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ChiefChizzy Timme sedan
do you have a job
Edson Junior
Edson Junior 3 timmar sedan
Plium 4 timmar sedan
The fact the he sounds lie Dream
GoddessOfRandomRealties UwU
GoddessOfRandomRealties UwU 7 timmar sedan
Maybe to get Elon Musks attention, call him out on being Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who! PS it's from a fan theory
Jok3y Jesu3
Jok3y Jesu3 7 timmar sedan
Gotta catch him somewhere in person
A Girl
A Girl 12 timmar sedan
LET THE GUY WORK. He’s not interested in people that WASTE HIS TIME!!!
A Girl
A Girl 12 timmar sedan
Pleaseeee Elon don’t give into this immature cringe. 🤮
Sabrina Barreau
Sabrina Barreau 12 timmar sedan
We have west field mall in city lol
Tegan Broome
Tegan Broome 15 timmar sedan
I got an idea for you trade that for a house then a Tesla
HKZ FL 23 timmar sedan
Is this the same guy who loved in a car for 18 months to clear 70k $ loan?
Finest Clips
Finest Clips Dag sedan
Bit clickbaity
PH03NIX Dag sedan
Considering Elon is a memer I’m sure he’d do it eventually
Felktl09 Dag sedan
I thought he would have a nicer kitchen
Ebbe Ohrling
Ebbe Ohrling Dag sedan
You could try ruining the Tesla that you already have and then get someone’s attention at tesla
Isaiah Hammons
Isaiah Hammons Dag sedan
Frozen Collective
Frozen Collective Dag sedan
"Who else is stuck in a endless loop of watching SVfrom shorts for no reason? You click on one and you just can't stop watching more.
Lyna San
Lyna San 15 timmar sedan
I feel exactly right now, I have messages to respond, WhatsApp is exploding but... I can't stop watching
Mgizi Nanibush
Mgizi Nanibush Dag sedan
He’s doing good
Mpho Netshimbupfe
Mpho Netshimbupfe Dag sedan
Twitter? Is a option
Edward Davis
Edward Davis Dag sedan
Jukzi Dag sedan
Try Twitter
Tina Marie Jacobsen
Tina Marie Jacobsen Dag sedan
Elon works- like all the time- but I'm rooting for you
Alex Summan
Alex Summan Dag sedan
That kid close to the end with his mom look like he drunk
Dr YouTube
Dr YouTube 2 dagar sedan
Successful people don't become that way overnight. most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..
Adam Bhatti
Adam Bhatti Dag sedan
Shut up
Gold Smith
Gold Smith 2 dagar sedan
I have never seen any broker as perfect as Mrs kamilla, she knows how to analyse trade, and with her strategies she earned me so much profit. Made €16,800 in 16 days of working with her
Gold Smith
Gold Smith 2 dagar sedan
Hey you are not far from making profit, she has taken care of my account for months now....I have 16wins and 0 losses.
oMaH ttt
oMaH ttt 2 dagar sedan
I got recommended to her I want to invest, and please how good is she?
DIVINE JEWELRIES 2 dagar sedan
Trade with her and always remember to share your testimonies with others. Let's promote her the more.
Sean T
Sean T 2 dagar sedan
Get w plane to write your info and something about dodge going to the moon outside of where he is.
Almost a Fidget girl
Almost a Fidget girl 2 dagar sedan
Who is Elon musk
DeKsTeR DoNt
DeKsTeR DoNt 2 dagar sedan
clumsynumzy 2 dagar sedan
You should work at tesla
Sneaky Frenchman
Sneaky Frenchman 2 dagar sedan
Yooo america has westfield? Thought it was an Australian thing only
Titan Gaming
Titan Gaming 2 dagar sedan
How to get the attention of Elon Musk : 1) Trade all the way to a space shuttle 2) Go to Mars 3 days later the space x crew will come and take you back to Earth to Elon Musk where you will be able to ask him for a Tesla
Omg that is my local mall!!
