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Dieter Corzelius
Dieter Corzelius Timme sedan
In what way does the food lose its flavor and texture even its frozen and thawed out correctly?
TheCentaury 7 timmar sedan
Owner : "Ramsay or not Ramsay. If you insult me, better be ready to explain yourself". 2 minutes later. Ramsay : "Get out your bubble Tom. Get in the real world" Owner : speechless :D
Jøę 87
Jøę 87 Dag sedan
They try to make frozen movie not make any food and gordon talk about food omg gordon is so wrong...
Inverse Reacts
Inverse Reacts Dag sedan
the way he praised his daughter at 38:00 onwards was exactly what she needed
jack wadd
jack wadd Dag sedan
Inverse Reacts
Inverse Reacts Dag sedan
Update April 2021 They have been closed by health inspectors
Vuisean Dag sedan
Worst father. What a piece of shit.
Thia Mi
Thia Mi 2 dagar sedan
it'S like my mom kicking everyon out of the kitchen bc she wants to do it herself so it gets done the "right way" but then complains no one ever helps her in the kitchen
K Bee
K Bee 2 dagar sedan
Congratulations Andrea!! This is the first show where the restaurant is still open with the owner from Kitchen Nightmares I’ve seen out of 10! You are a 10 out of 10!!!
Faizal Mydin
Faizal Mydin 2 dagar sedan
Tom needs a tight slap.
M Ø Ø M 3 dagar sedan
Owner: *talking about his business in the car* *gordon cuts him off* Gordon: *keep your hands on the fucking wheel.*
Entertainment Tax
Entertainment Tax 3 dagar sedan
Update: 2022 and they are Doing Great Business and Andrea is still the Owner.
Shin Thant Aung
Shin Thant Aung 3 dagar sedan
I feel sorry for that garlic :(
tri tiger pro tri
tri tiger pro tri 3 dagar sedan
My ball are bigger and stronger.Nice
caiti :]
caiti :] 3 dagar sedan
FJFICM 4 dagar sedan
Literally every Kitchen Nightmares episode: "Ever since i have owned this restaurant i have never had ANY complaints. Never!"
David Espinosa / sandy shores
David Espinosa / sandy shores 5 dagar sedan
Is this staged? I mean they know that a camera is pointed at them
Tricia Coleman
Tricia Coleman 5 dagar sedan
Love the Dad
azae00 Vids
azae00 Vids 5 dagar sedan
That meatloaf is really good chef... yeah it was made by one of your customers ... Gordon: mike drop 😂😂😂😂😂
Riley Pickering
Riley Pickering 5 dagar sedan
"and that's the honest truth"
Javille Brown
Javille Brown 5 dagar sedan
I love it how my dad keeps meat fresh, seems like frozen food sucks
Meeka023 6 dagar sedan
yeah smash that garlic
serloinz 6 dagar sedan
I wonder if there has ever been a time when gordon went to a place and everyone was humble and nice and willing to change from the get go. They probably wouldn't have aired it if it even happened.. i'd like to watch it though ;p
aliceinultraland 6 dagar sedan
every episode is the same. why don't people watch it and just do what they know will happen before he arrives. clean the kitchen... serve fresh food... simplify the menu. you only need to watch one episode... you don't need more than that.
UnfairStone 6 dagar sedan
Some Italian Restaurant Owner: I have half a dozen testicles, and I need help
Zeus Jaus
Zeus Jaus 7 dagar sedan
The unbecoming slice experimentally drain because colombia plausibly tremble since a vacuous afghanistan. greedy, dull trail
Z0mByZ 7 dagar sedan
Respectfully, i thought andrea was hot af
n patel
n patel 7 dagar sedan
Tony Montana runs this restaurant, I got a lot of balls and mines bigger than yours lol
Юлия Круковская
Юлия Круковская 7 dagar sedan
Pride makes one blind...
F35 Turbo
F35 Turbo 7 dagar sedan
Wow Carla has her own emoji....😬
RW 7 dagar sedan
26:30 Legend says, they are still hammering on that table.
Wade Woolgar
Wade Woolgar 7 dagar sedan
The music is on point with the emotions and those rage moments are fantastic 🤣🤣
Hi B
Hi B 7 dagar sedan
hes thick as fuck omd lmao
Helena Claydon
Helena Claydon 8 dagar sedan
its the fact he wasn’t wearing a seat belt - he down bad
xristos xristou
xristos xristou 8 dagar sedan
what about Tom where is he from? i bet he is greek
Miss k
Miss k 8 dagar sedan
Carla reminds me of Cheshire Cat
Br1koo 8 dagar sedan
Andrea is one fine looking individual.
