Mayonez ice cream but is 1920s silent film

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Life of Boris

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people complained they not like music in origilan video so i fix
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Welcome to Life of Boris SVfrom channel, Home of Slav King.
On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
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Theo Souris
Theo Souris Dag sedan
Finally. I have found it. The funny.
Joan Historillo
Joan Historillo 11 dagar sedan
This feels like Squire
Nicool Man
Nicool Man 11 dagar sedan
2:01 didn't actually notice the first time, time to send western spy
budi muhammad
budi muhammad 12 dagar sedan
This was filmed during bolshevik uprising
Spom 13 dagar sedan
but... but why.
I O 15 dagar sedan
Битцоин видео wитх Звијезда мајонеза плеасе!
Chernov Brichtofen
Chernov Brichtofen 15 dagar sedan
Back when comrade Lenin was still alive
Shaz 15 dagar sedan
I like
TheMtt44 15 dagar sedan
I loved this video!
Evgeni Ikonomov
Evgeni Ikonomov 15 dagar sedan
He do be a time traveller. Internet in the 1920's, damn!
HM Trần
HM Trần 17 dagar sedan
Love it
plks yges
plks yges 17 dagar sedan
real title: two men drink vodka while eating snow and mixing something
kuul 17 dagar sedan
Heyyyyy comarede cat
Ron Kan
Ron Kan 18 dagar sedan
молоко убежало
Kevin Avelino
Kevin Avelino 18 dagar sedan
This is really
Danielle Elizabeth
Danielle Elizabeth 18 dagar sedan
Not one cheer noble scene :(
AvengerMKII 20 dagar sedan
This is how I imagine Boris if he was a movie actor in the 1920s lol
Richard Montano
Richard Montano 21 dag sedan
Comrade boris I have to send you something but you don't have a p.o box
Khairul Nizam
Khairul Nizam 21 dag sedan
Russian Empire Army prepares food for their comrades in world war 1. (Circa 1914)
man guy
man guy 22 dagar sedan
i like how we had hoodies in 1920
Maj 1000
Maj 1000 23 dagar sedan
Me and my grandma wached this she made me mayonez she was so happy her soul drove back to the 1960s Yugoslavia
Maj 1000
Maj 1000 23 dagar sedan
She didn’t die you western idiots
SeldenGamer 23 dagar sedan
That "OnlySlavs" was hilarious 😂
Racc2 24 dagar sedan
This is art in is purest form
toni toni
toni toni 24 dagar sedan
He probably dropped the microfon in the mayonez and that's why he made a silent video
Jacob - 67TUNE
Jacob - 67TUNE 26 dagar sedan
Awesome Rara
Awesome Rara 26 dagar sedan
2:05: only slavs - you make content, everyone get same allowance start of month.
Fio Renza
Fio Renza 26 dagar sedan
Boris:Mayonez is an ice cream Me:No mayonez is an instrumen
Squatinggopnik 27 dagar sedan
0:46 : my bank account to me when i want to buy boris slav gear
Astha Pandey
Astha Pandey 27 dagar sedan
Eh Boris, your videos are to me what mayonez is to you, BLIN IiiiiS GOOD.
Arkano 27 dagar sedan
Timo Werner
Timo Werner 29 dagar sedan
Russian Guys in 1920:
Ian Visser
Ian Visser 29 dagar sedan
When people say "but Boris, we miss the old Boris"
RSB 29 dagar sedan
Probably the best silent Movie that was ever made! thanx for the fun
Bacon Studios
Bacon Studios 29 dagar sedan
If I ever wake up from a year long coma this is the way I want the world news presented. No other way.
DJ Statyk
DJ Statyk 29 dagar sedan
"A spy is among us" i had to go back, i had a sneccing suspicion it was heels up, blyat!
Alu Hasbar
Alu Hasbar Månad sedan
cooking mama???
Leroy Jones
Leroy Jones Månad sedan
Boris actually lives with Putin in his $1 billion pound palace
T-72B1MS Månad sedan
I hate mayo
jay R Kos
jay R Kos 24 dagar sedan
DJ Statyk
DJ Statyk 29 dagar sedan
Western spy!
Runa ASMR Månad sedan
Milk is lost
Mandem T
Mandem T Månad sedan
Scotland is the inventor or Mayo ice cream
Annisa Aqila
Annisa Aqila Månad sedan
I read and hear boris voices at the same time
alexranwell Månad sedan
Mom: go play with the neighbor's kid The neighbor's kid:
Mr. Nekit
Mr. Nekit Månad sedan
I need a year subscription to OnlySlavs right fckn now.
Its ya boy Aang
Its ya boy Aang Månad sedan
Hey Boris you know where ropnik is?
Saharchok Månad sedan
Так blyat где русские coments
Roxanne Ayes
Roxanne Ayes Månad sedan
i readed that in your voice
Catt Månad sedan
Holy shit man, Artyom has gotten so big already!
Ale M.C
Ale M.C Månad sedan
"I only watch cult movies"
Gideon Alexander
Gideon Alexander Månad sedan
*Milk is lost*
Isaac Allen
Isaac Allen Månad sedan
Arkhangelsk is definitely cousin home not boris home
Zyxzy YzRZss
Zyxzy YzRZss Månad sedan
im back at 1922
ZeromanCze Månad sedan
Ace D. One 1337
Ace D. One 1337 Månad sedan
The whole truth is, boris just forgot to turn audio on while filming. But no Audio file might be a reason for a new take in the western world. in mother russia its a bonus. you leave the audio away and make it a classy silent film. Thumbs up
DJ Statyk
DJ Statyk 29 dagar sedan
Blin! I too have thought this, Blyat! What better way to fix mistake than to improvising new type of video to capture attention of the western spies! Ahhh, Cyka, this is way of komrade!
