My Life Story

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The truth, with photons.
I hope I've articulated everything clearly in this video. If not, I'll clarify in comments. Thanks to everyone who appears in this video and thanks to everyone who watches this video!
Veritasium is of course a combination of the latin 'veritas' meaning truth, and the common element ending 'ium'. I guess this is my version of the 'draw my life' craze that rolled through SVfrom many years ago. Except I wanted to tell my story with the actual moments, the photons, the stored magnetic states. There's something about that which is so important to me (because I think the alternative involves fooling yourself) which is why I'm so fascinated by film and video.
One of my inspirations for the name Veritasium came from the end of the poem Ode on a Grecian Urn by John Keats, in which he writes:
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty,-that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."
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Terrance Snow, Stan Presolski
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Χρήτος Χάτε
Χρήτος Χάτε Timme sedan
One of the greatest channels on platform. You are sharing unvaluable and exciting experiences i love watching. I wish best for you and your work. A channel worth following
Nikhil Agrawal
Nikhil Agrawal Timme sedan
Laurence Mark Mallak
Laurence Mark Mallak 4 timmar sedan
Hi Derek, this video made me feel better about myself, thanks for shearing. I was so excited to hear that you went through the things that I feel now, that I started typing the comment below before the video was even done. Thanks again, Laurence.
Laurence Mark Mallak
Laurence Mark Mallak 4 timmar sedan
Hi Derek, I love your videos and would like your take on the path that I had led. I am a little like you in the respect that I loved music and astronomy from the age of ten, but ended up a truck driver. I feel that I sold out just for the money, but that is the reality of life for so many of us. Now I am retired and have a recording studio, telescope and make music and observations. I incorporated some time laps telescope videos in my cover of Pink Floyds “Time” But like millions of people SVfrom is not working for me. I guess I am not willing to do some of things that other SVfromr's do to get viewers. I feel that compromising my love for music just to fit the new trend’s is something I will not do, but that’s social media. I believe that good performance and production should be the goal in any endeavor and not going with the crowd, do's this mean I will never make it on SVfrom? Let me know what you think, thanks Laurence
peace peace
peace peace 8 timmar sedan
Great story. Idea 1. Please do not throw the child in air. It is happy for you but scary for little soul. So how about a film on this. May God bless you. And somehow continue research of PhD subject as well.
d0ct0rcolossus 9 timmar sedan
Hey dude, I just discovered your channel via Space Time, which referenced your double-slit reproduction. I really enjoyed the social dynamic of that video, where you talked with random people about the nature of light. I'm just beginning my career as a software engineer, which certainly is one of my passions, but I've also always wanted to be an artist and a musician, so I really resonate with your story and would love to watch your final project film if you wanna share that! ☺️
David Northam
David Northam 13 timmar sedan
Genuine people are admirable,, knowable people are trusted. Congratulations on a life worth knowing. Thanks for your efforts and ambassadorship of physics .
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 13 timmar sedan
Me at the start of the video: "Ah interesting" Me at the end: crying
Mahiya Jesi
Mahiya Jesi 13 timmar sedan
Black Friday deals loading.....
tramplerofarmies 21 timme sedan
getting rejected by the film schools should tell you all you need to know about film schools
Herr Kürbis
Herr Kürbis 22 timmar sedan
I like your videos but one thing bothers me: you say Veritasium is an element of truth but what actually is truth and how can you know that you convey it?
Divyansh Asthana
Divyansh Asthana Dag sedan
4:41 Why is Elon Musk in this video ?
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson Dag sedan
I would watch creative content about being a dad and teaching them life stuff.
Jayson Burke
Jayson Burke 2 dagar sedan
Me at the start of the video: "Ah interesting" Me at the end: crying
Айбек Зиябек
Айбек Зиябек 2 dagar sedan
Is he atheist? please answer me
Jawad Soomro
Jawad Soomro 2 dagar sedan
Wow Man, You inspire me hun. I did electrical engineering degree but I am graphic designer and video editor by profession! I am optimistic about my future business plans! Keep it up man!
Pubg Cruz
Pubg Cruz 2 dagar sedan
Great Person with Great Words
chellefell 13
chellefell 13 2 dagar sedan
it sounds a lot like verticillium.... lol, my tree mind goes again...
