Indestructible Coating?!

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Used in everything from bullet-proof vests to the walls of the Pentagon, polyurea's strength comes from its long-chain molecules.
Check out How Ridiculous:
Snatoms magnetic molecules:
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Special thanks to South Bay Line-X:
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Nathan Hansen, Bryan Baker, Donal Botkin, Tony Fadell, Saeed Alghamdi
Filmed by Prashanth Venkataramanujam
SFX by A Shell in the Pit

moris preciosa
moris preciosa 15 timmar sedan
Friends: What's your WiFi password? Me: 2:26
1Am_ blank
1Am_ blank 19 timmar sedan
Polymer coat a human
Illogical Thinking
Illogical Thinking 2 dagar sedan
subtitles are very effective at covering the screen. i have turned them off in my setting. SO WHY TF AM I STILL SEEING THEM ON EVERY OTHER VIDEO!!!!
Finnish Fatman
Finnish Fatman 2 dagar sedan
Ok, time to repaint my cars.
Rondo2ooo 2 dagar sedan
When cars will be able to resist any impact at 200 km/h, but you are inside.
Tohru Bot
Tohru Bot 3 dagar sedan
All I can think of is "Spray on Shoes!"
Blue Leopard
Blue Leopard 4 dagar sedan
Dont be shy drop your phone
Random BOii
Random BOii 5 dagar sedan
Imagine glass with Line-X
Jordan Purkis
Jordan Purkis 5 dagar sedan
You should shop this stuff to government as a possible material for road construction build our roads out of the stuff reduce the ware and tear last longer
Ball Buster
Ball Buster 6 dagar sedan
I heard about this but only from a second story height. This is remarkable
G. Elliott Nielsen
G. Elliott Nielsen 6 dagar sedan
Look at all the water in that Mellon!
Ivan Ho
Ivan Ho 7 dagar sedan
0:00 , .....make it drop
Epstien Didnt Kill Himself
Epstien Didnt Kill Himself 7 dagar sedan
Best way to seperate the melon from the rind
Gaven Matt
Gaven Matt 8 dagar sedan
Penny Woods
Penny Woods 9 dagar sedan
I believe you meant to call that, "SPRAY ON SHOE"
Wbzh Wnjs
Wbzh Wnjs 9 dagar sedan
All I can think of is "Spray on Shoes!"
Cody The Liberal Slayer
Cody The Liberal Slayer 9 dagar sedan
That’s a good way to make a water Mellon slushy
Макс Ф.
Макс Ф. 10 dagar sedan
No more words! Just give me all of it!
ericpowell96 10 dagar sedan
I have polyurrhea...
Anjula Warnakulasooriya
Anjula Warnakulasooriya 10 dagar sedan
Come to think of it flint lockwood's shoes made of these i guess.🤔🤔🤔
Nihab Khan
Nihab Khan 10 dagar sedan
Vid: It's called Linex Me: looks for Linex on Amazon
Avijit Ray
Avijit Ray 11 dagar sedan
2:01 Expectation : Line X is made up of ethly methly chlorine carbon chlorate lolly dolly blah blah newtonian mass going through nuclear fission dried in sun for 256 years blah blah Reality: Line X is made up of 2 substances *Waiting for climax* ...... A and B Absolute legend
Misophoniq 11 dagar sedan
How come Line-X has the exact same logo-style as Ikea? :-P
Patrick 11 dagar sedan
Imagine accidentally inhaling the mixture
Arber _D
Arber _D 12 dagar sedan
epmtunes 13 dagar sedan
Probably wreaks havok on the environment
Dennis W
Dennis W 14 dagar sedan
I wanna say this is basically an infomercial, but that's actually some really cool stuff. Its properties and the method of application make it super versatile.
garcipat 14 dagar sedan
To be said, the coating looked about a milimeter or two and was about 1cm when opened.
ronin gaming
ronin gaming 14 dagar sedan
Give demo ranch some trust me hell get through it
Keira Pudding
Keira Pudding 15 dagar sedan
Vladamir Priboi
Vladamir Priboi 15 dagar sedan
Very useful to bulletproof vests
furgan manafov
furgan manafov 16 dagar sedan
why don't we use it in the tires??
