Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Official Video)

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Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club
The New Album 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club' - Out March 19th
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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Chemtrails Over The Country Club. © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

briana nicole
briana nicole 28 sekunder sedan
very much demonic
Steven Bell
Steven Bell 5 minuter sedan
Listened to her all the time back in the ‘Born to Die’ era and am immediately addicted all over again. I will be catching up for awhile ❤️
Elia Leo
Elia Leo 19 minuter sedan
944tim 26 minuter sedan
useless mask. get with the program Lana
loue belt
loue belt 31 minut sedan
girly u best nail this era
itsjrose s
itsjrose s 40 minuter sedan
My Queen 👸
Cynthia Salt
Cynthia Salt 20 minuter sedan
Devimon Lazaricus
Devimon Lazaricus 42 minuter sedan
Raven Moon
Raven Moon Timme sedan
1 M likes please 🔥🔥🔥
Gim Bob
Gim Bob Timme sedan
You're a rich man's Adele and don't ever forget it
rosario solano
rosario solano 2 timmar sedan
If aesthetic was a person we know who would it be
Charlie 2 timmar sedan
im torn after d'Angelos video about lana
uf cok malmisim
uf cok malmisim 2 timmar sedan
SOOOO PREEETTTYYYYY 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐
Lucical Art
Lucical Art 2 timmar sedan
Lol she had to include that mesh mask
Sam Valladares
Sam Valladares 3 timmar sedan
She had us in the first half, not gonna lie.
KING OF HACKER 3 timmar sedan
Joelson Pinto
Joelson Pinto 3 timmar sedan
I feel like I just watched a movie...
ivalues 3 timmar sedan
aşığım sana kadın, aşık.
xiaomi smartphones
xiaomi smartphones 4 timmar sedan
we love you lana
Kc Yelo
Kc Yelo 4 timmar sedan
Bruno Figueirôa
Bruno Figueirôa 4 timmar sedan
The Born To Die era is returning! And I think this is amazing...
XXX18 4 timmar sedan
Rich girk
XXX18 4 timmar sedan
normand jeffrey Rururush
normand jeffrey Rururush 4 timmar sedan
Come on LDR fans, we must publish this song on our social networks, so that this song has more visits. I already did it, stream too.
booker t
booker t 4 timmar sedan
I love her so much
Melissa Reid
Melissa Reid 4 timmar sedan
I've listened to this every single day since debut. I haven't been obsessed over the last album or two, but I absolutely can't wait for this one.
samuell mello
samuell mello 5 timmar sedan
é tão bom acordar logo pela manha, ouvir esse louvor e sentir deus entratndo em nossos corações e abençoando nossas famílias
samuell mello
samuell mello 5 timmar sedan
Catarina Kayla
Catarina Kayla 5 timmar sedan
Eu vivo pra isso 😻🎶 MY EVERYTHING
alexis 5 timmar sedan
Just me who never noticed the painting scene before?
akmack2 5 timmar sedan
That was INSANE!! Love, Love, Love Lana. ❤
Ross Claughton
Ross Claughton 5 timmar sedan
Instantly reminded me of "Starry Eyes" movie 2014. As dark as I love it.😱😁
Maddy Faber
Maddy Faber 5 timmar sedan
Nobody: What Karen's mask looks like: 1:30
RUIVA RUIVA 5 timmar sedan
Ela é muito perfeita 😍
Cle Dias
Cle Dias 5 timmar sedan
esse foi o clip relatando sobre o que estamos vivendo agora .no ar está sendo jogado veneno rastro químico no ar .águas sendo contaminadas .comidas contaminadas . destruição das famílias. uso de máscaras. vemos que o que está por vir .furacões prédios serão explodido ou terremotos .causará isso .ela relata no vídeo que ficaremos sem luz.que nem o luxo e dinheiro que ela possui não tem valor .diante de tudo que ela sabe que está por vir .dias negros .climas horríveis. ela mesmo tenta diante de um ventilador desenhar um mundo perfeito. De uma coisa eu sei .Deus está voltando.e a nossa morada não é aqui.