Jennifer Zheng
Jennifer Zheng 2 dagar sedan
You’ve always been a gigantic inspiration to me. I owe a lot to you and the other Edutubers who paved a little bit of the way for us. I’m glad for your growing family too, though, because Aunt Dianna needs some test subjects...
Higinio Marín Cánovas
Higinio Marín Cánovas 3 dagar sedan
I´m a law Ph.D student, I have studied law and philosophy at college and really enjoy your videos. They open a window to truths otherwise hidden or disregarded and I feel that they truly help the most of the times to become more aware of the overwhelming and fascinating reality we are too used to being embedded in without realizing (TS Eliot said mankind cannot bear too much reality). They are really insightful and had fostered me to study (a little) of physics and chemistry basics (I can no longer bear such ignoranceee!!). When I overhear someone saying that in youtube you cannot but waste your time, well, I just recall your videos and smile. Don´t know why but really can´t help myself to be really happy that you have succeed and really hope the (un)determined -yet anyways unpredictable- future (poor Laplace) will bring you and yours more and more joy! Thank u and please keep blowing our minds tiling the plane with finite pieces yet infinitely and UNPERIODICALLY!
Kevin Shen
Kevin Shen 3 dagar sedan
This is still science: Social and Humanitaries Sciences
Chess with Sagar
Chess with Sagar 3 dagar sedan
Try to tap Indian audience by providing subtitles in Indian languages.
Vinayak soni
Vinayak soni 3 dagar sedan
inspiring !!!!!!!
vyshak menon
vyshak menon 3 dagar sedan
what a wonderful life!! I wish i could give you an OSCAR for your life and a NOBEL PRIZE for your efforts!!
Hazem youssef
Hazem youssef 3 dagar sedan
I wish one day I will have a good life after graduation and after studying
Eben Tee Entertainment
Eben Tee Entertainment 3 dagar sedan
I love your content, it inspires me and i am 100% sure that it inspires others too, God bless you 🙏💞👍
DylxnTN 3 dagar sedan
just realized veritasium's atomic mass is 42.0 nice
Nookala Reshwanth
Nookala Reshwanth 4 dagar sedan
I am actually having water rolling in my eyes
vidya polmore
vidya polmore 4 dagar sedan
Vera Arena
Vera Arena 4 dagar sedan
You are a great inspiration!!!
moris preciosa
moris preciosa 4 dagar sedan
Blessing your feed with baby Mackenzie. Full clip!
victor guzman
victor guzman 4 dagar sedan
Great video, thanks for being so honest. Your next videos should be about how to be a better classroom physics teacher, for those of us who go to the classroom everyday to teach the wonders of physics and science to high school students around the world. If you are looking for a partner let me know, after teaching science for 20 years I have a few ideas.
Jay Mac
Jay Mac 4 dagar sedan
I’m an engineering major but I’m very passionate about music. I’m also into engineering, but I can’t stay sane without some sort of musical rehearsal and performances
Faeleena 4 dagar sedan
To thine own self be true!
xヤミ 5 dagar sedan
thank you for everything you make amazing and really videos
elevate_gg 5 dagar sedan
I'm actually in a similar spot as to where you were years ago. Thank you for this and your content in general my good sir
ikechukwu obi-okoye
ikechukwu obi-okoye 5 dagar sedan
I'm analyzing this video for my public speaking class. You are so awesome
Jeffrey Ostler
Jeffrey Ostler 5 dagar sedan
42. Never noticed that before. Cheers!
Adrija Goswami
Adrija Goswami 6 dagar sedan
I am in love this channel, I am also a physics student and your videos are giving me new it
Arghya Das
Arghya Das 6 dagar sedan
Although this might not be very appropriate here, but when I think about it, Bohr did the same thing while making his atomic model. He made assumptions (like the quantization of energy leading to certain permissible orbits) contradicting pre-existing theories. He made the choice which was likely to fail but was proved correct nonetheless. This is not to say that making contradictory theories and proven propositions is suave and should be done. I am just amazed that Bohr thought in the same way as Derek and made significant discoveries.
