Making Liquid Nitrogen From Scratch!

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I used a nitrogen membrane and Stirling cryocooler to liquefy nitrogen out of the air. For this video I partnered with Starbucks to celebrate their Nitro Cold Brew. Order one here:
Making liquid nitrogen is hard - in fact up until 150 years ago scientists doubted whether it was even possible to liquefy nitrogen. In 1823, At the royal institution in London, Michael Faraday first produced liquid chlorine, kind of accidentally by putting it under high pressure. He similarly liquefied ammonia.
Borrowing a mixture from Thilorier in France, a combination of dry ice, snow and ether, he reached a temperature of -110C. By 1845 he used this mixture plus a hand pump to pressurize gases to liquefy all the known gases except six, which included oxygen and nitrogen. These became known as the “permanent” gases.
A French Physicist Aimé compressed oxygen and nitrogen in tanks and then lowered them into the ocean over 1.6km deep, where the pressure got up to 200 atmospheres. Still the gases didn’t liquefy.
Only at the end of 1877 were the first droplets of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen produced, by Cailletet in France. He first tried oxygen by compressing it up to 300 atmospheres, cooled to -30C, but that wasn't even enough to liquefy oxygen. But when he suddenly released the pressure, the expanding gas cooled, he estimated to -200C and he saw a mist and then droplets slide down the walls of his vessel.
It's amazing how far we've come in that now I can purchase a helium-based cryocooler. It compresses and expands the gas to absorb heat from the tip of the cold finger and eject it into the surroundings at ambient temperature.

abijithr quora
abijithr quora 9 timmar sedan
Yeah that was definitely made from scratch ......definitely
DAN SEA Dag sedan
Guys- much faster way to get bulk masses of liqiud gas(like thousands kilograms/day O_O ) - is to use "turboexpander" - special impeller, in which gas doing work, expanding and loosing it energy (also temperature). Fast&industry way to get liquid gasses. This method was invented in 1930-th, by russian academician Kapitsa. By the russian words it looks like "турбодетандер академика Капицы".
Mauro carp
Mauro carp 3 dagar sedan
How could this nitrogen membrane be made or obtained?
toddbod94 3 dagar sedan
"nitro cold brew" looks like a pint of Guinness
David Bolha
David Bolha 5 dagar sedan
$ 260 were lost during this video. 😃
Serge Vereecke
Serge Vereecke 5 dagar sedan
Looks like a Guiness !
Vishal 6 dagar sedan
We have very different definitions for scratch 😂😂😂😂
Alfie Mayne
Alfie Mayne 6 dagar sedan
“I’m breaking your drill” “I’m getting sawdust all over your carpet” “You owe me $100” I like this guy.
Jamario Raphael Ramos
Jamario Raphael Ramos 8 dagar sedan
Georgije2 9 dagar sedan
Starbucks probably doesn't use actual liquid nitrogen though. Guiness achieves the same effect using that plactic ball full of normal nitrogen gas
Eric Martel
Eric Martel 9 dagar sedan
So he made liquid nitrogen not you. You just paid him for some screen time and he bet you for more payment.
todd atisme
todd atisme 11 dagar sedan
Sounds like Someone has a gambling problem. He’s the Michael Jordan of the science world
Omar Eliyah Elmoré
Omar Eliyah Elmoré 12 dagar sedan
best commercial ad i have ever watched
jake alvarez
jake alvarez 12 dagar sedan
What's up brothers! Been a while since I posted here on the community tab. I hope you have been well! Anyways, which of these videos should I do first? All of them will be done eventually btw. Thanks!
Dracorientalis 12 dagar sedan
Nitrogen is how to get a good Guiness. Usually they use co2 in bar outside of Ireland which makes the Guiness like a Lager and this is bad. Guiness is NOT a beer it's a stout, it should never be fizzy. Nitrogen is the gas need to push the extra yeast to the top creating the iconic head on a Guiness. Also you do not drink this head. you drink through it but don't drink the head. just the black stuff under it. :P
MRswagone 14 dagar sedan
does anyone know where to find the parts like links plz
Andrei super vloguri
Andrei super vloguri 14 dagar sedan
2:24 "the moment of truth". Veritasium - An element of truth.
