I Waterproofed Myself With Aerogel!

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Aerogel has extraordinary properties but it can be tough to work with. This video looks at modifying aerogels to take advantage of their unique characteristics.
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Huge thanks to Dr. Stephen Steiner and the crew at Aerogel Technologies. To find out more or buy your own aerogel sample, check out: www.aerogeltechnologies.com/
Thanks to Dr. Steven Jones and Dr. Mihail Petkov at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
And thanks to FLIR for loaning us the awesome high definition thermal camera. The footage is amazing! www.flir.com
Aerogel’s extraordinary properties are due in large part to its structure. Aerogel is a solid but on the nanoscale it has a mesh or sponge-like structure. The struts of this structure are nanoscale, as are the pores at around 20nm across. This makes silica aerogel incredibly light (it was once the lightest solid but has now been superseded by graphene aerogel), transparent and adsorbent.
An ice-cube sized piece of aerogel has an internal surface area roughly equal to half a football field. Aerogel is used in high end museum cases to regulate humidity. Plus it helps maintain the vacuum on the Mars Insight seismometers - it adsorbs moisture and other outgassed volatiles that come from the spacecraft itself. Proposed uses include as a physical insecticide by ‘drying out insects’ reducing the need for chemical and toxic pesticides.
Special thanks to all my Patreon supporters especially those who contributed feedback to an earlier draft of this video:
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Filmed by Paul Gramaglia
Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci
Animations by Catherine Chooljian
Music from epidemicsound.com “Tonic Zone” “Betelgeuse” “Insidious Mice” “Seaweed” “It’s not that serious” “Platin00m - Sum It”
This is an educational, scientific video.

SmarterEveryDay År sedan
I'm here for the laminar flow dawg.
Cathy Sherrill
Cathy Sherrill 2 dagar sedan
I love your content
Jeb Broham
Jeb Broham 17 dagar sedan
Laminar flow is the most important characteristic of flight. That's the number one thing we learned to remember in A&P school.
Terjagung Månad sedan
Cookie Remix
Cookie Remix Månad sedan
Here before 500 replies
Fraser Robertson
Fraser Robertson Månad sedan
Last reply
MrMo456 21 minut sedan
So this is what fictional characters use to never get wet
Paulina PI
Paulina PI 2 timmar sedan
Does this mean that the newest smartphones have the external gel coat on them...?
Bro? 2 timmar sedan
Why do I want to eat it
T 1000
T 1000 5 timmar sedan
Can we see more of him in his trunks please?
Bharath mahaan
Bharath mahaan 6 timmar sedan
This is used in onepiece to cover ships😅
Shotz 7 timmar sedan
they should make clothing for firefighters with that arogel stuff
Ismael Ordaz
Ismael Ordaz 8 timmar sedan
After he had been covered in aerogel how much Insulation Did it provide. Would he be able to jump in much hotter or colder water and not feel it much. Not Dangerously cold or hot but what are the extremes that the Gel is able to withstand when thinly applied.
David Vador
David Vador 8 timmar sedan
I'm here for the laminar flow dawg.
INFINITY WARFARE 9 timmar sedan
That's how you become silver surfer
a_jonathan 10 timmar sedan
3) cover yourself in oil
IMAMEETOOL 13 timmar sedan
I love how much Dr. Stephen Steiner loves aerogel
IG mycalicrush
IG mycalicrush 15 timmar sedan
Soooooo trippy!!!!
freeyesmaybe 17 timmar sedan
love the show. mite like CFC movie - "Get the technology advantage!" - SVfrom
freeyesmaybe 17 timmar sedan
Lma Zayat
Lma Zayat 22 timmar sedan
i accidentlly had my speed at 1.25 and was wondering why he was speaking so damn fast
ilias k
ilias k 23 timmar sedan
Jam Mac
Jam Mac Dag sedan
the experiment is amazing..but I wonder if is it convertible into drinkable water>?
Joe Van
Joe Van Dag sedan
any chance one could mix the hydrophobic gel with a paint that could be used as a nontoxic antifouling on sea going boats?
Sifty Fix
Sifty Fix Dag sedan
With and without PBR shaders.
מר מזרון
מר מזרון Dag sedan
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Nicholas Sammut
Nicholas Sammut Dag sedan
what happens if you mix it with CEMENT :D
WhosTae Dag sedan
i don't want to eat it anymore
Muhammad Nada
Muhammad Nada Dag sedan
So how did you wash out the Aerogel powder from your body ?
Nuclear Rc
Nuclear Rc 2 dagar sedan
no h groups, oh h groups, o age groups...