Organic Bow
Organic Bow 17 dagar sedan
Well, the actual watermelon isn't doing to good...
Joe Theangrygamer
Joe Theangrygamer 17 dagar sedan
Before the video was over I was thinking it would be a perfect bed liner
Boos LE
Boos LE 17 dagar sedan
So this is basically flex seal if the advertising was true
Overwatched72 18 dagar sedan
RainBoxRed 18 dagar sedan
5:08 sneaky sniff
2 3 5 7
2 3 5 7 19 dagar sedan
Is that netherite
Pyro Cat
Pyro Cat 20 dagar sedan
Can we weave threads of this into wired for space tethers?
Sticko L
Sticko L 20 dagar sedan
watermelon bounces "thats inscien"
Raagam Parmar
Raagam Parmar 21 dag sedan
So What paint do you use? Umm...It is complicated
Ric Vanesh
Ric Vanesh 21 dag sedan
Why isn't it on demoranch already?
TheSalad Bowl
TheSalad Bowl 22 dagar sedan
2:26 I tried saying this and my furniture started floating.
Christian Stordahl
Christian Stordahl 22 dagar sedan
I want to spray my entire body with this stuff. I'd be Linux man!
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson 22 dagar sedan
“We’ll linex anything, anything but your cat.” Me: walks in with my dog
Little Huey
Little Huey 22 dagar sedan
My only problem with it is I only find it in black !
Jule Palmero
Jule Palmero 22 dagar sedan
"It is made of two things A and B" Great way to explain. You must be a teacher somewhere.
Danny Mckenzie
Danny Mckenzie 23 dagar sedan
Go do it right now
Ezekiel Tang
Ezekiel Tang 23 dagar sedan
Most likely when it drops, the watermelon becomes a smoothie
TheHacktivistGamer 23 dagar sedan
_Phill Swift joined the chat_
Pizza PowerXYZ
Pizza PowerXYZ 24 dagar sedan
Linus, Linux, LineX Which one is the best
Ricardo Molina
Ricardo Molina 24 dagar sedan
Edward Chan
Edward Chan 26 dagar sedan
How many cats have been sacrificed when researching Line-X ???
Waffle 27 dagar sedan
You just put flex seal on the watermelon i know it
Pranav Patro
Pranav Patro 28 dagar sedan
this stuff is so useful
Caster 28 dagar sedan
Flex spray?
Waffle 27 dagar sedan
No its flex paste
Scorpius Malfoy
Scorpius Malfoy 28 dagar sedan
The title should've been flubber's brother
Lego Bob The Builder
Lego Bob The Builder 29 dagar sedan
Why does the Line-X logo look almost exactly like the IKEA logo
Kolbe 29 dagar sedan
I could fix every apple device ever with this
Anime Alex
Anime Alex Månad sedan
I was thinking how about we paint a car with it but if the car bounces back on impact with another vehicle then it would accelerate in backwards and that sudden stop and then going backwards would kill you. That's what I found after thinking it through
Eric Månad sedan
Can’t wait until this ends up in the ocean
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery Månad sedan
The simplest way I can explain it is it's a plasticizer.... Me: ooh I seee, I see.... And what's that?
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery Månad sedan
It's still a watermelon guys 🍉
metacarpo10 Månad sedan
What happened to linex? why cant we buy this on spray cans at our local store yet? Waiting for this for the past 3 years.
360 Wheelz
360 Wheelz Månad sedan
The real test is Nokia hammer vs the line-x watermelon
360 Wheelz
360 Wheelz Månad sedan
He didn't release the melon, he threw it.
