Mars 2020: The Next Mission to Mars

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In 2020, NASA will send a new rover to the Martian surface with one of its objectives to search for evidence of ancient life on the planet. I made this clip as a correspondent for Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix.
Touring the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in Pasadena was an awesome experience. I didn't think we were going to get into the control room but we got lucky. Some of the greatest moments in the history of space exploration have taken place there. They have a giant vacuum chamber where they can take the rover down to the atmospheric pressure on Mars (roughly .01x Earth's atmosphere) and test all of the devices to make sure there are no electrical discharges due to the reduced pressure. I also enjoyed seeing how the rocks will be cored and stored in tubes and deposited on the Martian surface awaiting pickup by the following mission.
Images courtesy of NASA.
Filmed by Raquel Nuno from 3:30 onwards.
Music: "Serene Story 2"

Melon Månad sedan
FuzzyL16 Månad sedan
The real reason we’re in a pandemic XD
CaptanFancyWolf Månad sedan
This did not age well
Keithider Månad sedan
Back when 2020 was something to look forward to
Amelie & Nedda
Amelie & Nedda Månad sedan
who else watching this vid in 2020?
Public Figure
Public Figure Månad sedan
why don't NASA launch a satellite and sits in mars's orbit and take pictures or what ever they want for their experiments. am i wrong...
Tom Ardie
Tom Ardie Månad sedan
It's 2020..
josh w
josh w Månad sedan
Waiting for perseverance to land
Rayyan Uddin
Rayyan Uddin 2 månader sedan
7:26 Nobody: My brain: That policy exists because if evolution takes place on other planets and randomly produces smarter beings than us then they might actually take over Earth and humans.
Master Kief
Master Kief 2 månader sedan
#TRUMP2020 baby! We goin' ta Mars 🇺🇸
Valarmathi Bhaskaran
Valarmathi Bhaskaran 2 månader sedan
I think mars has life
Richard Li
Richard Li 2 månader sedan
By the time we go and collect the samples we placed there, wouldn't any microbial life be dead?
krPrasanth1 3 månader sedan
For life to be existence in a planet number of Criterium must be satisfied.
Hazy J
Hazy J 3 månader sedan
This mission launched about 3 weeks ago!!!!!
Turner Lott
Turner Lott 3 månader sedan
Got sent here for school but I’m already subbed so I already saw it
Alex B
Alex B 3 månader sedan
check videos from "Eric Medhus" the medium here on youtube. He says they are underground on Mars, living in tunnels meters deep.
grapy 3 månader sedan
Lately I'm feeling down about all this mars exploration thing. If all the countries are making their own high risk high investment missions to mars then consequently they will want to keep tight control on whatever success they achieve on that alien planet. And you know where does it lead to... The same things we have been doing on "this planet". Yes, territorial, racial, cultural discriminations. And what that leads to... Just skim the human history. Initially I was hoping that world might UNITE to tackle down the Martian endeavors but now I see everyone is going their own ways.
Wildfire Shogun
Wildfire Shogun 3 månader sedan
Sad, right? I really wish humanity united to do these missions. But do you think we are? in some places? Hopefully things will get better after this pandemic. Let's hope for the best.
edgeeffect 3 månader sedan
Leaving neatly packaged samples "all over" Mars waiting for a sample return mission is an interesting plan to try and convince ignorant politicians to give them the budget to DO that sample return mission. But with ignorance amongst politicians becoming more and more fashionable it's going to be "interesting" trying to get that budget.
sho gun
sho gun 3 månader sedan
how would they feel about planetary protection when they send humans to mars?!!
danny obrian
danny obrian 3 månader sedan
I just wish people would appreciate life here .
Francis Marzulo
Francis Marzulo 3 månader sedan
Anyone here in October 1963?
Remember Prods. and friends
Remember Prods. and friends Månad sedan
Lord Ebisu
Lord Ebisu 3 månader sedan
It has been launched. Crossing my finger for 9 months
Virgilio Marques
Virgilio Marques 3 månader sedan
7:50 - that thing already has a hazmat suit!
MrBoegela 3 månader sedan
its 2020
Veni 3 månader sedan
the feeling when ur from the future watched it launch live
Vinith S
Vinith S 4 månader sedan
".........Saving mat damon from red Planet", haha...that's going to be my first Social media Caption if i am able to visit the Flight center and take Picture One day !!
Morten Vajhøj
Morten Vajhøj 4 månader sedan
Who is after the perseverance launch ?
