My 50 Cal Exploded

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Kentucky Ballistics

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“Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -
In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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Kentucky Ballistics
Kentucky Ballistics 14 dagar sedan
Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!
Been Washedup
Been Washedup Dag sedan
Check your weight of your bullet grain if it is grossiy over grain you'll know it's a hot load
Paul Alejandro
Paul Alejandro 13 dagar sedan
I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.
theyetirulrs 14 dagar sedan
That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!
Fanie Smit
Fanie Smit 14 dagar sedan
Good job keeping cool! Wish you a speedy recovery
Tim Meijerink
Tim Meijerink 14 dagar sedan
We all wish you a speedy recovery. I love your videos and hope you be shooting again soon. Ps. Thanks to your dad for the quick response. Greetings from holland
Cathy Mooney
Cathy Mooney 3 minuter sedan
Praise the LORD✝️👣 and Hallelujah you're walking miracle 🙌🏼 and yes I know GOD still performs miracles every day
M. M. E. Blair
M. M. E. Blair 5 minuter sedan
Glad you’re still with us.
Nick George
Nick George 16 minuter sedan
Dear god that man is almost a demigod!
Brandon Simpson
Brandon Simpson 16 minuter sedan
U sir, are one tough and lucky S.O.B.!! Glad u are still with us!
Hand Unit
Hand Unit 17 minuter sedan
Congrats on your survival man! You get a sub!
Walter Jarboe
Walter Jarboe 17 minuter sedan
Glad you are making such a quick recovery.
Christopher Collins
Christopher Collins 18 minuter sedan
First time hearing you and watching you. Praying that you make a full recovery. Buying a shirt now! God bless you brother, from Phoenix AZ
Yaswanth Reddy
Yaswanth Reddy 21 minut sedan
Glad you're ok and expecting you to make a complete recovery........................
Panda Bear
Panda Bear 23 minuter sedan
"Ah that's not good". Man. This guy is a legend
Jake Blunts
Jake Blunts 26 minuter sedan
God bless you man
American Aqua Designs
American Aqua Designs 29 minuter sedan
I'm so sorry to hear what happened.I hope you get well soon
Lucas Bolek
Lucas Bolek 29 minuter sedan
Ah a Serbu what I’m getting (BFG-50A) this isn’t a strong case of build quality. Who knows tbh.
superllama666 ____________
superllama666 ____________ 29 minuter sedan
Lol remember to call ur dad to say u love him
Noel Collins
Noel Collins 29 minuter sedan
I hope you have a good recovery man. God, is good!
marksstudio 34 minuter sedan
Oh man so glad you survived. You are a real trooper to make a video about it in such good humor. I am thankful.
Max Media Solutions
Max Media Solutions 36 minuter sedan
Jesus man, glad you are OK now. You are a warrior and a damn lucky guy! I say ot wasnt your time. Be careful man!
Johnny Nemo
Johnny Nemo 37 minuter sedan
Me in bed. One and done.
my experience In America
my experience In America 37 minuter sedan
Troy Gehring
Troy Gehring 38 minuter sedan
Glad to see yah
Waseslaver kui
Waseslaver kui 38 minuter sedan
Bro miro tu canal hace tiempo me parece muy interesante y profesional, ojala que estes bien que que te recuperes saludos desde🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾
Joel Nagy
Joel Nagy 40 minuter sedan
You and Whistlin diesel would be good buddies lol
Lucas Luba
Lucas Luba 41 minut sedan
Thank God the you are ok... best of luck
Diego Baez
Diego Baez 42 minuter sedan
I feel nauseous thinking about the detail he gave bro but thank god this man is alive
Shourya Das
Shourya Das 44 minuter sedan
Get well soon. 🙏
Wayne McGillis
Wayne McGillis 45 minuter sedan
One hell of a story....Glad you made it...Thank dad and play safe...😳
Terrence Long
Terrence Long 48 minuter sedan
This is so crazy glad you here still
Forrest McNutt
Forrest McNutt 48 minuter sedan
Dont wanna sound like a snowflake, hope it taught you to be super careful.
Forrest McNutt
Forrest McNutt 48 minuter sedan
Couldve been instant
Al fulton
Al fulton 53 minuter sedan
My dad was stabbed 13 times in the late 90s and he only had just about 1unit of blood. They told him at the time he was one of the only people to survive with that much blood loss.
Cristian Rodriguez
Cristian Rodriguez 54 minuter sedan
Demotion 💪🏼
thatsgre8t 54 minuter sedan
Awesome recovery. Glad you made it through.
Alejandro Lezama
Alejandro Lezama 55 minuter sedan
God bless you brother I glad you still here!!! Thanks to God!!!
