Inside the Capitol Hill Riots

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This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection.

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VICE News 15 dagar sedan
This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection. WATCH NEXT: How Trump’s Capitol Speech Incited an Insurrection -
556nutt Dag sedan
Guess they should have burnt the building down to be called a peaceful protest. Vice is a disgusting, leftist state sponsored media vomit machine.
Jesse Morin
Jesse Morin Dag sedan
I don't see anything even close to as violent as what I saw at every "protest" that happened for 3 or 4 months. How is this any less acceptable than the BLM riots?
Maggie Paul
Maggie Paul Dag sedan
@Rob McCurdy Trump constantly puts himself in the position to have to disavow white supremacy. And for the record, peaceful BLM protesters have condemned looting and violence a number of times, sometimes even on microphones at the protests themselves. The difference between Biden and Trump is that the Trump administration has used this us against them narritive to bolster their campaign. It's always the Democrats this, the left that, or BLM are terrorist, and in the same breath he's giving the utmost charitability to borderline white supremacists like Qanon. Not to sound callous, but this both sides narrative is just out of touch with reality. The Republican party has become a cult of personality devoted to a fake strong man. At some point the republican party will have to come to terms with the reality that they won't be able to scapegoat CNN and the Democrats forever.
Maggie Paul
Maggie Paul Dag sedan
@Big Red The insurrection happened on jan 6 the same day Trump gave his speech. How much sense does it make that Trump would tell his supporters to go to the capitol when an insurrection has happened? If anything, that'd make it sound multiplicably worse.
Big Red
Big Red 2 dagar sedan
The insurrection actually happened before trumps speach.... The left seem to manufacture "facts" to support an agenda lol
ITzGio XD 16 minuter sedan
America so backwards
Nick Dodd
Nick Dodd 42 minuter sedan
Trump will run and win again in 2024. And that’s coming from a liberal.
Sergio N
Sergio N Timme sedan
Society are idiots! Who cares who is president!! Either way, we will always be rules by the government, we have no say in anything, just live life
arepade ekpese
arepade ekpese Timme sedan
am yet to see the antifa people they say started it all
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Timme sedan
Remember though: kneeling in protest of police violence is “unpatriotic” through these fools eyes.
Bruno To
Bruno To 2 timmar sedan
Domestic terrorists are America’s biggest threat
Cradle of Anal
Cradle of Anal 4 timmar sedan
The editing or this video is lame.. vice is phoney
wizzle wazzle
wizzle wazzle 4 timmar sedan
If you cant see this was all set up then satan help you....
wizzle wazzle
wizzle wazzle 4 timmar sedan
"unpresidented" people at vice chat sooo much kaka
IntegralLens 5 timmar sedan
@3:20 unprecedented because trump supporters have never rioted like this before? Because this is clearly not unprecedented if you are examining both sides of politics. This doesn't compare to how your country's left leaning mobs riot.
Gavin Reid
Gavin Reid 5 timmar sedan
Notice that the Proud Boys leader,Tarrio, was not there, his employers, the FBI pulled him out.
NiceGuysFinishLas100 5 timmar sedan
People who say they just let them in are idiots. The Capital Police had no other choice. The ratio was about 50 to 1. You try to overpower 50 people then get back to me. Idiots.
James Trump
James Trump 6 timmar sedan
So Republicans are occupying the capital building is considered treasonous? Is considered insurrection you can’t commit insurrection against the government you own!! Yeah multiple Democrats and yeah my life was in danger. Why are people so mad at you? If you’ve done nothing wrong and you don’t need to answer to the people for your crimes why are you so scared
Loyalty1269 7 timmar sedan
That’s a lot of smelly losers in one place
Slowed down Music
Slowed down Music 7 timmar sedan
The government ever want to do something to the people of the untied states Republican and Democrats are coming toghter and oh boy that going to be ugly
OG Lime
OG Lime 9 timmar sedan
Weird that one day my kids will learn about this in history class🤣
Definitely not an alien
Definitely not an alien 10 timmar sedan
2:40 is that shoenice?
Jc MaGueule
Jc MaGueule 12 timmar sedan
ahah ces crétins!
