How Was Video Invented?

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I always wanted to know why film looked better than video. Moving electronic images have as long a history but were invented for a different purpose. This video was sponsored by B&H Photo:
Huge thanks to:
Richard Diehl, Video Labguy
Branch Education for awesome animations
Minutephysics for mechanical TV animations
Mark Schubin
Engineer and explainer, SMPTE Life Fellow
This is a video I've long wanted to make, about what makes video look like video and, up until 10 years ago or so, not as appealing as film. I grew up with the two technologies (film and video) in parallel and to me they always seemed like two ways of achieving the same ends: recording and replaying moving images. But their histories are quite distinct. Film was always a way to capture moving images for later replaying. Video started out as a way to transfer images from one place to another instantaneously. This dates back to the first fax machine, mechanical TV, live broadcast tv and ultimately videotapes. This history focuses on the early decades of video and not the more recent switches to chip cameras and solid state storage. Maybe that's a story for another day.
Additional resources and references:
The Dawn of Tape: Transmission Device as Preservation Medium
What Sparked Video Research in 1877? The Overlooked Role of the Siemens Artificial Eye
Video Preservation Website:
Image Orthicon Tube:
Film vs Digital
Eyes of a Generation:
Television in the US:
Music from "Seaweed" "Capture a Picture 1" "Colorful Animation 4"

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If you're watching this right now, it's probably because I posted a gif in the community tab. I'm curious if you: a. have seen the video already b. didn't know it existed and the community post is the first you heard if it c. saw the title and thumbnail before but didn't click it d. other?
Philippe Carphin
Philippe Carphin Månad sedan
d. Auto-play after your video about 3 perplexing experiments.
xxDolphinLegendxx 6444
xxDolphinLegendxx 6444 8 månader sedan
Gabriel Seaman
Gabriel Seaman 11 månader sedan
500th comment?
Jonathan T.
Jonathan T. 11 månader sedan
P M 11 månader sedan
I subscribe and watch your videos as soon as I see them appear, but I never saw this one. Not sure if this is relevant anymore.
Jayanthi Bhaskar
Jayanthi Bhaskar 6 timmar sedan
Think what will be the state of video after the quantum computer is invented
Artho Pacini
Artho Pacini 23 timmar sedan
All of this for teenagers using tiktok
billy bobs
billy bobs Dag sedan
thanks for trolling me at 3:07
Mahiya Jesi
Mahiya Jesi 4 dagar sedan
I’m still seeing a lot of questions about Dragon de-orbiting and the classic “can they use SuperDraco’s as a back up if the parachutes don’t work... don’t forget, I’ve got a video about that!!!
eadfg ergf
eadfg ergf 4 dagar sedan
You're SVfrom's best quality content maker. And I was wondering about this topic a week before and just forgot about searching about it. Thank you man.
Gus The Piano Guy
Gus The Piano Guy 4 dagar sedan
Very useful info
Ryan Dispecki
Ryan Dispecki 5 dagar sedan
Hrishikesh Malviy
Hrishikesh Malviy 6 dagar sedan
People are using digital because it is easy and cheap to use not because it is better than film or it is in on it's own but you got the point.
nidal shehahadeh
nidal shehahadeh 7 dagar sedan
Thank you B&H . Straightforward to the point . this is exactly what I like . do you have videos about vacuum tubes ? what does it do to society you're asking ? rude awakening that is what it does ! life is what you make of it and the good that came out of this technology Trump's the bad , what a wonderful things to get in touch with your fellow human beings and get to know how they live , what a wonderful thing it is for technology to make us feel the happiness and pain of Our Own fellow human beings on the other side of the planet , though they are on the other side of the planet what I say is to do good within your Arms Reach, eventually it will get to the other side of the planet , maybe if we know more about each other we wouldn't be killing each other as much .
