Keith Finds The Best Barbecue • Tailgate Debate

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Tailgate debate is back and today we're gonna have a finger lickin' good time with some of the best Barbecue spots LA has to offer! Get Keith's Hot Sauce today!
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Special thanks to the restaurants for the delicious eats! Check them out below!
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Bludso's - @blusdosbbq
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Jared Popkins
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10 Ibrahim
10 Ibrahim 2 dagar sedan
Who wants to see keith eating the menu in an indonesian restaurant
Sahara Daley
Sahara Daley 2 dagar sedan
On the eat the menu series he should try every cereal!!
Dessydd 4 dagar sedan
Bum butt
Itamar hassin
Itamar hassin 4 dagar sedan
Who else thinks the try guys should play magic the gathering against a pro? I know I do
Kasey M
Kasey M 5 dagar sedan
My only complaint about this video is that I don't get to eat along with them. That's some delicious looking food
Nicole A. Duarte-Ayala
Nicole A. Duarte-Ayala 5 dagar sedan
the bear pit hands down o.o
Jessica Medrano
Jessica Medrano 5 dagar sedan
I was hoping to see Dr. Hogly Wogly's on here! Really good bbq!! Please try it!!!
Justin Chen
Justin Chen 6 dagar sedan
Stop Reading I said STOP 🛑!!! Okay, You Still Here Right? You Probably Are Still Reading So Whoever’s Watching The Vid Probably Love To Eat Everything They Eat!!! I Thought This Because I Love It 🥰😊
Harinandan Prasanth
Harinandan Prasanth 6 dagar sedan
I live in India 💔
Lex McDufflePants
Lex McDufflePants 7 dagar sedan
1:53 that jackets on amazon.. I have that
Christian Kirby
Christian Kirby 7 dagar sedan
I was nutting this entire video cause DAMN THAT SHIT LOOKED SO DAMN GOOD
Nawar Daouk
Nawar Daouk 8 dagar sedan
why am i watching while fasting...
Midnights & Wildflowers
Midnights & Wildflowers 8 dagar sedan
Loved the guests!
whip8 8 dagar sedan
Totally agree. Weed after the feed.
HerbertHamptonBlue 9 dagar sedan
I can’t believe y’all live in LA and didn’t go to SLAB:(((
Veronika I
Veronika I 9 dagar sedan
If you are ever in PASADENA TX you MUST hit up Andy’s BBQ. Have an armadillo egg. You will not be disappointed
theboyfromtheclassics 9 dagar sedan
*Crying* from India 😭
Lindsay Harper
Lindsay Harper 9 dagar sedan
Okay but in North Carolina barbeque is pulled pork with a vinegar sauce which is better than the barbeque sauce. Also we always serve it with boiled potatoes, slaw, hush puppies, Brunswick stew, and sometimes fried chicken. Whenever my family comes to NC we always have a bbq dinner and it's always so good!!! NC has the BEST pulled pork barbeque, no 🧢
vonny b
vonny b 10 dagar sedan
Mr Mayhem
Mr Mayhem 10 dagar sedan
Ma mans just said “Motorcycle gang” in front of millions
Felicia Nichole
Felicia Nichole 10 dagar sedan
Let's just talk about how iconic it was when she said "If your free in your mind they nothing ca imprison you"
Lana 10 dagar sedan
Okay, hold on. I might not have lived in Destin my whole life, but it's a hell of a lot better than other Florida cities. (I don't live in Destin, but I live close.) Plus, they've got the greatest beaches in the US.
sarah doyle
sarah doyle 11 dagar sedan
I'm not sure if you've done Nashville fried chicken tailgate debate, but you should check out Hot Mother Clucker in Sherman Oaks. It's a hole in the wall run out of a car wash. Juicy chicken and great spice levels.
Carisa Wong
Carisa Wong 11 dagar sedan
“there are two types of people: you watching and me eating” yeah never felt a sentence so hard before
Tyra P
Tyra P 11 dagar sedan
Keith came out of Bludso’s with a hat or maybe he went in with it 😂 he’s amazing
Gretchen Badger
Gretchen Badger 11 dagar sedan
Ya know, I wasn't sure about this series at first, but honestly now I am convinced this is one of the best things that happened because of covid. This is a great series, and it makes me want to fly to LA to just try some of these places! Keep it up guys!!
Reahana Joseph
Reahana Joseph 12 dagar sedan
Omg yes my Florida Public schools serves Jamaican patties on Wednesday
1k subbs by the end 2021
1k subbs by the end 2021 13 dagar sedan
we really lovvveeee these vidssssssss
Bethanie B.
Bethanie B. 13 dagar sedan
y’all should’ve tried smokin moes
Sylvie McCord
Sylvie McCord 13 dagar sedan
WHYYYYYY did I watch this while in school, I am hUNGRY and watching fucking GOOD BBQ ARGH
Engelbert Carrillo
Engelbert Carrillo 13 dagar sedan
Another amazing top bbq place in LA is a little hole in the wall called Smoking Jonny’s. Its corn bread is best in the world, will literally blow your mind and the bbq will rival anyone’s.
Tiff Nidell
Tiff Nidell 13 dagar sedan
Can I get in on that poker game? NL hold’em?
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose 14 dagar sedan
Keith: Wet Wipes. SPONSER US. Me: Purchase 3 boxes of Wet Wipes. Emails them to sponsor Try Guys.
Makha Miya
Makha Miya 14 dagar sedan
That collective Blusco's brisket foodgasm 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Mari Gu
Mari Gu 14 dagar sedan
For the love of guacamole, guys, PLEASE make a little less meat content!
Mari Gu
Mari Gu 14 dagar sedan
For the love of guacamole, guys, PLEASE make a little less meat content!
Alira 14 dagar sedan
Volcan 316
Volcan 316 14 dagar sedan
Keith at 13:18 : oh wow. Me: Did he just say owo...?
Herreguda 15 dagar sedan
Love this series so much
Chloe .N
Chloe .N 15 dagar sedan
Eating a hot pocket watching this living vicariously through them. -sigh-
Morgan Sherman
Morgan Sherman 15 dagar sedan
With this genre being done, I'd like to suggest best hawaiian places? Best kalua pork and mac/mac potato salad!
Opals Night
Opals Night 15 dagar sedan
Washington state represent!!! 👏👏👏
Mikazuki Augus
Mikazuki Augus 15 dagar sedan
I've been missing the keith vibe so this is great
Mary Irvine
Mary Irvine 15 dagar sedan
why do people thumbs down???? just don't watch! gahhhhhhhhh. We all love to watch Keith eat. If you don't . .. just don't watch. no need to thumbs down
Alex Reps
Alex Reps 15 dagar sedan
I wanna know how is Keith so skinny , like how ? Also, Rashawn is so so cool!
Sukanya Barman
Sukanya Barman 16 dagar sedan
I have never before wanted barbeque so badly
Sheana 16 dagar sedan
I used to go to Bludso's a lot because they're right down the street, but HOLY COW BBQ & SLAB BBQ are both INCREDIBLE. Their sides might actually be better. Check em out!
soshiangel90 16 dagar sedan
I really have got to stop watching this when I'm hungry
andrea fajardo
andrea fajardo 16 dagar sedan
day 6 asking the try guys to do a reading fanfiction part 2
Alexandra Utyeva
Alexandra Utyeva 16 dagar sedan
Keith, I know it's all sarcasm over the situation with the Thirst comments, but YOU ARE THE INTERNET'S SEXIEST VIXEN, lol)))
Karli Dixon
Karli Dixon 16 dagar sedan
the way that you all open your trunks in the tail gate debate, the attention to DETAIL you guys kill me
Noah 16 dagar sedan
This trio is so fun to watch!
Victoria E
Victoria E 16 dagar sedan
wait... did everyone else NOT have Jamaican beef patties on their school lunch menu? was that just a south FL thing?
Christian Crooks
Christian Crooks 16 dagar sedan
Lol talks about Jamaican beef patties and shows empanadas (same but not the same).
Stefanya De Castaneda
Stefanya De Castaneda 16 dagar sedan
For Keith's next eat the menu he should tactical Cookout's incomprehensible and quite intimidating menu!
leslie Rivera
leslie Rivera 16 dagar sedan
Seriously nobody knows good barbecue until you come to TEXAS!!!!!
