I Bought My First Hypercar!

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Supercar Blondie

28 dagar sedan

I love manufacturers who aren’t afraid to go all out and create something this bad ass. This S1 by @ARES DESIGN MODENA looks like a concept car, but it isn’t. It is going in to production now and will be delivered within the year. I am stoked to be the very first person to receive their S1. Only 24 will be made. Let me show you around the car and tell you why I decided to buy it. xo Alex
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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 28 dagar sedan
What colour should I order my S1 in??? Need your ideas Fam xx
Ric Ky
Ric Ky 4 dagar sedan
With Dubai's heat white is the best colour then cream or silver, they reflect / don't absorb heat as much as black or other darker colours.
Harmza de Deejay
Harmza de Deejay 5 dagar sedan
Olorunjumilo 8 dagar sedan
Black and white
Andy Jake
Andy Jake 20 dagar sedan
Black with blue floral
Alpha FuRYツ
Alpha FuRYツ 22 dagar sedan
a sky blueish carbon fiber colour with white interiors😀
No Dice
No Dice 27 minuter sedan
That’s a pretty fair price I thought easily 2m glad to see it’s only 600k.
Ian Holden
Ian Holden 29 minuter sedan
Your better looking than the car
Juan Manuel Martinez chavez
Juan Manuel Martinez chavez Timme sedan
Felicidades por tu auto nuevo! Creo que siempre tiene algo especial ese acontecimiento en los que somos adictos a los autos,aunque tengo tendencia por modelos para cinco pasajeros o más(.)Tu auto tiene un limpiaparabrisas para lluvia ¿Puede ser que en un futuro incorpore en opción el cristal "repelente" al agua como AUDI lo presentó en uno de alta gama pero se trataba de un "Concept Car,sabes algo de esto?Punto y aparte ¿Con todo respeto y Puesto que muchas veces muestras vehículos en la calle,estás debidamente protegida de todo el entorno?Saludos
RAYAN. YT 3 timmar sedan
The car that suits you and that color appeals to you .
Ms Ella Segovia
Ms Ella Segovia 3 timmar sedan
Congrats and indeed it looks SUPER EXTRA ORDINARY!
M B 3 timmar sedan
Cobalt blue
Gambu 3 timmar sedan
Gold exterior
99SamIAm99 3 timmar sedan
This is what's wrong with the world.
alex lee
alex lee 3 timmar sedan
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alex lee
alex lee 4 timmar sedan
Futurecar blondie:shows future cars Supercar blondie: shows super sports cars Me:what could go wrong? 1 month later, Hypercar blondie: shows hypercars Me:OK 1 year later, Me:what could go wrong again!?! Future plane Blondie:show airplanes of the future 2030 blondie: flying cars. Me:heart attack.
alex lee
alex lee 4 timmar sedan
SB:limited edition car in the world! Me:quickly goes online to buy one Laptop:0$ Me:mom ! I need money! Mom:OK Mom:gives 100,00,00$ Me: hell yeah! Me:press buy button. Laptop:ran out of cars. Me:you kidding me!
Happy Days 1875 Manchester
Happy Days 1875 Manchester 4 timmar sedan
I thought the McLaren P1 was the most beautiful car in the world but this has beat it.absolutely stunning
Zach Priest
Zach Priest 5 timmar sedan
Electric blue
ASWilli 5 timmar sedan
You sould have pink
ponani007 6 timmar sedan
Ares and the helmet on the logo is because Ares is the Greek god of war.
Rametdin Shamsudinow
Rametdin Shamsudinow 7 timmar sedan
Rolls Royce Infiniti Wilesat 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Tenzin Sangey
Tenzin Sangey 8 timmar sedan
Big fan from India.. I love cars like u but I don’t have one to drive ... Please sponsor me a car
Jaime Treadway
Jaime Treadway 9 timmar sedan
Absolutely love it Alex!!!!! Love the Corvette underpinnings! That practicality is going to be SO SO Worth it!!!!
Jeff Young Bowling
Jeff Young Bowling 10 timmar sedan
The perfect colour would be Porsche Frozen Berry
AbsoluteAzza 10 timmar sedan
Anyone else think it's an ugly sod?
Piotr Wojciechowski
Piotr Wojciechowski 12 timmar sedan
Does it even run?
Skizzy Clips
Skizzy Clips 12 timmar sedan
How are you so rich
Sam S.
Sam S. 13 timmar sedan
Isn't this the chick that pretended the Devil 16 was real?
Bas Berendsen
Bas Berendsen 13 timmar sedan
well if uses the corvette as a donor chassis + motor and it looks like a porsche concept car. and the inside also looks a lot like the corvette so no way a hypercar. it is a expensive kitkar. #looksnice
Beta V1
Beta V1 14 timmar sedan
strad mans dad 🥺🥺
Mohammed Lkhl
Mohammed Lkhl 15 timmar sedan
i suggest a black with red, ronge or yallow line . I think
Abner Dancuart
Abner Dancuart 15 timmar sedan
Congratulation... But... In my opinion... A car with 700 HP is not an Hypercar...