Video Taper
Video Taper 7 dagar sedan
Watching this on a cathode ray tube monitor... I've got old monitors and TVs that still work from a bunch of people I know after they got new ones.
warmooze 7 dagar sedan
It was invented in1534 by Thomas Video when he got tired of having to draw pictures really fast for entertainment.
sergiu bejan
sergiu bejan 7 dagar sedan
ze best
Jay Straw
Jay Straw 7 dagar sedan
It's not as though, after almost 60 years of recorded audio, people in television were like "nope, we just devised this as a way to send live content" -- you danced around the real reason it took until 1958 to record video electronically, and the reason those tape heads were spinning at 14k RPMs: bandwidth. Video requires *a lot* of bandwidth. Coaxing a physical medium into storing that much information requires speed and precision that needed to be developed. And it was, because humans are total space babes.
Cc Babu
Cc Babu 8 dagar sedan
Great job! Really passionate and knowledge imparting Teachers! Divinely gifted professionals! Thanks a lot!
Misteribel 8 dagar sedan
You kinda forgot Ernst Ruhmer who used selenium cells in 1909 to transmit live changing images from Brussels to Liège (115km). He wanted to showcase a more advanced system but the price of the selenium cells at £ 15 each, and needing 10,000 of them, made it too expensive and he couldn't find sponsors. The other thing you skimmed over (probably necessarily) is that the first CRT's were invented in 1897, called Braun Tubes. But only by 1922 the so called hot CRT's were invented that made displaying moving images more practically feasible.
Misteribel 8 dagar sedan
It should've been mentioned that the Nipkov disk was also used for early video calling around 1928. DIY kits existed for hobbyists to build such devices. One such is displayed here
mc Muck
mc Muck 9 dagar sedan
dddddd(8)bbbbbb THXxL 4 sharing!!! ... ...& d. other
mc Muck
mc Muck 2 dagar sedan
On the other hand... It sometimes gives me the shivers when I imagine that there are interests out there in the real world which - without hesitation - would put an entire species into a test tube... It's beyond my reasoning to tell where social engineering will bring us to. But I think that the development of the technology shown to us in Dereks clip speeds up the process. LG, 42! & THXxL 4 sharing!,~`muck(8)~
mc Muck
mc Muck 9 dagar sedan
In fact Lordy (x "The Algorithm" x) brought me here coming from there: (8 maybe because my click behaviour or my comments suggest that I somehow like both of you very much 8) What brings me to a suggestion for the answer to the question you asked within the clip... I think that in combination with the state ot the art computer technologie today the availability of high quality video standard we are given access to is giving our society one great feature... To calculate our average social behaviour by summing up the every day responses of each of us according to information input. [ Berechnung unseres durchschnittlichen Sozialverhaltens durch Aufsummieren der täglichen Antworten jedes Einzelnen von uns anhand der eingegebenen Informationen. ]> (x just a quick check via feedback loop if my english has improved x) ... Wich is, if you ask me, a big deal. (8) LG & 42!, muck(8)
Rubbergazelle412 9 dagar sedan
y the old ass tv that looks haunted
Justin time
Justin time 9 dagar sedan
My answer is a
Carl Philipp Hohl
Carl Philipp Hohl 10 dagar sedan
Am I the only on to notice, that the magnetic field, that is deflecting the electron beam is shown in the wrong orientation in the animations? To deflect the beam sideways, the field in the up-down direction needs to be modulated and vice versa.
Phoby 10 dagar sedan
The only thing ive learned is that Ve's atomic number is 42.0
Mr J
Mr J 8 dagar sedan
Hey, Thoughty2 here.
Simon Anthony
Simon Anthony 10 dagar sedan
You missed VERA - a BBC produced system - which came before AMPEX. I used to use AMPEX VR2000s by the way - wonderful machines.
Nasrullah Afridi
Nasrullah Afridi 10 dagar sedan
Allen Boogaard
Allen Boogaard 11 dagar sedan
Jet engines spin a lot faster than 14,000 rpm. The might not even idle that slowly.
Carl Williams
Carl Williams 11 dagar sedan
The algorithm sent this my way today.