Tom Elford
Tom Elford 8 dagar sedan
No one talks about how much Gordon says “likewise”
M Nabil Rabbani
M Nabil Rabbani 8 dagar sedan
Smashing Tables Tournament Winner get : 5-Star Restaurant
Ann1amour 536
Ann1amour 536 8 dagar sedan
If you havent watched frozen before Watch this You'll hear frozen 1 million 22 times And then you'll hate frozen
Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper 9 dagar sedan
British guy: saves and refurbs restaurant Greek guy: only in america
Rajan Singh
Rajan Singh 9 dagar sedan
Update : 2026 they are still open Andreas kid is the new chef
Pritha Ghosh
Pritha Ghosh 9 dagar sedan
The food from the customers was a smart move.
Maggie Muthu
Maggie Muthu 9 dagar sedan
Love the waitress....she's too cute.
puertoricanboy100 9 dagar sedan
IAM BOONBOON AND RANDY are the True MVP thank you so much for the updates!!!
J B 9 dagar sedan
Tom says " Smells beautiful, ocean fresh" Gordon says " your in denial" Tom says " I can honestly say that they where caught yesterday and where in the the freezer" Gordon says "your in denial" tom says "no I am not" have a think about that the little idiot (tom, not Ramsay) By the way I'm not bothered to right toms name properly with a capital that's how annoyed I am
Thierry Talon
Thierry Talon 9 dagar sedan
It hurts to look at Carla’s ‘smile’.
L B 10 dagar sedan
Andrea is a doll
Lucifer king of demons
Lucifer king of demons 10 dagar sedan
i don't mean it in a bad way but damn Andrea is so cute
Wouter de vries
Wouter de vries 10 dagar sedan
"No way to know which of the two is right" Except that the intro spoiled the entire episode. It's like I'm watching an Anime intro xD
The game
The game 10 dagar sedan
Lol the only thing I can hear is *bleep* all the time 😂
Christopher K
Christopher K 11 dagar sedan
Did anyone already mention the fact that neither of them likes to wear a seat belt?
Lyka Yanin
Lyka Yanin 11 dagar sedan
Stubborn old man
Ramy Azizeh
Ramy Azizeh 11 dagar sedan
the server is a lier! Jesus
Toon Co
Toon Co 11 dagar sedan
It annoys me that he doesn't wear a seatbelt while he's driving.
Theo Cartwright
Theo Cartwright 12 dagar sedan
The waiter be like 👁🦷🦷👁
Tsujanryo 12 dagar sedan
Sooo they've taken out a few swear words and added an orchestral adventure-flavored musical score. First episode I noticed such a blatant use of music in this show....oddly.
Snowy The Polar Bear
Snowy The Polar Bear 12 dagar sedan
"People love it, they take it home to eat tomorrow." Hmm. I wonder how many of those people came back alive.
Mary Njogu
Mary Njogu 12 dagar sedan
Carla's optimistic smile gave life to this video😭💀
Lunar chezy
Lunar chezy 12 dagar sedan
39:59 just him his child and the Cara man and grodan Ramsey
sicktanick 13 dagar sedan
Andrea is stunning, my gwod
prod. roses
prod. roses 13 dagar sedan
Drop her @
Patrick 13 dagar sedan
I never allowed him not to change anything?????
Michael Stoyles
Michael Stoyles 13 dagar sedan
Lol excellent food cut to a square piece of meat like wtf is that
Michael Stoyles
Michael Stoyles 13 dagar sedan
Nothing against family owned business but this is why u don’t work with family, you both have an idea of eachother so it’s hard to be Objective
inYeet Zenm
inYeet Zenm 13 dagar sedan
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Ealider Berinsi
Ealider Berinsi 13 dagar sedan
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Ramanathan Shankar
Ramanathan Shankar 13 dagar sedan
Gordon : You don't have the balls do you? Tom: I got a lot of balls and they are bigger..😝
Quicksilver_Cookie 13 dagar sedan
That waitress has the fakest and most creepy smile. Maybe I'm being harsh, people have different faces. But it just looks unsettling.
rescuerofdreams 13 dagar sedan
I worked as a waitress and hotel receptionist for a time and we're kinda "obligated" to smile at the costumers always even if we feel like shit. So you end up smiling like a maniac robot 🤖. It's not costumers' fault, of course but unfortunately that's how it works most of times. I think that the waitress is just in that mood😂
Sunna Rut
Sunna Rut 14 dagar sedan
Out of all the shows this one is one of the most wholesome
DL V 14 dagar sedan
Carla seems like she would be so much fun to hang out with!
