I Built The Worlds Biggest Backyard Waterpark ($100,000)

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FaZe Rug

8 månader sedan

We broke a world record by having the biggest backyard waterpark in the world!! My entire house was surrounded by GIANT waterslides, and we had the best time ever!!
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If you're reading this that means you noticed I changed the last line of my description and I STILL LOVE YOU :)

FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 8 månader sedan
like for summer
Ivan S
Ivan S 5 dagar sedan
Do you mean summer ray or like the season summer?
Guxim Curri
Guxim Curri 8 dagar sedan
txcjaden jaden
txcjaden jaden 11 dagar sedan
Only if it was hot in Canada all year long (sigh)
Mansur Games
Mansur Games 14 dagar sedan
Can you do a prank video to your brother pls
Brennan Steiner
Brennan Steiner 16 dagar sedan
@SE 5ive8ight bet my guy
Tiffany Kidd
Tiffany Kidd 2 dagar sedan
You suck
Tiffany Kidd
Tiffany Kidd 2 dagar sedan
So bad!!😠
Merge 3 dagar sedan
9:24 LMAO
Jana Zumot
Jana Zumot 5 dagar sedan
Goooooo papa rugg
Katie Gibbons
Katie Gibbons 6 dagar sedan
Do a workout challenge
F-rain Stephen
F-rain Stephen 6 dagar sedan
Noah can breath underwater for that long I dont think I can do it but last time when I did I was like talking underwater and said everybody said hey yo
Hijab Syeda kazmi
Hijab Syeda kazmi 7 dagar sedan
I really want to go in a water slide
GAMER STRIKES 8 dagar sedan
They are so funny 🤣 😆 😂 😄
Kenneth Causey
Kenneth Causey 8 dagar sedan
Man rug throws his money everywhere
Guxim Curri
Guxim Curri 8 dagar sedan
Dang 2 33 thats a cool time
Bank,Gizmo,shadow And Master
Bank,Gizmo,shadow And Master 10 dagar sedan
U make me make me cry when u bring those fun things and put how much it costs on the title and I’m jealous that I can’t buy it :(
Jxdcraikzy _lol
Jxdcraikzy _lol 10 dagar sedan
Darcey James
Darcey James 12 dagar sedan
When he said do you see the gaint water slide! It was soooooooooo funny cause he’s sitting on it (lol)
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 14 dagar sedan
sometimes he makes us feel poor
CupCakeOreos AreTheBest
CupCakeOreos AreTheBest 15 dagar sedan
Bro Jackie has been in the fun things and bad (that was a weird way to say that) and she just left..bruh...like why??..he just callled Jackie dumb lol xD
CupCakeOreos AreTheBest
CupCakeOreos AreTheBest 15 dagar sedan
0:45 lol xD
Ehsan Ullah
Ehsan Ullah 15 dagar sedan
6:45 rug thinks they are hiding kaelyn and christian guy 😐🤭
Reverse Broke
Reverse Broke 17 dagar sedan
4:16 - yo i think there was a banana peel there...
Dulce 1
Dulce 1 18 dagar sedan
I what to get wet
Annette And Ava Besties forever
Annette And Ava Besties forever 18 dagar sedan
COVID got nothing on SVfromrs
Legendary 100
Legendary 100 19 dagar sedan
هل تعلم
هل تعلم 19 dagar sedan
im going today at swimming party but without the waterslides
Evan B
Evan B 19 dagar sedan
I’m was dying when Jacki fell omg 😆
Alyssia Robles
Alyssia Robles 21 dag sedan
Rug:its a water slide that connects to water slide
Ry Che
Ry Che 22 dagar sedan
The poor silver postsurgically mess up because soccer equally interest minus a honorable streetcar. petite, selfish yak
Sofia Hernandez
Sofia Hernandez 23 dagar sedan
do u see a water siled that is blue silents yay
Justinplayz 24 dagar sedan
why is Noah so athletic and stuff
V1king 25 dagar sedan
do u guys see a blue water slide anywhere? -water slide behind- *me with 7 years* YEA DORA, IT’S BEHIND U! xD love u rug!! ❤️
AD - 05DC 803511 Carberry PS
AD - 05DC 803511 Carberry PS 25 dagar sedan
Nevien Tima
Nevien Tima 26 dagar sedan
You relly Touhg live dora 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Holli Fines
Holli Fines 26 dagar sedan
Andrio Baddour
Andrio Baddour 26 dagar sedan
Faze rug what you want to do in 2021
Anthony Marin
Anthony Marin 26 dagar sedan
My sistersouldnt shutup
ikonik btw
ikonik btw 26 dagar sedan
Omg 😱 that looks like a fun 🤩 like he’s rich 🤑 so he has a Lamborghini
Michael Cirelli
Michael Cirelli 26 dagar sedan
Rug can you give me money
Princelers Gaming
Princelers Gaming 27 dagar sedan
Jumbo jumbo jumbo
Leona.VRCHAT 27 dagar sedan
Sawyer Ramage
Sawyer Ramage 27 dagar sedan
Noah out here risking his life to win a game of hide n seek
Sawyer Ramage
Sawyer Ramage 27 dagar sedan
Your poor pool
BlueFireGaming 28 dagar sedan
0:49 i almost died laughing
Stevie Rawlins
Stevie Rawlins 28 dagar sedan
Jamal S
Jamal S Månad sedan
Yooo can I come to your house bro my god looks like heaven.
Misty fn
Misty fn Månad sedan
9:26 i laughed so hard
junie marie