Etherbane Null
Etherbane Null 3 månader sedan
All of us
franco huaro
franco huaro 3 månader sedan
Vinith S
Vinith S 4 månader sedan
Jonathan Bauer
Jonathan Bauer 4 månader sedan
Sanixy 4 månader sedan
Whos waching this after the perseverance launch?
Tomer Bachar
Tomer Bachar 4 månader sedan
Launch baby
Md Salman Hossain
Md Salman Hossain 4 månader sedan
Bro u looking so cute 😋👌
Hazim Mohamed
Hazim Mohamed 4 månader sedan
Who else is watching this after the Perseverance launch?✌️✌️✌️✌️
Raisa Iqbal
Raisa Iqbal 4 månader sedan
here after todays launch to mars!!
Asem Alhetar
Asem Alhetar 4 månader sedan
Mv Akhil
Mv Akhil 4 månader sedan
Today was the launch....nice
jlpland 4 månader sedan
how things have been change on time whit Perseverance Now ? !!!dont you think ?
Michael Mosseri
Michael Mosseri 4 månader sedan
It's no longer on earth so great success
Ajay Banstola
Ajay Banstola 4 månader sedan
came here after the launch
Alexis Sotelo
Alexis Sotelo 4 månader sedan
I’m from the future. Mars 2020 has already launched
Sleepy_ 3 månader sedan
umm did it?
JEEN ELLA 4 månader sedan
Alexis Sotelo hahahahah omg hi
A Smilling Chihuahua
A Smilling Chihuahua 4 månader sedan
We should name it attention, because we could then say "you had my curiosity, now you have my attention" Ps: its a meme i saw
Bond James Bond
Bond James Bond 4 månader sedan
There is ABSOLUTELY no life on Mars. The MARS mission is a scam tax payers money for missions that will never yield anything productive. This is such nonsense.. If you want to see rock formation, go to the Nevada desert. These MORONS are all wasting time and tax payers money.
HoboGrifter 3 månader sedan
@Bond James Bond what does that do with finding other life? To quote Mark Rober "Why explore outside our cave when we have so many problems inside the cave?" or "Why work on agriculture when we have so many problems with hunting and gathering?"
Bond James Bond
Bond James Bond 4 månader sedan
@HoboGrifter Because we as humans can't even take care of our own home called EARTH.
HoboGrifter 4 månader sedan
Also explain how it is a scam, NASA isnt spending it on lambroghini's, they are spending it on space missions and mars missions. Life could exist, if life does exist that may be true that life could be under the ice sheets of europa.
HoboGrifter 4 månader sedan
Please explain why trying to find life is a bad idea?
Thingsandstuff Withinmebrain
Thingsandstuff Withinmebrain 4 månader sedan
Sooo close to launch! Possibly
qoznyyy 4 månader sedan
now its time
Gulzar Kupe
Gulzar Kupe 4 månader sedan
Name of the Rover Is Perseverance Rover
Dark Waters
Dark Waters 4 månader sedan
Only 3 days to go wohoo
matin sikder
matin sikder 4 månader sedan
What if they send a live plant to mars to see how the plant survive with that mars environment, as that environment has abundant CO2 that good for plant to biosynthesis to survive.
Jean Bossy
Jean Bossy 4 månader sedan
Ce film est très ennuyeux. Je veux quelque chose de sérieux, de structuré, pas quelque chose pour les adeptes de star wars, du spectaculaire, mais rien de précis, du vedettariat, ouf....
Anthony Terrano
Anthony Terrano 4 månader sedan
POV: It's 2020 and you realize that the pandemic, riots, shitty government, and other factors have likely halted this project.
Ted E
Ted E 4 månader sedan
it's going to be launched on July 30th 2020.
Balkeet007 4 månader sedan
Even if they find life on Mars, what does that achieve?
Solider Armatang
Solider Armatang 4 månader sedan
Hey the launch is on July 30th, you excited?
terry Sullivan
terry Sullivan 4 månader sedan
And here we are three years later in July 2020. Who could have guessed the mess we're in. But the Mars mission is set to launch very soon.
Tudor Muntean
Tudor Muntean 4 månader sedan
Well , the launch is just around the corner.
FrozenFire PvP
FrozenFire PvP 4 månader sedan
Its 2020 and there is no humans on mars yet i wonder why 😷
Kamisa 4 månader sedan
CoinWasher 4 månader sedan
One of many things that never expected to age so poorly in 2020
Hearwin Dominic
Hearwin Dominic 4 månader sedan
Tassteng tassteng juk batu tukai bintang lebal raberrr pelarian mars nasa money money 616065123 23-3-1980 rackk sarai rumput umai suoerman mango bak to eard avancerr 101010101010*$%555555555559$%999999999993$%888888888888& money money
mikenco 4 månader sedan
The Rover is about 4x the size I thought it was!!