Fernando Barahona
Fernando Barahona 2 dagar sedan
Bro leave Elon alone he is busy smashing baddies and saving the world
Nitro297 2 dagar sedan
This man is full of commitment and sheer fucking will
Iphone Seven of nine
Iphone Seven of nine 2 dagar sedan
Want get in touch with Elon musk ???? Mmm I bet you do
Yoongi's waterdeers
Yoongi's waterdeers 2 dagar sedan
That kid trying to escape the moms arms made me 😅laugh
Stuart Romero
Stuart Romero 2 dagar sedan
Ay man why you at my mall
Md mynul Islam
Md mynul Islam 3 dagar sedan
Try twitter
Manuel Williams
Manuel Williams 3 dagar sedan
Won't happen remember his own life down grades he did to himself.
Martian74 3 dagar sedan
He won't want to encourage everyone to bother him if he lets someone do it. If he lets one, everyone wants the same.
Enmanuel Rodriguez
Enmanuel Rodriguez 3 dagar sedan
Just contact him via twitter
MyCoreU 3 dagar sedan
Stop stalking bro. You’re not special 😂
iiKandi Apples
iiKandi Apples 3 dagar sedan
You're my favorite SVfromr because you have the same name as me
TheCoolTeam 3 dagar sedan
Click bait junk. That's why he won't work with you.
angxelle 3 dagar sedan
JimcastIRL 3 dagar sedan
Dude at tesla was like shit. Male karen
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 3 dagar sedan
This basically begging. For free sht
PandaDude 3 dagar sedan
My guy got a Tesla for free and homeless people struggle 😂
Eyad 3 dagar sedan
The kid in the mill😓
Reagan Joy
Reagan Joy 4 dagar sedan
Just tag Elon non stop guys
jason biernier
jason biernier 4 dagar sedan
Teslas suck!
F1ame 4 dagar sedan
Trade the Tesla for loads of bitcoin
Mark Wright
Mark Wright 4 dagar sedan
Why the fuck would you want a tesla their shit
RANDOMNES WALDO 4 dagar sedan
Go to star base Texas and meet mr musk i use to work there and had the chance to see him in person . he has a unique particular voice in person 🤙
RANDOMNES WALDO 4 dagar sedan
Rent a air bnb and see the spacex facilities
JK vid
JK vid 4 dagar sedan
He doesn’t have time for peasants
Mihail G
Mihail G 4 dagar sedan
If every moron buys a car and Elon mask to be the one giving the car in person , I don’t think so he’ll be making any more Tesla LOL 😂
Veronica Hoyt
Veronica Hoyt 4 dagar sedan
Lmao when he walks in that kid is trying to get away from his mom
Snowflakeyy Dag sedan
He might have disabilities (with walking)you never know
Adam E
Adam E 4 dagar sedan
Dude I saw Elon miss bew satalites go over my house that he made for space x so i think you van get one of those you'll get his etention
Joshua Harrison
Joshua Harrison 5 dagar sedan
He's lying about getting a Tesla from Elon musk...I know what SVfromrs do for likes follows subscribers and other crap like that...
Oakleigh Severn
Oakleigh Severn 5 dagar sedan
I've been here since day one
Z.C Pasta
Z.C Pasta 5 dagar sedan
Pls pls pls learn to flip a coin between ur knuckles
Z.C Pasta
Z.C Pasta 5 dagar sedan
Pls pls pls learn to flip a coin between ur knuckles
HDGAMERZ 5 dagar sedan
People need stop hating, when it comes to getting something good and atleast putting in effort, you get rewarded from that effort, if he didn't put in effort then he wouldn't of had a tesla while you all don't, so who is wining over your hates, him, because he is still having a great life, your the one watching his video, so stop yall hate and try and do something good to be in that reward zone too, Elon will one day notice him, might now be now seeing how muc things he has to do, but that don't mean he won't, o believe he will one day, keep thriving man, push on for what you believe in, have a colorful life that you made, your doing what you believe in, thumbs up, all the best 💯
Joxvy 5 dagar sedan
I remember when my grandpa go a call from Elon I got to say hi it was pretty cool lol
MICHELLE 5 dagar sedan
Tweet at him
reginald Robinson
reginald Robinson 5 dagar sedan
