Is This What Quantum Mechanics Looks Like?

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4 år sedan

Silicone oil droplets provide a physical realization of pilot wave theories.
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The standard theory of quantum mechanics leaves a bit to be desired. As Richard Feynman put it, "I think I can safely say that no one understands quantum mechanics." This is because observations of experiments have led us to a theory that contradicts common sense. The wave function contains all the information that is knowable about a particle, yet it can only be used to calculate probabilities of where a particle will likely turn up. It can't give us an actual account of where the particle went or where it will be at some later time.
Some have suggested that this theory is incomplete. Maybe something is going on beneath the radar of standard quantum theory and somehow producing the appearance of randomness and uncertainty without actually being random or uncertain. Theories of this sort are called hidden variable theories because they propose entities that aren't observable. One such theory is pilot wave theory, first proposed by de Broglie, but later developed by Bohm. The idea here is that a particle oscillates, creating a wave. It then interacts with the wave and this complex interaction determines its motion.
Experiments using silicone oil droplets on a vibrating bath provide a remarkable physical realization of pilot wave theories. They give us a physical picture of what the quantum world might look like if this is what's going on - and this theory is still deterministic. The particle is never in two places at once and there is no randomness.
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C J 11 timmar sedan
Pilot wave theory FOR THE WIN. SPIN SPIN SPIN.
1goedel 11 timmar sedan
You forgot to mention a better alternative: the Everett (many-world) interpretation, which doesn't require additional assumptions such as a "guide wave" that nobody ever observed (but is required by the Bohm-DeBroglie interpretation, of which, by the way, there is no relativistic version), and doesn't rely on an ill-defined concept such as "measurement" (Copenhagen interpretation).
Starlit Fuse
Starlit Fuse 3 dagar sedan
Covid physics at it's best people...
loverbite1 3 dagar sedan
How about if the truth lays between pilot wave dynamics and quantum field theory...How about if every particle is created as a system with its pilot wave which can interact with the pilot waves of other particles! That could explain both the interference pattern and the collapse after measurement....
Колыван Недоборовичъ
Колыван Недоборовичъ 4 dagar sedan
Приверженцы копенгагенской теории похожи на сектантов. В топку их! Даёшь пилотные волны!
Ed Colbeck
Ed Colbeck 5 dagar sedan
what else needs to be proven, to take this seriously. And stop imagining multi worlds
Tejas Dhanda
Tejas Dhanda 5 dagar sedan
I like pilot wave theory because it makes our universe more magical, beautiful, what our physics really mean, understandable and logical while I don't like the other theory because it just tells probability and not actual position and stuff which isn't heart and soul of our physics
Denis Deslauriers
Denis Deslauriers 6 dagar sedan
Is it true that if you can determine which slit each electron goes through that the "wave function" will collapse and you'll end up with only two areas where the electron hit the wall ?
Boran Guney
Boran Guney 6 dagar sedan
Interesting enough, materialwise the wave and the droplet are the same thing. How about the electron and its pilot wave? Are they just two different states of the same thing?
Ralph Marte
Ralph Marte 7 dagar sedan
Holy s#|t!!! you just broke my brain lol. This is an amazing way to visualize it and connect some dots!!. Thanks you for this.
Christina Zoric Persson
Christina Zoric Persson 7 dagar sedan
Could the speed of the vibration of the petri dish be related to the speed of light in some way?
Robin Hack
Robin Hack 7 dagar sedan
Just Say NO! To pilot waves.
Дар Ветер
Дар Ветер 8 dagar sedan
Чувак! спасибо за то, что Вы делаете для нас ! Это круто , когда расширяется Наше понимание реальности.
vipul sharma
vipul sharma 9 dagar sedan
I like pilot wave theory.
Adam Bright
Adam Bright 10 dagar sedan
Could this be an example of the beginning of the theory of everything? The unification of general relativity and quantum mechanics?
Bibek Dhakal
Bibek Dhakal 10 dagar sedan
What's the thing you learned in this video?