Liz&Len Punzalan
Liz&Len Punzalan 5 månader sedan
22 days Left...
TheMrarrie18 5 månader sedan
"Are you working on a computer? Ok, these guys they are working on a freaking machine, in outer space, (...)" Scientist: I'm still doing it at a regular desk, bro.
nawfal safaa
nawfal safaa 5 månader sedan
When people thought 2020 will be good😬😬😬
GETOWT OF HEYAH!!! 5 månader sedan
3:36 pretty much “Your job and career sucks, these people’s doesn’t.” Like, okay dude maybe some people are fine sitting in a cubicle focusing on their work. Some of them work for NASA too.
Pro Bro Gaming
Pro Bro Gaming 5 månader sedan
NASA:we’re gonna do a mission in 2020 Coved 19: I’m going to end this mans whole career
Pro Bro Gaming
Pro Bro Gaming 2 månader sedan
jasper Wang you knew what I meant so shut up am not changing it
jasper Wang
jasper Wang 2 månader sedan
Cirex Vecina
Cirex Vecina 5 månader sedan
why are mars rovers move so slow. . .?
Erik Björk
Erik Björk 5 månader sedan
Because they have very limited batteries, and more can also go wrong on mars. There are of course no highways on mars, and if you get stuck, there is no one to help you out.
carol jenkins
carol jenkins 5 månader sedan
rocks flown in from from mars will instantly become the most valuable substance in the history of humanity. a single grain of sand from mars could probably go for tens of millions.
carol jenkins
carol jenkins 5 månader sedan
@HadesApocalypse with the moon rocks they have, they could probably fund more than a few missions--if they ever sold them. But I think NASA being a gov't agency makes it so that they are public property and belong to every American? IDK either. If spacex ever brings back any rocks, they may be able to do this, but even spacex gets help from NASA and ESA so who knows who it would actually 'belong to'.
HadesApocalypse 5 månader sedan
Imagine if NASA was tired of underfunding and sold select amounts for billions instead, I don’t think they would get that much but who knows I don’t
Problem 5 månader sedan
What is perseverence finds oppy ;-;
phillip kalaveras
phillip kalaveras 5 månader sedan
So the Perseverance Rover will tell us in many new and exciting ways that the planet is dead, the regolith is toxic to both plants and animals and there is no water or oxygen in amounts we could use. How about sending one of these Rovers to ‎Europa or Venus or even our own moon would be money better spent. I mean how many of these damn things are we going to land on Mars to tell us what we already know?
Atlas 5 månader sedan
Europa is right in the middle of one of Jupiter's radiation belts. Equipment sent there have to be heavily shielded against radiation. This rover is not. Venus is even more hostile to life than mars, so big nope.
Harish Ram
Harish Ram 5 månader sedan
Well if there is life on mars, the life need energy leading to the need of food producers, which is other forms of energy to make food. If it is heat or light there can be comparisons made with surroundings during daylight and without daylight
Firulais 5 månader sedan
"you can't just launch a rocket in the middle of a pandemic " NASA: haha rover go BRRRRRR
Qasim Shaikh
Qasim Shaikh 5 månader sedan
How will they bring the samples of rocks back from Mars?
Economy kho
Economy kho 5 månader sedan
what if human are just a evolved bacteria that originated from aliens who landed on earth billions of years ago !!
Michael Wempe
Michael Wempe 5 månader sedan
I still think it should have been named Michael.
Kaiserland111 5 månader sedan
I'm watching this video just 35 days before the launch of the Perseverance Rover mission, and I'm super excited! 2020 has been a crazy year given the coronavirus pandemic and the global economic recession, but it's also exciting for space exploration. Recently we got to see SpaceX launch their Crew Dragon capsule in collaboration with NASA, sending 2 American astronauts to the International Space Station on an American rocket for the first time since 2011, and the first time ever on a commercial rocket. And soon we're sending the Perserverence rover to Mars! What a wild time to be alive.
Bezahlter Systemtroll
Bezahlter Systemtroll 5 månader sedan
I still havent seen the Martian 🤔
Montreal Music
Montreal Music 5 månader sedan
my not make the rover drop dirt and plant a tree lol
Jay Bizzy
Jay Bizzy 5 månader sedan
Elon would get it done pretty quick. Well I mean if he wanted to he could do it faster then anyone, and probably will.
