How to Slow Aging (and even reverse it)

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Scientists like Prof Sinclair have evidence of speeding up, slowing, and even reversing aging.
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What causes aging? According to Professor David Sinclair, it is a loss of information in our epigenome, the system of proteins like histones and chemical markers like methylation that turn on and off genes. Epigenetics allow different cell types to perform their specific functions - they are what differentiate a brain cell from a skin cell. Our DNA is constantly getting broken, by cosmic rays, UV radiation, free radicals, x-rays and regular cell division etc. When our cells repair that damage, the epigenome is not perfectly reset. And hence over time, noise accumulates in our epigenome. Our cells no longer perform their functions well.
To counter this decline, we can activate the body's own defenses against aging by stressing the body. Eat less, eat less protein, engage in intense exercise, experience uncomfortable cold. When the body senses existential threats it triggers longevity genes, which attempt to maintain the body to ensure its survival until good times return. This may be the evolutionary legacy of early bacteria, which established these two modes of living (repair and protect vs grow and reproduce). Scientists are uncovering ways to mimic stresses on the body without the discomfort of fasting. