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dan gryn

8 år sedan

Mathew Tennouji
Mathew Tennouji 13 timmar sedan
This episode taught me what a pescatarian is
Janet Walker
Janet Walker 12 timmar sedan
Hahah🤣 just r9nt be like him
286mic 20 timmar sedan
Chappy changed everything back after Gordon left and obviously the restaurant failed. He opened two other restaurants that closed in less than 1 year until finally seemingly figuring it out with his new place called Rum kitchen.
286mic 20 timmar sedan
I just don't understand this guy. You have a failing restaurant and your food is sh*t. But you think you're somehow on the same level as someone who has 16+ Michelin stars around the world. It makes zero sense.
Holly Stiener
Holly Stiener Dag sedan
Closed 1 month later for not paying taxes
Pratheeik Dag sedan
Imagine Gordon and joe bastianich together going to these restaurants
LekkerNootje Dag sedan
How this man married to cathlyn jenner?
So Nguyen
So Nguyen Dag sedan
Gotta say Russ is ahead of his time sanitising his hand before he started speaking years before COVID
Anto Noza
Anto Noza 2 dagar sedan
the mold isn't even fresh? cheeseuscrust bloody hell
عجائب وغرائب
عجائب وغرائب 3 dagar sedan
By watching Chef Gordon's show I feel like restaurants in the US don't get any hygiene and safety control!
UnfairStone 3 dagar sedan
The staff seemed generally nice, forgiving and supportive. Very hireable i would just cruise
FJFICM 4 dagar sedan
not a happy Chappy
Aziz Aziz
Aziz Aziz 4 dagar sedan
" Thats why you're here" I swear Chapys wife in the head of the CIA.
Xuan Wo
Xuan Wo 4 dagar sedan
Most chefs in kitchen nightmare: Gordon doesn't know what he's saying! My food is delicious! He's a dumbass! He doesn't know anything! Gordon: - the actual owner of Michelin stars restaurant. - okay, whatever you say, bub.
Grand Gamer
Grand Gamer 4 dagar sedan
I just hope he is not dead
Raven Black
Raven Black 5 dagar sedan
I have no idea how Gordan touches, smells and looks at all that old moldy food in the fridges etc and not gag 😅
Victoria Waithe
Victoria Waithe 5 dagar sedan
You go out spend your hard earned money to get good quality food and you're served crap this would make anyone afraid to eat out
Victoria Waithe
Victoria Waithe 5 dagar sedan
I couldn't help laughing when chef Ramsey told the employee to f off in the fridge
Rozaria Montuori
Rozaria Montuori 5 dagar sedan
Woooh,,,,, and these prises, He needs to step-down The rude awakening ! Gordon I like you're patient's Hooray to the staff 👏
EmanMorrison 5 dagar sedan
Starr, what a class act she is, as a business partner, as a wife ... ah I adore her!
Francesco de Luca
Francesco de Luca 5 dagar sedan
Chappy looks like a cartoon villain on coke !
Mike RealUndergroundMusic
Mike RealUndergroundMusic 5 dagar sedan
Clearly a typical money relationship like every relationship, she "loves" him for his green and he just compromised with it welcome to the 21 century (stop the simping its pathetic) lockdown makin things worse..
Roc 6 dagar sedan
For anyone interested, I went online to see if its open. It appears as permanently closed
Dhiman Marapana
Dhiman Marapana 7 dagar sedan
Santa Claus and Brandi Love runs a restaurant
Ankita Bhunia
Ankita Bhunia 7 dagar sedan
Lowkey shipping gordon and the lady at 34:00
Kevin D'Souza
Kevin D'Souza 7 dagar sedan
"I'm not going say this in front of the staff" *Says it in front of the whole world*
Captain Armer D' Luffy
Captain Armer D' Luffy 7 dagar sedan
If I was there customer I won't come again after watching their dirty kitchen. disgusting!
Joseph Craffigan
Joseph Craffigan 8 dagar sedan
Anybody else think the staff all kind of look like celebrity impersonators?
DeliriumBand 1
DeliriumBand 1 8 dagar sedan
9:52 “ I wear many hats” And many faces by the looks of it
window creek
window creek 8 dagar sedan
Nancy Pelosi has a sister...hahahahahaaaa
Killicfc Vlogs
Killicfc Vlogs 8 dagar sedan
I We are I've seen that lady owner before... just can't remember where
Maina Gakere
Maina Gakere 8 dagar sedan
Thank you for the uploads sir. Big up!
