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Jay could babble on about this dumb franchise for hours, so here's a bit more about some of the other sequels in the Friday the 13th series.

WonderLoaf Dag sedan
Tryna get that kind of love that'll make me serenade my girl while she has diarrhea
420Travesty 4 dagar sedan
You guys should do a re:View for Mystery Men. It's always been one of my favorite movies and I feel like it goes totally unappreciated.
Sieglinde Deutersbotter
Sieglinde Deutersbotter 15 dagar sedan
OMG, Linda Blair with a crossbow? Sounds like my kind of movie!
Bun 19 dagar sedan
Incredibly disappointed you guys didnt take the opportunity to upload this yesterday on Friday the 13th
GN77340 19 dagar sedan
Happy Friday the 13th 2020
Wilf Dagless
Wilf Dagless 24 dagar sedan
I watched Savage Streets one time on Amazon Video or something. I completely forgot the title but remembered that Linda Blair becomes a vigilante out of no where. Of course Jay remembers this film vividly.
amanda maggard
amanda maggard 26 dagar sedan
If you haven't seen it you should really check out the Friday the 13th fan film Voorhees. It came out last weekend on youtube (full-length). Honestly, I didn't expect much when I went to the Premier but I was totally blown away. This is definitely the Jason that fans have been begging for. Jason is BRUTAL in this movie.There are a lot of kills, all but 1 are on-screen, with way more blood and gore than I ever expected. I was really impressed with the sfx, and the cinematography and music score are incredible. Cody Faulk, director, did an unbelievable job, you almost can't tell that it's just a fan film. I can't get over the fact that it was made with only a 20K budget and 1 camera 😮 Impressive! Hands down my new favorite! It's definitely worth checking out. I'd love to know what you think, or better yet a review.🙂
vidhead85 28 dagar sedan
I love Part 5 because...those damn enchiladas!
Mick Funz
Mick Funz 28 dagar sedan
Walmart had a box of the first four movies on DVD and came with 3D glasses. There was an option on the Part III disc to watch the movie in kinda 3D, pretty cool.
Jean Paul Dupuis
Jean Paul Dupuis 28 dagar sedan
It's probably ok to just have Jay making salient points to a mannequin. He doesn't need a try-hard sycophant blurting non sequiturs and insincere Kamala-giggles between every point.
Maldus Alver
Maldus Alver 29 dagar sedan
Reminds me of the Final Destination craze. Thought those movies would go on forever. Final Destination 10: X marks the spot Final Destination 13: not your lucky number Final Final Destination: This is, The End Final Final Destination 2: We mean it this time.
Andrew Forsleff
Andrew Forsleff 29 dagar sedan
lol, Jason’s face looked so distractingly not-good in Jason Takes Manhattan. I’ll nvr understand wtf went wrong there since his face looked so cool & creepy in the film right before(part 7). Part 8 Jason-face looks like something you’d expect from somebody’s fan film
DiabloSamurai1985 29 dagar sedan
I love Part 5. Highest body counts (not including Jason X when he blows up an entire space station/city, best brutal deaths, funny as hell with the best one liners and terrible (in the best way) characters, Demon & the “ooo baby scene, the hillbillies, best bewbs, and Deborah Voorhees 😍😍😍😍😍. Although Part 6 is easily my favorite, from the James Bond opening to the last death. And Jennifer Cooke, the final girl , was my first crush , even though at the time, the close up crouch shot was confusing to me. And honorable mentions go to, 2, 4, 7, and X
Eric Coldfire
Eric Coldfire 29 dagar sedan
Funny enough, there was an entire novel series about Jason after the Jason X movie. At one point, they pull a Prometheus years before that movie came out and have an evil scientist steals Jason's DNA and impregnates a woman on a spaceship with it because he was a superhuman killing machine he can raise. Hell, they even had a comic where Jason and Jason X fight. Oh, Friday the 13th is such an awesome series... fucking goddamn that asshole writer who threw a hissy fit and sent it into legal limbo hell.
A K Månad sedan
so much better than Rich and Mike top 1000 TNG Månad sedan
Will you do the rest?