Sylvia Lee
Sylvia Lee 16 dagar sedan
kculbreath 17 dagar sedan
When you live in Destin O.o
Reshaun Smith
Reshaun Smith 17 dagar sedan
Seeing another woman with a similar name to mine means so much to me! Rashawn is a relatable queen
1 0
1 0 17 dagar sedan
10:17 😂
Lori-Ann Henry
Lori-Ann Henry 17 dagar sedan
I love how she said Jamaican beef patty and showed a fucking empanada -__-
Martha Hallmon
Martha Hallmon 17 dagar sedan
I love Keith! He's hilarious
AnimatedAndrew 17 dagar sedan
I would've been disappointed if Bludso's wasn't one of the places they tried in the video. My favorite BBQ joint in LA by far! Had it for my birthday lunch with the family this year~
NewYorker Joe
NewYorker Joe 18 dagar sedan
Well done Keith! 😊🤚
Rachel Davidson
Rachel Davidson 18 dagar sedan
Pauses the video to see if there’s a Bludso’s in GA... I’m so disappointed
Brittany Paulhus
Brittany Paulhus 18 dagar sedan
Hey Keith you sure that BBQ at the gas station wasn’t human?
Claire 18 dagar sedan
Everything they say sounds like a sponsorship😂
Thank u, next
Thank u, next 18 dagar sedan
i don't like bbq but i'll still watch this cuz duh its keith
jollinge 18 dagar sedan
Go enjoy this food together. Sad seeing how strict LA is still.
Seng Insichienmay
Seng Insichienmay 18 dagar sedan
Dam that's weird we talk about the Chappelle show the day after too. Normally the end of the bridge towards the cafe.
Lou 18 dagar sedan
Rashawn at the end Daaaaamn
emie395 18 dagar sedan
You guys should do mac and cheese without a recipe!
Kylee Carter
Kylee Carter 18 dagar sedan
Something about Jared reminds me of Nick Miller and I’m into it
Courtney 18 dagar sedan
I wish this was a road trip series, so they can go to different states
Carley Misener
Carley Misener 18 dagar sedan
I think this is by far one of my favourite “shows” to watch from the try guys. Between this one, Eat the menu and their without a recipe
Grace Christiansen
Grace Christiansen 18 dagar sedan
Does Jared...Sound exactly like...Nick Miller?
Retha 18 dagar sedan
Next video: The Try Guys get cornrows
Ryan Krauss
Ryan Krauss 18 dagar sedan
I like her.... bring her back!
mandy p
mandy p 18 dagar sedan
Keith's hair looks pretty
GRACIE TAGANILE 18 dagar sedan
Aaaa we love u keith
Isabella Verissimo
Isabella Verissimo 18 dagar sedan
I feel blessed by that ending what a voice
alexa 19 dagar sedan
Why doesn’t food network pic this show up already
Brielle 19 dagar sedan
I love the transparency about cannabis use!!
Laynabug K
Laynabug K 19 dagar sedan
I am so jealous of everyone in this video.
C.C. Ames
C.C. Ames 19 dagar sedan
This Chanel/show deserves an editing award.
Brittany Hernandez
Brittany Hernandez 19 dagar sedan
BBQ outside the strip club at 5 AM. Js 🤤 west Texas life 😂
Shell F
Shell F 19 dagar sedan
Im hungry now.
Cloudy Girl
Cloudy Girl 19 dagar sedan
Let’s just appreciate that keith looks like he lost a lot of weight ✌🏼
Cloudy Girl
Cloudy Girl 19 dagar sedan
Not me a vegan watching this 🤡
CB GB 19 dagar sedan
So THAT’S the daddy who has all those favourites then!!! Who’d a thunk it?!
Ariana Abdullah
Ariana Abdullah 19 dagar sedan
I wanna see the try guys try fasting for a day. It would be such a fun video
Awesomeupton 19 dagar sedan
You should try willinghams best bbq in LA
huntercollier 19 dagar sedan
BBQ looks so gross lol
Ro Saulnier
Ro Saulnier 19 dagar sedan
Jeffrey Dratwick
Jeffrey Dratwick 19 dagar sedan
Weird watching ppl eat full meals in their cars.
Jazlin Arriaza
Jazlin Arriaza 19 dagar sedan
I literally had to go out and eat bbq because watching this was so hard
Dean Inouye
Dean Inouye 19 dagar sedan
Happy that Gus's is still there (grew up in NW Pasadena) and low-key surprised/offended no one ventured into Crenshaw district
Allseeing Eye
Allseeing Eye 19 dagar sedan
Well I'm hungry now ;-;
Lucas Moncada Zoll
Lucas Moncada Zoll 19 dagar sedan
All the Texans got offended by the bbq sauce on the brisket in the thumbnail.
MJ M 19 dagar sedan
This was great
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