Dantai Edwards
Dantai Edwards 14 dagar sedan
John Gear
John Gear 15 dagar sedan
She was super into Gordon
micovski fukn
micovski fukn 15 dagar sedan
Unquality product?
Jan 15 dagar sedan
Gordan: part time master chef part time prophet
bashar Stats
bashar Stats 15 dagar sedan
Tom is a great father and Andria is lovely
Intensity . Density
Intensity . Density 15 dagar sedan
It's not frozen.... Puts them in the freezer. The delusion is high
Johnny Qush
Johnny Qush 16 dagar sedan
The surroundings looks like a TV set
Jan 16 dagar sedan
hey, thanks for uploading these!
MeIIow 17 dagar sedan
Holy crap. the head waitress has the fakest smile ive ever seen... its like she's got a bleaching without the bleaching, and showing off..
Thomas McDonagh
Thomas McDonagh 17 dagar sedan
Finally a success story delighted for them all
Mica 17 dagar sedan
40:06 i love gordon is just watching them
pino pinotti
pino pinotti 17 dagar sedan
Its fun though how in this show americans look like they actually have some taste or judgment in food. The same that think that adding flavor means adding more stuff. or that everything as to taste like sugar
Jack Monger
Jack Monger 18 dagar sedan
The utopian aunt delightfully clap because dipstick partially march but a permissible beetle. troubled, terrible canadian
Jake Davies
Jake Davies 18 dagar sedan
I've seen those same ravioli at like 3 different restaurants on this programme lmao
Raptor717 18 dagar sedan
Tom should have been a car salesman lol.
Jaime Yates
Jaime Yates 18 dagar sedan
The abhorrent deborah tinctorially mug because handsaw anatomically flower amongst a possible hole. known, willing camera
Jaime Yates
Jaime Yates 18 dagar sedan
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David Fearis
David Fearis 19 dagar sedan
21:40 I don't know why Gordon didn't just take it out there himself like he did with Fiesta Sunrise
David Fearis
David Fearis 19 dagar sedan
Tom was completely loopy during the majority of this episode & A REAL STUBBORN NUT TO CRACK!!!
Anne O'Connor
Anne O'Connor 19 dagar sedan
My kitchen is not gourmet, but most things I buy are frozen because I live quite far away from shops. All veg are fresh except for peas, I think frozen petit pois taste better than fresh. I I also batch cook and freeze. If I am in a restaurant I do not worry about whether things are fresh or frozen but how it tastes. I do not think frozen is always bad, but maybe I am an ignoramus!
Jdemonify 19 dagar sedan
Gordon: you telling me frozen is better than fresh? Owner: No but yes.
DANIEL WILSON 19 dagar sedan
Damn dad is on a war path
Dregling 20 dagar sedan
Andrea make the bald man cry :D
Tony Scott
Tony Scott 20 dagar sedan
this guy thrives on conflict and chaos.
Len Okimaru
Len Okimaru 20 dagar sedan
Strangely, that yelling guy reminds me the rent dude from spiderman
George Bluck
George Bluck 21 dag sedan
I don't know why his daughter doesn't open her own business in the area and fuckin wipe her stupid fuckin deluded dad off the map and out of business!! If I was Gordon Ramsay there is no way that I would help that fella!! He's got that much money that he could buy a property for her to make a resteraunt and she could run it for him, I would if I was Gordon just so she could take her dad out of business for him being an absolute BELL-END!!!!!
Mahin Ahmed
Mahin Ahmed 21 dag sedan
guys look at the way how Gordon Ramsay wears his belt in a car when he first appears.
Jarle Malmin
Jarle Malmin 22 dagar sedan
Sometimes you need to use a brick to get through too someone. Glad to hear that this place is still going.
boeingfreak1 22 dagar sedan
Carla is killing me with that damn smile
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