John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds
John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds Månad sedan
I loved Jason's lookin Part 3 and 4 best. Part 5 was very good even without JASON. Plus it had the very beautiful Tina. Hubba Hubba!!
trbickmore Månad sedan
I thought it was a shame you didn't touch much on Part 7: The New Blood, but having watched it yesterday, I fully understand that film is irredeemably bad. At least 5 is funny in how bad it is. 7 is terrible in the dullest ways.
Thomas Haberl
Thomas Haberl Månad sedan
Jason takes Manhattan, BIG DEAL! The Muppets took Manhattan
skitzoidzombie Månad sedan
I can't believe Jay mentioned Miguel A. Núñez Jr. as someone from Return of the Living Dead in A New Beginning but not Mark Venturini (Victor. The guy that killed Joey) who played Suicide
Main Drain Studios
Main Drain Studios Månad sedan
wow the Crispin Glover dance fits with the re:View theme music perfectly :D
Adr Sosas
Adr Sosas Månad sedan
Jason could' been mugged in NY instead of the toxic waste dumb part
Andreas Collet
Andreas Collet Månad sedan
Jason has been crushing heads since part iii
alprazolam1mgs Månad sedan
They skipped the new blood! YA BANG
Roanchet Månad sedan
Please discuss more about Friday the 13th this shit is funny as hell!!!
Jacob Bennett
Jacob Bennett Månad sedan
Jason Goes to Hell has Jason like that with the slug monster cus he was supposedly brought back to life by the necronimicon since he died in part 8.
Ravangers Månad sedan
i thought it was Toronto not Vancouver
gotaminutereviews Månad sedan
Would love to see a re:View of the Poltergeist franchise. Just the original 3 with Heather O'Rourke.
Captain Barrett Coldyron
Captain Barrett Coldyron Månad sedan
Part V has the BEST supporting characters of the whole series: Ethel Hubbard and her dimwit son Junior.
NickJ Månad sedan
Jason Goes to Hell is great. Manhattan is the worst.
FB Månad sedan
How can I see less of this and more of TNG episodes part 2?
Jace Hyman
Jace Hyman Månad sedan
My favorite part of part 5 is when the kid is trying to turn on the car and he's just sing songing "the car won't start, car won't start, gonna kick yer ass cuz the car won't start." it's just so silly and over the top.
Buffalosabskis Månad sedan
Part 3 is cool because Jason gets his hockey mask
TheLiveMusicGroup Månad sedan
weird editing on this one, boys
Adam Sundquist
Adam Sundquist Månad sedan
You guys need to do a Half in the Bag Episode of "The Mortuary Collection"
Tom Husko
Tom Husko Månad sedan
Shoulda had jay in both seats discussing these movies with himself.
Chris Chin
Chris Chin Månad sedan
Everyone should watch the recent creepshow series. id love to see a review of that
Bacteriophagebs Månad sedan
Oh, god, now I have to see _Savage Streets_ just for Linda Blair.
Coowood77 Månad sedan
Miiiiike my subscription box isn’t workinggggg
Jordan Herkowski
Jordan Herkowski Månad sedan
I think you should have talked more about Part 7.
GibbSaw Månad sedan
you should do a re:view on the first Borat
Crispin Månad sedan
Can all future re:View's end with that dancing accompanying the music? Even is it's not Friday related?
TheBLUEEYES77 Månad sedan
He’s so full of crap. “I love part 5”
Dead_Fish Månad sedan
Come on now Jay?! You're going to show me a character chart and not talk me through it for an hour on SVfrom? Such a tease.
Johan Vos
Johan Vos Månad sedan
Thank goodness. I thought they were going to skip all the bad ones.
acid3137 Månad sedan
This was the sequal I needed.
Patch Taylor
Patch Taylor Månad sedan
Would love to see a re-view of arachnophobia
Sean Abbins
Sean Abbins Månad sedan
Friday the 13th is the scariest of the movies in the series, with the best version of Jason. If you watch it and think "nothing is really going on," then you probably don't like slasher movies, as it's one of the best. Jason gets his mask in this movie. And "nothing going on," means really there's no lame gimmicks, just Jason doing his thing in Crystal Lake.