Jeremy F. Arts
Jeremy F. Arts Månad sedan
what if you coat the baseball smarter everyday uses for his super sonic baseball canon?
AverageDoggo Månad sedan
It's funny how useless this is. Nobody needs a coating that keeps destroyed insides contained.
SigEpBlue Månad sedan
So, how long does it take for that stuff to break down naturally?
I'm really stupid, but
I'm really stupid, but Månad sedan
Linux is made from 2 ingredients: Linux and Torvalds.
Paulo Jose Castro
Paulo Jose Castro Månad sedan
Same thing where you put a plastic bag on the watermelon before throwing it, melon is broken but plastic still intact
Vol100000 Månad sedan
Nokia coating
Colsten Volpe
Colsten Volpe Månad sedan
Spray on shoes
The Misunderstanding
The Misunderstanding Månad sedan
Now let's see you eat it....
Blizzard_the_seal Månad sedan
Andres Felipe Borrero
Andres Felipe Borrero Månad sedan
Somebody send this stuff to @DemolitionRanch please! Matt you gotta do a vid about this
Rodrigo Tudanca Fernández
Rodrigo Tudanca Fernández Månad sedan
David M. Densford
David M. Densford Månad sedan
In 2012 I coated some SIP panels with polyurea to make homes indestructible. Here is the report:
jimmy jam
jimmy jam Månad sedan
'the watermelon accelerates to over 100 kmph' and there I was thinking acceleration was all baloney and it was just inertial for a while? inert then splattt
Outgunned Unicum
Outgunned Unicum Månad sedan
Does this stuff makes up the anti spall lining on armored vehicles?
Neumo500 Månad sedan
“Bring anything but your cat we’ll linex it” Does that mean I can linex a dog?
D Månad sedan
Skeptycx Månad sedan
Hey I install Poly for a living. Nice
Panador Månad sedan
"It's amazing the watermelon survived". It didn't though, did it? The coating survived. The watermelon was mushed on the inside. If you sprayed yourself with this stuff and jumped off that tower, the coating would be fine, but you'd probably have at least several broken bones and your insides would be mush.
Nate Sand
Nate Sand Månad sedan
I bet my ex could destroy it. She destroys everything she touches.
tj hoff
tj hoff Månad sedan
You should encase an animal and let it decay
Finn Cedrat
Finn Cedrat Månad sedan
So, after the last video, did the watermelon smash into the ground, or did the ground bump into the watermelon
Wolf Larson
Wolf Larson Månad sedan
Just saying, you probably could have coated the melon with normal rubber with the same thickness and you would have the same outcome
Sebastian D
Sebastian D Månad sedan
Invented as truck inliner? Sorry, that is not true. The invention goes back to the 30s and 40s in Germany at Bayer company. And the first commercial application was insulation foam for beer barrels (sounds like a cliche, but is true).
Meepy Månad sedan
Anyone else think that the logo on their shirts looks like the ikea logo
quintopia Månad sedan
What makes a melonball bounce? (A melon ball bounce?) A melonball bounce! What makes a melonball bounce? The line-taut tension of Line-X!
Youtube official
Youtube official Månad sedan
What is your youtube income
STAGGERLEE Månad sedan
Incredible spray me.!
Anak Thor
Anak Thor Månad sedan
The point should be how thick the coating is.
darthvader5300 Månad sedan
Does Line-X has a transparent version that has the same original formulation and still has the same original indestructible strenght?
IncognitoTorpedo Månad sedan
Don't mess with isocyanates without the right kind of mask. That stuff will fry your lungs.
Maximiliano Arjona
Maximiliano Arjona Månad sedan
How do I get this sprayed on my truck? 😂
Flávio Giannini
Flávio Giannini Månad sedan
Is it heavy?
edboy484 Månad sedan
You can't fool me. I know flex seal when I see it
Awneesh Verma
Awneesh Verma Månad sedan
I skipped metha metha name part
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