junie marie Månad sedan
When Jackie fell it had me dieing
Alicia Martinez
Alicia Martinez Månad sedan
The astonishing babies internally sniff because utensil definitely educate given a gifted orchid. educated, standing experience
Annie Foster
Annie Foster Månad sedan
I want to be in a video
VX jerrion
VX jerrion Månad sedan
Dannie Dannie
Dannie Dannie Månad sedan
Barbara Yapana
Barbara Yapana Månad sedan
3:50 Yo I beat you guys
Yassin Amin
Yassin Amin Månad sedan
You really need to go to London
bella Noe
bella Noe Månad sedan
is it just me or did it look like he picked up a beer glass when he picked up the soap
Shawn Dai
Shawn Dai Månad sedan
congrats on 18m
K i m c h i s o u p
K i m c h i s o u p Månad sedan
Why does the water slide look like some kind of toothpaste doe at 1:22 ;w;
Blued Månad sedan
It’s so funny when Jackie fell
GamingAJ Månad sedan
is thats denoballin on tiktok
Exotic Sam
Exotic Sam Månad sedan
* Rug* dont slip *kylen* slips
Joshuatheghost Månad sedan
We all knew kayln was gonna lose
AGP Ga1axy
AGP Ga1axy Månad sedan
Does anyone else think that ledge leading to a drop off on the side of the pool is kinda dangerous
Denicia Haydith
Denicia Haydith Månad sedan
deadpool brendan0
deadpool brendan0 Månad sedan
not really the worlds longest water slide i dont want to be rude but im just saying because our water slide is the longest water slide in die world
Liz Klug
Liz Klug Månad sedan
Chahat Kewlani
Chahat Kewlani Månad sedan
POV you are reading this comments
Big Wolf
Big Wolf Månad sedan
AK4_NakiSamee BTW
AK4_NakiSamee BTW Månad sedan
Ronny Hu'akau
Ronny Hu'akau Månad sedan
papa rug
oliver :D
oliver :D Månad sedan
I wish I was there like if you feel the same
Azingce Nontshinga
Azingce Nontshinga Månad sedan
Brian :do u see a blue water slide any where Me:yes Dora
Marcos Pacheco
Marcos Pacheco Månad sedan
The waggish knife curiosly pat because illegal compellingly treat among a long-term tights. neat, garrulous rhinoceros
bailey hart
bailey hart Månad sedan
faZe rug says he bought the water slides i see in background :alianas party rentals (760) 840- 1376
Emmet Friederichs (Student)
Emmet Friederichs (Student) Månad sedan
do not slip kaelyn slips twice
Layan Ghawi
Layan Ghawi Månad sedan
9:26 and 12:02 HAHAAHAHAHA IM DYING OF LAUGHTER 😂. Sorry guys
Ghassen Mjaid
Ghassen Mjaid Månad sedan
5:08 lmaooo
AwesomeCS08 Månad sedan
Everyone tries to ignore jackie
JDM Legends 2020
JDM Legends 2020 Månad sedan
That’s now 100000
Angelo Cruz
Angelo Cruz Månad sedan
5:09 the bucket
Shrimpee Månad sedan
poor noah scared for life walking backwards with the camera
Regenerate Månad sedan
I love your channel!!!!!!!! Your content is the best
Jalean Crosby
Jalean Crosby Månad sedan
noah please don't do the i had to go navy seal on them you're not a navy seal it is disrespect full and it herts my haert that you would say that it is like you are makeing fun of them my pearnts spent 20 years of there life saveing the world from japan china and ecs. it would make fell so much better if you would stop with military refrencis
Jalean Crosby
Jalean Crosby Månad sedan
you should really start doing give aways like pretty much every youtuber i now
rheabuddy1 Månad sedan
I love your videos keep it up
Isabella Blick
Isabella Blick Månad sedan
Who's Christian 👁👄👁
Jenna Stama
Jenna Stama Månad sedan
DONT SLIP “slips”😂😂
Bentley Bannister
Bentley Bannister Månad sedan
I’m really jealousy
XxDead EyeXx
XxDead EyeXx Månad sedan
who notice that faze rug house looks like gta5 micheal house
lilchikoale Månad sedan
if i dint like and subsrcribe i will be playing fotrtnite
Capt_Dagger Månad sedan
Caleb u are the best i love u girl!!
Noura Alrashidi
Noura Alrashidi Månad sedan
Pickle 🥒 Lol
Jerom Aki Guilas
Jerom Aki Guilas Månad sedan
I thought hes going to juml to the roof LoL
Abbie Rose
Abbie Rose Månad sedan
Love it
Ace. Månad sedan
Loung Giant😂💀
Theresa Whitehead
Theresa Whitehead Månad sedan
If Brian (FaZe Rug) went down the inflatable waterside standing up in the bucket 🤣🤣
Armando Martinez
Armando Martinez 2 månader sedan
I got one of those
Olivia Albritton
Olivia Albritton 2 månader sedan
FsAe rUg: ah I got soap in my eyes. Everyone else: silent
Mason Kokot
Mason Kokot 2 månader sedan
Boy who knew rug has abbs
Suvid Gaming
Suvid Gaming 2 månader sedan
9:27 😂😂😂😂😂
Molly Aynsley
Molly Aynsley 2 månader sedan
Michael Blevins
Michael Blevins 2 månader sedan
I love your vids
Juan Morales
Juan Morales 2 månader sedan
Me wondering why theres a promotion of wipeout
Tommy law
Tommy law 2 månader sedan
Can I be In your video
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