Al fulton
Al fulton 58 minuter sedan
I am happy you are doing well now. What a sobering video
Connor Keating
Connor Keating 58 minuter sedan
watched the whole video just to see him explain what happened
cto xyz
cto xyz 59 minuter sedan
“You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.”
Al fulton
Al fulton Timme sedan
Its good to have someone who actually loves you in that situation.
Walt braunsberg
Walt braunsberg Timme sedan
A very very heartfelt from North Carolina.. The video is very intuitive and instructional moreover instrumental. God bless you buddy... Keep up the good work. 100% recovery is in your future. Talk to you soon
Jacksin Dweils
Jacksin Dweils Timme sedan
Let's see some more 50 cal videos screw it
Sp33d H3r0
Sp33d H3r0 Timme sedan
Mad Respects for your Nurse!
Tuan nguyen
Tuan nguyen Timme sedan
Dad always a hero
Don Martinez
Don Martinez Timme sedan
Glad you're still fine from that!!! So the gun was perfectly fine, but the round was too much for it to handle?
Shindo Style
Shindo Style Timme sedan
Hard core 💪👌... I dont care for most cops but you launch them all into a very respectful category my friend. Glad your still around.. what a story!
Adam Nixon
Adam Nixon Timme sedan
I was mugged when I was 22 I had both orbitals fractured, and my upper palette completely broken off of my skull, only being held in with my gums, I could push out my whole top set of teeth with my tongue a few centimeters. 5 facial fractures all and all with one or two lacerations, and the hospital messed up and sent me home with an appointment to see a doctor in a week.. The doctor who saw me went white when he saw how I could push out my teeth, and left the room immediately.. They sent me to harbor view, a regional trauma hospital for the North Western United State and I carried 4 titanium plates for just over 10 when they had to take them back out. Good times All behind me now, and I'll have a pretty skull to show off.. when I'm dead
Brandon Romero
Brandon Romero Timme sedan
50. cal: Explodes Scott’s thumb: Hold my beer Russian thumbs: ah I see you have potential....I will tell head master To be continued......
pattty008 Timme sedan
I just joined the NRA. I single white 50 yr old woman. Why? Because its one of the most powerful organizations in America. Ya its like a trophy card in your wallet. With the way the U.S. is going, this org. can use more membership of like minded good people. I haven't purchased a firearm yet. I'm not in any hurry. Certainly after watching this video, I'm good just sporting the card in my wallet, next to Costco, the other trophy card. This guy has great videos! He speaks clearly and is full of experience, a good teacher. Its hard watching the disaster and trying to feel what you went thru. Glad your recovery is going by quickly.
INTERGRA DC-5 Timme sedan
dad is always your side since you are baby keep care my dear
H-K 33
H-K 33 Timme sedan
Geçmiş olsun bro 🙏
Will M.
Will M. Timme sedan
Thank God for you training, your father, your family, and the ems, nurses, and Dr's. Glory to the Father for your miracle recovery. Bless you sir. Ps. You've superseded Chuck Noris in badass.
Corey j
Corey j Timme sedan
So let’s not shoot rounds that aren’t manufactured anymore? Good idea
RelaxedRex Schuff
RelaxedRex Schuff Timme sedan
He uses his right as his trigger finger so, he’s probably screwed
Colton Stallings
Colton Stallings Timme sedan
I will never again underestimate the importance of safety glasses.
Lincoln Soss
Lincoln Soss Timme sedan
Nashville Tennessee gang where you at
Anomally Smith
Anomally Smith Timme sedan
Love outta Louisville. Righteous bro.
Justin Grigsby
Justin Grigsby Timme sedan
God-bless brother i hope you all the best, im so happy for you and your family that you still get to stay with us 🇺🇸❤🤍💙🙏🙏🙏
Zach The HoundDog Stephens
Zach The HoundDog Stephens Timme sedan
Praise God
Peter Spanggaard
Peter Spanggaard Timme sedan
I saw the 50 cal exploted on 9gag i though that didnt see to be hurt that bad then i found this vid glad that you are allright (when you are 100% up again can ypu fire an m15 or m14 or if you have fries it kan you link it for me)
the class clown hi
the class clown hi Timme sedan
He looks he just got punched my Dark Souls boss
KxLLA Timme sedan
Glad you are okay man
CyanideDreams 80
CyanideDreams 80 Timme sedan
Good grief man. I said fu¢q like 50 times. Glad you made it out alive
Brystan Hayes
Brystan Hayes Timme sedan
Good and do some amazing thing glad your still rolling
Jeremiah Lewis
Jeremiah Lewis Timme sedan
homies sticked his thumb in his neck.......woah
Ariel López
Ariel López Timme sedan
Thumbs Up! Or IN! OR BOTH! YOU'RE ALIVE! and one piece!