Tanuja Patel
Tanuja Patel 12 timmar sedan
Ohh, I just can't believe, US also can have these situation
JM 14 timmar sedan
TRUMP 2020
R Soldier
R Soldier 15 timmar sedan
Its funny other channels also show minorities marching along.
Wogy Pogy
Wogy Pogy 15 timmar sedan
Sticky Finger
Sticky Finger 16 timmar sedan
What natives american say about this?
hello goodbye
hello goodbye 17 timmar sedan
Im honestly kind of embarrassed to be in America....
Evan Magill
Evan Magill 18 timmar sedan
Is that Shoenice on the thumbnail?
LBenn302 18 timmar sedan
Where’s “inside the blm riots and killings”
LBenn302 18 timmar sedan
@mf doopy this channel is completely left. Kinda fucked.
mf doopy
mf doopy 18 timmar sedan
A H 18 timmar sedan
Just shoot them all. It's treason. Treason is punishable by death. I'd say the same thing if it were the other political party. Anyone that tries to undermine democracy should be executed.
Alvario Permana
Alvario Permana 19 timmar sedan
They disgust me
STK 20 timmar sedan
It’s so ignorant how these idiots are screaming USA while berating the press and the process of a peaceful transition of power ... two things that inherently MAKE this America. What a bunch of knuckle draggers. Pretty sure they are confused about what country they live in...
Van Peters
Van Peters 21 timme sedan
The guy who said "who you with " is definitely nuts
STEEVIE cd 21 timme sedan
Anti fa , not trump supporters
Christopher Nyborg
Christopher Nyborg 23 timmar sedan
They wont let up and they should not
mf doopy
mf doopy 18 timmar sedan
Why not
고딩 GoDing
고딩 GoDing 23 timmar sedan
As a Korean, it is very shocking content to see from our perspective. What we can only understand from this video is that the country who suppose to protect my country is falling apart. Unfortunately Biden will have a hard time to restore positive relationship with Korea, since our society is starting to get worried of you guys.
mf doopy
mf doopy 18 timmar sedan
@Logan M you guys can’t just blame everything on antifa
Logan M
Logan M 18 timmar sedan
@mf doopy they said there was anger and rage everywhere. There wasn't. There were isolated incidents of violence... Even then it was so little you could account for most of the violence starting to br Antifa. Most people were just walking around. The capitol was covered with people and the majority didn't have to bash past police to get by.
mf doopy
mf doopy 18 timmar sedan
@Logan M how are they lying
Logan M
Logan M 18 timmar sedan
USA protects Korea? Lol.... Protect yourself. Don't rely on another. This is a lie. I was there. Vice is lying. It's called fake news for a reason.
Stinky Piece of Cheese
Stinky Piece of Cheese 23 timmar sedan
Failed coup..not riots.
Lee Anderson
Lee Anderson Dag sedan
Good vs evil! Get rid of all demoncrats in the darkness bind them!
James Criasia
James Criasia Dag sedan
This is awesome nice reporting and I’m glad they fucked up capital hill some disgusting people in there
emanuel banuelos
emanuel banuelos Dag sedan
God 1st 2st 3sy Think twice move once To be aware is to be alive Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial
Lee Anderson
Lee Anderson Dag sedan
I have no sympathy for the left. You wanna take away the freedom God gave us we will tear you up!!
mf doopy
mf doopy 18 timmar sedan
What freedoms are the left trying to take from you
Lee Anderson
Lee Anderson Dag sedan
I love every second of this. Demoncrats running with there tails between there legs. I love it
Gordian Not
Gordian Not Dag sedan
That's ALOT of uneducated people right there. Thank goodness that scumbag is out of the Whitehouse.
Eddie Love
Eddie Love Dag sedan
Yuck. This is why we need REAL change in America. MAGA is horrible. #ShouldHaveBeenBernie
Coty Bare
Coty Bare Dag sedan
In the last 4 years, which "protests" have been violent? I can name multiple ANTIFA and BLM. Not one MAGA rally. Not one. Trick camera angles. And planted ANTIFA punks. There are always a few crazies to support any candidate, but the vast majority of Trumpers are non-violent.
