Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | New Trailer

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"We have unfinished business." See Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” in theaters or on Disney+ with Premier Access on July 9. Additional fee required.
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The AVPAAV Channel Creation & Magic
The AVPAAV Channel Creation & Magic 55 minuter sedan
Expect a Captian America: Winter Solider type of film with Russia.
Ni Black
Ni Black 2 timmar sedan
JULY 9thhh????? UGH
surbhi ke status sharma
surbhi ke status sharma 4 timmar sedan
Aayegi kab saal bhar se kewal ye dikha rHe hum bhi dekhne ko taraste kab dekhe scarleet ko
Angel Loks
Angel Loks 13 timmar sedan
Not impressed!!!!!
Erika Balogh
Erika Balogh 19 timmar sedan
As someone from Budapest, it's so trippy to see all these shots of Budapest in the trailer :o
Isabel Cervantes Guevara
Isabel Cervantes Guevara 20 timmar sedan
Is robert downey jr. goona be in the movie i heard he was!
Emin ERDEM Dag sedan
HAYATIMDAKİ EN İYİ MARVEL FİLMLERİNDEN BİRİ OLACAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????
Mahesh Tamma
Mahesh Tamma Dag sedan
Queen👸 of Avenger - Black Widow
Ian Simmons
Ian Simmons Dag sedan
Seriously, I thinking more and more, this is after endgame. Only thing is, I’m wondering if in past movies, she said she had to disappear for awhile? Plus the bad guy looks like Clint. Good news, we’ll find out. Won’t be the same without Stan though. Stay safe all
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas Dag sedan
MARVEL Studios' Black Widow is set between the events of MS' Captain America: Civil War & MS' Avengers: Infinity War. That said, that's not Hawkeye, simply because at the time, Hawkeye was under house arrest.
trobe23z 2 dagar sedan
Ahh, made by a company that pushes a toxic woke agenda. F^&K em. Maybe I'll find a way to watch this illegally somehow but they're not going to get my money.
Director of SHIELD
Director of SHIELD 2 dagar sedan
i can't wait to watch this. When it comes to movies there was no Marvel content for over a year. And Black Widow has always been my favorite female Avenger. Don't get me wrong, Wanda is awesome, but the thing about Black Widow is, that she has no superpowers. There is only training on her side and she has proven herself between all these gods like Thor or tech nerds like Tony.
Ashfaque Ali Khan
Ashfaque Ali Khan 2 dagar sedan
It's truly marvellous of the MCU to add a Russian touch to the soundtrack at the end of this trailer. (BTW, I'm not even Russian).
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 13 timmar sedan
That's because Red Guardian (Alexei Shostakov) and the Black Widows (Natasha Romanoff, Yelena Belova & Melina Vostokoff) are Russians.
Ferrari FANS
Ferrari FANS 2 dagar sedan
This is gonna be lit!
Henry Kuhn
Henry Kuhn 2 dagar sedan
Can't wait!
Jessy M
Jessy M 2 dagar sedan
@1:33 I get chills!
Randomness 2 dagar sedan
I can’t wait to know what happened in Budapest!
TANMOY DEB 2 dagar sedan
I think Natasha's mom (Rachel Weisz) is Taskmaster. Mark my Word!!
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 2 dagar sedan
I also think, Black Widow/Melina Vostokoff will become the Taskmaster.
Shraddha Wilson
Shraddha Wilson 3 dagar sedan
pls release quick marvel! im waiting... FOR THE PAST MONTH!
Swapnil Devkar
Swapnil Devkar 3 dagar sedan
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 2 dagar sedan
Taskmaster* MARVEL Studios' Black Widow is set between the events of MS' Captain America: Civil War & MS' Avengers: Infinity War. That said, at the time, Hawkeye was under house arrest. And also, I think Black Widow/Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz) will become the Taskmaster.
