Mullet El Camino Build Episode 21!! Contortionist Welding and Painting!

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22 dagar sedan

I wrap up the 25.2 Roll Cage Upgrade on Cleetus McFarland's Mullet El Camino by cramming myself into all sorts of contorted positions to get all of the cage additions welded and painted. Thankful to have this finished so that we can move back to final assembly of the various parts of the car!
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Jr Manion
Jr Manion 11 dagar sedan
I can see Derek has been rubbing off on you
Matthew Wilkie
Matthew Wilkie 12 dagar sedan
Mike B
Mike B 17 dagar sedan
Hey missed a spot! Lol just kidding 😉
Trevor Fitz
Trevor Fitz 17 dagar sedan
Dont care if its real time or time lapsed. Watching you work is like viewing a art gallery. Everything is a masterpiece
Garrett Hilton
Garrett Hilton 17 dagar sedan
Thanks for the great content it’s amazing. The explanations about everything and going into detail I love it. But you working 7 days a week make sure your taking time for you and your GF we can wait and so should your customers excellent work but don’t do it at the expense of yourself 👌👍👍
Doug Hooper
Doug Hooper 17 dagar sedan
Kevin..... Next time use a cup gun, automotive paint and primer. The sheen of the paint will blend together so you are not chasing fogged tubing back and forth... Yes, using automotive paint adds probably 20 minuetsto your project adding catalyst and cleanup, but its soooooo much more Durable too. Worth it. Oh, and not to mention, that cage would take about 30 minuets to actually paint.. Just FYI, thanks a ton for the video and the Awesome work.
shawn dingman
shawn dingman 18 dagar sedan
I was mig welding under my car once laying on my side. A splatter went down my ear. Like the loudest bacon frying ever.
Fred Gillespie
Fred Gillespie 18 dagar sedan
Kevin how much weight do you think you had to add to get it to 25.2 cert.
Cava2010 18 dagar sedan
Am I the only one that msutve missed why he is cutting and reqelding new door bars?? Why you do this??
Don C
Don C 18 dagar sedan
Hey Kevin, what’s the purpose of the holes you were drilling in the roll bar tube?
Isapongo ?
Isapongo ? 18 dagar sedan
How do you know which cannon plug goes where
Tony Gillette
Tony Gillette 18 dagar sedan
I would love to know which tig welder you're using.
KSR Performance & Fabrication
KSR Performance & Fabrication 18 dagar sedan
TFG Productions
TFG Productions 19 dagar sedan
The first 20 seconds already had me dying. Thanks Kevin, keep killin it.
James Keegan
James Keegan 19 dagar sedan
VGG🤘. With all these bulkhead fittings you could say Mullet is built like a tank.
cubonenineO 19 dagar sedan
Funny, I looked up definition “a king” and Kevin from KSR was there
Jeff H
Jeff H 19 dagar sedan
I’m pretty sure you could drop Mullet out of a plane with no parachute and it would survive relatively unscathed.
Derek Smith
Derek Smith 19 dagar sedan
You cainted the page!
Derek Smith
Derek Smith 19 dagar sedan
A little VGG reference at the begining, love it!
Gump0007 19 dagar sedan
Kevin, why do you drill a small hole under the small brace before you weld? Is it to let the gases release?
Paul Eichhorn
Paul Eichhorn 19 dagar sedan
now thats funny vgg bro hope u relize all eyes are on u to build a 6 sec car in the 1/4 and will put u more then on the MAP luv what ya do keep it up
Matt Spychala
Matt Spychala 19 dagar sedan
How do you get argon in the frame tubes without drilling a hole and then having to weld the hole shut which needs more argon and so on
Josh Laird
Josh Laird 20 dagar sedan
I love visegrip garage lol
dave b
dave b 20 dagar sedan
That's gotta be the greatest Thank you to #VGG VICE GRIP GARAGE thank you Derek
AQUILA AUDAX 20 dagar sedan
Chopper1 20 dagar sedan
Looking great kevin
Logan Lawson
Logan Lawson 20 dagar sedan
Kevin, why did you drill tiny holes in the main cage before welding the gussets in place?
BFE 08 WRXSTI 20 dagar sedan
Just out of curiosity, why are you drilling a hole in the main bars before you add the gusset? Is it to avoid pressure buildup inside the tube when you close it completely?
Ronnie Watts
Ronnie Watts 20 dagar sedan
I like using the high temp bbq grill paint when i paint any metal black... It has a satin to flat finish, but it dryes so smooth and is easy to use... You can also go over the high traffic areas with a torch and it will never come off. I live in louisiana, so i understand the struggle of rattle cans with the heat and humidity.
schlepd911 20 dagar sedan
Esp buzz
Esp buzz 20 dagar sedan
Kevin you can see how tired you are at the end wore out. Job well done though.
Frank_ Lml
Frank_ Lml 20 dagar sedan
At this point I don't think Cleetus is allowed to call this Mullet anymore. It's name should just be Kevin.