Otto Wood
Otto Wood 3 dagar sedan
Why didn’t you waterproof the pool
herbert moessmer
herbert moessmer 3 dagar sedan
kann es covid 19 aufhalten/filtern?
Enderestic Gaming
Enderestic Gaming 3 dagar sedan
Them: I waterproofed myself with aerogel Me: Now how are u going to bathe?😂😂😂
jon barns
jon barns 3 dagar sedan
The instant noodle
The instant noodle 3 dagar sedan
Why isn't this being used for fire fighters?
Franz Yuri
Franz Yuri 3 dagar sedan
Why didn't he overheat when he's covered with aerogel?
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell 3 dagar sedan
I'm here for the Orinoco Flow
Tohru Bot
Tohru Bot 3 dagar sedan
I'm here for the laminar flow dawg.
Emmxie Animations
Emmxie Animations 3 dagar sedan
“Am I gonna get hurt by this?” “Not permanently!”
Mr West Las Vegas - WestLasVegas.com
Mr West Las Vegas - WestLasVegas.com 3 dagar sedan
Cough Cough. Firefighters, Homes, Cars. Everything needs this
enmaya ua
enmaya ua 3 dagar sedan
е мое!
Gdjnx Gdk
Gdjnx Gdk 4 dagar sedan
Meanwhile in another universe: i aerogelproofed myself with water!
Stoorie Stoorie
Stoorie Stoorie 4 dagar sedan
How much would it cost to coat a car?
Art Alagao
Art Alagao 4 dagar sedan
Aerogel: I’m 99% air Bags of chips and other snacks: pathetic
john doe
john doe 4 dagar sedan
Plot twist: to this day he can’t take a shower to clean himself
Aaron C.
Aaron C. 4 dagar sedan
"I dont really feel wet at all' thats whhat she said
Fulvio Foggia
Fulvio Foggia 5 dagar sedan
you have to create a substitution for the fiber glass, not an integration, I think
friggincanvee 5 dagar sedan
love that they use metric.
Eren POLAT 5 dagar sedan
adamlar yapıyor.
Joseph Rigard
Joseph Rigard 5 dagar sedan
Me:just one question how do you get the aerogel off? You:oh that's easy just wash it off😂 Me:how do you wash it off if it's waterproof?? You:😤😬🤦‍♂️
Onix Ríos
Onix Ríos 5 dagar sedan
Charlie with a chance of meatball be like: 👁👄👁
barry8082 5 dagar sedan
That Aerogel textile composit would be a great insulator for homes and RV/campervan interiors. Are there any plans for this material to be available in this format?
marc villeda
marc villeda 5 dagar sedan
This is how Ariel was always dry once she got out of water.
The Gamer
The Gamer 5 dagar sedan
I will use this if it comes out to the public. I will use it in public showers, Swimming pools, in the sea and most especially sleep in the aerogel outside my house or hotels
David Hill
David Hill 6 dagar sedan
Fun fact : There is no air in a Lays bag (They use nitrogen )
邹捷 6 dagar sedan
When the Aerogel is applied to the body does it reduce drag? I'm just curious if we are going to be seeing this stuff in sports where swimmers could get more speed. Maybe even use it on cars to reduce drag?
Austin 6 dagar sedan
That’s what she said 4:38
Nishit Chokhawala
Nishit Chokhawala 6 dagar sedan
Very cool!.. Also, diatomaceous earth is natural (non-toxic) insecticide based on same principle mentioned (drying out of insects).
malik ario
malik ario 6 dagar sedan
he show how to appied aerogel on his body but not showing how to clean it.... so unfair
Rand0mlyTh3re 6 dagar sedan
It's Poseidon...he has come.
Henrique Maximo
Henrique Maximo 6 dagar sedan
He looked like the T-1000 when he stepped into the pool!
Timothy Paul
Timothy Paul 7 dagar sedan
Surprisingly Derek's nose is colder than his face.
Alan Hewson
Alan Hewson 7 dagar sedan
Will aerogel rejuvenate the hydrogen fuel cell concept?
An Alligator Named Sus
An Alligator Named Sus 7 dagar sedan
how did you put the aerogel on??
7HeartGuardia ‘Duo’
7HeartGuardia ‘Duo’ 6 dagar sedan
Its shows
ANCES Official
ANCES Official 7 dagar sedan
Those stuff look good 😻😻
Kyle Westenbay
Kyle Westenbay 7 dagar sedan
I wonder if it has any soundproofing qualities.