Aubrey Mattenai Rojo
Aubrey Mattenai Rojo 3 dagar sedan
Travis Collura
Travis Collura 3 dagar sedan
Okay here’s how I think this movies going to end: At the end credits scene a Skrull shows up and replaces Black Widow. As a tie in to the Secret Wars show they’re making. Meaning that the Black Widow in Infinity War and Endgame was an impostor. Now I know this might seem a little out of left field, but the same thing happened with Spider Woman in the comics. She was replaced off panel by the Skrull Queen in a comic released in 2001, and wasn’t revealed until 2008. In comic book time that’s roughly two years. Also, the Skrull Infiltration Ritual makes it impossible for any outside sources (Wolverine’s sense of smell, Professor X’s telepathy, Spider Man’s spider sense) to detect a difference between the original and the imposter. Also, some Skrull’s are sleeper agents who have their memories surpressed. The only issue I could see with this is Red Skull mentioning Nat’s father when he see’s her. Though then again the Skrull Infiltration Ritual might’ve tampered with Red Skull’s perception as well.
sriram P
sriram P 3 dagar sedan
😂😂 Marvel writers really need to learn from u ❤️🙏.
Kate Thompson
Kate Thompson 3 dagar sedan
Omg 8 don’t now a lot of people that get me and watch every single marvel movie
Ignacy Kornet
Ignacy Kornet 4 dagar sedan
Gerald Lewis
Gerald Lewis 4 dagar sedan
I respect you Soul Sister white hun cutie pie for. I guess that Slogan period
Lizz Njagah
Lizz Njagah 4 dagar sedan
Much better than the SNL one.. 😘
Karl Kibsgaard
Karl Kibsgaard 4 dagar sedan
Is rdj playing tony in this movie?
Chris Rodgers
Chris Rodgers 4 dagar sedan
its morhpin time
Snerd Smith
Snerd Smith 4 dagar sedan
Florence Pugh is pro racial segregation.
sxnshine_27 4 dagar sedan
I’m unhealthily excited for this. 😅
Huzair Farhan Baig ✔
Huzair Farhan Baig ✔ 4 dagar sedan
How many indians are here like
Benjamin Istvan Cseko
Benjamin Istvan Cseko 4 dagar sedan
Yet another movie filmed in the world's most beautiful city: Budapest❗❤
Aaron Chen
Aaron Chen 4 dagar sedan
The closest thing we can get to a stranger things and marvel crossover.
AvikFett 5 dagar sedan
In an even handicap fight, Taskmaster would destroy anyone in the MCU.
Aloysios Anto
Aloysios Anto 5 dagar sedan
Is taskmaster Hawkeye?!
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 2 dagar sedan
nah during this time Hawkeye was on house arrest
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 2 dagar sedan
@Aloysios Anto MARVEL Studios' Black Widow is set between the events of MS' Captain America: Civil War & MS' Avengers: Infinity War. That said, at the time, Hawkeye was under house arrest. And also, I think Black Widow/Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz) will become the Taskmaster.
βDextros 5 dagar sedan
@Aloysios Anto Well he can duplicate anyone's moves after he's seen them in action.He also copied Cap,Black Panthers moves.He's gonna be one of the best mcu villains from my opinion.
Aloysios Anto
Aloysios Anto 5 dagar sedan
@βDextros I know Taskmaster is a real character in the comics and mysterio is a villan. I do not have much knowledge about the comics.Taskmaster just looked much like Hawkeye while shooting the Arrow.!That's why I asked if he's Hawkeye. Thank you for the info.
βDextros 5 dagar sedan
@Aloysios Anto Yeah,But Taskmaster is a real person named Tony master in comics,also hawkeye never operated as taskmaster.And Mysterio was a villain from the beginning we just didn’t see it in the trailers
Jasmine Junior
Jasmine Junior 5 dagar sedan
Please put the full movie on YT :( neither of those apps are acceptable in this contry
Zeal XII
Zeal XII 3 dagar sedan
Unfortunately, you cannot post full movies like these on SVfrom.
Sophie Bond
Sophie Bond 5 dagar sedan
HOPPER! (I know that his actual name isn’t hopper)
Dr. Vikyll
Dr. Vikyll 5 dagar sedan
Was I the only one that heard the sound effect for the Prowler from SMITSV
masool aslam
masool aslam 6 dagar sedan
We need Natasha The World needs her😄😁
Sohail Malik
Sohail Malik 6 dagar sedan
India come just wait❤️❤️
german diaz
german diaz 6 dagar sedan
Hear me out, what if in the new Loki series he meets up with her and this movie is her telling him her past. Because if you play close attention in the loki series trailer you can see his back and a girls back talking and she was wearing black and had red hair.
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 6 dagar sedan
That woman in the Loki trailer is not Natasha, is Lady Loki. If that was her, they would already confirmed Johannson for the miniseries.
soundarya karthikeyan
soundarya karthikeyan 6 dagar sedan
Marvel: This july Covid: You sure tho?
Tayebeh Salimzadeh
Tayebeh Salimzadeh 6 dagar sedan
I can't wait for it ...
Uros Djordjevic
Uros Djordjevic 6 dagar sedan
there is ben ten logo in the middle of black widow logo haha
Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura 6 dagar sedan
Conor Gillingham
Conor Gillingham 6 dagar sedan
Comparing this to Matpats theory, I am sure from 1:16 that taskmaster is a dude.
Demented Nun
Demented Nun 6 dagar sedan
Who's doing the voice for this fan made trailer... WAIT ✋this is a real movie 🤣😂🤣 oh the shame this is terrible.... black widow was a kleptomania and she was created in the 1940s with big Bouffant hair. That's what it says on the back of my figure... I'm not sure when she changed into a Russian spy
KevinYSC 7 dagar sedan
What about Budapest? With Hawkeye?
kenobee21 7 dagar sedan
Aint nobody excited to see Hopper? I mean C'mon!
Boong Boong
Boong Boong 7 dagar sedan
WoW one month has passed after the release of new BW trailer and I’m still searching SVfrom to watch this video again and again
Stef an
Stef an 7 dagar sedan
Mad props to the team making the trailer. I really hope the movie is gonna be as epic!
WISDOM TEST 7 dagar sedan
I've been waiting for this movie for years!
zachariah ponnuse
zachariah ponnuse 7 dagar sedan
This movie will be a box office hit.
PositiveSarcasm 7 dagar sedan
It's gonna be so hype yet so depressing watching this all while knowing what happens to her in the end.
friendly salad
friendly salad 7 dagar sedan
i think the blond girl will become the next black widow and the next black widow movies will be about her.
friendly salad
friendly salad 7 dagar sedan
the 20th announcement trailer
Case Kirby
Case Kirby 7 dagar sedan
I’m so glad we’re getting not one, not two, but THREE marvel movies this year that are super grounded (focusing more on action fighting rather than mystical powers)
Ash Witherton
Ash Witherton 5 dagar sedan
And I like that tbh.
탱구 7 dagar sedan
오 기대되네요!
Andrew H
Andrew H 7 dagar sedan
Team: How much epicness do you want this soundtrack to come with? Disney: Yes.
ILuvCheese Ch
ILuvCheese Ch 8 dagar sedan
At the end of this is that not the same scene from the incredibles end credit with elastagirl!?!
Adam Tamer
Adam Tamer 8 dagar sedan
This movie should've been released in May 2020 people shouldn't be excited anymore but this is the mcu we'll always be excited
Adam Tamer
Adam Tamer 8 dagar sedan
My life right now is just watching trailers for upcoming mcu movies and TV shows until they come out
ms erma
ms erma 8 dagar sedan
excited for all marvels movie...hope can watch it all in theaters...🙃
Nothing 8 dagar sedan
Wham Im searching most likeable comment. ↔️↕️↩️↪️⤴️↖️⬅️↙️⬇️↘️↪️🔝🔜
Amelia. S
Amelia. S 8 dagar sedan
Yusufpasha Peerjade
Yusufpasha Peerjade 8 dagar sedan
I'm really excited to watch BLACK WIDOW'S solo film. the film is looking thrilling and interesting.
fayas m Ali
fayas m Ali 8 dagar sedan
1:46 😍😍😍😍 repeat mode ❤️
UNDEROOS 8 dagar sedan
Just a theory but i hope this will explain Budapest
marseaz 8 dagar sedan
I know that some people have lost interest in this because they keep pushing it back but I am hyped as hell for Black Widow!
marseaz 5 dagar sedan
@Daniel Brongers Right it’s expected. There area lot of other movies that are getting pushed back too so idk why everyone’s freaking out & shocked.
Daniel Brongers
Daniel Brongers 7 dagar sedan
You and me both! Black Widow was pushed back due to the pandemic. Guess people forgot that fact...
