I'm a Mobile Game

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It's a great Christmas Present that you don't have to pay for!! :)
Download the game here 🡆🡆🡆 theodd1sout.com/play 🡄🡄🡄
Backgrounds done by
Amelia (Galloway) 🡆 galloame
Edummerart 🡆 edummerart
Ronbairdart 🡆 ronbairdart
Kintheartist 🡆 kintheartist

Boiled egg
Boiled egg 36 minuter sedan
How much have you been paid to make this
ayman a.
ayman a. 2 timmar sedan
Your game is the best game I play ever
er_ writes
er_ writes 2 timmar sedan
I love how he pronounces mobile. Mo-bi-el. Lol
PE Player 33
PE Player 33 2 timmar sedan
Mobile games aren’t even real games Sad Minecraft noises
The Slushy Squad
The Slushy Squad 3 timmar sedan
AYESHA THENNAKONE 3 timmar sedan
There's another odd1sout let's bounce which is a scam it isn't the official it's a fake the people are saying that it doesn't work and stuff but they still give 5 stars just because they love James !!!!! The real won actually works too!!!! That's not the won James made the real won is actually pretty good game
Mr Munchlax
Mr Munchlax 6 timmar sedan
Past James: I think we should reopen Alcatraz for people who do these scams! #1 mobile games... President day James: Hey guys I'd like to tell you about this mobile game I made. Future James: W... Where am I? Future prison guard: Welcome to Alcatraz.
TineMations 7 timmar sedan
1:05 the odd1sout created his own word
سور الله
سور الله 8 timmar sedan
Your game has alot of ads
TheHUDster5 5
TheHUDster5 5 10 timmar sedan
I no who drem is like his fase if you Watch him
Hafeez Zamri
Hafeez Zamri 10 timmar sedan
Is this only for ios ohh sorry. -Android left the chat
Sari Elizabeth
Sari Elizabeth 11 timmar sedan
Fluffy Cat
Fluffy Cat 11 timmar sedan
Hi, "a mobile game", I'm dad
Your Father
Your Father 12 timmar sedan
Gaming man 1
Gaming man 1 12 timmar sedan
You were supposed to destroy them Not join them
Aiden Fregozo
Aiden Fregozo 13 timmar sedan
You’re right mobile games are dumb you have jeans on your side I’m not doing it you did
TJ436 13 timmar sedan
Aaron Giebel
Aaron Giebel 14 timmar sedan
I'd be fine with his game, but in a previous video he openly told everyone that mobile games are scams.
syed8280 syed8280
syed8280 syed8280 14 timmar sedan
0:30 me trying to turn of add whhhhhhhhhhhhhyy do u keep pausing 1 sec later realizes truth🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Jay Rios
Jay Rios 15 timmar sedan
Another scam is mobile games James (legal scams that should be illegal
Jourdan Anderson
Jourdan Anderson 15 timmar sedan
It's funny because I have the game but I haven't watched the video
Jourdan Anderson
Jourdan Anderson 15 timmar sedan
Until now
Attempt Two
Attempt Two 16 timmar sedan
I saw the game on Google play store before this video
Vavanrblx 17 timmar sedan
Nick Dickson
Nick Dickson 19 timmar sedan
Adriana Cabrera
Adriana Cabrera 13 timmar sedan
@Conner Kadlecik He is bigot
Nick Dickson
Nick Dickson 15 timmar sedan
@Conner Kadlecik he said mobile games are a scam and then he makes a game
Conner Kadlecik
Conner Kadlecik 16 timmar sedan
Jaffar Mressa
Jaffar Mressa 20 timmar sedan
Make a video
Saif Alaa
Saif Alaa 20 timmar sedan
You ruined your SVfrom channel
PurpleHaze 20 timmar sedan
what animating app do u use?
Sophia and horses
Sophia and horses 21 timme sedan
Hmmm idk maybe a hypocrite
Sophia and horses
Sophia and horses 15 timmar sedan
@Conner Kadlecik I know, I like the Odd1sout too but, u got to admit he is kinda being a hypocrite lol
Conner Kadlecik
Conner Kadlecik 16 timmar sedan
XxXSukina_ChanXxX 21 timme sedan
Bruh the fact that people are overreacting THIS MUCH is insane. Everyone is like “OMG HE MADE A MOBILE GAME SO THAT AUTOMATICALLY MEANS HE’S A MANIPULATIVE PERSON!!!!” Just shut up. It isn’t that bad compared to what some other youtubers have done.