LimPu Dag sedan
Woah, scary af. I mean honestly, why is the parliament not protected better? At the end of the day, although the Trump supporters tried to tear it down, it is the main touchpoint of democracy in the USA. What a joke.
lio demirror
lio demirror Dag sedan
Let the europeans go back to europe. America isn't for them
Maggie Paul
Maggie Paul Dag sedan
"Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire
Parker Miles
Parker Miles Dag sedan
Right and blm is incident
justjayarrsteiner Dag sedan
Jeremy Huston
Jeremy Huston Dag sedan
Like VICE but this was a short, useless video
S U R V I V E Dag sedan
So NOW they are considered riots
hugo llanos
hugo llanos Dag sedan
This is the most ridiculous people I see and and Biden is not my favorite.
Miles Davis
Miles Davis Dag sedan
Reporter: why are you here? Trump supporters: rigged election, fighting for trump Reporter: how do you know? Did you count the votes? Trump supporters: uhhhh no but Trump said so. It really just shows that people in this world can believe anything and it is extremely hard to change their point of view. Even though they can be dead wrong. Scary
The Dudelino
The Dudelino Dag sedan
Still beyond me why only 30 police officers were protecting the Capitols entry given how much time they had to prepare - these masses walked down all the way to the Capitol, so they had at least 20-30 minutes to assemble a wall of riot police plus armored vehicles blocking their route. And why on earth use such tiny barriers everyone half sporty can just jump over? Barriers that don't offer any form of resistance that you can literally just rip open like seen here in the video.
that aint falco
that aint falco Dag sedan
dude i thought the guy in the thumbnail was shoenice for a sec there
Crazy Playa
Crazy Playa Dag sedan
Proud to be a homophobe
danis k
danis k Dag sedan
I would say a drone, but these nutters would have taken it down. Complete lunatics that wouldn't know the truth if it came to their face.
oogle ao
oogle ao Dag sedan
Do they understand meaning of ”U・S・A”?
Manju Bala
Manju Bala Dag sedan
GamePlay Dag sedan
abtheflagman Dag sedan
God knows who the terrorists are and so do the FBI! Ya'll are screwed!
Will Townley
Will Townley Dag sedan
Why didn’t someone bring a case of Pepsi?????
Paul Allen
Paul Allen Dag sedan
But it was ok when the left did it and Nancy endorsed them haha what a joke man.
indiapale Timme sedan
Get a lobotomy.
Raul Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez Dag sedan
It’s all about White supremacy.
Law Mahkuk
Law Mahkuk Dag sedan
It’s such a stupid ass mindset these people have
Excellent videography Vice, kudos
PJP Dag sedan
Telling lies is a vice
Krayzi Jay
Krayzi Jay Dag sedan
When the left realizes they aren't the only ones that can protest.
Zurg Dag sedan
I thought it was a false flag and it was actually antifa? Or is that not the flavor of the week anymore?
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Dag sedan
Vox: why do the police in America look like soldiers Washington DC police: bike helmets and construction uniforms
Slav Gang
Slav Gang Dag sedan
North vs South Sequel movie looks pretty good
Angel A
Angel A Dag sedan
Why Trump didn't march with them? He told them so...oh I forgot he lied again. Trump lies more than drinking coffee
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Dag sedan
The ten character collectively fasten because lobster bailly subtract among a fanatical scorpion. uninterested, entertaining bomb
Angel A
Angel A Dag sedan
America deserves a great politician and a great President like President Biden. God bless you Mr. President 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Joseph Nash
Joseph Nash Dag sedan
This was uncalled for. These people were the fanatical Trump supporters.
Nick Santoro
Nick Santoro 7 timmar sedan
Thanks captain obvious
Look B4 You Leap
Look B4 You Leap Dag sedan
I'm tired of it being called sedition and insurrection. I understand that's part of it but lets call it what it really is. Treason..... Treason is what this is and what it should be referred to. It's punishable by death. I hope all of the complicit senators, congressmen and congresswomen understand that. The hammer of justice needs to swing on a great deal of deranged unpatriotic morons.
Lazy Clay
Lazy Clay Dag sedan
I dont like trump or biden. Everyone in this video is ignorant and/or insane.
imma live forever
imma live forever Dag sedan
They deserved to be reminded that the capitol is The People’s house and everyone in it works for The People
Hinter Gamer
Hinter Gamer Dag sedan
WTF happened to this country
Charles Hern
Charles Hern Dag sedan
You’re my boy Shoe!
