Inside the Svalbard Seed Vault

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4 år sedan

A rare look inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault which is closed ~350 days a year
Check out Audible:
More info on the seed vault:
My trip to Norway was funded by Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Genepool Productions as part of a new project. More information soon.
Special thanks to Bente Naeverdal and the Crop Trust:

Karen Monczynski
Karen Monczynski 3 dagar sedan
Vault no 1 is full of Ben & Jerry's, vault no 3 contains dead rock stars.
Karen Monczynski
Karen Monczynski 3 dagar sedan
A 6 years old worst nightmare. a vault full of vegetables
albert osburn
albert osburn 3 dagar sedan
Wow, it costs more to buy a small private jet than to build the seed vault. And people are questioning the cost?
color 25
color 25 3 dagar sedan
So is he going to the oreos valt down the road?
Jonathan Henry
Jonathan Henry 5 dagar sedan
Sad to see a scientist say: no marijuana seeds are in there. You are doing a huge disservice to humanity.
hangming zheng
hangming zheng 5 dagar sedan
Even North Korea agreed to be part of it. That's awesome.
jaarmu 6 dagar sedan
these are the things you wish you will never need
Tina Librone
Tina Librone 6 dagar sedan
Looks like a kinda Noah's arc...
Ritik 7 dagar sedan
**happy vegan noises**
fredric Jacobsen.
fredric Jacobsen. 7 dagar sedan
Vordann føles det og lagre frø i verdensrommet? Er det morro?
kasinggai pamei
kasinggai pamei 8 dagar sedan
What about plants that don't grow from seeds like sugar cane and other roots,do they store those too.?
Ryan Ambrose
Ryan Ambrose 9 dagar sedan
No drugs after the apocalypse?
COLA MAN 10 dagar sedan
7:34 HOLY SHOT IT'S BIGFOOT!!!!!!!!!! HOW DID HE GET IN!!!?!?!?
yjy Pyyj
yjy Pyyj 10 dagar sedan
You know it's cold when a Canadian says it's cold.
Gyrakino 10 dagar sedan
anyone came from the github arctic code vault?
Harsh Matlani
Harsh Matlani 11 dagar sedan
I wonder how many boxes might be there from India. I hope there's many after all India is an agricultural country
Derva Kommt von hinten
Derva Kommt von hinten 12 dagar sedan
no seeds of drugs? how stupid is that? drugs are very helpful for medicin.
Dexter Sampson
Dexter Sampson 12 dagar sedan
What is the action plan for this place? Like if humanity is not here, who will plant it? Is it for later humans? Aliens? Incase of doomsday?
MeMeLytics 14 dagar sedan
Me after watching: "Cosmos, Possible worlds"
Magik_sf Magik_sf
Magik_sf Magik_sf 15 dagar sedan
P64 Blue
P64 Blue 16 dagar sedan
me: but where are the chocolate bars?
saran karthik parthiban
saran karthik parthiban 17 dagar sedan
Ok..I accept u preserve seeds but if the earth is gona destroy and seed bank is still safe! But who is gona sow your seeds????? And how?
Abradolf Lincler
Abradolf Lincler 17 dagar sedan
7:32 no don't be silly they will feed the native birds
Luke Hartley
Luke Hartley 18 dagar sedan
No drug plants Because biodiversity only matters as long as it doesn't question your hangups
Seafront and mountain holidays in Northern Greece
Seafront and mountain holidays in Northern Greece 18 dagar sedan
Thank you for a very informative video!
Zak F
Zak F 18 dagar sedan
"We don't store genetically modified seeds" aren't all seeds generically modified through selective breeding to make them more resistance to disease and more effective grow?
L2B1337 18 dagar sedan
No marijuana? So the most important seed vault doesn't allow the most amazing medicinal plant on the planet, total idiocy...
Alfie Mayne
Alfie Mayne 19 dagar sedan
Welcome to Black Mesa East.
Sofia Lima
Sofia Lima 19 dagar sedan
non gmo seeds... so y'all got those nasty bananas that are like 80% pits instead of the edible ones?
anjum fareed
anjum fareed 20 dagar sedan
Ditch the seeds,i found something even crucial,ray mak is here too!!!!
Radioactive Giraffe
Radioactive Giraffe 20 dagar sedan
-18°c?? only??
Atomic Smash
Atomic Smash 21 dag sedan
Trump visited this place once and told her to put the US seed box right next to North Korean, as a symbol of their secret friendship.
Jordan 21 dag sedan
Hoth: Echo Base
Bee Luz
Bee Luz 21 dag sedan
"No drugs are stored here" What do you think Netherland sent there ?