Aiman 6 dagar sedan
If veritassium reply im going to take full time engineer course
S. M. Henderson
S. M. Henderson 6 dagar sedan
I was really depressed and hopeless and didn't know where my life was heading. Just watching this video gave me a little hope. Thank you Derek!
thomas aquinas
thomas aquinas 6 dagar sedan
This is an amazing coincidence: I was up last night wishing that people knew 'my life story'. Now, here you are, discussing 'my life story'. I hope you got it right...
moris preciosa
moris preciosa 6 dagar sedan
Caption this from
rafanovak 7 dagar sedan
Very inspiring! Your "Why gravity is not a Force" and the Logistic Map videos are some of the best science videos I've seen online! Thanks for the good work!
Vyom Sachan
Vyom Sachan 7 dagar sedan
You are a very kind and honest guy, I love to watch your videos and have been watching them for a while. I would love if you post a video on 'Can time be stopped or reversed ?'
Miroslav Kučera
Miroslav Kučera 7 dagar sedan
2 490 999 views, great! You are probably the most charismatic person who I saw in YT channels! By the way: my heart was broken in one film shot when you described Prague (Czech Republic), because of I studied physics too (90ties last century) exactly in building where Einstein started thinking about relativity... Please, continue and distribute pleasure of life - it is very very usefull.
DarkArcher 2409
DarkArcher 2409 7 dagar sedan
Dudes mega handsome
Serigne Bah
Serigne Bah 7 dagar sedan
Keep on the amazing work..u almost made me cry!
Hira Lohala
Hira Lohala 7 dagar sedan
Great life
Akia Canada
Akia Canada 8 dagar sedan
Questions for Live podcast this week
Sumit Mishra
Sumit Mishra 8 dagar sedan
I was not a physics lover in my school days and also has no relation with physics till my post graduation but after watching your videos it made me fall in love with physics. Physics was not boring but my teachers don't know how to make it interesting. You are a good teacher and a great host. Because of you only it made me to think about this cosmic universe. Thank you so much lots of love from India🇮🇳.
icarus 8 dagar sedan
get that long hairstyle again Derek.
Dakkaron 8 dagar sedan
So, are you telling me, the element of truth is a lie??
Shri Pawar
Shri Pawar 8 dagar sedan
Thanks bro ,you teach boring subject joyful and meaningful way.Keep it up
Make it Happen Workshop
Make it Happen Workshop 8 dagar sedan
Very emotionnal. You got me a tear when talking about your wife and kids
Elijah Hua
Elijah Hua 8 dagar sedan
I'm interestred in both phyiscs and film
Gerard Hammond
Gerard Hammond 8 dagar sedan
I came on board after the Uranium Doco. Brilliant work!
Liam the Lit Lord
Liam the Lit Lord 8 dagar sedan
Okay, come on, I didn't click on this for you life story
Holophrazeinikos 9 dagar sedan
This made me feel good
ARUNA SB 9 dagar sedan
2:00 - Is he an IB student?
Venkatesh prasad Thoutam
Venkatesh prasad Thoutam 9 dagar sedan
Love u brother great video , great family and u r the great human
livewellandfree 9 dagar sedan
So inspiring
Alessandro Valente
Alessandro Valente 10 dagar sedan
My grandfather worked at that Paper Mill for 40+ years! For sure his father and my grandfather would have crossed paths.
Rich M
Rich M 10 dagar sedan
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3:21 is your defining moment Derek
Evan Alexeyev
Evan Alexeyev 10 dagar sedan
0:07 Is nobody gonna talk about the hidden 420 in the veritasium logo?
William Wallace
William Wallace 10 dagar sedan
Chadd Mazac
Chadd Mazac 10 dagar sedan
Your most recent videos are fantastic. I watch a lot of science videos, and you are diving into a lot of things I have never heard explained in an understandable way before. Keep it up!
AjiTerapia LLC
AjiTerapia LLC 10 dagar sedan
Really phenomenal life track, well done.
torpeza increíble
torpeza increíble 10 dagar sedan
You're one of the best SVfromrs Now!! Thanks for doing this
spectronix1 10 dagar sedan
I showed my wife your channel. The first thing she said was "he's obviously not married!"
