dreaming too?
cryxbxby 9 timmar sedan
@Bradley M you could've worded that better. god
Bradley M
Bradley M 9 timmar sedan
It's fake get over it. Daydreaming, lucid dreaming, and making fake scenerios in your head is not shifting. There is no such thing. Keep lying to yourself and others. No one believes you and everything you just wrote is a lie. You are so set in a childish fantasy that your special because you make day dreaming to be something magical.
Jax rapana
Jax rapana 12 timmar sedan
EthanHasntBrain 12 timmar sedan
James is gay people Comfirmed
Manuel Zaragoza
Manuel Zaragoza 12 timmar sedan
Nice. Word. And truth
Mace Jace
Mace Jace 13 timmar sedan
Is that a partial fursuit in the background from 2:50 to 2:53 in the video
ashloono 20
ashloono 20 13 timmar sedan
someone finally said it
Gaming King
Gaming King 13 timmar sedan
K jams I love vids but pls upload more pls we all love your vids everyone of your fans pls 👍👍
Samantha Kytwayhat
Samantha Kytwayhat 14 timmar sedan
Cats actually don't have nine lives the person who told that was lying🤔
Andriy Gibson
Andriy Gibson 14 timmar sedan
hi iv ben watching your vids for 4 years thay are great vids
Rachele Hamilton
Rachele Hamilton 14 timmar sedan
F yoyou
sssniperdog 14 timmar sedan
3:37 what
Hector Muñoz
Hector Muñoz 15 timmar sedan
"I did(1) my own(2) Research(3)" *(1)* watched *(2)* someone else's *(3)* shitty youtube video
劉智漢 15 timmar sedan
We all just wanna get isekai-ed
Floppy 15 timmar sedan
Right, Bakugo
Floppy 15 timmar sedan
Get your deep fried memes
Floppy 15 timmar sedan
Me: Did i catch the snitch. Harry Potter: No i swallowed it.
KirbyApprovesMemes 15 timmar sedan
"back off bakugo he's mine' like wtf
Flashbacks 15 timmar sedan
These “scripts” might just be fanfics
Bugwastaken ツ
Bugwastaken ツ 12 timmar sedan
Actually no, thats not how scripts work-
Flashbacks 15 timmar sedan
Then they just read it or something before sleeping and yeah
Kitty superstar Kitty
Kitty superstar Kitty 16 timmar sedan
Do you think all of this is weird TickTock has gotcha heat
Joseph Kieu
Joseph Kieu 16 timmar sedan
if reality shifting was real, bruh the amount of mangas i would......
Bugwastaken ツ
Bugwastaken ツ 12 timmar sedan
This is my personal belief but it is real 😅 you can
jellyfoot5 13 timmar sedan
GRAHAM MARTIN 16 timmar sedan
What if there was a reality where hogwarts or lord of the rings or the hunger games wasn’t created? How does one shift to a reality with hogwarts in it if they don’t know it “exists?” Like seriously so many loopholes
Itzyaboiwar Boi
Itzyaboiwar Boi 16 timmar sedan
Don't forget undertale and the multiverse
Laser Llama
Laser Llama 16 timmar sedan
And this way I hate tick tok
Bugwastaken ツ
Bugwastaken ツ 12 timmar sedan
lolnoo101 official
lolnoo101 official 16 timmar sedan
I swear my grandma literally put her PHONE in the microwave because it was COLD she is insane send help
jellyfoot5 13 timmar sedan
ben dover
ben dover 17 timmar sedan
Theodd1sout Is a furry
ben dover
ben dover 11 timmar sedan
NotHydroBlizzard 12 timmar sedan
This comment is a joke don't be mad.
Camilo Alejandro
Camilo Alejandro 17 timmar sedan
Adios Hispain comunitty reference moment
Boom 17 timmar sedan
When he kept repeating who wouldn’t want to drop out of a muggle puggle school it made me laugh so much 😁😁😅😂😂😂😂
Moonie 17 timmar sedan
As a reality shifter myself, I’d like to say that expressing our opinions about reality shifting is okay! Everybody has their own opinions and beliefs! But something we should understand is that expressing opinions in a harsh was isn’t okay. Especially as a big influencer with millions of watchers. Lots of baby shifter watch Jame’s channel, and I’m sure that this video ruined them. A lot of the information in this video is false, and should not be taken seriously. James refers to reality shifting as things that it is not, for example “a dream”. Yes, if we only shifted from the time we go to bed, until the time we wake up, that would technically be a dream. But that is not how reality shifting works. You can stay in your desired reality (dr) for however long you desire, it’s not a waking up or going to bed technique. Another thing is about clones. We do not take over somebody else’s consciousness. It’s a reality where WERE there, nobody else. Clones are just you. James, I understand how you feel but it is NOT ok under ANY circumstance to spread false information when you have no idea what your talking about. Thank you.
caesar salad
caesar salad 3 timmar sedan
@Bon appé-tit i totally agree
Bon appé-tit
Bon appé-tit 3 timmar sedan
@caesar salad Yeah you’re right, many could potentially use this as a maladaptive coping mechanism however, that doesn’t represent everyone. There was probably a better way to discuss this subject rather than making jokes for believing in something like that, and I can understand that’s just how he likes runs his channel he makes light hearted funny content to explain different topics. Personally, I’m not mad at theodd1sout, I’m just saying he could’ve done better but he doesn’t deserved to be canceled over this.