Jose Loc
Jose Loc 15 dagar sedan
Coconut milk icecream is the best hahaha.
Jose Loc
Jose Loc 15 dagar sedan
coal plant attachment to remove carbon dioxide
Jose Loc
Jose Loc 15 dagar sedan
yep could remove carbondioxide and nitrogen can cool back the melting ice
alex bard
alex bard 15 dagar sedan
how high do you need to pour molten metal so that it freezes mid pour?
ludic 16 dagar sedan
asian bro really was tryna get a bag from this
faasd fer
faasd fer 16 dagar sedan
I react to the WORST Minecraft plays of all time on my 2nd channel - go watch :) subscribe if you like it, it's growing so fast! -->
Dan Nelson
Dan Nelson 17 dagar sedan
Surprised that you didn't wear any eye protection.
far amen
far amen 17 dagar sedan
"How to make liquid nitrogen from scratch!" Him: First of all we need use this Cryocooler Me: ...
Society Unplugged
Society Unplugged 17 dagar sedan
Great episode as always. It reminded me of Grant Thompson, beter known as The King Of Random, which is a good thing. Somehow his home made liquid nitrogen episode is one of my favorites,
jon rodriguez
jon rodriguez 19 dagar sedan
Starbucks nitro coffee Guinness: Am I a joke to you?
Sanjay Marison
Sanjay Marison 19 dagar sedan
to make something from scratch you have to invent the universe first
Growler6t9 19 dagar sedan
Did you burn a perfectly good cookie? That's just wrong.
Nihab Khan
Nihab Khan 19 dagar sedan
"How to make liquid nitrogen from scratch!" Him: First of all we need use this Cryocooler Me: ...
Luis de Rivas
Luis de Rivas 22 dagar sedan
"Don't try this at home"...yet your handling the gear a tad too cavalier without PPE (gloves, goggles/face shield). Then again most of us don't have a $3,000 STI Hybrid 98 Cryogenic Cooler Stirling Cycle Pulse Tube Cryocooler in out tool kit.
Cody Li
Cody Li 23 dagar sedan
Hello again. Fatigue has been holding me back from editing the videos and audio recordings I’ve taken, including the one below I filmed in southern New Zealand. Unfortunately a normal edit of the audio and video usually takes upwards of 8-10hrs sitting at a desk. I need more energy to sit that long. I really hope to start this weekend all being well. Thank you all for your kind messages and mostly for your patience. Steven (TRG)
Joel Stephenson
Joel Stephenson 24 dagar sedan
Where can I buy the parts?
Sam Casdorph
Sam Casdorph 24 dagar sedan
Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!
4 GIVE 27 dagar sedan
Can a liquid oxygen amplify the the power of a XM42 Flamethrower?
4 GIVE 27 dagar sedan
Cryopiston to create plasma weapons
Helen Cardrick
Helen Cardrick 28 dagar sedan
You are 8mins into the video
Arpit Sharma
Arpit Sharma 29 dagar sedan
Sir, I have a question, why there is no explosion when you are making water while pressurized all gases, because Combinations of hydrogen and oxygen causes blast
Yousef Baytam
Yousef Baytam 29 dagar sedan
"Failed myth buster"- thats sad D: i used tl like him at that show tho
Aquib Marthya
Aquib Marthya 29 dagar sedan
food tastes better when you "make" it.
Stuart Conner
Stuart Conner 29 dagar sedan
Excellent lack of health and safety practices with all that clutter and jank in the room your working in and no work surfaces nor cable/hose management nor PPE.
Ryan Biggins
Ryan Biggins Månad sedan
man, that guy was hustling you
Oceanic 84
Oceanic 84 Månad sedan
I would like to make my own liquid Argon, Helium, and CO² for welding shielding gas purposes.
theADOBOkid Månad sedan
so can you drink or breath the liquid air?