Adriana Cabrera
Adriana Cabrera 11 timmar sedan
@XxXSukina_ChanXxX He is still a hypocrite and deserves to be called out
Your Father
Your Father 12 timmar sedan
@XxXSukina_ChanXxX He’s still a hypocrite, and we’re allowed to call him out for it
XxXSukina_ChanXxX 12 timmar sedan
@Adriana Cabrera being a hypocrite isn’t that bad compared to what some other youtubers have done
Your Father
Your Father 12 timmar sedan
The fact that people like you think that people you like can’t be criticized is insane. Seriously, as soon as he gets called out on being a hypocrite you start whining and crying
Adriana Cabrera
Adriana Cabrera 13 timmar sedan
So where not aloud to call him out for being a hypocrite
LotKrog14 21 timme sedan
Dear inhabitant of the earth! Help Russian brothers to free themselves from the totalitarian shackles! Corruption, bribes, nepotism, poverty, kill someone! So help your brothers! Your Russian comrades will be grateful to you ...
Malfie AE
Malfie AE 21 timme sedan
I literally tried to click the x on his ad
El Diego R A
El Diego R A 21 timme sedan
Ya tengo tu juego
Jellychomp Twitchjellychomp
Jellychomp Twitchjellychomp 21 timme sedan
Shark Head 2020
Shark Head 2020 21 timme sedan
Jared carl brian Williams
Jared carl brian Williams 22 timmar sedan
Isn't let's bounce a RIP off of burrito bison? Also I'm downloading now
Popcorn 22 timmar sedan
James : Makes mobile game Comment Section : Im bouta end this mans whole career
Iya_Anibuns Dag sedan
Say have a GAY Thanksgiving...
Jayden Rice
Jayden Rice Dag sedan
bro plz upload more
Judith Pajatin
Judith Pajatin Dag sedan
James: mobile games suck and that why it should be banned James now: hey i have a mobile game where i bounce check it out
mordercza pomarańcza
mordercza pomarańcza Dag sedan
But most importantly, you are a hypocrite
Adriana Cabrera
Adriana Cabrera 13 timmar sedan
@Conner Kadlecik No one asked for you either bud
Conner Kadlecik
Conner Kadlecik 16 timmar sedan
But most importantly no body asked
A squid
A squid Dag sedan
Can you stop complaining. You dont have to download the game
Adriana Cabrera
Adriana Cabrera 13 timmar sedan
By Complaining you mean calling him out for being a hypocrite becuase he is one
jordan cox
jordan cox Dag sedan
0:27 thought there was a ad on my screen
Tails Das estrelas
Tails Das estrelas Dag sedan
Pastel Star
Pastel Star Dag sedan
i acually tried to press x
YeetNoodle Dag sedan
I downloaded it one week ago
TheMantasLtu 8
TheMantasLtu 8 Dag sedan
0:28 low key I thought it was an ad and tried to close is Like= happened too
cyberbumbi Dag sedan
Are you swedish cuz iam
Grzmit Dag sedan
Its just a shitty game if people get overworked about this yall have bigger things to worry about
Rajan Mandal
Rajan Mandal Dag sedan
Why is everyone except the normal you better than the normal you in your game?
Raiden Coffey
Raiden Coffey Dag sedan
Colin Speicher
Colin Speicher Dag sedan
I love your game and you should make more
epicsauce354 Dag sedan
The game is super bad and unfun, don’t waste your time on it
Cool Unknown
Cool Unknown Dag sedan
I must say its not a bad game
Jaby Dag sedan
I thought that was a real ad on the bottom of my screen I kept tapping the x
another dumb stan
another dumb stan Dag sedan
Re opening alcatraz for james.
Aaron Lanham
Aaron Lanham Dag sedan
I have this game and I love it
Dani Soriano
Dani Soriano Dag sedan
Braydon Robbins
Braydon Robbins Dag sedan
Have a merry Thanksgiving. *Wear your school *Don't do vegetables *Stay in drugs *Eat your seatbelts
Sammie Schierberg
Sammie Schierberg Dag sedan
just was watching old vids and wished that he made videos in terms of humor like he use to
Christopher Noel
Christopher Noel Dag sedan
Where is the link
The Mandolorian
The Mandolorian Dag sedan
Young Defiant
Young Defiant Dag sedan
Just wanna say something let it bounce is a complete copy of bouncemasters
Maria Esther Mendez
Maria Esther Mendez Dag sedan
I love how you said sooubway
•clxud :D•
•clxud :D• Dag sedan
Your a mobile person
Laura Khan Creations
Laura Khan Creations Dag sedan
Hi James! I just discovered your channel last month? Not sure exactly but close enough... I have officially binge watched all the videos on this channel ☺️ I absolutely love your content! You have great stories and I love listening to your voice 🙂 obviously I love your sense of humor too! I can’t wait to see your content for this year! 😁
Michelle Francis
Michelle Francis Dag sedan
James: I hate mobile games. Except for mine its great you should play it. Me: ???