Joey Hm
Joey Hm 20 dagar sedan
Thank you for doing this video! I've looked for videos way back when leroy's cage was updated. Learned a lot.
James Plotkin
James Plotkin 20 dagar sedan
Not gonna bash anyone, but that's a lot of work the original cage guys left for you to do, Kevin. I hope they made it right with Cleetus, dollar-wise ;-)
James Plotkin
James Plotkin 20 dagar sedan
What kind/brand of paint are you using? Looks like it didn't need primer?
Michael Hutchison
Michael Hutchison 20 dagar sedan
HaHa! That was sweet ass intro man!
dewbiewa 20 dagar sedan
Kevin you are the devil when the devil's in the details. Love your content bro..
RedFTW89 20 dagar sedan
All that cage work done in a day especially after burning yourself, some rest and relaxation seems well deserved man! Keep up the good work Kevin!
JD Sherman
JD Sherman 20 dagar sedan
Cool. New human sound effects.
ThePeopleVerse 20 dagar sedan
Absolutely sucks you getting burned. Good to see your gal in the shop with you. What a trooper. I'd hafta tie a tie strap to mine. LOL Awesome job!
Da Revren
Da Revren 20 dagar sedan
must be fun to purge that chassis lol .... did i miss a hole somewhere lol
jimmyjackass 20 dagar sedan
In the sheet metal trade . We call that catching a hot load. LOL Tell me about it. When you got a hot kernel rolling around in your ear. Hurts like a #$%$%%^^&&**(
charlies hammer
charlies hammer 20 dagar sedan
Always top notch, love the content!
Evan Owen
Evan Owen 20 dagar sedan
Ahh the good Ole caint the page
Jay Burrough
Jay Burrough 20 dagar sedan
Have you ever used steellet spray paint or how ever it's the pay you can weld on top of
Let's Talk Racecar
Let's Talk Racecar 20 dagar sedan
Maddy called and told Kevin "We need more bars, I need to protect my investement" LOL
ngh 20 dagar sedan
Wow! All those new gussets are great! How hard would it be to paint the cage red now??? Lol. JK
-- 20 dagar sedan
VCG for the win!
Bradford Rus
Bradford Rus 20 dagar sedan
what wire crimping tool do you use for those dt connectors?
Kenneth Bodda
Kenneth Bodda 20 dagar sedan
Kevin you probably already Know about the Miller Electric welding Auto-Darkening goggles #267370 Ideal for auto restoration and other DIY environments, the low-profile design allows users to weld in spaces where access with traditional welding helmets is limited. I liked The reference to VGG, IT WAS WAY COOL.
Zzach 20 dagar sedan
This man is a perfectionist!!!!
Dirtnap300 20 dagar sedan
I know, I shouldn't laugh, but I thought that kind of $h1t only happened to me.
Bill's Discount Garage
Bill's Discount Garage 20 dagar sedan
Why do you drill a hole in each tube before welding in a gusset?
Martin van Weperen
Martin van Weperen 20 dagar sedan
Isn't the maximum weight for 25.2 3200 lbs? I'm guessing this g body street car is heavier...
Jeremiah Zanin
Jeremiah Zanin 20 dagar sedan
How often are you welding blind and then checking with a mirror?
Gerry Milidantri
Gerry Milidantri 20 dagar sedan
Beautiful work Kevin. and your imitation of Derek is spot on !
Scott Goodman
Scott Goodman 20 dagar sedan
Masterful work as always.
Mikie Johnson
Mikie Johnson 20 dagar sedan
Forgot the ssssss yahhhhh! Good for chasing off everything from mice to dogs and kids.
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 21 dag sedan
On the belts episode, I have to add something - Where you put ur hands and legs - what muscel should you firm up - yes I know, it sound insane - But it can feell like an ethernity
Bob McNelis
Bob McNelis 21 dag sedan
Perfect, as always! I sure hope that you are mentoring others! They would be smart to pay attention!
c103110a 21 dag sedan
When painting cages, I use epoxy paint with slow retarder and apply it with a foam brush by hand. Comes out like glass.
c103110a 21 dag sedan
Sorry, but I miss the original KSR timelapse music. I used to catch myself humming it while mowing the lawn...
BillCantley 21 dag sedan
Hell ya, the Derek reference had me laughing pretty hard!
KSR Performance & Fabrication
KSR Performance & Fabrication 21 dag sedan
I will mix them in from time to time!!
Pittsburgh 412
Pittsburgh 412 21 dag sedan
Kevin cainted the page lmao 🤣😂😆
Trever Ricketts
Trever Ricketts 21 dag sedan
Kevin!!! Weird to say but no matter what burn you get put mustard on it! Let it sit for a good 15-25 mins and you won’t even blister! Take the fire out also!
Aaron Bryant
Aaron Bryant 21 dag sedan
All those gussets remind me of Project Binky.
MotorsportsX 21 dag sedan
Kevin get the little small cans of paint and a comfort grip spray can trigger.. it makes it so much more comfortable.