Lari Fernandes
Lari Fernandes 5 timmar sedan
Omg she's amazing!!! So pretty with so much talent. I love you Lana 💜💜💜💜
Joe Simpson
Joe Simpson 6 timmar sedan
I’ve missed her
Brittany M
Brittany M 6 timmar sedan
goosebumps af
riptide 6 timmar sedan
lana 😭
Qwerty Ytrewq
Qwerty Ytrewq 6 timmar sedan
2:11 masterpiece
idk idk
idk idk 7 timmar sedan
lana del furry
Agustín Arnaiz
Agustín Arnaiz 7 timmar sedan
white dress is coming besties
Ingred S2
Ingred S2 7 timmar sedan
Lana rainha 👑👑
Angélica Beds López
Angélica Beds López 7 timmar sedan
Raghad Abdullah
Raghad Abdullah 7 timmar sedan
احتاج اتنفسسس مو قادرة☝🏻
Manchous 7 timmar sedan
Virginia viola
Virginia viola 8 timmar sedan
That’s dark, on so many levels. Nobody tells the ugly truths in more stunningly beautiful ways than Miss del Rey.
Blanche Daramir
Blanche Daramir 8 timmar sedan
Zzzeina 8 timmar sedan
I was not expecting that shift 😳
Em Ess
Em Ess 8 timmar sedan
She is such a badass.
landofw56 9 timmar sedan
"Chemtrails over the country club" is the title of the new single by Lana Del Rey (in the world Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, New York, 21 June 1985) released on 11 January 2021: the reason anticipates the next album of the same name which will be released on 19 March of this year. It is significant that the American singer has decided to emphasize the theme of chemtrails, even if her does not seem like a complaint, rather an anguished attestation. Note especially the cover of the disc. The video, more than the text, evokes the antithesis between carefree childhood and youth on the one hand, the next age, marked by misunderstandings and contradictions on the other. Thus the solar sequences are replaced, a little at a time, by sinister and disturbing images. The idyllic American dream soon turns into a nightmare based on conflicting relationships, mystifications and masks, however perforated ... It is known that many actors, directors, performers of the music scene, athletes ... belong to the system: this is probably also the case with Lana del Rey, as suggested by the symbols that weigh down the video. They are emblems whose meaning it is superfluous to dwell on. The very insistence on number 11 (date of publication, years of career, number of tracks contained in “Chemtrails over the country club”)) raises many perplexities. We are inclined to see in the underlining of toxic trails the evocation of the threat that looms over normality, the reference to the diabolical watermark beyond the reassuring and glossy surface of things. Lana Del Rey has made the choice of her, pregnant with consequences, perhaps irreversible, perhaps not: the singer-songwriter seems to wish that others do not follow her example. It is symptomatic: none of the reviewers, while dwelling on the intimate atmosphere of the song, on the evanescent style. on the meanings of the text etc., he did not even mention the centrality of the word “chemtrails” in the title and in the poetics. It is a somewhat clumsy attempt to divert attention from a phenomenon that, despite all the ambiguities highlighted, Lana del Rey exhibits as real, indisputable. Nobody today can argue otherwise.
Vanessa Leonio
Vanessa Leonio 9 timmar sedan
Vanessa Leonio
Vanessa Leonio 9 timmar sedan
Szymek 9 timmar sedan
Just aesthetic
Игорь Дубовый
Игорь Дубовый 9 timmar sedan Does anyone know? what is the name of this beautiful girl?
Rune 9 timmar sedan
Шевцов, где ты?
黄羚峻 9 timmar sedan
for now,lana is neither in Hollywood nor in Venice, she is just driving cross the countryside in the middle of the night.
Catrin Yako
Catrin Yako 10 timmar sedan
The ending reminds me of Indian music style
Sara Sarakh
Sara Sarakh 11 timmar sedan
It's beautiful lsd normality settles down over me I'm not bored or unhappy I'm still so strange and wild ❤❤
Abigail Lambert
Abigail Lambert 11 timmar sedan
I wish I was as beautiful as lana
Gabriel Cordeiro
Gabriel Cordeiro 11 timmar sedan
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MusicPop TV
MusicPop TV 11 timmar sedan
davidgeorgiev 12 timmar sedan
Lana talking about zodiac signs is a cultural reset
Luis J. Velásquez
Luis J. Velásquez 12 timmar sedan
This song makes me so sad and I love it
meg _nut
meg _nut 12 timmar sedan
Lana needs to get cast for American Horror Story, she'd be amazing. This video gives me AHS vibes, it's amazing.