유지태 10 dagar sedan
It feels like I've watched a movie
Trey Brown
Trey Brown 10 dagar sedan
Really inspiring. Thanks for telling your story!
Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur 10 dagar sedan
i thought veritasium was derived from verita serum. potterheads? you know in the harry potter universe verita serum is the most powerful truth serum? i really thought this came from that.
cory allen
cory allen 11 dagar sedan
I only just now saw this but your earnesty is incredible.
Cheeky & Cultured
Cheeky & Cultured 11 dagar sedan
He is a legend, such as an inspiration to me. I'm doing construction management at university right now and I honestly never liked it. It's just a financial backup for me. I always love filmmaking and cars more than anything else. Every car or engineering video I made for SVfrom just give you so much satisfaction. I'm now planning to take a gap year after graduation to pursue this dream. Thank you, Derek! :)
Leandro Barreto
Leandro Barreto 11 dagar sedan
You're awesome! You've followed your dreams and did a great service to humanity at the same time. The web is too filled with baseless conspiracy theories, influencers with their make up tips and petty feuds. You make people think. You're spreading knowledge, science and enlightenment, the things that lead people to follow a logical approach to life and strive for happiness and fulfilment free of delusions. On top of it all, you have the self-realisation of how privileged you are and you were brave enough to show vulnerability when you gave us this little glimpse of your life. You deserve all that you've got. Keep up with the good work, you're making the world a better place one video at a time!
abit kurani
abit kurani 11 dagar sedan
Thanks derek. Its inspiring me.
Reshnu chandran
Reshnu chandran 11 dagar sedan
Fanboy from India Kerala
Pragnyan Ramtha
Pragnyan Ramtha 11 dagar sedan
hi i have a new fact channel can you help me making it better reply plz
Durgesh yadav
Durgesh yadav 11 dagar sedan
Looking just like GLANE MAXVEL
Mateja Donkov
Mateja Donkov 12 dagar sedan
This is so good that I cant describe it.
Hello yes it's me
Hello yes it's me 12 dagar sedan
He looks like Ronald from how to get away with murder
Harsh Bhutani
Harsh Bhutani 12 dagar sedan
Hy, man thanks for sharing.
Ajay Kumar Upadhyay
Ajay Kumar Upadhyay 12 dagar sedan
Sir are you miss Dianna Cowern friend
Srinu Nadimpalli
Srinu Nadimpalli 12 dagar sedan
Great job bro
Diego Comesaña
Diego Comesaña 12 dagar sedan
I just watched it again and my eyes got wet. I love your work, Ive been watching every single video you posted and cant wait to see the next. Im a father of 3 beautiful kids and still fighting to make my everyday job something to be passionate about.
Oliver Rivett-Carnac
Oliver Rivett-Carnac 12 dagar sedan
A hello from South Africa
Asterios Skodras
Asterios Skodras 12 dagar sedan
Inspiring !
Mr. Wittman
Mr. Wittman 12 dagar sedan
As an engineer turned math teacher and father of a 14 month old, I'd love to see videos of how you integrate physics/science into your children's daily lives. Those little teaching moments and giving the "why" to their curiosities.