Christian Boria
Christian Boria 11 dagar sedan
shouldn't there be a follow up video?
ROHIT S 12 dagar sedan
First time I've seen one of your videos... it came up in my feed as a suggested video. Have to say.... I love the pace and style of your content. Keep it up and, thank you!
sirin hamza
sirin hamza 12 dagar sedan
My brain got interlaced
Pink Floydd
Pink Floydd 13 dagar sedan
This is pretty mind blowing.
Hector Velasco
Hector Velasco 14 dagar sedan
Very nice basic explanation but one big problem .. you left out the most important part .. the inventor of the electron gun- Manfred VON Ardenne , a self educated genius.. I’m biased I work for the still family own / run company - that’s a big gap in your basic history or Video’s not hard to look him up, unfortunately his accomplishments were also left off my Engineering education , why cause he was living and working in east Germany during the Nazi era
Simon H
Simon H 14 dagar sedan
John Logie Baird
ANIMATIONS VIDEO 15 dagar sedan
AL Can
AL Can 15 dagar sedan
How was sight created? During the cycle of evolution, how did organisms know sight was an actual thing? Or sound? And what other features will evolution create for us that we don't have a clue even exist?
Robert Brandywine
Robert Brandywine 15 dagar sedan
I wondered how TV screen pictures were stored for replaying. Now I know! Now how was the opposite done. How did a movie on film get broadcast onto TV? Did they project the movie onto a screen and point a TV camera at the screen?
Patrick 16 dagar sedan
4:00 This technology absolutely blows my mind to this day.
Harsha Kaligotla
Harsha Kaligotla 16 dagar sedan
As always.. I understood only 40%
Jericho 16 dagar sedan
People are the gods
Enrico Pascucci
Enrico Pascucci 17 dagar sedan
fun fact: there is no digital encoding standard capable to reproduce correctly the white noise we can see in the CRTs
Dylan Poirier
Dylan Poirier 17 dagar sedan
11:55 Watch closely, he disappears for a split second (start video around 11:52)
kumara r
kumara r 18 dagar sedan
Dennis Burke
Dennis Burke 18 dagar sedan
Reverse engineered technology from crashed recovered Alien 👽 spacecraft!
Magnus Emeritus Engen
Magnus Emeritus Engen 18 dagar sedan
Back in the day, only important people who worked in the media could get broadcasted to people's homes with the help of expensive,clunky and rare equipment. Now, any fool with a computer, or even just a phone, can post a video on SVfrom and get a large following. Just look at flat earthers!
roy Yung
roy Yung 19 dagar sedan
The image pickup tube worked. Not by reflected light,. BUt rather the varying current from the cathode to the anode or target. The first video tape machine was in 1955 by Ampex. I worked on those machines thru 1990. First editing was done by physically cutting tape. And has evolved drastically. Fun fact: the word VIDEOTAPE is copywrited by AMPEX. RCA called it "television tape" The video heads did spin at 14,000 rpm but was soft high pitched sound. The video heads revolved on a cushion of air by way of an air bearing. Ball bearings created a very nasty vibration that wore out quickly and produced artifacts in the video signal
Cayenne 19 dagar sedan
You left out the horse bet!
David Austin
David Austin 19 dagar sedan
You overlooked John Logie Baird who developed crt tv in 1926 and broadcast for bbc in 1936
Dorothy Miles
Dorothy Miles 19 dagar sedan
If you're watching this right now, it's probably because I posted a gif in the community tab. I'm curious if you: a. have seen the video already b. didn't know it existed and the community post is the first you heard if it c. saw the title and thumbnail before but didn't click it d. other?
Deepika Sharma W[Xe]
Deepika Sharma W[Xe] 19 dagar sedan
Heart goes gaga knowing how fundamentally these geniuses could think :)
Alex Tchelombitko
Alex Tchelombitko 19 dagar sedan
Every time i see the guys face I want to punch as strong as i can
GoatSnail 20 dagar sedan
This video made me curious. How can videos of ex. WW1 and WW2 be seen today, if video tapes had not been invented before the 50's. How was video from 100 years ago stored?