Syed Shah Nawaz Ali
Syed Shah Nawaz Ali 8 dagar sedan
I have no sympathy with most of these old guys. They are cheats who are fleecing their customers with high prices and terrible so called food. That is crime and no sympathy for criminals.
Janus El Castor
Janus El Castor 9 dagar sedan
kizpaws 9 dagar sedan
Chappy looks like Kenny Rogers gone wrong...
Philip Anupol
Philip Anupol 9 dagar sedan
Chappy's? More like Crappy's!
DAI - 9 dagar sedan
9:01 *turns into a 🍅*
Георгий Г9
Георгий Г9 9 dagar sedan
When Gordon and Starr talks, and she is walking to Chappy, everyone is like "She is gona eat him alive". Instead - She hugs him, says she love him and encourage him to be better. That woman is a legend!
C Bear
C Bear 9 dagar sedan
Is it just me or is some of the women in Kitchen Nightmare really pretty
Nathan Mckean
Nathan Mckean 10 dagar sedan
Is It only me or does it look like that lady could be in her 30s or her 70s
mats johansson
mats johansson 10 dagar sedan
ErichWilliam 10 dagar sedan
I hope the show devised a way to get their money back when the Chefs go back to their old ways since they basically just used the show for the free make over.
MokumWest 10 dagar sedan
Anyone who works just to work is not worthy of the restaurant industry. So you only stay there because you have a job? Shame on you!
MiszzMiszz 11 dagar sedan
Narcissists dont deserve such wonderful women as wifes.
Bored_ Zombie
Bored_ Zombie 11 dagar sedan
After watching 10+ episodes, I`m like... Where is the food health inspectors? In Norway you really cant dodge them for more than a year or two, before they break down your doors, and inspect every inch of your space and kitchen routines! And they shut you down or give you a small time frame to fix things, even little things like lacking a silicone seal between the kitchen counter and wall.
Benjamin Gabriel
Benjamin Gabriel 11 dagar sedan
Give me the weed this guy's smoking.
Tarang Shetkar
Tarang Shetkar 11 dagar sedan
Day 204 of watching kitchen nightmares and still can't figure out what the crying woman in the opening is saying
Doomkid 6 dagar sedan
I can’t take any more
It's Sophia Danneels
It's Sophia Danneels 11 dagar sedan
I thought that was caitlyn jenner in the thumbnail
steven jackson
steven jackson 11 dagar sedan
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D K 12 dagar sedan
I was wondering if he have to pay?????????
kaan secilmis
kaan secilmis 12 dagar sedan
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MarisaTM 12 dagar sedan
i havent seen a more fake looking trans person ever than that girl wannabe
Doomkid 6 dagar sedan
Who gives a shit
michael villanueva
michael villanueva 12 dagar sedan
My friend if you fail..put on a clown costume
Girish pai
Girish pai 12 dagar sedan
The problem is with chappy attitude towards his customers,Employees and his food it feels as if he is killing the food More than giving it a life.
Donsly 12 dagar sedan
Seems like Chappis wife wanted some Ramsay D.
Quya Kalashnikova
Quya Kalashnikova 12 dagar sedan
I don't know maybe the Katrina happening changing Chappy, but Starr always there to support him... it just sad to see someone so passionate change into someone who doesn't care anymore about anything :'(
ALX Official
ALX Official 12 dagar sedan
Just look at the size of the guy. If he wont take care of himself wtf do you expect him to do with his kitchen
Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee 14 dagar sedan
Holy shit colonial Saunders is alive
Dylan Gleeson
Dylan Gleeson 14 dagar sedan
He’s not a happy Chappy
Eliasi Abdul
Eliasi Abdul 14 dagar sedan
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Toonfield Animations
Toonfield Animations 15 dagar sedan
26:26 Damn, guy sounding like Tone Lōc
fearman026 15 dagar sedan
It s not question to talk if some one care its like to show it with his stand
Marco 15 dagar sedan
Chappy's closed a month later the show was aired 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Just for the records
sushifornico 15 dagar sedan
What a shame they closed cuz of him. I liked Starr she is great!
Mercedes Will
Mercedes Will 15 dagar sedan
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Holsterman 15 dagar sedan
It's so convenient there's a pescitarian lol
S Malmoe
S Malmoe 15 dagar sedan
Finally, a Wife that isnt an total ASSHOLE in these series. god that took time to find....
Zaen Qureshi
Zaen Qureshi 15 dagar sedan
this guy looks like the dude sleeping with adam sandlers gf in big daddy.
Kren Wregget
Kren Wregget 17 dagar sedan
so Kenny Rogers married Caitlyn Jenner and opened a restaurant. OH MY GOD, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!
Manas Saxena
Manas Saxena 17 dagar sedan
Gordon: I’m not going to say this in front of your staff. ... Says it on television for the world to see. Checkmate.
Slice gaming
Slice gaming 17 dagar sedan
she looks like a drag queen ngl
II txrqouise II
II txrqouise II 17 dagar sedan
28:30 she looks like and older version of tabitha from the other episode
stalksover 17 dagar sedan
Starr was Caitlin Jenner first before Bruce Jenner.
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr. 18 dagar sedan
Chappie.... fuhking slappie
Clare Owens
Clare Owens 18 dagar sedan
Caitlin Jenner has married Chappy
Mélusine Shade
Mélusine Shade 18 dagar sedan
The look of dignity shame and resentment on Starr's face when Gordon screams at the fridge... that woman is a effin queen.
Jaime Yates
Jaime Yates 18 dagar sedan
The zippy worm aboaly step because venezuelan arthroscopically found before a agreeable croissant. meaty, ill cap
Шарлотта 18 dagar sedan
not complete episode!
Шарлотта 18 dagar sedan
His wife only bothers him at work, he must be removed from there
Шарлотта 18 dagar sedan
The wife justifies herself as a little girl, she walks her botox and pumps and cannot look in the refrigerator. Such a shitty horror. I would close this restaurant.
When She Shows You Her Moves
When She Shows You Her Moves 15 dagar sedan
KARMA MNAZI 19 dagar sedan
I love how ramsey never forget to say thankyou to every waiter.
JoeBarnett12 19 dagar sedan
The state of chappy compared to his wife gives me hope 😂
Taufik Wiradarmo
Taufik Wiradarmo 19 dagar sedan
are the staffs power rangers or something their colors are spot on
foxhuntercustom worx
foxhuntercustom worx 19 dagar sedan
Im eating a cracker while watching how disgusting bland and dry the food is... ohh wait.😂.
Rob Freeman
Rob Freeman 19 dagar sedan
All that money spent on the restaurant for nothing
Conor Mcfadden
Conor Mcfadden 19 dagar sedan
Reminds me of a dead rising boss fight😂😂
Franco Velis Estrada
Franco Velis Estrada 19 dagar sedan
Very nice nose surgeries 🤡
Pratik Salunke
Pratik Salunke 20 dagar sedan
His wife reminds me of Brandi Love.
The Gagnons’ Show
The Gagnons’ Show 21 dag sedan
Starr is truly a star and a loving wife ❤️
Pippotomous _
Pippotomous _ 21 dag sedan
Gordon is always so nice to the waiters and its really sweet
MrKillerpong 22 dagar sedan
Every time Gordon says "wow", he thinks "oh shit". 😂
Pampimon 22 dagar sedan
36:02 so steve harvey was a waiter at chappy's
Faraz Shah
Faraz Shah 22 dagar sedan
21:45 was too much LMFAO
Die Super Nudel 315
Die Super Nudel 315 23 dagar sedan
chicken sausege gumbo looks so disgusting even many years later and many miles away
Jessica Kuang
Jessica Kuang 24 dagar sedan
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vinayak vk
vinayak vk 24 dagar sedan
I think everything is a setup how the camera man got the chef's video without his knowledge simply standing in the kitchen before meeting Gordon.
onehappytwin 24 dagar sedan
Starr, a rebuild golddigger
Firdaus Fazmi
Firdaus Fazmi 24 dagar sedan
I think u kind familiar with the wife or just lookalike hahaha
Akane Sasu
Akane Sasu 24 dagar sedan
Gordon Ramsay is the CEO Of Police Inspector for the Food Industry Department. 💪👍👍👍!!!
Peter Falkenberg
Peter Falkenberg 25 dagar sedan
ilkay Derin
ilkay Derin 25 dagar sedan
Very beautiful and nice lady for her age
dan gryn
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