Airwhisper80 5 månader sedan
Well they want this to succeed not fail. So they are taking their time.
Jacob Alstott
Jacob Alstott 5 månader sedan
Covid 2020 Mars mission. TF?
Jacob Alstott
Jacob Alstott 5 månader sedan
Plot twist: Mars rover contaminates the whole planet with Corona virus and it mutates to the extremely deadly Martian Corona virus!!!
Kristian Tagle
Kristian Tagle 5 månader sedan
you're making me cringe so much, you also made 2 comments in 1 video.
King Brilliant
King Brilliant 5 månader sedan
the narrator needs to calm down
Purple Shaft
Purple Shaft 5 månader sedan
2:01 It's alcohol from a british expedition on South Africa that happened during the 19th century.
Pranav Polakam
Pranav Polakam 5 månader sedan
U know we r totally ignoring the possibility of another kind of "life" that could exist on Mars. When I say another kind of "life" I mean life that follows different rules than life here on Earth (Mars doesn't necessarily have the same resources Earth had when life was first starting to bloom, so assuming there is life on mars, it could've developed using whatever different resources it had). Well those are just some simple thoughts based on a simple understanding of biology.
der_krasse 6 månader sedan
I'm still waiting.......
Alex Thoppil
Alex Thoppil 6 månader sedan
Once a base is established on mars, wont in be practically impossible to prevent life from earth from becoming established on.mars
bestamerica 6 månader sedan
' oh no... stop watch at 112... this lousy animation computer edit video is a not good video because of too much move shake at 108 to 111... look so terrible video from the computer programmer people did that... not good job
MrUsham 6 månader sedan
I am from 2020 and this doesn't happen bcs of A BLOODY VIRUS
Erhan Cankaya
Erhan Cankaya 6 månader sedan
Heheh Corona is now just like: SIKE
ckmym 6 månader sedan
Perseverance is scheduled to launch summer or fall of 2020 and land in Mars’s Jezero crater in 2021.
Manolis Aggelis
Manolis Aggelis 6 månader sedan
Mars Millitary Armory Store Offensive Destruction Weapon .... you are not allowded ....
Penelope Waters
Penelope Waters 6 månader sedan
58 days left till launch!! (It will actually land on Mars in February 2021)
Don Vreeland
Don Vreeland 6 månader sedan
There was and is life on Mars.
tom dorn
tom dorn 6 månader sedan
Job security
Ron Ron
Ron Ron 6 månader sedan
I hope they still on this. Especially of what's happening right now.
Sally Lauper
Sally Lauper 6 månader sedan
Rojus Balčiūnas
Rojus Balčiūnas 6 månader sedan
you ate stupid
ZeroXz 6 månader sedan
... What?
Mamaie 69
Mamaie 69 6 månader sedan
Uh, what?
mayo_fraser 6 månader sedan
Its 2020
Nazzy 6 månader sedan
Wow this geek guy is so HOT!!!!!!!
Roman Kindle
Roman Kindle 6 månader sedan
This is so much sick technology. Outdated from many aspects.
AmericanPatriot1776 6 månader sedan
Not really outdated... its three years old...
Mamaie 69
Mamaie 69 6 månader sedan
Such as?
gareth5000 6 månader sedan
Nasa seems to be a corrupt organization. They are certainly clever but Elon has shown how slow they do things.
Shikhar Bakhda
Shikhar Bakhda 6 månader sedan
It's 2020. Where's my rover?
sc toss
sc toss 7 månader sedan
Veritaserum: 2020 mars mission Corona virus: haha no
Mansake Labs
Mansake Labs 4 månader sedan
@Rahul Bhavani Ah, it all makes sense now.
Rahul Bhavani
Rahul Bhavani 4 månader sedan
Mansake Labs
Mansake Labs 4 månader sedan
The thing launched around an hour ago. COVID 19 doesn't win this battle!
carol jenkins
carol jenkins 5 månader sedan
@Cliff Markus good one bro u got him
carol jenkins
carol jenkins 5 månader sedan
they are still launching--they have to because of the orbit of mars. if they dont they have to wait another 2 years. its on track still.
ed reyes
ed reyes 7 månader sedan
Hopefully they don't transplant the coronavirus to Mars. Those martians going to be very upset. Humans are filthy creatures.
ZeroXz 6 månader sedan
I think the corona virus will not survive in mars
The Sci-Fi Bro
The Sci-Fi Bro 7 månader sedan
Well unfortunately mars 2020 might become mars 2021 due to virus
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