Y G 8 dagar sedan
looks boring and unnecessary
Dethrone Royalty808
Dethrone Royalty808 8 dagar sedan
"My girls are toughest girls in world" that part got me
Aqmal Arif
Aqmal Arif 8 dagar sedan
Big Spoiler!!!... Is that Hawkeye
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 7 dagar sedan
This movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War, during that Hawkeye is on house arrest because of helping Cap and escaping the Raft prison. Taskmaster has the power of copy/mimic anyone's skills, fighting styles, proficiency on weapons, acrobatics and etc with his photographic memory. That's why Tasky here has a shield, bow and arrow, customed Black Panther claws gauntlets and swings like Spiderman.
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 8 dagar sedan
R4 T
R4 T 9 dagar sedan
Анна Савельева
Анна Савельева 9 dagar sedan
and Natasha Romanoff was really made to look like a Russian. )) Welcome home to Russia , Natasha))
Rayan 9 dagar sedan
One thing is for sure, I'm done running from the fake release dates.
Channel Name
Channel Name 7 dagar sedan
@Emy Emm it said July 9th in the trailer
Emy Emm
Emy Emm 7 dagar sedan
Is the movie already out cause I can’t find it ?
tahz 8002
tahz 8002 9 dagar sedan
Everyone: Shangchi is the first asian hero! Wong and black widow: *sad asian noises*
jaknap1 9 dagar sedan
So what power does black widow have?
Goy SVL 9 dagar sedan
Finally, I've wait for 10 years
Tammy 9 dagar sedan
i love Black Widow. cant wait to see her again.
ศุภณัฐ พงษ์ปรีชา
ศุภณัฐ พงษ์ปรีชา 9 dagar sedan
Can't wait to see this movie!!!!!!! Nat has no power like other MCU heroes, but her fight scenes can be epic!!!!!
Arav 9 dagar sedan
Cant wait to see the movie too excited
Nabeelah Abrahams
Nabeelah Abrahams 9 dagar sedan
Black widow is my favourite female superhero! And I'm so happy that shes getting her own movie 😭❤
Wilson Rosa
Wilson Rosa 2 dagar sedan
Theraphap Dumminsek
Theraphap Dumminsek 9 dagar sedan
Søren Kaalund
Søren Kaalund 9 dagar sedan
1:17 no blowback on gun.. guess they are not using that sceen like they did in avengers engame trailer (1:40) :P
NealT 9 dagar sedan
Taskmaster 🤩
PNR 2 9 dagar sedan
VAISHNAVI 9 dagar sedan
Who came here after Marvel Instagram post !?
I. bad
I. bad 9 dagar sedan
I can see somehow Task Master is actually Clint,because of the arrow I guess...
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 7 dagar sedan
Taskmaster's power is his photographic memory that allows him to copy/mimic anyone's skills via facing them personally or watching footage of them. That's why he has a shield, bow and arrow, customed Panther claw gauntlets and swings like Spidey.
I. bad
I. bad 8 dagar sedan
@Alberto Rojas glad to know,cool
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 8 dagar sedan
MARVEL Studios' Black Widow is set between the events of MS' Captain America: Civil War & MS' Avengers: Infinity War. That said, Hawkeye was under house arrest.
Anna McCormick
Anna McCormick 9 dagar sedan
The villain in this movie looks amazing
Sophie Brubaker
Sophie Brubaker 9 dagar sedan
I've literally been waiting for this movie for 1 year.
Ваш Друг
Ваш Друг 9 dagar sedan
Imagine that somewhere in the Universe, maybe in our or the nearest galaxy - the events described in the Marvell films really unfold - and we, after building a Creative Society, will be able not only to see these civilizations, but also to visit them!
Sma6658 9 dagar sedan
Cool all you gotta do now is release it
Shakya Jayaweera
Shakya Jayaweera 10 dagar sedan
This is gonna be awsome
Super Bakon
Super Bakon 10 dagar sedan
Orion 10 dagar sedan
Yes it is a kiddies flick.
Tami Araujo
Tami Araujo 10 dagar sedan
La hija de Milla Jovovich
akdhfbe 10 dagar sedan
Black Widow'll goona make a full movie with trailers.
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr 10 dagar sedan
Can’t wait to hear more people scream in the theaters
Caleb Isaias Churata Berna
Caleb Isaias Churata Berna 10 dagar sedan
Si Marvel cree que pagaré 350 dólares por una película, déjenme decirle que están en lo correcto.
Shukufa 10 dagar sedan
Where is Capitan America?
Shukufa 10 dagar sedan
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