How Ultrasound Can Deactivate Parts of the Brain

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Scientists have combined ultrasound, viruses and synthetic drugs to control regions of the brain.
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Special thanks to Prof. Mikhail Shapiro and Dr. Jerzy Szablowski:
Human brains are complicated - the most complicated thing in the known universe, many people say. So far we understand little - just that certain regions of the brain appear to be involved in certain activities and certain disorders. In extreme cases this has led to the practice of removing sections of the brain, or using electrodes or optical fibers to control activation rates. What is unique about this approach is it offers a way to turn on and off specific brain regions without invasive surgery. It has promise because it combines existing technologies: micro-bubbles, ultrasound, synthetic viruses, and synthetic drugs to achieve this goal.
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Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
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Anonimatus54125 13 dagar sedan
If they manage to make each virus respond to a different frequency, they could inject each neuron in the brain with a different virus and they would be able turn on/off each neuron in the brain with ultrasounds. With that they could study the brain in complete detail. But, and this is a huge but, i have no idea how they can achieve that. But if its somehow possible, the team that would do that would certainly win a nobel prize and it would be the biggest invention of the 21 century.
MinaSan 17 dagar sedan
Last words...Not or intension...??? Maybe test on hymself insteat of animals!
Tampa Blush
Tampa Blush 17 dagar sedan
Oy vey we will turn your brain off for our own agenda
General_Alexus 20 dagar sedan
"that is not our goal", well the missuse of a technology was often not part of the inventors goals.
Stephen Strange
Stephen Strange Månad sedan
6:44 I don't believe that. Historically proven the evil powers 'hijack' the ideas useful for the good, and create something evil there .Darpa is real. PsychoWarfare is real. All documented - only takes a little input into the web to find the facts.
AB J Månad sedan
They are lying. Ultrasounds can be used to manipulate people minds, thoughts and decisions. Voice recordings modulated in ultrasounds are very old military techniques of hypnotism and subliminal messaging on subconscious levels.
Atul PJ
Atul PJ Månad sedan
This is pretty dangerous stuff. Could change people's personalities🙄
valar Månad sedan
A group of neuroscientists is working with Buddhist teachers to target specific areas of the brain that are involved in generating the sense of self. Therefore, you could in theory induce states of enlightenment at will.
Maria Keller
Maria Keller Månad sedan
Watching this and watching my ADHD son be his usual ADHD self. It sounds like this could help him and kiddos like him!
Alex Torres
Alex Torres Månad sedan
What if some hitman injected me with this Chemical, & shot me with a Ray-Gun then what
F. Huff
F. Huff Månad sedan
Wow, Brave New World Redux. Once the brain is mapped in a similar way the Genome has been mapped individual behavior can be programmed to be docile or even remorseless killers similar to the SS. You may or may not see it but this could become a Tyrants dream solution to population manipulation.
Vipparla Neelothpal
Vipparla Neelothpal Månad sedan
Why dr. Shapiro feels like future super villain who's trying to hide some weird experiments he's doing with a smile??
sobreaver Månad sedan
I don't know about the methods but I certainly like this man's idea of a clean environment ;) Now to help companies want to invest and found such endeavor, imagine all the brain capacities you can sell with such technologies where people would pay to have better eye sight, hearing, maybe trigger better healing factors, correct that hypothalamus gland, better math or art cognition, people will want to buy grades and upgrades ;) Sad, weird, whatever, it's not about being lazy, it's about pushing the limit to where we can't perform at the moment. They won't be better, they will be different, simply functioning at another level, still prone to mistakes, just not on the same level.
MST 59
MST 59 Månad sedan
XD This reminds me of the movie planet of the apes
Eric Olberding
Eric Olberding 2 månader sedan
This seems incredibly important to actually try and tease apart what a particular neurotransmitter in a particular pathway influences. Modern pysch treatments are pretty scattershot. Unregulated dopamine everywhere instead of a particular pathway that needs to be effected.
Anton Novikov
Anton Novikov 2 månader sedan
Logithink Earthling
Logithink Earthling 3 månader sedan
Is it possible to increase the range of projection of hypersonic sound to few meters? And can the sound still have similar effects when it travels through a medium? There is a place in higashimurayama japan where illegal experimentation takes place in residential area. Dont know how they do it but this video gives key information to it. Below are playlist of other such combination. Is it possible to cancel the hypersonic sound?
Phiro 4 månader sedan
Wait so you're literally just turning it off and then on again?
Paul Dyson
Paul Dyson 4 månader sedan
Amazing. This means control of abnormalities e.g. ‘cut’ a tinnitus pathway.