Vegas Cy
Vegas Cy Dag sedan
God 1st
Vegas Cy
Vegas Cy Dag sedan
To be aware is to be alive
Vegas Cy
Vegas Cy Dag sedan
Think twice move once
Vegas Cy
Vegas Cy Dag sedan
God 1st
Wytse Hoekstra
Wytse Hoekstra 2 dagar sedan
Imagine being American LoooL 🤣🤣🤣
Clacker Bones
Clacker Bones Dag sedan
An Strainséir
An Strainséir 2 dagar sedan
I initially thought it was Ethan Klein of H3H3 doing the narration.
Bryce Mcqueen
Bryce Mcqueen 2 dagar sedan
Look at the bright side. SNL will have material for the next 2 years. The Capitol and people's business/livelihoods should had been protected. This was all a complete failure by leaders who failed to do their duty. They failed because they're selfish cowards who had no business being leaders. They're pathetic little brats and complete oxygen thieves.
poop face
poop face 2 dagar sedan
The ten character collectively fasten because lobster bailly subtract among a fanatical scorpion. uninterested, entertaining bomb
Inconvenient Truths
Inconvenient Truths 2 dagar sedan
The real people you dorks need to worry about taking the country back weren’t at the Capitol that day. But just know you’re outnumbered, and when we truly want it back it will be ours.
ConservaKrause 2 dagar sedan
There should be videos of "Inside 6 months of BLM/Antifa Riots"
ConservaKrause Dag sedan
@Kripto_ b5 Yea this is insane. 1 riot vs. 6 months of rioting. It's insane what the media can do in this country now.
Kripto_ b5
Kripto_ b5 Dag sedan
We all know they won’t show that . I think there is still Antifa “protest going on” burning American flags and all but you dont hear nothing about that in the news
mous surcouf
mous surcouf 2 dagar sedan
TRUMP ... KING of PARANO people ! !
Moon Man
Moon Man 2 dagar sedan
TRUMP 2024
Clacker Bones
Clacker Bones Dag sedan
not if he gets impeached
jastin Pac
jastin Pac 2 dagar sedan
Like my grandfather says... Shoot em
Evan Ferris
Evan Ferris 2 dagar sedan
Are u with CNN? No VICE lil he is smart for not saying who he was with
_ Ruskie
_ Ruskie 2 dagar sedan
Is that shoenice on the thumbnail
iDoxxSkidz 2 dagar sedan
Vice is far left, so i'm not surprised that it is trying to depict these people in these ways. Regardless, your saying that BLM and Antifa burning cities to the ground, murdering innocent people, looting, rioting and destroying cities is not worse than some people "breaking" into the place that BELONGS to the people? Ya'll people are some jokes.
Bram van Noort
Bram van Noort 2 dagar sedan
lmao ''vice is far left''
Mall Grab
Mall Grab 2 dagar sedan
Shoulda shot em 🤷‍♂️
finnmacool 2 dagar sedan
Trump supporters having their big day out !!!... This day was their Super Bowl !!!.. But their team had already lost ..these idiots were basically having their 15 minutes of fame ... trying to enjoy their feeling of being powerful... Yet .if you think about it .. they will never ever be able to do this again ... And since this day the whole Q Anon crazy gang has started falling apart ..these idiots are essentially ignorant and fall for anything .. They claim to be patriots but this was the most UnAmerican thing i have ever seen ... Disgusting , and disgraceful ..these people really are DEPOLRABLE... Trump had told them that he would walk there with them .. Yet he was nowhere to be seen !..Imagine what an idiot you must be if Donald Trump is your hero !!!
BIG CHIVO 2 dagar sedan
I wanna see Vice bash Antifa nd the snowflakes too not just the trumptards
aphex500 2 dagar sedan
Must suck for all the civilised Americans to see this. Knowing that the whole world is watching a bunch of babies cry because they never got what they wanted.
DoIlookAggressive Office
DoIlookAggressive Office 2 dagar sedan
David Glade
David Glade 2 dagar sedan
you know why their doing this? because their tired of the governments lies
Bram van Noort
Bram van Noort 2 dagar sedan
learn english before talking about ''government lies''
Allen Ang
Allen Ang 2 dagar sedan
Where were they during the inaugurations? Cowards!
Saf 2 dagar sedan
Europeans - *Grabs popcorn*
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