Robert Brandywine
Robert Brandywine 15 dagar sedan
They weren't videos, they were on film. At some later time, they were converted by a special machine to digitalized storage.
umop3plsdn 21 dag sedan
I got lost at the damn electron gun somehow firing 15k lines a second... like how the hell did we even get that far lol. I honestly can't even conceptualize it. I understand the WHY but the HOW the hell did they pull it off. The damn CRT still seems lightyears above something that could be possible
Julbombning 24 dagar sedan
Im from the future when people can share every part of their life with video. There is this thing from a dystopian science fiction novel called social media which purpose is of bragging and benefits people with good income and genetically symmetrical faces. United states have conquered the world with its cultural imperialism. Individualism is the new religion and the world produces its energy from narcissistic younger adults.
marin popski
marin popski 25 dagar sedan
who the helll is disliking?!?!?! Brilliant!
Willi Hansen
Willi Hansen 25 dagar sedan
This episode should have been 2 hours long. It was just too fast.
petloveinjapan 26 dagar sedan
Why is he on channel 4? Isnt av on channel 3?
Juliana Spika
Juliana Spika 26 dagar sedan
Dude, maybe I'm biased because we're friends.... But your latest content had been consistently phenomenal. This is excellent.
SpookyFairy 26 dagar sedan
My JVC video cassetts are crying in the corner
Jett black
Jett black 26 dagar sedan
Can you make the first scan for a demonstration?, please. Preferably with junk parts repurposed with no money in...
AnonymousHASH213 27 dagar sedan
please dont ever use that tv squeeling intro it triggers us autistic people
John O
John O 28 dagar sedan
Why did crt TVs in the US have worse resolution than Australian TVs? Each time I went to the US I was always amazed at how much worse the resolution was than at home.
Blair Sadewitz
Blair Sadewitz 29 dagar sedan
You probably should have mentioned Philo Farnsworth.
TheBirchTree1205 29 dagar sedan
9:37 This is the part where before iOS 11 you had to get another phone to record your SVfrom Videos unless you jailbroke your phone.
Sean K
Sean K Månad sedan
I'm amazed film was still being used as much as digital in 2012. In my head we were farther ahead at that time. We get used to new tech fast. Great video as always.
Nitin Pandey
Nitin Pandey Månad sedan
Thankyou ✌️
Video Master
Video Master Månad sedan
4:03 I thought early CRT TV used odd and even lines when scanning (interlaced scanning). This was to stop the phosphor lines, interfering with each other and becoming to bright from excitement. Later progressive scan came about, and scanned like the video segment showed.
Video Master
Video Master Månad sedan
Hold on. Just watched again. It does show odd & even lines ;o)
Marko N
Marko N Månad sedan
VHS is even older than youtube !!!
Tezzington Sir
Tezzington Sir Månad sedan
I drink ice cold Fanta when I'm hungover. Best cure ever. This video was excellent. Fanta aaahh!
Dave P.
Dave P. Månad sedan
Remember when people shook hands?
wonder fuller
wonder fuller Månad sedan
And hat about John Logi baird Hastings
lyhong Heang
lyhong Heang Månad sedan
I. like how he said the gimble is light with that fat ass heavy ass camera on it.
lyhong Heang
lyhong Heang Månad sedan
people who changed to 480p to see how it looks :D
Jonny Hindu
Jonny Hindu Månad sedan
When I was a kid and the first time I heard about the word "Download" a thought came to my mind that maybe they use one device (screen) to display a video and other (camera) to download (make copies) it... And maybe same thing happens with audio and photo downloading process.. {I'm talking about mobile phones in second half of 2000} *“Damn !! it was real back in 50s..”* 😁
Buck Jolicoeur
Buck Jolicoeur Månad sedan
1:04 cute cut. I suddenly realized you're filming on a camera so small it fits on top of the lens of the old camera, with far more clarity and quality from the small camera.
alex_oiman Månad sedan
the next thing i want from video is variable framerates. that shit's gonna be great for action movies.