caesar salad
caesar salad 3 timmar sedan
@Bon appé-tit i completely agree with what your saying as i’m coming from an unbiased perspective as well. however, i don’t think the point of this video was to just disprove of shifting, but to highlight the effects it may cause to your mental health. he’s saying that the thought itself of escaping this reality when things get tough may be harmful, and the community in itself is quite toxic. he’s not making fun of shifting just to make fun of it or to encourage making fun of people in that community, but to explain that by believing in that may be harmful coping mechanism
Bon appé-tit
Bon appé-tit 4 timmar sedan
@Senn why is it dumb to believe and practice something? Again it didn’t come from the internet either. And from my understanding you can’t really prove or disprove of multiple realities existence either. I can understand why some of shifting “lore” isn’t credible because there so many teens talking about it, it’s like a game of telephone. However, I don’t see the problem here? Why can’t they believe in parallel universes as much as people believe in any god? Just because there’s not any solid proof doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not there, and just because someone practices a belief (that doesn’t harm themselves or others) doesn’t mean they’re dumb or that it’s fake. Lucid dreaming is the action of controlling your dreams changing however you see fit, reality shifting is placing your subconscious into a different version of yourself in a universe that was already there. Shifters do this through meditation or dreaming, they don’t have to be asleep. There’s no rule saying you have to visit a reality where fictional characters exist, you can visit any reality, which is what many people had done in the past to help them with the practice of manifestation (if you care to learn more Neville Goddard who was a professor actually wrote a lot about mysticism and self-help). I don’t care if you believe in it or not, just don’t be disrespectful towards other people’s beliefs when they’re not hurting anyone or forcing their beliefs down your throat, that’s all I gotta say.
Senn 4 timmar sedan
@Bon appé-tit It’s fine if people do it, but they shouldn’t think that they are really going to a parallel universe because that’s just dumb and would mean that you actually believe shit from the internet that is fake and in this case it’s not bad but you could start believing other stuff that the internet says is good/true while it’s not.
Greg 17 timmar sedan
You could make affirmations. Where you imagine yourself making reasonable changes to your life and you get determined enough that In you can make small changes. Like imagining yourself getting a B+ in your school grades and after being determined to study hard your grades can improve.
Mollie Franke
Mollie Franke 17 timmar sedan
I never went to a fantasy but I dream about a fantasy
Just_ Lazy
Just_ Lazy 17 timmar sedan
I really, really want people to know that TikTok isn’t that bad of a platform. It’s just the sucky Tiktoks that get fame.
M.r chemms chiquito
M.r chemms chiquito 17 timmar sedan
Hello James
Jasmine Wood
Jasmine Wood 17 timmar sedan
You have a weird obsession with Harry Potter-
Google staidia Kid
Google staidia Kid 17 timmar sedan
Google staidia Kid
Google staidia Kid 17 timmar sedan
Mxlkyway 17 timmar sedan
My friend just made a joke about charging your phone in the microwave
MOBILE MEMES ! 18 timmar sedan
Thats why he didnt show his girlfriend it is bocogo
Jakub podesta
Jakub podesta 18 timmar sedan
Eren Jeager
Eren Jeager 18 timmar sedan
Can’t you just, like, lucid dream?
K Woods
K Woods 5 timmar sedan
@Bugwastaken ツ Before you go throwing out the shifting stuff as if I think it real, I might as well ask. Can you give me one, just one, article, research paper or whatever by someone with a PhD or a Major in something that says shifting is remotely real
Bugwastaken ツ
Bugwastaken ツ 11 timmar sedan
@K Woods hun.... no... guess what in lucid dreaming you sleep 😮 in shifting you dont, some methods need sleeping but that all, its not like you go to sleep and then wake up the next morning like lucid dream no you could be gone for a week- like you aren't gonna sleep for a week- you would sleep how long you normally do and act like you normally do- thats what "clones" do lmfao
K Woods
K Woods 11 timmar sedan
@Bugwastaken ツ So... basically shifting is lucid dreaming but with extra pseudoscience
Bugwastaken ツ
Bugwastaken ツ 11 timmar sedan
@K Woods in shifting you're moving your conciousness to a different reality if that makes sense, literally you can just go search about it
K Woods
K Woods 12 timmar sedan
@Bugwastaken ツ what's the difference then?
Waylon Shelor
Waylon Shelor 19 timmar sedan
Did anyone else think of the change my mind louder with Crowder segment when he had the I will not change my mind part. *I like louder with crowder*
V-R Gaming
V-R Gaming 19 timmar sedan
Your gay
José CMN
José CMN 19 timmar sedan
Eng: Hey man, why don't you make a video reacting to your voice acting in a video on your secondary channel Pt-br: Ei cara, por que você não faz um vídeo reagindo as fan dublagem suas em um vídeo em seu canal secundário Eng: you have several fans in other countries an example i am from brazil Pt-br: você tem vários fãs em outros países um exemplo eu sou do brasil
cipher studios
cipher studios 19 timmar sedan
wait if you can shift into yourself in a another reality can you shift to other people in the same reality as yours
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