Austin Eli
Austin Eli 12 dagar sedan
Do you guys just put 'quantum' in front of everything to sound cool ? -Scott Lang
yashesh :]
yashesh :] 12 dagar sedan
pilot wave theory awesome explanation
Indratān Buragohain
Indratān Buragohain 12 dagar sedan
Its De broy not de broggly as u spelled
DAN COURSEN 12 dagar sedan
I have a question and I do NOT have a degree in quantum theory. My brain hurts when I think about this, but I am also frustrated by a lack of understanding. I work in the optics industry and design optical coatings to filter or reflect certain wavelengths of light. I have been doing some studying regarding the double slit experiment as it relates to quantum theory and I wanted to know your take on the "The act of observing an item changes the activity of the item" theory. A lecture I just listened to postulated that where the electrons hit depends on whether or not you are watching them as they travel through the slit. What's your take?
Padraig Madden
Padraig Madden 15 dagar sedan
I almost feel like it’s better to hold both interpretations as true because each makes sense to me. Maybe there’s a way to connect the two as they are just our interpretation of phenomena that we can’t see, maybe they individually aren’t the whole picture but together be closer to reality.
DOES NOT EXIST 15 dagar sedan
what the hell is silicone oil? that's the most surprising thing in this video honestly
Raezores 15 dagar sedan
I'm getting the feeling that we"re the ones in control, we're the ones putting each other through hell... "Hes a quantum particle"
Raezores 15 dagar sedan
So literally that drop of silicon oil is like a light particle because it jumps up-and-down and interact with itself with its own wave... So that would mean that the quantum relations could be caused by some sort of "sound vibration" behind the quantum flux.. Because if the drop of oil represents a quantum particle then the thing causing the vibrations, what is that..... We know where the energy is coming from with the "speaker" but where is the energy coming from for the light.. Now I understand the heat death of the universe..
L, The meganerd
L, The meganerd 15 dagar sedan
pozitivley owsome!
Keshav Bhanu
Keshav Bhanu 16 dagar sedan
How did you shoot this ?
Jozef Behran
Jozef Behran 16 dagar sedan
Looks compelling but latest experiments suggest that the collapse of the quantum mechanical waves (electrons, photons etc in their wave form) are actually caused by the wave interacting with your (or someone else's) consciousness. In other words, if you repeat the experiment from your other video (which you concluded by calling the photons "wavicles") but imagine yourself looking into the box where the photons fly through the double slits, then the photons will suddenly start to behave more like particles - the interference will get weaker.
GalaxyGamer193 16 dagar sedan
I like the pilot wave theory. It is in line with my intuition of what mat be causing the interference patterns from a single particle. However, how does it explain the absence of the interference pattern when there is an observation?
Ralph Dabadie
Ralph Dabadie 18 dagar sedan
I named my cat after Schrodinger, the dude who explained quantum uncertainty using cats.
darkfader 20 dagar sedan
Droplets? I see no droplets; I only see waves.
Techno Neko
Techno Neko 20 dagar sedan
Years in the future this will be a science experiment for school
F Ir
F Ir 22 dagar sedan
but how does an act of observation collapse the underlying waves of the electrons? what stops the electrons from making interference pattern when they’re observed?
Life Crisis
Life Crisis 23 dagar sedan
They are not walking... they are dancing droplets 💧
jem 56
jem 56 23 dagar sedan
I really prefer the pilot wave theory. It, of course, relies on there being information we can't observe, but also means that the universe is not inherently chaotic, which would aline better with what we've observed on a larger scale - i.e. it would help combine traditional and quantum physics. There are probably lots of problems in that statement but that is the general idea.
yurikolovsky 24 dagar sedan
I vote for pilot wave all the way.
sslavi 24 dagar sedan
3:20 - "All particles have a wave that accompanies them and guides their motion. And that wave is actually created by the particle." I have a question here: what is the nature of that wave? In other words - a wave of WHAT?
Macon Camp
Macon Camp 24 dagar sedan
For a while, I've liked the idea that we're living within an atom and that space is the quantum world. Everything we see playing possibly an infinite role from the atomic level on up. If true, would this bouncing account for the vibration part of Nikola Tesla's key to the universe? 🤷‍♂️👽
yousaf sohail
yousaf sohail 24 dagar sedan
Why not to try This double slit Experiment in The Emptiness of Space... by a Space walker...and see is the results are same ??? Because the state of Photon is interacting with the magnetic Field of the Atoms in The Air... thats why its changing its Course and Hit different part with each hit...! Lets Try this in Space...