Nolan Hall
Nolan Hall Månad sedan
rip failed mythbuster
Magnus McCloud
Magnus McCloud Månad sedan
I can only imagine the electric bill.
Dave B
Dave B Månad sedan
nitrogen also the same gas used by guiness ales . and numerous other brewing pubs
Andy Månad sedan
‘Cool’ content but seriously; how much did Starbucks pay you to not mention Guinness who (a) invented the use of nitrogen in such drinks, (b) about which scientific papers have been written in many prestigious journals, and (c) whose trademark look has been so clearly plagiarised by Starbucks it’s not even funny!
Navneet Nair
Navneet Nair Månad sedan
Absolutely love love love your videos! Im going to go get a Nitro Cold Brew the next time I am around a Starbucks, and I don't even like Starbucks all that much!
Tom Norton-Platford
Tom Norton-Platford Månad sedan
Thought that coffee was a Guinness at first
Alejandro Montoya
Alejandro Montoya Månad sedan
Who would unlike videos where so much work was put into?
roxanna Mason
roxanna Mason Månad sedan
Most likely liquid oxygen since its boiling point is 24F warmer than nitrogen.
KingOfGames Månad sedan
Liquid oxygen burning is always so weird to me. Like it’s so cold and it looks like water so despite knowing it’s oxygen my brain freaks out and is like what? How?
neonAnarchist Månad sedan
“We have made liquid air, now time, for the taste test”
Alec Ver Bunker
Alec Ver Bunker Månad sedan
I just learned why medical fields use so much helium. I never understood how helium was used in refrigeration until now and I'm absolutely blown away. Also I'm happily supprised how well this project went.
Sameep Shah
Sameep Shah Månad sedan
Things in my basement/ garage : old bicycle , and broken toys .. Things in his basement/garage : cyrometer , so compressor and maybe an UFO .. LOL XD
Tree Tree
Tree Tree Månad sedan
aright icecream shops better start making icecream with homemade liquid nitrogen
Amanda Peine
Amanda Peine Månad sedan
I really want it in a glass pint glass like that.
lord thick nipples
lord thick nipples Månad sedan
the nitro bubble cascade effect is pretty much the same effect as a mushroom cloud
Aaron Long
Aaron Long Månad sedan
He got the sponsorship because he lost so much money on his friends gambling problem
Dylan Dingley
Dylan Dingley Månad sedan
fails as a mythbuster: becomes gambling addict
Mrmusikman 82
Mrmusikman 82 Månad sedan
Oh my gosh, he made a 3rd bet!!! Come on man, relax!!!!!!! I love how he got turned down real quick though, a simple way to say "shut up and stop making bets" this is science not a casino.
Mrmusikman 82
Mrmusikman 82 Månad sedan
The guy making bets left and right is really annoying. He either must be really broke or has a gambling problem. Either way, its really annoying how exited he gets wining a little money. Chill out dude.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Månad sedan
Instructions unclear, i imploded my room
X.Ploit Månad sedan
Did Starbucks really challenge you to liquify nitrogen out of the air? Or did you bring the challenge to Starbucks as part of a proposal for them to sponsor the video? For some reason, I just can't imagine a corporate Starbucks marketing employee saying, "Here's an idea: let's challenge a science guy on SVfrom to do some science in a SVfrom video, something like, oh idk, liquifying nitrogen out of the air or something, and sponsor the video."
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING Månad sedan
Ayanami Månad sedan
"How to make liquid nitrogen from scratch!" Him: First of all we need use this Cryocooler Me: ...
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy 17 dagar sedan
Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave.... With a bunch of scraps
aaron west
aaron west Månad sedan
Very Cool!! that cryocooler is much simpler than I would have thought. I was wondering why helium was used so I did a quick google and unsurprisingly found it just remains a gas at low pressure and temp. I did come across a super cool article about heliums properties as a "superfluid"! Apparently, it can climb walls?
aaron west
aaron west Månad sedan
Turns out it will stay liquid down to 0K!! that means it will never solidify
SEAMUS Scott Månad sedan
matthew spence
matthew spence Månad sedan
If we ignored the fact that it would freeze your lungs, would we be able to breathe off of liquid air?