Bob Hillyer
Bob Hillyer 7 dagar sedan
8:55 - are you a Canadian electrical engineer?
eBRA Studios
eBRA Studios 7 dagar sedan
Is it used with fire fighters or maybe to live outside the planet
D Desai
D Desai 7 dagar sedan
An ice cube sized aerogel contains half a football field of surface....!!!!!!!!🤔😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 8 dagar sedan
Meanwhile in another universe: i aerogelproofed myself with water!
ItsNotYummyGB — OFFICIAL 8 dagar sedan
Oh, so I can use this at the pool and not have to towel myself
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor 8 dagar sedan
wait what if you do what they did in the video but put a hole in it what happens
lulu _jr
lulu _jr 8 dagar sedan
It's what a iPhone screen made out of
Richard 8 dagar sedan
12:02: Hans, get ze Flammenwerfer!
Richard 8 dagar sedan
why it fell down so fast if its just 1 gramm?
pyro7602 9 dagar sedan
Dr. Stephen Steiner definitely sleeps on an aero gel mattress.
Jace Henderson
Jace Henderson 9 dagar sedan
Now this needs to go to the fire departments
MetalFrogg 9 dagar sedan
What if you wrapped aerogel in a layer of copper, and applied it around someone's body. Making the joints out of thick silia fabric, with a visor made of transparent aerogel, as well as attaching two oxygen canisters with tubs that run to a mouthpiece, you, my friend, have an extremely fireproof and way out of budget armor fit for the bravest of firefighters.
D Desai
D Desai 7 dagar sedan
D Desai
D Desai 7 dagar sedan
Sounds interesting!!🔥
Cosmo Gaming
Cosmo Gaming 9 dagar sedan
the people who disliked are the people that burned their finger trying to do this experiment
Ayush Ray
Ayush Ray 9 dagar sedan
Please make videos in hindi version also...
vadla prashanth
vadla prashanth 10 dagar sedan
Hydrophobic aerogel could be a solution for people who suffer from hyperhydrosis.
Zeke Lucas
Zeke Lucas 10 dagar sedan
What if you made Aerogel.....OUT of Aerogel
Dennis Higgins
Dennis Higgins 10 dagar sedan
What happens if you eat it?
toniodotcom 10 dagar sedan
I use this to be immuned against hot girls.
toniodotcom 10 dagar sedan
Marvel claims this is what the Human Torch suit is made of.
Kliman Khmeron
Kliman Khmeron 10 dagar sedan
1:33 I told you guys these creatures are aliens
Vorxi 10 dagar sedan
imagine after removing the aerogel, you see your bone
Rocky 11 dagar sedan
Why is your nose so cold
P D W 11 dagar sedan
is it better when compared with starlite ?
Tinman 11 dagar sedan
Now maybe I should cover myself with it to protect myself from covid.
Hải Trần
Hải Trần 12 dagar sedan
My ass' clenched when he applies the blowtorch to the aerogel on his fingers, oh god.
I _forgot12345
I _forgot12345 12 dagar sedan
In subnautica, every heat resistant thing ever is insulated with aerogel.
The Awesome Guy
The Awesome Guy 12 dagar sedan
I bet this is how they make those lays packets.
Krazy Kozey
Krazy Kozey 12 dagar sedan
So if I aero gel my 🍆 will my Wife never dry out? 🧐🥸🤫🤪
Fordman 12 dagar sedan
they need to start making this common and cheap enough to be used in construction
Potato Tater
Potato Tater 13 dagar sedan
actually we just live in a simulation and aerogel just exploits the physics engine :/
geekbaritone 13 dagar sedan
you waxed your chest to do this video. Why?
Andy Warphole
Andy Warphole 13 dagar sedan
How did you get it off of your body?
TeddyLeppard 13 dagar sedan
Isn’t this stuff highly carcinogenic?
HG 13 dagar sedan
Plot twist: he can't bathe anymore
Mason Bradford
Mason Bradford 14 dagar sedan
When mom tells you to take a shower
Nextgame 14 dagar sedan
Silver Surfer :v
Jarrett Mutter
Jarrett Mutter 14 dagar sedan
Hello viewers, Super GT here, I'm SERIOUSLY happy to say that I've been chosen by Lando to be part of his new Quadrant team! We're gonna be making content together over on the Team Quadrant channel! Take a look at our very first video and of course be sure to give the channel a sub as we'll be making plenty more. www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzs_1... Much Love, Steve x
Top0 14 dagar sedan
just came here from neil degrasse tysons live stream lol
Alexis Martinez
Alexis Martinez 14 dagar sedan
When your mum says that if you are wet you are taking a shower Me 4:30
Kade Van Ry
Kade Van Ry 14 dagar sedan
Just put it around your finger, one finger or two fingers Or you know, however many you want to keep 👀
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