Moffedillen 25 dagar sedan
What!! you just blew my mind in under 7 minutes, we need more about this! more i tell you!
Kung fu Kenny
Kung fu Kenny 26 dagar sedan
everything is a wave
Jeff Noonan
Jeff Noonan 26 dagar sedan
Rain does this under the right conditions
Nina Martin
Nina Martin 26 dagar sedan
That actually makes sense, and suggests that EVERYTHING interacts with the "space-time fabric", including small particles, they just interact with it in different way due to their tiny mass/size.
Jeyaram Sathees
Jeyaram Sathees 26 dagar sedan
FalegedArchr 27 dagar sedan
This changes how I look at quantum physics. For this to so accurately model the way electrons move can't be a coincidence. Now I just want to know about the supposed holes of this theory.
Arvind Lohar
Arvind Lohar 27 dagar sedan
I am a 12th student I not studied double slit experiment but after this video I learnt this experiment immediately . quantum physics is mind blowing
Arvind Lohar
Arvind Lohar 27 dagar sedan
Ohhhhh wtf 😮😮😮 it's amazing
Troy AchroniKA Hagerman
Troy AchroniKA Hagerman 27 dagar sedan
Wave formed by the particles oscilation ? Drop a dozen drops before the slits .. where do the waves go and interfere influence, is the wave one , are the particles related, the same, diverse ? My brain isn't quantizing well at this moment ...
Thingummy 27 dagar sedan
Would be good to know what happens with a single slit before deciding. any idea?
Nina Persson
Nina Persson 28 dagar sedan very similar to real atoms!
S Taylor
S Taylor 28 dagar sedan
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I before A except after K
I before A except after K 29 dagar sedan
So what you're telling us is that reality is just a petri dish full of oil on top of a speaker?
juan diego
juan diego Månad sedan
Can someone tell me how did they do the simulation (Wich program was used)
Flo Vi
Flo Vi Månad sedan
So quantum particles are basically just vibin
Christian Lacdael - Poetry
Christian Lacdael - Poetry Månad sedan
Human language influencing our interpretation of the world. Let's have some Zen: There is no particle, only one area of the universe that is of interest to an observer.
Andy Månad sedan
I’d love to see your take on the 6 different interpretations of quantum mechanics expressed in John Gribbin’s recent book.
Ricardo Fernández Serrata
Ricardo Fernández Serrata Månad sedan
They said Einstein was wrong... now we know he could've been right all this time.
Kykk Månad sedan
"I have no strong feelings one way or the other."
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen Månad sedan
6:13 Hey Veritasium, Derek here.
Philippe Populaire
Philippe Populaire Månad sedan
Amazing! Would there exists an experience that would prove if the pilot wave or the Copenhague interpretation is the right one?
Francis Schweitzer
Francis Schweitzer Månad sedan
OK so if the drop leaves a tell tale behind it then we should be able to use that same model to find other universes a.k.a. bubbles by looking for distortions in graviton waves and following the trail
Tsvetko Tsvetkov
Tsvetko Tsvetkov Månad sedan
2:25 Tank (NES) game sound... I was wondering how I know this sound :D
Lhéonardot1 Månad sedan
While the pilot wave is interesting, the fact that determination of which slit the particle passes through immediatly collapse the interference patern, I think it isn't the good one. If it was, there should be a way to observe a particle without collapsing its function wave. I fail to see how quantum entanglement could also be explained with this and the resulting thought experiment of the quantum eraser explained by PBS Space-Time could be possible. Not like I can say much though. I learned the surface of quantum mechanic during my license and I was really no good at it. It's been 3 years since I've done any.
Inferno Captures
Inferno Captures Månad sedan
Team pilot wave!
İbrahim Tutkun
İbrahim Tutkun Månad sedan
I love these videos though I don't get it all 😁
Sokhay Choy
Sokhay Choy Månad sedan
Pilot wave 100% baby !