Hunter Owens
Hunter Owens 15 timmar sedan
Gold or Bumblebee yellow with admiral blue accents !!!!!!!!!!!? Oh and btw this car is amazing its a cross between a Pagani, a Lotus, a Devil 16, a Mclaren, and a Bugatti. luv it.
Andrew Jacobson
Andrew Jacobson 16 timmar sedan
Hire an artist and art car it
Nicholas Rhodes
Nicholas Rhodes 16 timmar sedan
Sam says Royal Blue!
Phyo Thet Tun
Phyo Thet Tun 16 timmar sedan
tail lights look like Bugatti.
Ryan Orr
Ryan Orr 16 timmar sedan
What is that
Rick Lyton
Rick Lyton 16 timmar sedan
Great cat the car screams look at me do justice to the car by choosing red colour and black louvres
Tancredi Bergamin
Tancredi Bergamin 18 timmar sedan
BEATIFUL SUPERCAR, CONGRATULATION FROM ITALY! I think that for the outside red could be amazing and for the inside choose what u prefer
Victor blaq
Victor blaq 19 timmar sedan
go red
ChakDeVlogs 19 timmar sedan
Thick and beautiful !
Lvxs Games
Lvxs Games 20 timmar sedan
Lime green👑🔥 and dark green
888MF 20 timmar sedan
Congrats - looks incredible
Kxng Toni
Kxng Toni 21 timme sedan
I guessed $750,000, wow
H & H
H & H 23 timmar sedan
Id do something crazy and no one has like a Candy Gold. I mean you are in Dubai lol
Trevor Mbugua
Trevor Mbugua Dag sedan
red exterior blue interior
Philip Prinsloo
Philip Prinsloo Dag sedan
KipacWF Dag sedan
Are those brake discs fake lol? They look lime shit, not even carbon ceramics, let alone floating discs, that rear disc comparable to a fkin miata.
NINA BEI Dag sedan
Jeremiah Sawyer
Jeremiah Sawyer Dag sedan
This is based off the C8...?
Rafael Salazar
Rafael Salazar Dag sedan
Love this woman! "Imma imagine getting in" *Does the hypercar owner walk😂.
W W Dag sedan
Another SVfrom scammer.
jesus love
jesus love Dag sedan
Congrats dear sister I am padmachandran from India.i need a help..please reply..
matheus almeida
matheus almeida Dag sedan
This S1 looks a lot like the furia from gta v lol
Sizza FN
Sizza FN Dag sedan
Always posting vids of these crazy cars but never see them actually driving
BlueCarnage Dag sedan
Kinda looks like the Mc20
naveed momand
naveed momand Dag sedan
only 650k xd
Andile Madekurozwa
Andile Madekurozwa Dag sedan
She bought a 705 horsepower C8 corvette kit car
lnconceal Dag sedan
It's like the holy Trinity of cars put into one also, tan and white accents would look nice
sick Beats1209
sick Beats1209 Dag sedan
She really said ares wrong did she go to school and pay attention when they talked about the god of war because clearly not 🤦‍♂️
Tjmillioniar Mentor
Tjmillioniar Mentor Dag sedan
.[‪+1] [3] [65] [6] [0] [0] [5] [0] [4] [8‬]”🇺🇸 . [W] [h] [a] [t] [s] [A] [p] [p]. For more enquirers ✅
Hee Hung Lo
Hee Hung Lo Dag sedan
Gun metal color and black interior. By the way you have a nice legs! ☺️😁👍🏼👍🏼
Tony Foreign
Tony Foreign Dag sedan
OMG Supercar Blondie! Who are you? You are the best! Love your new car.
EatSleepDrive Dag sedan
Get matte metallic purple! 💜
Jemaine Ramdin
Jemaine Ramdin Dag sedan
I've never seen a vid of James, Richard or Jeremy buy a hyper car but for sure they wouldnt brag like this chick👎
James Hill
James Hill Dag sedan
Black and gold
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez Dag sedan
Do your knees hurt ? 🤔
That guy
That guy Dag sedan
Bout to hit one pothole and get paralyzed. Sick car tho
DoniX Dag sedan
Thats cool and all but could you actually get in the car???
Sean Wilton
Sean Wilton Dag sedan
I think it would really suit a Tropical Blue exterior and an orange interior. Perfect 👌
Solomon Longpuan
Solomon Longpuan Dag sedan
Emerald green
Ryan Dag sedan
Looks like a Pokemon evolution
Draloch1 Dag sedan
Purple and gold.
