Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?

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People claim that 70-80% of household dust is dead skin, but is it true?
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Special thanks to J.M.E.H van Bronswijk, author of 'House Dust Biology'. We exchanged emails to make sure I got my facts straight for this video. Below is an excerpt from her email to me, responding to my claims that start with a dash:
- Around half of airborne dust particles under 100um are skin scales
This is true for climates, regions and seasons where people live mostly indoors.
The 1 to 2 g of skin scales shed each 24 hours will end up in places where people are present (and rub their skin or have textile moving over the skin).
You can also look at it from a different angle: What else has the same size and could contribute? That will usually be pollen from outdoor sources, also depending on season, region and climate, as well as the ventilation regime of the building.
However, taken as the median value over a whole year, I consider your statement correct for regions with a temperate climate.
- 53% of dust particles vacuumed from a mattress were found to be skin scales
It depends a little on the type of mattress. For polyether mattresses the amount may even be larger.
For mattresses made of natural material it could be less since the mattress-material will also give off small particles.
- larger particles consist mostly of fibers, eg. cotton, paper, wool, synthetics
That's true .. including bread crumbs ..... 🙂
- skin scales seem to form a larger fraction of dust where we spend more time, e.g. in or near bed.
..... and on the couch used to view television or be active in gaming.
It has to do with the constant production of skin scales over the 24 hours.
- skin scales form a smaller fraction of dust if there are significant other sources, e.g. carpeting, dirt from outside etc.
Yes, everyting you walk on with your shoes or that recieves dirt from the outside with other means, will have a lessr percentage of human skin scales.
However, do not forget the skin scales of pets that will also be an active allergen for many people, and a food source for house dust mites.
Information on dust particle size ©ISO. This material is adapted from ISO 7708:1995, with permission of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) on behalf of the International Organization for Standardization. All rights reserved.
Research and Writing by AJ Fillo and Derek Muller
Editing, Audio Mix & Master, and Computer animations by Jonny Hyman
Dust and character animation by Ivan Tello
Filming by Raquel Nuno
Thumbnail by Fictionalhead
Intro Music composed by Jonny Hyman
Additional Music from Epidemic Sound: Colored Spirals, Observations

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Wow I never know that dust can be used in investing although I read dr. Stone manga recently and saw senku investigate in an island using a single hair strand and identified it's owner, her age and what she did earlier by looking at the hair with some pollen
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The internet is a free encyclopaedia?
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Veritasium: 6:23 me: about: just about the same as how much you just said that we produce (20 million/hour) ? Veritasium: 7:10 me: well.... blown is my mind.
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The skin shed in a bed over 10 years would only weigh 3Kg. "And by conservation of mass, the dust mites that feed off that dead skin could not weigh more than that." This is such an obviously false statement, I'm very surprised that it's in this nit picky video. Just think of the other ways living things gain mass other than eating. The two obvious methods are drinking and respiration. Dust mites don't actually drink like we do, but they inhale water from the air. So in their respiration cycle they acquire the moisture they need from the humidity of the air. If you look at the weight of dead skin cells in a mattress without dust mites this calculation is true. If you look at the total weight gained by a mattress with dust mites, you would be off by a factor of 2. I'm not saying the mattress doubles in mass, but it's a lot more than the simple calculation provided.
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Yes, it's one of those things that sounds bad, that is, how many kilos of skin we should lose so that when sweeping the house half a shovel of dirt comes out!
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I wonder how much a shower alters these numbers. Likely a shower would shed a significant portion of skin cells, and slow down any rate in the near future. A 48 hour test should control for last shower time. And the overall quantity of skin cells shed into the air or home should adjust for showers.
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11:00 Conservation of mass isn't the right model. Dust mites take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. That carbon comes from what they eat. The expelled carbon dioxide gas doesn't show up on your scale. Love your videos.
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Great video! I love science and facts! :)
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I am allergic to dust. whenever there's dust around me my nose itches like crazy. but i also have a lot of dandruff and whenever i shake my hair dandruff falls from my head and my nose itches the same way as with dust.
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