Moto Drang
Moto Drang Månad sedan
I liked 5 as well XD
Michael Månad sedan
I dont like horror movies, I dont watch them. Id hate spending time watching them... Buuuut I sure as hell enjoy RLM re:viewing them. MOAR pls.
Stoneballer247365 Månad sedan
When are you guys going to review Motel Hell?
LACA MaYUSCULA Månad sedan
It's Me!
It's Me! Månad sedan
off topic, but...guys I think you should watch and review "Scare Me" On shudder, I honestly feel you would appreciate it, it's not a horror more comedy, I'll say that much, but I don;t think I've ever seen anything like it!
Kevin Dobson
Kevin Dobson Månad sedan
Gotta review the Tremors franchise There are 7 movies
tilelayer Månad sedan
you know, as of 2020 there are only 12 friday the 13th movies kinda makes you think
Mom Themom
Mom Themom Månad sedan
Jay dipped his hair in green kool aid for this vid, he's dedicated!
Hiking with Joe
Hiking with Joe Månad sedan
Wait til you guys get to see VOORHEES (fan film) releasing on Halloween night. Hands down the best fan film out so far and I rank it 3rd including the legit franchise flicks.
Darren Murphy
Darren Murphy Månad sedan
Hey Red letter guys, please do a re:view on Skinned Deep. It stars Warwick Davis. Saw it last night for the first time, would love your take on it.
Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory Månad sedan
Luckily they kept Mike out of these videos. I’m sure he would take at least ten minutes to describe what else has body hopping slug monsters.
Alexander Kubicki
Alexander Kubicki Månad sedan
Please do a Re:View of Sunshine (2007)!!
Spike Ghost
Spike Ghost Månad sedan
god i hope we get a full Jason X review
Spike Ghost
Spike Ghost Månad sedan
i kinda love Jason Goes to Hell. I completely understand why people hate it and they're absolutely justified in that, but the shit is fucking bonkers and the characters are some of the best in the franchise. Jason Goes to Hell is basically what Freddy's Dead should have been.
red nasorwerd
red nasorwerd Månad sedan
said it before and ill say it again, crispin glover is a god damn national treasure
ethan besson
ethan besson Månad sedan
Jay's mullet is the scariest part of this.
Chay Milne
Chay Milne Månad sedan
About 10 years ago or so in the UK, Channel 4 had a 3D week and they showed the 3rd Friday 13th in 3D. You had to go to the supermarket (I think it was Sainsburys) to pick up yellow and blue paper glasses to watch it hahaha was fun
Dustin Rhodes
Dustin Rhodes Månad sedan
Part 3 is very under rated, my personal favorite. Richard Brooker is my favorite Jason. And Chris Higgins/Dana Kimmel is my favorite final girl
Beer Baron
Beer Baron Månad sedan
Now do a run down of the Nightmare movies! I attempted to watch, back to back, each part of both franchises. I believe I only got to part 4, but Nightmare is definitely the superior film series.
Anders Keith
Anders Keith Månad sedan
When are you watching Dennis the Menace Dinosaur Hunter?
Anders Keith
Anders Keith Månad sedan
We know you have it
Feline Fatale
Feline Fatale Månad sedan
They are right, this franchise had no rules. Jason Voorhees drowned when he was like 10. Then in Part II he's alive and like a 6'0 ft tall man. What???
joe72205 Månad sedan
christ this audio is loud
John Mateus
John Mateus Månad sedan
Surprised they haven't done 1 and 2.
John Axcell
John Axcell Månad sedan
Once on UK Television Chanel 4 I think showed all the Friday the 13th movies and even gave out free 3D glasses and showed the ones in 3D although it must have sucked for anyone who didn't know and just had some weird red and blue filter on the screen the whole movie.
bobdude42 Månad sedan
Savage Streets re:view, when? It's one of my favorites!
Søren Alfang Jakobsen
Søren Alfang Jakobsen Månad sedan
This reminded me of the movie "Unmasked Part 25" which I saw probably 30 years ago.