Joëy 29
Joëy 29 Dag sedan
Its kinda ugly tho
tim louden
tim louden Dag sedan
Purple and white. Your awesome congratulations on your new car. Hard work pays off 👍
McBride Amy
McBride Amy Dag sedan
Hi everyone, I'm actually looking for a good trader that can help me trade and make profit, but is very hard to see a trusted one.. Any idea..
James Hillary
James Hillary Dag sedan
Sometimes it's to believe that things happen for a reason we lose to Learn now we gain when our mind is made up I gave him a try and He never failed me and my friend he's been investing with him for months now
Bob Richard
Bob Richard Dag sedan
@Amelia Caleb That's the more reason you should reach him out to get good insight yourself
Mary Sanchez
Mary Sanchez Dag sedan
I think i have gotten myself an expert here, i don't think trying him is a bad idea.
Gold Benjamin
Gold Benjamin Dag sedan
☎+ 4 4 7 8 6 8 7 7 4 5 1 3
Gold Benjamin
Gold Benjamin Dag sedan
IG: portmancornyn
robert gapinski
robert gapinski Dag sedan
Aviation gas blue with a white interior blue stiching and acsents.
Hector Nino
Hector Nino Dag sedan
You should color it the colors of your country! represent 😎
J D Dag sedan
Exterior color should be Verde Ithaca. 😍
Jenson Peake
Jenson Peake Dag sedan
It’s a super car
charles lewis
charles lewis Dag sedan
That baby Candy apple Red 🍎is the ONLY way to go.
chanakya bale
chanakya bale 2 dagar sedan
Copper Red colour matches for you
Frost 2 dagar sedan
get it in blackkkkk
Lorraine Briggs
Lorraine Briggs 2 dagar sedan
*ONLY 18+* ➡️ MEETME.BABY SVfrom: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" SVfrom: BE GONE
Cassidy Spice
Cassidy Spice 2 dagar sedan
waste of money
Cassidy Spice
Cassidy Spice 2 dagar sedan
should have got a lexus
The Amazing World Of Pablo
The Amazing World Of Pablo 2 dagar sedan
British racing green
Anbalagan Muthusamy
Anbalagan Muthusamy 2 dagar sedan
Hey blondie i prefer red and back for this baby
StudlyRuddly -
StudlyRuddly - 2 dagar sedan
Full exposed carbon fiber
Dominic Thompson
Dominic Thompson 2 dagar sedan
Can we see your new car in future driving threw Norway auto bon right threw there new Underwater Tunnel ? Perfect for you a idea, for the blondie who has reviewed the best in the world well ok take your new toys you own to the best scenic roads in the world , for like part 2 of your channel, relax have fun vacation and DRIVE lol Good job 👏 be safe , have fun from Seattle Washington 👍
Dominic Thompson
Dominic Thompson 2 dagar sedan
Try light lime green very light for the outside a nice happy spring color 😊 like your happy personality 😊 Inside try a cream slight off white / light beige Congratulations curious is it street legal say downtown Los Angeles? A car that cool maybe you find a way to pack it to the coolest roads around the world for beautiful roads with nice scenic views I hope we all get a cool video of you driving your new toy in future O and Tesla has a new 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds electric car with over 7,000 torc you know I think you might really like it alot.... might want to see it, do we get a blonde video with you and the Tesla Roadster? Have fun 🏞 🚗
chazt bentulan
chazt bentulan 2 dagar sedan
Black and green would be awesome
Dalton Walls
Dalton Walls 2 dagar sedan
I want that car so bad
Ryan Kunkel
Ryan Kunkel 2 dagar sedan
WANNA BE FISHO'S 2 dagar sedan
Its got to be HOT PINK ........then die your hair to match
Balyeet 2 dagar sedan
Turn the headlights into S B , it has the potential shape for it
risdi aldam
risdi aldam 2 dagar sedan
I think is the best one yellow 🤜🤛
Samit Sawant
Samit Sawant 2 dagar sedan
Cyan colour...
MyDenny21 2 dagar sedan
Looks wicked, viewing it from Japan. Only 24 being made, that’s going to a definitely rare gem 💎. When I think Ares, I think of the god of war.
Ben Scheffel
Ben Scheffel 2 dagar sedan
Black and White but in style of Bugatti L'Or blanc
Adrian Nasser
Adrian Nasser 2 dagar sedan
Proof that money doesn’t buy good taste...
Donkey Shots
Donkey Shots 2 dagar sedan
Get it in Rosa Acantes
Clixer96 6
Clixer96 6 2 dagar sedan
Red is cool tooooooo
Clixer96 6
Clixer96 6 2 dagar sedan
Black color would be classic
Daemian Evans
Daemian Evans 2 dagar sedan
Why are you pointing out all the parts that look like other cars?
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