Alx Stan
Alx Stan Månad sedan
Matt Eagle
Matt Eagle Månad sedan
Okay stop the beeping please
Jim Farrand
Jim Farrand Månad sedan
To make liquid nitrogen from scratch, you must first create the universe.
Big Country Mountain Man
Big Country Mountain Man Månad sedan
I hope this guy has his own house out of town... Because if they're doing this in a townhouse or an apartment and something goes wrong, there's going to be a lot of millionaires.
Fahim Mosharrof Ratul
Fahim Mosharrof Ratul Månad sedan
Robert Fullstop
Robert Fullstop Månad sedan
That brew actually looked like a pint of Guinness. By the way, be nice to know where you buy all that grear.
Jamie Loppy
Jamie Loppy Månad sedan
It really was fun to do but there was a lot of people to get it done but damn worth it
Adam monem
Adam monem Månad sedan
why does he look so angry but so calm at the same time
Bernard Booth
Bernard Booth Månad sedan
Out of curiosity, why not remove the oxygen through chemical means? I mean, even if you just add hydrogen and set fire to it, then remove the water, that's going to be a lot cheaper than a nitrogen membrane, right?
Glitter Puppy
Glitter Puppy Månad sedan
Where can I get a cryocooler?
RaddyRyann Månad sedan
Im sorry did u just say u got a sponsor from starbucks?
Menno Van Der Spank
Menno Van Der Spank Månad sedan
So does it stay cold for ever? Or does it warm up or something?
Donbros Månad sedan
Am I the only one, who thought I can do this from household items ...
IamDuet Månad sedan
5:18 nipple.
M E Månad sedan
Imagine breathing the liquid air, it would probably kill you instantly.
Yora Månad sedan
-200 liquid in your lungs would probably not be good. Probably get frostbite everywhere almost instantly as the moisture in your lungs turns into ice crystals.
boneforty Månad sedan
The smart kid sleep over be like
Colék Rewson
Colék Rewson Månad sedan
Nitrogen is such a cool gas Even cooler when it's a liquid
Nian Nolan
Nian Nolan Månad sedan
nice model 3
MrAaronvee Månad sedan
Why not simply use a liquid-nitrogen generator; most universities and tech. companies have one. I was expecting to learn of some sort of clever trick for making it.
Neotonic Månad sedan
Is that cascading effect seen in the coffee at the end really from the nitrogen? You get the same effect after pouring milk into a latte and that has no gas.
Roy DaDanceGod
Roy DaDanceGod Månad sedan
This reminds of me the mythbusters episode of liquid nitrogen vs flamethrower
Andrew Joslyn
Andrew Joslyn Månad sedan
Wiz pop wiz bang see the bobbles go down.
snipers unite
snipers unite Månad sedan
I love how he is so considerate while he is working on this project in your home
Better With Rum
Better With Rum Månad sedan
As soon as he posted, 'Don't try this at home,' I already had another tab open looking for parts. I'm 100% trying this at home and I'm not a professional
Puneet Maheshwari
Puneet Maheshwari Månad sedan
Seeing intro I thought we gonna do this with things already at home Not really
Puneet Maheshwari
Puneet Maheshwari Månad sedan
@Bernard Booth 😂😂no and i think most of the ppl in comment section dont have
Bernard Booth
Bernard Booth Månad sedan
Do you not have a cryocooler?
Joel Hageman
Joel Hageman Månad sedan
Sir, figure us out an affordable DIY CO2 air scrubber and save us all. Widespread replication and distribution and we all start pulling the stuff out of the air. Sell it to Starbucks for their drinks.
Matěj Kroutil
Matěj Kroutil Månad sedan
Rest In Piece ma boi
Gene Lomas
Gene Lomas Månad sedan
Here's a link to get your very own cryocooler.. ... ... ... ... ... I never said it'd be cheap.
meisrcool Månad sedan
Yall he did NOT sip that at the beginning lmfao
Debraj Deb
Debraj Deb Månad sedan
I bet, the cryo cooler cannot make liquid He.
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