Haxalicious Månad sedan
Quantum tunneling is the exact thing making shrinking computer chips further increasingly difficult, as the chance of it goes up exponentially to the point that with silicon, after a certain size you no longer have a working processor due to effectively having shorts everywhere inside it.
purpl3grape studios
purpl3grape studios Månad sedan
2:29 Error Mesh Collider not found
a4manos Månad sedan
How does pilot wave theory explain the change in the pattern when you look through which slit the particles went through?
ravi yadav
ravi yadav Månad sedan
Joao Gabriel Lucas
Joao Gabriel Lucas Månad sedan
But then again, waves of what?
John Hickman
John Hickman Månad sedan
If the pilot wave theory is correct can we produce a similar experiment to that proposed between 6:43 and 7:37 if we reverse the flow of a particle and it's wave function we should observe 1 particle returning through 1 side of the double slit barrier. Confirmation of this could over throw Copenhagen - just a thought
Creativity Forever
Creativity Forever Månad sedan
Dude! Light and droplets are not in the same category, each one has different quantum equations and quantum mechanics properties. anyway nice demonstration of surface tension 💧👍, 😉it would be nice if you demonstrate this experimemt with a scanning electron microscope and see how this phenomenon behaves at electron levels 😉
Creativity Forever
Creativity Forever Månad sedan
like 4 years ago I saw this video about droplets😪 enjoy it😉
AVNewsCast Månad sedan
Is it crazy that pilot wave dynamics gives me an inner peace and the Copenhagen interpretation fills me with a mild anxiety?
PanLamda Månad sedan
People like this because it is intuitive and corresponds to very-day experience. But you should mention that at the quantum level, whilst determinism is back, the Pilot-wave is strongly non-local, the universe "knows" where each of the atoms is at the same time, or else satisfaction of Bell's theorem, quantum entanglement (and some baffling demonstrations like the quantum eraser experiment) could not hold. Well, i guess that one could say the these atoms make waves on a universal field-kinda thing/"substance" with permeates all existence. Maybe all that information is available in that field. Anyway, it is still a non-intuitive view, well, because quantum mechanics are a bit "crazy" by nature, so no theory can provide a completely intuitive every-day Newtonian-like picture IMO (with locality and causality etc. as we know it). Be it non-existence-or multiple-positions before measured, universal non-local field, or the wave splitting into multiple/infinite worlds, yeah, stuff down there are probably wild.
はストさ世 Månad sedan
I take biochemistry to run from physic but found myself watching this. Now i wonder do i really hate physics..
Pixelemmy Månad sedan
Even if the universe is actually like this, a huge problem arrises: What provides the energy for the vibrations to remain so stable? There's an electric generator right there on the table to provide the energy. What would the energy source of spacetime be, if it its fields can curl up into little balls, and then stay stable under similar conditions? And as for the problem of entanglement: how could 2 droplets, sort of tied together, still act on each other faster than light?
sebush mcchill
sebush mcchill Månad sedan
pilotwave and bohmian mechanic
Vineet Aggarwal
Vineet Aggarwal Månad sedan
I always had trouble buying into the notion of probabilistic truths. This answers a lot of my challenges with quantum mechanics. Thank you very much!
LAM Simpson
LAM Simpson Månad sedan
in the end everything comes down to chance
leipero Månad sedan
That actually makes sense, and suggests that EVERYTHING interacts with the "space-time fabric", including small particles, they just interact with it in different way due to their tiny mass/size.
leipero 26 dagar sedan
@Nina Martin Yeah, he did excillent jop presenting it indeed.
Nina Martin
Nina Martin 26 dagar sedan
Dude, I have a PhD in quantum information theory, and I've never heard of these droplets. This analogy is absolutely beautiful. Even when it breaks down for other quantum numbers such as spin, it's the most elegant visualization I've ever seen to help you wrap your mind around the early problems of quantum mechanics. This should be shown at schools everywhere (with the proper disclaimer that there aren't always classical explanations for quantum phenomena). Loved your presentation!