ToxicSocks 24
ToxicSocks 24 Månad sedan
Does anybody else think the thumbnail looks a bit like a lightsaber?
Jet Jaguar
Jet Jaguar Månad sedan
Why the hell would you want to go to San Francisco?
A-Z Timeline
A-Z Timeline Månad sedan
8:25 - Veritasirum the name of the T.V is my name which is "Zenith"
Alireza Eskandari
Alireza Eskandari Månad sedan
Im watching this video on a CRT !
STAGGERLEE Månad sedan
Beta max and Philips were better than VHS GO FIGURE
Naxel I
Naxel I Månad sedan
Please add an epilepsy warning
Keisam Bemsana
Keisam Bemsana Månad sedan
That white sofa looks dangerously comfy
Debi Taylor
Debi Taylor Månad sedan
At the beginning, when you said you were on your way to San Francisco, I thought you were going to bring up Eadweard Muybridge.
Chuck Itall
Chuck Itall Månad sedan
Great segment ... I still work on vacuum tube equipment in the music industry. Some small companies still make gear with it, microphones and preamps as well. And then there are whole audiophile people who love and use them and design them still to this day. Tubes have a warm color to their sound. Even some broadcast stations still have to use them as nothing else can handle the power levels needed for high power antenna transmissions,, So I think there will always be a place for them.. i'm designing a new DIY microphone with them myself.
ItzBulletOG Månad sedan
This missed allot of points when it comes too how cameras and video were created bc ppl dont understand the fact tech has been around for allot longer then what there told lol...for example plenty of times he said they used electrons too scan something but did not explain how its scanning and saving for them and so on theres gov secrets when it comes too development of technology from the beginning and this is 1 of the main steps for PCs being created
Katumba William George
Katumba William George Månad sedan
What is 480p again?
Someone That
Someone That Månad sedan
That guy looks so happy talking about history
Mikko Rantalainen
Mikko Rantalainen Månad sedan
It's important to understand that when man went to the moon, we still didn't have a technology to fully store the analog video sent back to the earth. And we have practically lost the abilitity to go to the moon and yet anybody can record 4K video today.
henmich Månad sedan
Mind Blown... People are amazing...
Jez Månad sedan
8:28 "there was no way to record TV" 9:35 "they time shifted by recording TV"
H2W Månad sedan
This guy looks like Schmaker Schmayfield
Giancarlo Pace
Giancarlo Pace Månad sedan
This video made me think about the good old times .... when we could shake hands.
Christian Månad sedan
When he shook his hand I had to see how old the video was... New times, huh 😷
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco Månad sedan
So you're sayin its Aliens, got it
EqualLandRichPeople Månad sedan
I am old. I remember sometimes having to hit the tv to fix it. You would get horizontal line down middle. Vive it a whack, all better.
Freak80MC Månad sedan
Honestly it's pretty cool how we are able to create weird hacks that are basically illusions that only work because of the quirks of our biology. Like imagine if another sentient species in the universe has eyes that are not fooled by the whole "rgb pixels" thing, would they ever figure out a way to invent television or computers? How would that effect their society?
Hunter Rodrigez
Hunter Rodrigez Månad sedan
visiting other people? no masks?? SHAKING HANDS???? oh wait... it's a video from 2019...
Altus Månad sedan
6:00 " made possible by viewers like you, specifically your persistence of vision."
Johnny_medico T
Johnny_medico T Månad sedan
Philo Farnsworth... no mention of him... just wondering.
Tony Månad sedan
Why couldn't the media companies use the same cameras that used film as the movie guys?
PetKing Månad sedan
I highly recommend the documentary Side by Side, produced and narrated by Keanu Reeves. It explores the evolution of cinema cameras (from film to digital) and ponders the question, "Is film dying?" With interesting interviews from world-famous directors like Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, and many more, this documentary is a wonderful examination of film cameras today.
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