Russell Long
Russell Long 21 dag sedan
A boostedboyz reference could have been used as well caint the page!
Lexy Mouzer
Lexy Mouzer 21 dag sedan
How is Lee's Viper????
Red Hawk Outdoors
Red Hawk Outdoors 21 dag sedan
15:30 I think Kevin needs a little more sleep!
Daniel Carnley
Daniel Carnley 21 dag sedan
just so you know if i could take my build anywhere it would be to you. You have to be one of the best ive personally seen. Good job and keep up the good work.
Shaun Kluna
Shaun Kluna 21 dag sedan
I am sure it was mentioned somewhere, but where did you get the connectors that go through the firewall?
Kappy Kaiju
Kappy Kaiju 21 dag sedan
I appreciate your attention to detail Kevin, congratulations on your win!!
Eric Kuhns
Eric Kuhns 21 dag sedan
Caint the page!
Aaron Decker
Aaron Decker 21 dag sedan
38999 MIL-Spec connectors on a race car even using the right crimper tool. Amazing.
Chad Pudvan
Chad Pudvan 21 dag sedan
The outro music is the absolute best.
Patrick kelly
Patrick kelly 21 dag sedan
Theres gonna be a q of people wanting Kevin to paint there roll cages
Adam Spencer
Adam Spencer 21 dag sedan
The man knows his client These connectors make removing the engine easy.lmao That and extra long tabs to slide it out.
Philip Schrantz
Philip Schrantz 21 dag sedan
The craftsmanship here is next level. This is a Birdcage ElCamino. It’s almost a shame that the body work covers up all that work...
Rene Jensen
Rene Jensen 21 dag sedan
nice timeleaps music at the end there
almost there
almost there 21 dag sedan
"A rolling weather station"... to stay in the sweet spot while firing down tracks across the country. D-ang, ain't that all about the detail. Yerp.
T M 21 dag sedan
LOL!!! I don't need to explain why...
J.R. Gaming
J.R. Gaming 21 dag sedan
New nickname hotlips Kevin lol
Leroy 21 dag sedan
That made a fella real happy Kevin cage looks great
The Chaos Club
The Chaos Club 21 dag sedan
Loving the detail from down in Aus! Can someone fill me in on drilling holes before installing the gussets please?
Tyrian0101 21 dag sedan
"Caint the page", perfect opportunity missed! Great work Kevin, looking awesome.
Eric Reinoehl
Eric Reinoehl 21 dag sedan
Well done sir, challenging project. Guessing a few words when realized what had to be done.
DZITEZ Racing 21 dag sedan
Missed a bit lol
RoadratEddie 21 dag sedan
Roll cages are a bitch to paint, especially in a dark cab....You always end up missing a spot somewhere....Kevin, a tip to try to avoid having dry spots around tubes because of drying to fast....Try chilling the paint in a fridge before using....Will slow down drying
Turkey Bacon
Turkey Bacon 21 dag sedan
Goona caint the page
BigMack Thomas
BigMack Thomas 21 dag sedan
Out of curiosity what filler are you using? Rollcages and paint is never fun, taking it off or putting it on.
Souq Madiq
Souq Madiq 21 dag sedan
A time lapse has a time and a place, Those time lapses where awesome, that cannot be said about all of them. Judging by the public numbers like sub count, likes and comments this youtube thing seems to be growing some serious traction love to see it
BNE Exotics
BNE Exotics 21 dag sedan
Was keen to see The LawnDart do some passes 👊😎 Question for you ... Do you adjust settings or use a specific technic when tiging overhead to keep the puddle consistent ? Any advice you could give would be appreciated mate 👍
zumiek 21 dag sedan
Kyle from BoostedBoiz calls that CAINTING 😂
John Z
John Z 21 dag sedan
As always Kev, your work is IMPECKABLE!
Paul S.
Paul S. 21 dag sedan
Would be pretty cool to airbrush some Cleetus art on the roll cage. Like a Bald Eagle and American flag and so on.
John Z
John Z 21 dag sedan
@10:06, ",, it 9:30ish Sunday morning,,," ahhhh, the life of the shop owner. While the others are at home kick'n back relax'n Kev and his cool GF are slav'n away at the shop. It's how it gets done isn't it all you small business owners. And here's the kicker, very likely all this 'rework' will not be on Garrett's bill, this is being financed by "HIP NATIONAL BANK", eg; Kev's hip pocket.
Boosted Dad
Boosted Dad 21 dag sedan
Good job! Keep it up!!!
joshs199 21 dag sedan
Hell yeah good job. It's hard to build up the motivation to caint your page. 😁👍
John Z
John Z 21 dag sedan
LOL!! At the beginning - Kev's impression of Derek Bieri of Vice Grip Garage fame! Well done Kev, well done indeed, Derek will be proud a ya partner :)
Daniel Spencer
Daniel Spencer 21 dag sedan
Nice work mate!
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