Phil Beale
Phil Beale Månad sedan
This is brilliant - completely understandable, and makes perfect sense - well done and thank you!
daniel sebold
daniel sebold Månad sedan
I am just a dumb humanities major ex college football jock from the seventies who, with his broken body bouncing down the road is never sure of his position. I have watched many of these videos. This is the best, but it also approximates my understanding. Pilot wave seems to be the best interpretation. But I am also confused about how you throw around phrases like " hidden variables" and "spooky action at a distance" (not in this video) which I don't think are equivalent but which come from Einstein. I don't appreciate the lack of clarity here. Bell attempted to refute Einstein, but I think he cheated by throwing out data he considered to be misfirings. If you include these misfirings then Einstein turns out to be right. At least that is what I glean from that. If true, then then the mystery disappears. Does it not?
maninder kaur
maninder kaur Månad sedan
How do humans know that.... The measure of speed or direction in quantum mechanics after we see them......??
Bruce Fast
Bruce Fast Månad sedan
Unfortunately, pilot wave theory does not seem to explain the quantum world well enough to be significant:
Bruce Fast
Bruce Fast Månad sedan
This is the most interesting twist on quantum mechanics I have ever seen. I've been waiting for this, as quantum theory has just seemed abundantly too weird until now.
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez Månad sedan
Maybe we are trying to find a new reality which is in theory not possible to be real 2 times but on a different dimension very plausible
이창섭 Månad sedan
최진우 교수님 멋있어요~
theHentySkeptic Månad sedan
Call me a pilot wave theorist. It passes the common sense test.
Le monde merveilleux de Christophe
Le monde merveilleux de Christophe Månad sedan
It is absolutely evident that our universe is fully deterministic down to the most basic level. The Copenhagen interpretation is a dogma that must be overcome!
Tsau Månad sedan
WOW That makes more sense than classic QM explanation even if it's not correct
Jons LG
Jons LG Månad sedan
@Veritasium I have an extremely interesting experiment you guys could perform without too much hassle and funding, it's a modified double slit experiment, but the slits and light and distances aren't what are modified. If you're interested let me know
Meet Oobro
Meet Oobro Månad sedan
So reality has quantum waves that essentially act totally randomly, even in a perfect vacuum??
rowan clingman
rowan clingman Månad sedan
Is there such a thing as a perfect vacuum? What about the quantum fluctuations?
Ass: The Legend of Ass
Ass: The Legend of Ass Månad sedan
So if the water droplet's the particle, and the waves are the wave-form of the particle, then what's the silicon oil represent? What's the "liquid" medium in which these waves are being made?
Drazen Orcic
Drazen Orcic Månad sedan
The droplet is acting weightless? Isnt that gravity then? The wave pattern represents waves
markandrew9 Månad sedan
Well, perhaps, it would reduce some of the emergence of simultaneous contradictions which present a bit of a connendrum in regards to navigating or achieving future headway into the actual dynamics, subtlties or meaningful value that understanding the comprehensive principles of the field which we may seek to derive from experiencing the full essence of the field. Asking the first question upon which must be answered before any further passage may gained. The first question... What is the nature of the fields emergence.. Is it random and rediculously complex.. Thats not even a coherent point of rational probability, given the primary nature of the central contradiction regarding organizational principles... So, next question.. Is there a fundamental interpenetrating presence, (all be it, nonvisible) of which organizational unfolding is a integral function of its nature. And of which consciousness is also an integral quality by which it engages in a supremely advanced capacity to interface on all dimensions simultaneously. And given the level of disparity between what we understand and what it understands, It's not an unreasonable possibility, that for reasons unknown to us, it is in fact engaged in a purposeful process of generating a vast system of creative genesis... It's doesn't require a name to be a functionally advanced interpenetrating presence... And if that enquiry as dumb as it may sound actually turns out be be answered in the affirmitive... Then we may be able to reduce the need for assuming a primary insertion of non sustainable contradictions, from which I would be interested in knowing how you got there, how your going to proceed any further and how you intend to extricate from the ass backwards point of orientation and position of future observations that unexplained and unpredictable randomness can provide. In other words, your position can only be correctly expressed as unexplained confusion and having no way to predict, what sequence to proceed, in which way to move, and by what organizational principles are you using to interpret your observations.? The only reason an untenable set of primary assumptions is even attempted to move forward with, is merely because your able to operate from a position of warm and comfortable ease.. Plus the criminal consortium is paying off the corrupt and threatening the cowardly. And that appears to present the necessary degree of socially attrative path that only th quasi intelllectual who is ethically unable to maintain the rigorous demands of critical analysis.. So if this presence doesn't exist, than your no more lost than anybody else and you can proceed any way you wish, but unfortunately that is as far as someone with that much randomness and those kind of fundamental contradictions will be able go. But, if the alternative thesis is correct, than perhaps we may actually find the necessary tools to advance... Provided we maintain rigorous standards of methodological and scientific dicipline, are not prone to cowardice and refuse to be bought off, by fools with trinkets....