Michelle Francis
Michelle Francis Dag sedan
Please like and sub
ic96 Dag sedan
literally everyone in the comment section right now: scams that should be illegal star wars quotes BOMBARDED WITH ADS "Imma mobile game!"
Krizia Mae Mangat
Krizia Mae Mangat 2 dagar sedan
БЕЛАРУСЬСИС .-. 2 dagar sedan
а русские есть
pineapple gravy
pineapple gravy 2 dagar sedan
Hi James I love your new game it is so fun
Binkkss12 2 dagar sedan
0:24 Subway Oddfers
cupcake 2 dagar sedan
I got your game its really good!
Chuva Reyes
Chuva Reyes 2 dagar sedan
This is actually fucked as he knows his audience are kids, he’s gonna scan them with his shitty game
Chuva Reyes
Chuva Reyes 15 timmar sedan
@Conner Kadlecik you got me good
Conner Kadlecik
Conner Kadlecik 16 timmar sedan
@Chuva Reyes Imagine not having subs
Chuva Reyes
Chuva Reyes 16 timmar sedan
@Conner Kadlecik More like Shut Down the game amirite
Conner Kadlecik
Conner Kadlecik 16 timmar sedan
Shut up.
Sana Ahmadi
Sana Ahmadi 2 dagar sedan
I like your song "Good Person" ;W;
§ection 2 dagar sedan
Would anyone like some popcorn to comfort themselves? 1 reply=🍿 Also, not asking for likes
Серега Васецкий
Серега Васецкий 2 dagar sedan
James I'm from Rasia. I love you. You are the coolest among my favorite animators. It is a pity that I do not live in America. I also play your game, I activated your sister.
Rylan3122 roblox videos
Rylan3122 roblox videos 2 dagar sedan
Were i have unlimited money :)
Rylan3122 roblox videos
Rylan3122 roblox videos 2 dagar sedan
Lol he hase bo idea I hacked it
Your Father
Your Father 12 timmar sedan
Sure you did
Cr4zy C4rr0tz
Cr4zy C4rr0tz 2 dagar sedan
"the Kardashians did a thing"
Трэш из Тик-Така
Трэш из Тик-Така 2 dagar sedan
I'm the only one here from Russia?
Legin7 2 dagar sedan
I smell hypocrisy
Conner Kadlecik
Conner Kadlecik 16 timmar sedan
I smell a no life
YETIo SPAGHETTIo 2 dagar sedan
Scam vid was a joke most Because he was talking about all the scam ones
VincentThepro Gamer
VincentThepro Gamer 2 dagar sedan
wow i thought the ''LETS BOUNCE'' game was made by ur fans but i was wrong lol
Mr,Floaty 7
Mr,Floaty 7 2 dagar sedan
the worst part of the game is that you need to watch an ad to continue
OnFireRobloxScripting 2 dagar sedan
When he said ads, i got and ad
Taylor Davis
Taylor Davis 2 dagar sedan
I love theodd1soutt
Vaneatsramen 2 dagar sedan
Who also thought that 0:29 was a real ad
Muhammad Soleh
Muhammad Soleh 2 dagar sedan
me lol
Garchomp Simp
Garchomp Simp 2 dagar sedan
The way fame gets to somebody's head. Wow.
Conner Kadlecik
Conner Kadlecik 16 timmar sedan
The way being poor can get to people
Sheldon Williams Jr
Sheldon Williams Jr 2 dagar sedan
Get the murch
Santa Baby Yoda YT
Santa Baby Yoda YT 2 dagar sedan
I record for 20 minutes and only have ten minutes of gameplay
SiberianHusky24 2 dagar sedan
I have the game
Josie 2 dagar sedan
Doesn’t you game gonna have ads ._?
Amber Baublitz
Amber Baublitz 2 dagar sedan
I love the game! I downloaded it and it's awesome!!!
Gabriel Ordones
Gabriel Ordones 2 dagar sedan
The game is trash the annoying music in repeat makes it even worse and his voice “oUcH” sounds weird yep I am fan of his channel but the game is really bad
Xavier Garcia
Xavier Garcia 2 dagar sedan
Omg I have your game
William Hemmert
William Hemmert 2 dagar sedan
Is there a cheat code
Emma Kime
Emma Kime 2 dagar sedan
I have it
ben's stuff
ben's stuff 2 dagar sedan
I think James should go back to making cartons. Because it’s not helping his channel. :( I m not saying he is bad. But I don’t think he should have a mobile game.
Anthony Razo
Anthony Razo 2 dagar sedan
I love the new game James
Amy DiPiano
Amy DiPiano 2 dagar sedan
When I saw the let’s bounce on the bottom of the screen I tried to click off of it lol
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