Jimmy GOOD158
Jimmy GOOD158 4 månader sedan
So they just only found to off the brain. So in that case dont spend billions of money research , just hit the head with a hammer!
karim chaffai
karim chaffai 4 månader sedan
7 tesla ?! i can feel getting cancer just from watching that thing
Frizzellorri 5 månader sedan
Serenity Cox
Serenity Cox 5 månader sedan
I wonder if this could eventually work to shut off or limit pain receptors. This is something that I often hope for as I have agonizing chronic pain...
Nugzly 5 månader sedan
Fascinating and only slightly terrifying
Michel.B 5 månader sedan
"Combining ultrasound and viruses" ? Already signed as a conspiracy theory !
Luis Lascano
Luis Lascano 6 månader sedan
So this is how they created the technology of men in black? The device that made you forget everything? But this one won't let you able to remember again. Is that only possible with mice?
JohnJaggerJack 6 månader sedan
Imagine, being able to turn off the procrastinating side of one's self. Humanity would advance by magnitudes of order.
Richard Ryan
Richard Ryan 7 månader sedan
Nizami Eminov
Nizami Eminov 7 månader sedan
omg this professor is MAD wow!
Rishikesh S
Rishikesh S 7 månader sedan
Wtf air bubbles in blood stream can caus heart attack'
SevenDeMagnus 8 månader sedan
So cool, things truly have a certain frequency.
VJ Joseph
VJ Joseph 8 månader sedan
I don't think it's a good idea at all. Bubbles are unnecessary and the breaking of the blood brain barrier as he said will be too much of a risk for a single virus to exchange into the brain. Even then, the idea seems well thought out and yet there are major flaws in it. Kind of unusual for a scientist who MRI a mouse to carry around a walkie talkie in the back.
Gravefri Have
Gravefri Have 9 månader sedan
🎵 How one can activate the Brain by using voise 🎶 🧘🏻‍♀️Like the [ Hammmmmm ] sounds when you meditate 🧠
Dressden Black
Dressden Black 9 månader sedan
This science could be seriously dangerous if used for nefarious reasons
tekim15 9 månader sedan
Brain: Prof. Shapiro: You just got viral vectored!
Carol 10 månader sedan
Inhibit memory... Military must be salavating
stimulater7 10 månader sedan
do phones use electromagnetic technology ?
karim chaffai
karim chaffai 4 månader sedan
yes, everything electric does
Ricardo González
Ricardo González 11 månader sedan
Great video!
Izzy Yanowitz
Izzy Yanowitz 11 månader sedan
If u used the right dna could u produce more dopamine and serotonin to cure depression
Douggie F
Douggie F 11 månader sedan
And all the while I thought the hippocampus was the site of some African wildlife re-education program.
Ryan Dawson
Ryan Dawson År sedan
Can this help shut down tinnitus?
Morgan D
Morgan D År sedan
Can it please kill off every memory of my ex?
Nqma Namov
Nqma Namov År sedan
Can you make a video about lake Vostok and explain to us how is it possible that this lake exist and what does scientist found under the ice
Ad!thya År sedan
can we make something similar to the small device which obadaiah used on tony to paralyze him (in iron man 1) by this concept ?
Yautja Prime
Yautja Prime År sedan
Then why are they doing them on pregnant women!?!?
Rodolfo Alejandro Jimenez Dubs
Rodolfo Alejandro Jimenez Dubs År sedan
So officially brain wash is really a possibility
What'a'nerd År sedan
...i has brain damage..! Where to sign for human testing please? Willing candidate here! No but for real, i need to get my anxiety and blood pressure fixed...
Robin Maurer
Robin Maurer År sedan
How will the air get out of the body :s
Tom Lischke
Tom Lischke År sedan
Kurzgesagt -> the u is pronounced like in „uber“, z is like the ts in „that’s“ and the a is pronounced like the u in „but“ Sorry i had to, hearing how you pronounce German words is just cute :D
aud_io År sedan
I hope this can be used to cure adhd in the future
Pp År sedan
and here we go , soon enough universal Soldiers will wreak havok
Dan År sedan
Well folks, here's your answer to the populace losing intelligence over the past decades. Science, especially from the military has been years and years ahead in terms of this kind of research. Humanity has been dumbed down for years already. Celltowers.
pasha År sedan
Wait.. I want to turn of my pain
Algo+codehawk År sedan
.... sounds like an embolism ready to happen
Rodrigo Vargas
Rodrigo Vargas År sedan
People like this guy should get so much more attention... And hopefully funding. I mean, just a second or two before he mentioned depression I thought just about that. There are so many people in the world just waiting for something like this so that they can get their lives back... Just the prospect of it, brings tears to my eyes
Ben År sedan
Actually pretty scary. Just imagine someone deleting your memories, and making you a test ape
maqq År sedan
"or prevent memory formation" BRUH
Ludwig DeLarge
Ludwig DeLarge År sedan
4:05 What is this ? An MRI for ants ?
inlove4rock År sedan
This is Dangerous! think about wanting to protest and get a wave to cool you down ...