markandrew9 Månad sedan
If there is no conscious presence who is positioned to supremely determine value of meaning, and thus man is left to superimpose his particular structure of meaning thus defining value.. The reason man is facing the problem is because, man doesn't know what he hasn't yet learned, that is from species level a prior awareness which evolves into place from a past cultural or species level epiphany into the construction of the never ending narrative, of which only future generations can or will be able to benefit. So in 10,00 BC mankinds staggering discoveries may only be a simple principle that even grade school children intuitively understand, partly due to cultural imbedding from birth. So the problem is, if any given civilization at any given time, or point in it's time line from emergence, there is no way of knowing what a comprehensive understanding of an advanced structural, or functional based hiearchy. If we don't know what we don't know, then how could the prevailing hiearchy which is limited by those obstacles thus diagramed. How could we know how to move in the right direction to the more evolved position, when all that we have to navigate from is a faulty, and only partially constructed map that always confers upon itself absolute authority. Which is then used by the political and ecconomic power structure in any given cultural to manipulate, coerce and force the rest of the lower floors of the society to comply... How does any given civilization, society or cultural get around this enigmaitic consignment to ever discover the next level of advancement... The only solution is determined by understand the comprensive nature of the problem and then review how human cultures throughout world history managed to deal with this connundrum in a successful way... The solution begins with suffering from the inferior approach will inspire a non masochistic life to seek out an approach that is not as painful or destructive. From this phase, we then emerge into discovering something in nature or in space or in observing human interactions, new ideas will appear in the minds of those who are seeking that better way... They are open to receiving the new idea, which then leads to a discovery in which the discovery can then be used as a model for an application in which its place in the heiarchy of values becomes self evident and thus it also will demonstrate a property of self confirmation... The heiarchy will evolve among those who study such things in some degree quicker than it will be included in the cultural narrative. Thus it will take several generations on average before the progeny of the discoverers and then architects of the structural actually begin to include the new understanding into the cultural conditioning process. However, the fact is clear that almost all major or primary discoveries, whether it be in the sciences, mathematics, philosophy, social and political development, have almost always come from a source by which man assumes he is superior to.. We learned collectivsm by studying ant colonies, we discovered galactic mechanisms by assuming that sky was empty and that the only real elements in space were astrological interpretations... Man cannot face that he is actually inferior what learning source he has observed and thus learned. Otherwise the source were learning from would be learning from us! In otherwords, the grasping of how we discover learn and integrate has only come from sources which by deffinition must be superior to us given it provides the model from which we observe and learn from... In other words, the existence of superior intelligence is legion, everything from we depend on for learning is superior and cannot be otherwise.. So the totality of all learning processess, models and sources must precede man, and thus must present superior positioning, which it does, which is why we learn from it, and indeed, need it in order for us to learn in the first place... If the spectrum of learning models is occupied by nothing but models which are the source of our learning. And then if we agrate those total numbers of those specific models into one primary category, mainly being: That which is not derived from the domain of the human body or its actions, can be qualified and quantified as the source and means by which human civilization can progress... Than we can actually define this relations as (humanity)> (all else) = progression of civilization.. So if we then call humans the (learning ones) , and all the source points as (pre existing observational anchor points or (POAP). These POAP's are the primary means by which human learning begins.. Without POAP learning taking place first, humans would have nothing of value to teach other. Only once we learn from POAPS can survival be sustained long enough for humans to begin