cactuslem 12 dagar sedan
Wow your looks remind me of Elon Musk so when you said your family is from South Africa, interesting
Wayne Adams
Wayne Adams 12 dagar sedan
Since before I started school, I knew I wanted to be a scientist of some kind, probably a chemist. When I was five, we came out of the grocery store one day, and when I looked across the street, I spotted a chemistry set in the window of a drug store. I nagged and begged my mother to buy it for me. She had the good sense to realize a five-year-old should not have a chemistry set. One Christmas morning a week before my twelfth birthday I found a chemistry set (Gilbert) and small telescope under the Christmas tree. The following Christmas I got a microscope set (also Gilbert). My journey had begun. Some sixty years later, I still have parts of the chemistry set, Microscope set, and the complete telescope. One of my favorite places in the world were the science shelves of the local library. I spent many hours looking at and checking out books from those shelves. One of the highlights was the book, "Relativity for the Million" by Martin Gardener that I read when I was thirteen. It was easy to understand and made perfect sense. That book launched my lifelong interest in the works of Albert Einstein and my intense study of both Special and General Relativity. I found a collectors copy of an early edition in excellent condition a few years ago and promptly bought it for my library. If you can find it, it is worth reading. If you cannot find it, you might want to read "Relativity, Simply Explained," also written by Martin Gardner. As might be expected, my college major was Chemistry, not just any chemistry major, but the American Chemical Society (ACS) Certified Professional Chemist curriculum. It required 43 hours of Chemistry as opposed to the 30 hours required for all other majors. It required a senior research project and paper, which luckily did not have to be defended. I ended up doing two projects, and chose one for my paper. In addition, my minor had to be either Physics or Math, with Physics being the preferred choice. I decided to pursue a double major in both Chemistry and Physics with a math minor. The most difficult part was the four semesters of German (not to mention translating Kafka's insane "Metamorphosis"), with the final course being Scientific German. Unfortunately, the University had some stupid rule about taking six credits of science in addition to your major and minor, designed primarily for non-science majors. I was trapped in a bureaucratic nightmare having eschewed all science classes outside Chemistry and Physics. I finally had to settle for Chemistry as my major, Math as my minor, and thirty credits of Physics as my “third science.” After five and a half years of university study with 173 credit hours (120 credit hours are normal), this was the disappointing result. Just for the hell of it, I decided to take the admissions tests for graduate school (GRE), law school (LSAT), and business school (GMAT). Low and behold, I scored high enough to be accepted to all three. I decided not to attend any of them at that time, instead, a friend and I decided to start a small chemical consulting and research company. To be honest, it was all research and no consulting. There is not a lot of call for that kind of work in Southeast Florida. We started doing research on the production of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, which is the chemical name for the instant glues which used to be marketed as “Permabond”, and “Krazy Glue” just to name a couple. You know, the glue that sticks your fingers together in an instant, but not the object you are actually trying to glue. One late night we discovered the “Magic Juice”, a mixture of two chemicals that revolutionized the process. As my friend said, it was like something out of an old-time science fiction or horror movie. When we mixed the two liquids, the mixture began to boil and release steam into the air. So, there we stood with this flask of boiling steaming liquid, what choice did we have but to add it to the large flask containing the raw materials for the reaction. That along with two other changes in the process allowed us to run the initial reaction at a greatly reduced temperature, with about a fifty percent increase in the percentage yield. Ethyl cyanoacrylate is a monomer (single molecule) that uses water to polymerize (multiple molecules bonded together into a long chain), so it has to be distilled in a vacuum to keep out all moisture. We could distill with higher pressures and we had completely eliminated the problem of polymerization in the vacuum pump which used to gum it up making it necessary to constantly take it apart to clean it. We also had a better stabilizer for the finished product, which allowed my friend to store a bottle of the finished glue for almost 20 years without any degradation. Alas, no one wanted to buy our process. We did not patent it, and we chickened out at the thought of manufacturing the clue ourselves. I have not checked on the manufacturing process employed nowadays, so I have no idea if they are still using the antiquated, inefficient process we started with. I also occasionally wonder if anyone else discovered our "Magic Juice," or any of the other improvements we discovered 45 years ago. I ended taking a job as an industrial R&D Chemist with a medium sized paint and coatings company. Of all the work I did, my most ambitious project was developing a paint for the airplanes of a commercial airliner (United). Airplanes are notoriously difficult to paint, because they are made out of aircraft grade aluminum, and all aluminum alloys are almost impossible to paint. The challenge was to make a paint that resists the actions of the harsh