My lego world
My lego world 16 dagar sedan
Columbia wants a box too
Nikhil Chauhan
Nikhil Chauhan 18 dagar sedan
Guess what they received from Afghanistan shipment
The Baraik
The Baraik 22 dagar sedan
Next food crisis is coming in March 2021. And I hope for the best these seeds wouldn't have to be GMO. 🙄
Michael Dufresne
Michael Dufresne 22 dagar sedan
I wonder if there are just seeds for food crops in there or they have things like ornamental flowers and trees in there as well?
Serai Resana
Serai Resana 22 dagar sedan
I know there’s weed in there, stop playing games.
Tom Sdralis
Tom Sdralis 22 dagar sedan
A 6 years old worst nightmare. a vault full of vegetables
Costel Borgan
Costel Borgan 22 dagar sedan
wtf bro isnt that where the first outlast game's final took place?
Robbie Leib
Robbie Leib 23 dagar sedan
My seed vault had a headache tonight.
CaptureFreakz 23 dagar sedan
why no weed wtf.. it's naturally too.. on earth for thousands of year.. pathetic
kurt Mora
kurt Mora 23 dagar sedan
Even North Korea agreed to be part of it. That's awesome.
Zen 23 dagar sedan
Wow ...Read More
Zen 23 dagar sedan
You’ve been gnomed
thenerdnetwork 24 dagar sedan
No GMO seeds in the vault? Welp... guess there will be no corn if something happens to the world's crops, since every variety of corn, all of them.... are GMO.
Ando A Pata
Ando A Pata 21 dag sedan
Ando A Pata
Ando A Pata 21 dag sedan
That's how they control all the food in the world, it's became very hard to find seeds with no patent claims, and gmo crops contaminate non gmos ,to grow any crop you must pay fees you peasant!
Chris Browning
Chris Browning 24 dagar sedan
Thinking there is such a thing as not genetically modified shows a severe level of ignorance. Norway should be ashamed
Ashish 24 dagar sedan
I thought GitHub also keeps its code here 😅
Juliana Spika
Juliana Spika 24 dagar sedan
Even North Korea agreed to be part of it. That's awesome.
Bearded Quail
Bearded Quail 25 dagar sedan
Bruh. The plant that grows marijuhana is the female plant. The male plant is the exact same but doesnt grow buds, wich means you cant get high from the plant. However you can make rope from it clothes, there is even a guy who used hemp to make the body for a car.
simikico977 25 dagar sedan
what is the vault for?
Marcus Bore
Marcus Bore 25 dagar sedan
Jarvalicious 25 dagar sedan
How I learned that a seed vault is not inside of a seed bank.
shakaib khan
shakaib khan 26 dagar sedan
I know there’s weed in there, stop playing games.
M P 27 dagar sedan
4:05 smart man i see
Skratch Videos
Skratch Videos 27 dagar sedan
N Korea junk over weed seeds? Them seeds came from products grown in human feces.
I LOVE NARWHALES 28 dagar sedan
Lookin like a gta bunker
93 Rap
93 Rap 28 dagar sedan
ich kann kein englisch
matin rahimi
matin rahimi 29 dagar sedan
Think 5000 years later long after humans are disappeared from earth aliens find this place
Guillermo Bettoni Gonzalez
Guillermo Bettoni Gonzalez Månad sedan
Weed would actually be one of the most useful plants to have in a catastrophic scenario given its enormous vaiety of uses, but yea , no drugs we norvegian we dont do dat
Aadarsh N S 1595
Aadarsh N S 1595 Månad sedan
Why the heck this guy is allowed to go every where (thank u sir for showing this places to us
Sarra Campbell
Sarra Campbell Månad sedan
I feel like they’re actually doing a disservice by not including GMO seeds. Sure keep the “pure” non GMO also, but they shouldn’t not include GMO ones. The purpose of this whole vault is in a huge apocalyptic disaster where we would need to use these seeds then we would need seeds which would be able to produce in all kinds of situations, grow quickly, and produce the most fruit. Which is what we would need in that situation. Something that can produce a lot quickly.
Sarra Campbell
Sarra Campbell Månad sedan
Their also doing a disservice by not including “drug” plants. Because things like weed/coke plants have medicinal value. And if we need to restart the world we should have every tool possible we could get.
Pontus Forsberg
Pontus Forsberg Månad sedan
You can manufacture somewhere around 25 000 different types of products from hemp like lamp oil, paper, concreat and different types of textiles while also beeing anti inflammatory and pain releving but no we dont want that in the doomsday vault because reasons.
Wallace The Omnipresent
Wallace The Omnipresent Månad sedan
Hopefully the twin germ vault doesn’t accidentally infect evergreens
Rattlebbones 66
Rattlebbones 66 Månad sedan
Marijuana is not a drug or gmo no reason not to let it in
Ciph Månad sedan
but are the weed seeds there tho?
Ooof Månad sedan
There has to be weed in there, to not allow it is stupid, it would be like preventing opium poppy seeds for goodness sake. Im pretty sure given weed, is a weed, it wouldn't be wiped out anyways.
Jimmy Månad sedan
I absolutely love this. Plenty of oompaloompas take care of the world in case we mess it all up.
Third I Prodigy
Third I Prodigy Månad sedan
Yo they better have some cannabis seeds in there Imma be upset my little Martian offspring don't get to Cheech with Elon on mars
Rizki Teguh Kurniawan
Rizki Teguh Kurniawan Månad sedan
Gotta go there to store my seed
Scuds Månad sedan
“Well we trust them” boxes from North Korea 🤔
ProjMaster YT
ProjMaster YT Månad sedan
There must be a secret vault that preserves humans right?
Its 2point0
Its 2point0 Månad sedan
My man treating -18 like it's the north pole
ShoTz Månad sedan
Vim pelo você sabia.
Code Alex
Code Alex Månad sedan
You'd think to store the seeds in many different secure locations so that you aren't dependent on one facility but nooooo edit: grammar
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Månad sedan
So no corn
Slendason Månad sedan
Outlast game ending, this is terrifying.
Ripuru The man
Ripuru The man Månad sedan
Exactly what i thought!
Alx Månad sedan
But can I store my minecraft world seed there?
Anoki Youssou
Anoki Youssou Månad sedan
lol best comment ever,just store your mc seed in notepad
Dr. Poptart
Dr. Poptart Månad sedan
I came across Svalbard while looking into the most Northern inhabited places. I thought this was a Bond villain's secret lair, but now I know it's a sees vault. Kinda disappointing, but still cool.
Monisha Psai
Monisha Psai Månad sedan
I was looking for Indian seed section in the vault... Just a glimpse would have been awesome
PBCoder Månad sedan
Wheres fault 76?
Abdulrafay None
Abdulrafay None Månad sedan
And right when this vault gets filled with seeds,the nuclear war will start and after it ends the us will sell it for billions of dollars, it's just buisness not helping 😊😊😭
jj pacheco
jj pacheco Månad sedan
How many strains of weed do they have?
Zielony The Wolf
Zielony The Wolf Månad sedan
So this is where duck tales got it from!
Pettssonbree Månad sedan
So the worlds most important room is a bank full of cropse
Casey Locke
Casey Locke Månad sedan
6:51 - It looks like her left glove is still brand new.
vasabi Månad sedan
at us in slovakia one time was -43c
Worst Mistake
Worst Mistake Månad sedan
Why no drugs? They aren't illegal depending on who you ask. Super stupid not to just try to save every plant that exists. Even a nowadays "useless" drug plant could become insanely valuable in the future.
Justin Webb
Justin Webb Månad sedan
No weed...
The Bisquit
The Bisquit Månad sedan
That lady looks like morgz mom
Mahin Gazi
Mahin Gazi Månad sedan
''So you don't open any of the boxes?'' ''No.'' *shows open box*
Karlis Kristapsons
Karlis Kristapsons Månad sedan
omg no drugs. even there is superstition
TAKEDOWN205 Productions
TAKEDOWN205 Productions Månad sedan
It's called the most important room, so... Why isn't it classified?
Jean. B. B
Jean. B. B Månad sedan
Why in the world would you send potential world saving organic materials through airport xrays? Why not use a better system than that?
Jean. B. B
Jean. B. B Månad sedan
Why the f is a building like this only ment to last 200 yr? What happens after that?
Jean. B. B
Jean. B. B Månad sedan
@AlbinoNubian some are taken out because of the extraordinary situation in Syria and Iraq. But this is a vault ment to be a backup of our plant diversity in case of and event that wipes out all of it. That is why it is built far into a mountain. So I don't understand why its only ment to last 200 years. I know of churches built to last longer. And in the case of nothing happening, what do we do after 200 yrs?
Vocalpro International
Vocalpro International Månad sedan
Get smart intro
Mark Furst
Mark Furst Månad sedan
I thought it would be a bit more James Bond-y.
Gytis Bačanskis
Gytis Bačanskis Månad sedan
i have a felling that soemwhere in there theres seeds of some kids pet plant and thats amazing
Mayonnaise [GD]
Mayonnaise [GD] Månad sedan
How TF this guy allowed in there?!
troglodyte Månad sedan
No weed? Why?
Waylon van Niekerk
Waylon van Niekerk Månad sedan
xTroop18546x Månad sedan
North Korean boxes should be thrown out.
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar Månad sedan
May our future generations don't know how to grow crops so they should carve method of agriculture on walls. Like our ancestors did.
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