to learn from each other.. There is no fundamental change of actual meaning or the nature of the actual relationship, Which for the sake of discussion we can also adjust the terms for the purpose of setting up an equation as follows: The leaners will be termed"(DOG)". And the preeminent source points will be termed "(ALLELSE)". Thus (DOG) observes and is provided with by (ALLELSE) and then and only then can humanity proceed towards a gradual increase of conscious evolution... That is the actual answer to the question, whether you understand the logical and sequential progression of structural and instructional principles by which this answer was arrived at or not... The self declared cadre of tenured superstars of NASA's JPL and Cal Tech laughed and engaged in simple sarcasm, but nobody at anytime could face the simple fact, that no human being on this planet can provide the means by which they can solve this minor detail. And thus by no means can any of the genius class actually pass this gate at which I now stand without being forced to acknowledge that there is no means by which they can provide actual certainty as to which hypothesis is in fact the corrrct one... Because just like everybody else, they don't know..... And therefore it's a non refutable fact that the alternative hypothesis or as I refer to it, Route B is a mathematically viable option... Route A is no more a proven reality than is Route B. And from that point of certainty, all else proceeds.. MAS 927
Markus Melinda
Markus Melinda Månad sedan
Hell is real and the fire is literal! Heaven is real, too; it will be your choice where you spend eternity. Please, everyone, listen! There is an attack on humanity on the way. Do not be deceived! They will use an RNA based vaccine supposedly against covid 19 virus as the Mark of the Beast. @t It will come as a micro needle array patch that people will need to apply either on the forehead or on the right hand but not anywhere else (revelations 13). It will be super easy to use and the top of the microneedle will never dissolve in the body. The RNA vaccine goes into the bloodstream, into every single cell (nucleus), into the brain, the neurons, to irriversibly change the host body!! That's why people, who take it, will lose chance of salvation forever as salvation is only for humans and not for genetically modified hybrids (who become slaves of the antichrist)! The patent number has 666 in it; and the vaccine also contains an enzime called Luciferase! It will be linked to buying and selling, of course, so nobody can do anything, will be an outcast without the mark. Another important part of the vaccine that it contains QUANTUM DOTS! You have to research how that works. The elemental particles that make up the protons, electrons and neutrons of every atom are decscribed by quantum physics. The antichrist will use the new technology form quantum mechanics to enslave humanity. You have to know about quantum entanglement: the quantum particles are linked to another one, no matter how far they are in the universe from each other. So very simply explained, what is going to happen to the people who are injected with these quantum dots is the following: they will be forever connected to a quantum computer through this quantum entanglement. This can also change their reality completely, and how they perceive reality. It can change their will, their memory and everything they have ever known before. It changes their self consciousness. They will become slaves of the antichrist, who (or whose subjects) can press a botton on the quantum computer and the host body will obey; as their whole being and mind will be forever entangled with the quantum computer and the virtual reality. Please, do your own research and warn everyone of the danger that i coming. This is total MIND CONTROL. @ ABC of salvation: Admit that you are a sinner and repent; Believe in Jesus as the only basis of your salvation: he died for you on the cross to pay the full price for your sins so that you don't have to go to hell to pay for them Confess with your mouth that you believe in Him and you will be saved.
Stev Hao
Stev Hao 24 dagar sedan
dafuq is dis? wow what a big troll this is kinda funny
Claus Wimmer
Claus Wimmer Månad sedan
Bouncing droplets explain better than probability equations. Here my example of particles without material waves (I plan to test vibrations on this model in future) but with electrostatic forces:
Abhra J Choudhury
Abhra J Choudhury Månad sedan
Pilot wave theory
MIX WORLD.1920 Månad sedan
Thanks Derek sir for this Incredible explaining 😍😍♥️(pilot wave theory)
Mick Avoidant
Mick Avoidant Månad sedan
Quantum is true and untrue and everywhere between all at the same time, until someone thinks about it. It then becomes bollocks.
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