cleaning chemicals, aircraft hydraulic fluid, and aircraft fuel. It has to be tough enough to resist the wind abrasion while being shiny and flexible enough to resist the cold, and rippling of the surface encountered in high altitude flying. Painting airplanes is a four-step process. The surface has to be cleaned, then a coating called a wash-coat primer is applied, followed by an epoxy-urethane primer, and finally a catalyzed urethane topcoat. My job was to develop the latter three-part paint system. After a year and a half, I was ready for a real-world test. The paint had passed every laboratory test, so I made a couple of gallons of each of the three-part system and sent it out to be painted on a section of an airplane. Horrors, it flaked and peeled off after a few hours of flight. I eventually solved the problems, but our company’s ridiculous pricing policy made it too expensive, so almost two years of hard work was for naught. It was then that I decided to enroll in the MBA program at out local university. After two years, I finished the degree and my company offered me a management position with all kinds of pie in the sky offers. When it came to actually negotiating my salary and benefits, the cheap owner began hemming and hawing and paring down the offer until it was so poor that I would have been a fool to stay. I ended up moving into a management position with a local manufacturing company. It didn’t take long to realize that this was a big mistake and that I hated that kind of work. I decided to try teaching for a year or two while I decided what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. To my surprise, it turned out to be teaching. I had a 33-year career teaching, and while some of it has been tumultuous and frustrating, it was my passion. Really knowledgeable Physics teachers are very hard to find, so they are in high demand, so I could pretty much pick and choose where I taught. I decided to pursue a graduate degree in Physics, which took quite a while as I tried to find classes I could attend while I worked full time. I eventually finished my M.S. With only an M.S. a professorship at a university is pretty much out of the question. In addition, while the teaching load was much lighter, the salary and benefits were also MUCH LOWER. At best, I could be a full-time instructor, but never a tenured professor, so High School is where I went. The aggravating part is that I am a much better teacher than most of the professors I had, who stood at the board delivering dry long-winded lectures as they wrote endless equations on the board with virtually no explanations while students struggled to copy the equations so they could go off on their own to decipher the scribblings. A PhD does not necessarily produce a great teacher, something Universities should consider. People who have known me for a long time will say they are not surprised I ended up teaching, because I was always teaching my entire life. Anytime I discovered something new and interesting, I had to pass it along to everyone I could get to listen, often boring them to death because they had no interest in what I was talking about. I count my wife as a success story because she now knows more about physics than most people, including many marginal Physics teachers I have met along the way. She even follows several science related sites on Facebook. This February (2021), I will be retired six years, and I still miss teaching. I watch SVfrom videos and when I see something interesting or unusual, I begin to think about how to use it in my classroom. Then I remember, I have no classroom anymore, so I inflict my lessons on unsuspecting SVfrom watchers in the comments section. I also satisfy my need to teach by frequenting homework help sites and the Physics and Chemistry pages on Quora. The difference is that they all have the option to ignore my writings while my students were captives. LOL. Today I am in the process of building an old-fashioned lab bench in my garage based on a picture I cut out of a magazine many decades ago. I ended up pursuing my dream without realizing it was my dream when I started out those many years ago looking at that chemistry set in the drugstore window. Wayne Y. Adams
Yashash Kapoor
Yashash Kapoor 12 dagar sedan
Derek , you do put a positive effect on most of us who are constantly trying in our endeavour to either succeed or to give it a try to the thing we like ! I am your subscriber since last 5 years from India ! You seem famous here in science circle and students. ❤️🙏🏼
shamala devi
shamala devi 13 dagar sedan
You meet vsace!
Russian View
Russian View 13 dagar sedan
u rnt an alpha, v))
Lighted Sky
Lighted Sky 13 dagar sedan
There's always a story behind every great thing, from a needle to the universe. And listening to your story gives inspiration. And the quote " The job you will have may not have been invented yet or You may invent it" - Will remember it more strongly as I believed in the same some time ago. Wish you all the best for a great life for you and your family. Keep learning and keep enjoying!
Yves Luyens
Yves Luyens 13 dagar sedan
Not thanks to us... thanks to you Derek, your passion and creativity and positive attitude and energy. I wish you great years with your family and many videos ahead. Greetings from Belgium
TAKADA 高田Ricardo 静雄
TAKADA 高田Ricardo 静雄 14 dagar sedan
Thank YOU, Derek. :)
hellkat909 14 dagar sedan
What existed before the Big Bang?
Anasانس Al-Fahidiالفهيدي
Anasانس Al-Fahidiالفهيدي 14 dagar sedan
the important thing you got a child , you know the way is how to reproduction by any way .
Anasانس Al-Fahidiالفهيدي
Anasانس Al-Fahidiالفهيدي 14 dagar sedan
im in the way you go in , but i wont to do dirt only . i like to be like you
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