Екатерина Решетник
Екатерина Решетник 12 timmar sedan
Why Lana hate America so much
Afraa J.
Afraa J. 13 timmar sedan
I'm obssessed with this song and this women too , everything she does is magical 🙄💗🙂
Angelo Loren
Angelo Loren 13 timmar sedan
Come back to this everyday
Synth Central
Synth Central 13 timmar sedan
Lana is a breath of fresh air
Matthew Bustamante
Matthew Bustamante 13 timmar sedan
I feel like I'm having a nightmare while watching this video, and it's kinda kewl~
Lara Türkel
Lara Türkel 13 timmar sedan
We missed you, please come again to Turkey (Turkish fans)💜❤️💙🥺
Luca Buzzoni
Luca Buzzoni 13 timmar sedan
Bella la retina per scolare la frittura😂❤️
family bekas
family bekas 13 timmar sedan
Shes so pretty i cant
Endah Wulandari, SE
Endah Wulandari, SE 14 timmar sedan
malloybeats 14 timmar sedan
I don't get why she wanted to add such a dark tone to the video at the end, ruins it.
Heather Rayner
Heather Rayner 13 timmar sedan
Its the point if the song, its meant to show how the ideal life she appears to live isn't as happy or fulfilling as it seems. Mainly that she feels like she has settled down and can't be as wild as she once was even tough she wants to be.
Daniel Dabbas
Daniel Dabbas 14 timmar sedan
Her videos have to be showed in the Louver
john smith
john smith 14 timmar sedan
The Classic Classy Rich White one admits it.... but everyone wants it....
The Black Swan
The Black Swan 14 timmar sedan
Can't wait to hear Ajay scream "BEEEAAAACCHHH 🏖️!! TRANSITIONSSSS!!"
elize 14 timmar sedan
It's 2100 and teenagers are listening to this, saying they were born in the wrong era
alicia 14 timmar sedan
her visuals always serve 💜
lucho pobletee
lucho pobletee 14 timmar sedan
te amo
Luna Saints
Luna Saints 15 timmar sedan
Prag Matic
Prag Matic 15 timmar sedan
Wow, she's addressing some heavy s-it. Country club the Bohemian Grove?! Adrenochromers and all.
Jentaifer 15 timmar sedan
This is the one of the 2 songs I actually like from Lana.
Thielly Ferreira
Thielly Ferreira 15 timmar sedan
😍😍😍😍😍 brazil i love Lana
M Ci
M Ci 15 timmar sedan
For me her music now isn’t so attractive as before ...
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 14 timmar sedan
Happy every day
SynSkateXlub 16 timmar sedan
lanas transfromation to the other side like beyonce and shasta f
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 14 timmar sedan
Oscar Myers
Oscar Myers 16 timmar sedan
Who else made lemonade after watching this ? 🍋
PLAY YAK 16 timmar sedan
love it
Tramp America
Tramp America 16 timmar sedan
Wow another stupid satanist this country could use less of
Chante Strydom
Chante Strydom 16 timmar sedan
I F3cking love this song
Alexis Marie
Alexis Marie 18 timmar sedan
This gave me chills.
no 18 timmar sedan
Frangiee 18 timmar sedan
Her vocals during the shower scene- I’m in love with them I’m kinda pressed they aren’t in the actual audio 🦷
P Wynn
P Wynn 18 timmar sedan
Lana does it again ! Bad ass diva 👩‍🎤 💯
Arturo E.
Arturo E. 18 timmar sedan
Half of the song looks like travis scotts animations
Cecilia Lieras
Cecilia Lieras 18 timmar sedan
She's evil
Joélisson Alcântara
Joélisson Alcântara 18 timmar sedan
Que perfeitoooo aaaaa
сяува тв
сяува тв 19 timmar sedan
Кто после Алексея Шевцова? Но голос у неё реально красивый. Кремле-боты накрутить 30k Лайков.
mya cowmeadow
mya cowmeadow 19 timmar sedan
Angela Del Rosario
Angela Del Rosario 20 timmar sedan
Omg lana never gets old, she's aging like fine wine
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