Hey everyone make a argument reply zone imma- edit this to be VERY CONTROVERSIALLY WRONG in (20 days) this number will be changed daily(and please make sure to do it and try to reply it will be Danny davito is skinny prove me wrong)
reginald Robinson
reginald Robinson 5 dagar sedan
Retr0_reaper 5 dagar sedan
DUDE! I now what mall that is it’s the garden state plaza in New Jersey! I could be wrong but it just looks the same
Melanie Starkey
Melanie Starkey 5 dagar sedan
Don't worry I sent a message to Tesla himself I think it was the right vibration frequency and energy to reach him we'll see 😊😊😊👍👍👍🛸
Melanie Starkey
Melanie Starkey 5 dagar sedan
He's a very busy man and he's doing everything to get one for me
Sophien Ben-Achour
Sophien Ben-Achour 5 dagar sedan
Just go to Mars dude, he’ll eventually show up there 😉
Lieyah Boone
Lieyah Boone 5 dagar sedan
Are you in Albuquerque
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace 5 dagar sedan
Bro why that kid walking like dat 😆
Dunc-a-do-right Town
Dunc-a-do-right Town 6 dagar sedan
You just want free stuff
Dave dave
Dave dave 6 dagar sedan
If he's ever going to do something it's gonna be for Tesla like a company... Something that can be like an ad
Amal Abuelsamen
Amal Abuelsamen 6 dagar sedan
Do you still wanna get the tesla from Elon or
Melanie Delio
Melanie Delio 6 dagar sedan
I think it is ok that it is not from Elon him self I would like to see you get a tesla from Elon him self and share it to this video stop being a hater to him michaelsalas46
Liam Byrne
Liam Byrne 6 dagar sedan
Sell the car for doge coin then try buy a new one with it 👀😂
6 dagar sedan
Everyone: talking about something Me: that kid in the begging- lol
Blanca Peralta
Blanca Peralta 6 dagar sedan
I love these videos of him
Blanca Peralta
Blanca Peralta 6 dagar sedan
Hi 🙋 I love this app and it’s very useful and easy to use for the iPhone 📱 and I am very impressed by this
Pink Camo Crocs
Pink Camo Crocs 6 dagar sedan
Stop trying
Ihiminen64 6 dagar sedan
Just tweet him
Hu Kang
Hu Kang 6 dagar sedan
What u did just wasting their time instead solving the problems for the world.
The Boss of Funtime Freddy
The Boss of Funtime Freddy 6 dagar sedan
I like how you can see more teslas in the video 😀
Lexi Degracia
Lexi Degracia 6 dagar sedan
My name is Isaiah
Infinite Gaming
Infinite Gaming 6 dagar sedan
bro that mall is in my town...
General User
General User 6 dagar sedan
Imagine getting pinned
Kaniinix 7 dagar sedan
Get a real car not a tesla
MiscellaneousVids 06
MiscellaneousVids 06 7 dagar sedan
GL on gettin the Tesla, man! Next thing is probably gonna be trading up to a mansion in bel air 😂
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve 7 dagar sedan
Has a Tesla already. "Nope not good enough" bum
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta 7 dagar sedan
Next Up : I'm getting the Tesla company as a birthday gift from Elon Musk.
Rayen Hamdaoui
Rayen Hamdaoui 7 dagar sedan
Let's spam elon on twitter
Kristi Creech
Kristi Creech 7 dagar sedan
He is jealous that your more successful than him
Reece Pepperwood
Reece Pepperwood 7 dagar sedan
Sounds like a first world problemo my guy
TRD Aqua
TRD Aqua 7 dagar sedan
I’ve been to that mall
Jay Elderhorst
Jay Elderhorst 7 dagar sedan
Ben je Nederlands?!?!
Betsy Fusco
Betsy Fusco 7 dagar sedan
Hahaha I feel the same way
Luvly Tai
Luvly Tai 8 dagar sedan
Yall have westfields too?
Muhammad Harris
Muhammad Harris 8 dagar sedan
Get iphone from Steve job himself xD
Mango and Friends
Mango and Friends 8 dagar sedan
You did it you got in touch with Elon from this cideo
Raaz R
Raaz R 8 dagar sedan
Victor Whitley
Victor Whitley 8 dagar sedan
Why is this guy just automatically assuming he’s going to get a Tesla from Elon makes a video talking about how he hasn’t gotten in contact with Elon yet the title - “IM GETTING A TESLA FROM ELON MUSK” this is clickbait and misleading and repetitive
Tesla Factory Tour with Elon Musk!
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