Bill Boopblorp
Bill Boopblorp Månad sedan
"For some reason they have a southern accent and they're dirty all the time" You, sir, have never met a Piney
Alexandre campeau
Alexandre campeau Månad sedan
Jay didn't understand Part 9, it explains everything. Jason's mom used the Necronomicon to bring him back to life but he came back as a deadite. So that's why he saw his mom get dicapitated and in part 5 he's not a copycat turn out he changed body's like in 9
Nymphonomicon Månad sedan
You'll never guess what's currently "Included with Prime"... Shame I'm not double-jointed.
Joe's Time Machine
Joe's Time Machine Månad sedan
Why did they put Rich's face on the thumbnail?
Leah L
Leah L Månad sedan
Jason X woooooo! Lets do that next! It’s the only Jason movie I can remember and I wanna clap!
mondomacabro major
mondomacabro major Månad sedan
Friday 13th part V was an exploitation masterpiece ... why people haven't recognised it for the exploitation Grindhouse laughfest that it is - is beyond me .....
AlienShine Månad sedan
Jay... That covid haircut has to go!
Some Guy Named Mat
Some Guy Named Mat Månad sedan
Freddy vs Jason? Come on. You know you want to.
Vetted Månad sedan
We need a Friday the 13th / Freaky Friday crossover.
wvu9787 Månad sedan
Oooo baby Oooo baby, I love that part but every now or then that song gets stuck in my head.
Nicholas Fitzpatrick
Nicholas Fitzpatrick Månad sedan
Does Mike have gambling debts or something? What's with all the content?
Punko Junko
Punko Junko Månad sedan
still waiting on a re:view of whoopie goldberg's jumpin jack flash
Gianni Descalzo
Gianni Descalzo Månad sedan
I wish they would do a legit reboot trilogy, with Pamela as the killer in the first one, living Jason as the killer in the 2nd one, and zombie Jason in the 3rd, while telling the story of Tommy Jarvis. Nice budget, good writers to fill any plot holes, etc. Jason works best (IMHO), most terrifying as an axe welding personification if Pamela's rage. It doesn't need a cult or the necronomicon or an alcoholic stepfather or any of that shit. Just a flat out just a flat out, pissed off, psychotic mother and her tale of revenge and purification. We don't need to know exactly how it happened. Jason is a force of nature.
Nej Hirb
Nej Hirb Månad sedan
You guys need to do a video on Raised by Wolves, like your Prometheus videos. They were the best.
Obi-wan Shinobi
Obi-wan Shinobi Månad sedan
He didn’t return from Hell in Jason Lives somehow, he was struck by lightning.. twice.
Tom Dongerson
Tom Dongerson Månad sedan
It might have been edited in later but Jason’s ugly ass jumps out of the water at the end of one. He’s in every movie 10:30
Leonard Jenkins
Leonard Jenkins Månad sedan
part 3 is the 1st time with his hockey mask
iKINGMORK Månad sedan
Jay please go see David Prior’s new film the Empty Man. You will walk out thinking wtf David Prior didn’t seriously make this did he it is a really well crafted David Fincher esk film.
Ethan Månad sedan
13:55 imagine if they'd done what a lot of movies at the time did and tried to feature Manhattan itself being a bigger part of the story. Then we could all feel awkward about the ending where Jason falls off of World Trade Center 1 into a helicopter's blades.
roskelld Månad sedan
Waiting for Friday the 13th TV series review.
Josh Pexk
Josh Pexk Månad sedan
As a new jersey native I see youve never been to south jersey around Monroeville or Elmer. Plenty of people that fit that bill to the nines.
mike williams
mike williams Månad sedan
Jason goes to hell is the first one I ever saw and I loved it it gave me nightmares and I dont like any of the other ones.
Tim S.
Tim S. Månad sedan
All this F13 talk and you hack frauds didn’t even mention that Part 2 is the best of the series!
Peter James
Peter James Månad sedan
I want more Friday the 13th re:view
Ken Beck
Ken Beck Månad sedan
Love the ending of 3!
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva Månad sedan
Those damn enchiladas.
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