Lawrence Eich
Lawrence Eich Timme sedan
Get some ballistic clothing!!
M Marshall
M Marshall Timme sedan
Amen! Great to see you doing great.
Weston Evans
Weston Evans Timme sedan
Whistlin diesel
Kevin Mira
Kevin Mira Timme sedan
I don't know you but I'm glad your alive just seen this and almost skipped but I subbed
John Madera
John Madera Timme sedan
God bless man. And yeah, that looked like an M1000 popping off on slap 2. Jesus CHRIST man. You are LUCKYYYY....
Rolan Williams
Rolan Williams Timme sedan
Absolute legend man
ahmer9800 Timme sedan
i am glad you are making a full recovery. life is short and uncertain... never in a million years do we think something like this could happen to ourselves.
Andrew Bowles
Andrew Bowles Timme sedan
This is the first time I've seen you on youtube but I'm glad you are ok
Ryan Mark Cachopero
Ryan Mark Cachopero Timme sedan
God is good all the time.
Cameron Cotham
Cameron Cotham Timme sedan
I can't believe God did that to you
Dustin Scott
Dustin Scott 2 timmar sedan
Glad your going to make a full recovery!!
enkrypt3d 2 timmar sedan
Are you going to get a ballistic shield and stand far away from these old rounds from now on? glad u are ok! wow
Ascher Lafayette
Ascher Lafayette 2 timmar sedan
I'm not a religious man but that right there is a damn miracle. Glad you're ok
Junior Erving
Junior Erving 2 timmar sedan
Damn that was crazy you could've died man
Chuck diseal
Chuck diseal 2 timmar sedan
Reapers Rc RC Domain
Reapers Rc RC Domain 2 timmar sedan
God bless you I'm so very happy your alright and may the Lord protect you always in all your video's and the things you do ,best wishes !!!!!!
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 2 timmar sedan
im happy you survived
bad74maverick1 2 timmar sedan
I wonder if it was a SEE? Secondary Explosion Effect from an underloaded round, or a round that it's powder had degraded enough to cause a secondary explosion because there was no full burn?
jatinder toor
jatinder toor 2 timmar sedan
get well soon bro
Shawn 2 timmar sedan
Thumbs up brother! Glad you’re okay!!
Edward Nelson
Edward Nelson 2 timmar sedan
Toniman 2 timmar sedan
Glad your here, god bless you!
Henry Chowne
Henry Chowne 2 timmar sedan
Hope you get a well recovery and stay safe man
Easonm Rr
Easonm Rr 2 timmar sedan
Your a fucking genetic throwback
Edward Whitney
Edward Whitney 2 timmar sedan
What. A. Freaking. Video. Glad to have stumbled here. You’re a trooper bro, I’m not really religious. But god did his work this time. And you’re attitude is great! You’re a genuine guy. Best of luck to the rest of your healing process.
bad74maverick1 2 timmar sedan
In short. "You'll shoot your eye out kid!" All joking aside, I'm glad you're okay dude. Keep doing what you do best!
CobraJetPlayz 2 timmar sedan
Wow you are extremely strong and lucky in order to be standing here this is the first video I’ve seen on this channel and you’ve already gained my full respect and I hope you’re doing well.
xd binx Im a cat
xd binx Im a cat 2 timmar sedan
When the gun exploded I jumped so bad 😂
HalfMan HalfAmazing
HalfMan HalfAmazing 2 timmar sedan
All I could think about was Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck arguing about wabbit season watching this
HowTheHeck 2 timmar sedan
I’ve never seen this channel before but I’m glad you’re alright!
Chris Isquierdo
Chris Isquierdo 2 timmar sedan
And this is why you don't play with guns
Orlando Junior
Orlando Junior 2 timmar sedan
Geez man, all the best wishes for you recovery!! Hope will be good soon !
Phillip Sengchanh
Phillip Sengchanh 2 timmar sedan
I’m glad you’re OK brother because it looked pretty scary
ThatGuy Gucii
ThatGuy Gucii 2 timmar sedan
Video title should have read : “ this is one tuff SOB”
Chloe Tomáz
Chloe Tomáz 2 timmar sedan
That f*cking round turned your 50. Cal into a freaking grenade… I'm glad you're ok man, it'd be truly shocking if you were gone for good
UCKnights 2 timmar sedan
Glad you’re still here. Praise God.
30 2 timmar sedan
4:33 mate got pistol whipped by a Sniper-pistol
nutwoods 3 timmar sedan
Mad respect thanks for sharing maybe this story will save another life
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