Sheila Roe
Sheila Roe Månad sedan
Wonderful! I laughed, I cried, I appreciated the comment inside jokes! And now this music is stuck in my head...😄
Georgs Napituhins
Georgs Napituhins Månad sedan
Good film boris
Mechanical Boo
Mechanical Boo Månad sedan
Charlie chaplin vibes.....
doctor dunkans
doctor dunkans Månad sedan
i like how boris knew that corona was coming like 5 years ago and didnt tell us :(
Russian Pat a Mat
hoyts shuty
hoyts shuty Månad sedan
this is what happend if gopnik didnt have anymore content
George Husk
George Husk Månad sedan
Comrade Boris, you’re going insane
FireBall0220 Gaming
FireBall0220 Gaming Månad sedan
CD Future.
CD Future. Månad sedan
When you have 1920s video editors:
Hamburger Hamburger
Hamburger Hamburger Månad sedan
The dislikes are just western spied
Никола Кока Кола
Никола Кока Кола Månad sedan
1920s? In this time, it was USSR!
Eva Schiller
Eva Schiller Månad sedan
Where are your mittens? Oy you poor boychicki and your poor hands...
SalmonPunk Månad sedan
"milk is lost" *What?*
Mr Gentle Man
Mr Gentle Man Månad sedan
I actually thought the music was pretty awesome
Jakub Hansen
Jakub Hansen Månad sedan
No Månad sedan
Has to become a series
Annoying Lottie
Annoying Lottie Månad sedan
We love you, Boris !❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
V4N9U15H Månad sedan
I love how Boris' intro is immersive lol
叁雨疾石 Månad sedan
I only see snow and vodka. Where's the ice cream?LOL
Damian Degay
Damian Degay Månad sedan
Hey boris play this music called tripaloski
Laur Oras
Laur Oras Månad sedan
pretty sure they stiil live in Estonia like they used to, the snow amount is the same and the limestone material used to construct these abonded houses are SUPER COMMON in northen estonia
Mathieu A.
Mathieu A. Månad sedan
Onlyslavs, perfect
Oreo X-chan
Oreo X-chan Månad sedan
I'm the Pug /Dogload
I'm the Pug /Dogload Månad sedan
Mayonez :))
Raul Månad sedan
Well done
frɐaʞ Månad sedan
No Hardbass?, still fine cause dis is different quality video of Slav.
Jovan Strbac
Jovan Strbac Månad sedan
you love votka? ha ha he he heeeeheha then try serbian rakija hehe haaahhe TRY IT !
DuchyofSaxonyHRE Månad sedan
Отлично video
DuchyofSaxonyHRE Månad sedan
Xорошо Хорошо
DuchyofSaxonyHRE Månad sedan
is that an ice cream flavored vodka
Raphael Angeles
Raphael Angeles Månad sedan
SixUnity Månad sedan
my phone went into bedtime mode while watching this (screen goes grayscale), when i exited i thought i had some kind of 1920s virus
Kaytexx Månad sedan
Untamed PizzaRolls
Untamed PizzaRolls Månad sedan
No ❤️.
박정옥 Månad sedan
When I made first credit card, bank named me Chunk-Ock, Park at the first. There is famous South korean violinist Kyung-wha, Chung. Her family name was written as Chung in English. Yehudi Menuhin was also famous Jewish violinist. There is the universal declaration of human rights testment in 10 dec 1948, 2 years before Korean War occurred in 25 June 1950. Korea times established in 1950, Korea Herold established in 1953 when korean war was ended. I got award of Korean Herold piano competition in 1987, and financial newspaper invested online community Hitel, Kitel. Suddenly, bank changed my name on credit card. Chung-Ock, Park to Jeong-Ok, Park. There is a boy who was born in Seoul, capital city of South Korea and moved to Moscow at 11 years old. I made computer game character named Eorien, which means Seoul, Boris, and Vengerov. Boris Vadimovich Berezovsky used my game character's name for his concert program. Vengerov was used magazine Maxim published in London, 1995 and New York, 1997.
Snipe Gaming
Snipe Gaming Månad sedan
UVI gear scammed me...
Measha_ Kuznets
Measha_ Kuznets Månad sedan
0:16 best part!!! That music is awesome!
Maker Weddy
Maker Weddy Månad sedan
someone should search all house's in Arkhangelsk and caught that western spy! Come on comrades!!!
joao hs12
joao hs12 Månad sedan
Mother Russia Would Approve it Comrade
Vanya Svetskaya
Vanya Svetskaya Månad sedan
Ey Boris, you should review Russian movies Брат and Брат 2.
hakan düzgün
hakan düzgün Månad sedan
Hey boris I cant buy something from your shop
Jaime Almeida
Jaime Almeida Månad sedan
Had to stop watching, erratic camera movement made me sick.
S0K0L Månad sedan
Im not even joking dude, this was one of the greatest silent films I have ever seen. But then again, this is the *only* silent film I've ever seen.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Månad sedan
You got too much democracy 🤬
the_ultimate_seel_ person
the_ultimate_seel_ person Månad sedan
Boris I have a question Is vodka? There is a correct answer.
Rob12300 Månad sedan
More war thunder?
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Månad sedan
Boris getting fit
Cooking with chainsaw
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