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee År sedan
Let's open up the blood-brain barrier to inject an engineered virus that the blood-brain barrier would normally protect you from. Are you TRYING to create zombies?? Because this is how you create zombies.
Holeshot Hunter
Holeshot Hunter År sedan
"That is not our goal". "I have become death..." Two great quotes
Jake Gonder
Jake Gonder År sedan
Brain developed protection against molecules but not against it own intelligence coming up with a way to insert molecules into itself
blauge reskrooge
blauge reskrooge År sedan
That's cool but can I get my crush to like me with this?
Lawrence Odame
Lawrence Odame År sedan
Introducing hijacked viruses into the brain.... 🤔 The zombiepocalypse is nigh.
Illuminati65 År sedan
song name? no darude sandstorm
lukafireman År sedan
but you could employ dopamine like effects on their brain tied closely to the most recent memories of what brainwashing you used to control that person not remotely but indefinitely.
c0ffee with Iean
c0ffee with Iean År sedan
Scary af
Jude Waide
Jude Waide År sedan
Not gonna lie that doctor looked a little crazy. WE CAN SHUT OFF THE BRAIN! *wide eyes grinning*
Alex Powers
Alex Powers År sedan
Now when they figure out how Apple and google can have a transducer in the cell phone and the virus in water bottles or starbux.....
seededsoul År sedan
They do all that but still require a drug so that they can make money off a patient for life.
code_dredd År sedan
"That is not our goal" Yeah, I remember Hal Emmerich saying the same thing about Metal Gear Rex...
Anthony Vescio
Anthony Vescio År sedan
That’s terrifying
TBK's channel
TBK's channel År sedan
Shapiro destroys blood-brain barrier with science and sound
Brice Thrower
Brice Thrower År sedan
Guy in background 5:55 then 6:40 what trickery is this
oriana garrido
oriana garrido År sedan
you better not get infected by any viral foreign pathogens during this thing Accidents?
Zachariah M. Baird
Zachariah M. Baird År sedan
Mikhail Shapiro. Is this Ben's wife that he's always talking about?
Rahul År sedan
this was very intutive
Meski EU
Meski EU År sedan
You pointed the camera at the mri when talking about the ultrasound, making it appear as if you were confusing the MRI for an ultrasound.
Swaying Hemlock
Swaying Hemlock År sedan
Holy MK Ultra, batman
Mike Bevins
Mike Bevins År sedan
Only a matter of time until the US finds a way to weaponize it.
2:15 that's called Sonolumination effect
Kirstine Termansen
Kirstine Termansen År sedan
Can you refund, lost money in Hollywood, design ww, and. Famely right You can zoom it into my bank, or wire it trow, post
Hendrik S.
Hendrik S. År sedan
He is so excited to present his research :) Very interesting topic.
Thomas Autengruber
Thomas Autengruber År sedan
Humans and their thrive for progress are a truly fascinating species!
Jacob Opstad
Jacob Opstad År sedan
That's amazing!
Tobias Knudsen
Tobias Knudsen År sedan
7 tesla? that's a pretty hefty field bro :D
okhstorm År sedan
Look at those nostrils
the nice maykr
the nice maykr År sedan
i have a felling that tells me they will make zombies
M Koivuka
M Koivuka År sedan
M Koivuka
M Koivuka År sedan
You should do an episode on the Gamma Knife.
Rodrigo Ribeiro de Azevedo
Rodrigo Ribeiro de Azevedo År sedan
His nose is forcing him to smile
I’mDyslethic År sedan
i swear i keep hearing halo reach music throughout the video
Eli Anne
Eli Anne År sedan
Dr Derek you are gorgeous
VCuber X
VCuber X År sedan
non invasive amnesia
robstorms År sedan
Fizzy År sedan
Ben Shapiros brother
lauralouwho År sedan
Wish this kind of thing was available to all who have had brain damage. I had a close friend who's son fell 4stories at a young age and lived years with the damage. Unfortunately he passed at the age of 12.
med K2
med K2 År sedan
Is this ben's relative 😅
Haroon G.C
Haroon G.C År sedan
Just wonderful 👌🏻👍🏻
TalynCo År sedan
I'm wondering why you would want to develop something that stops people from being able to form new memories...
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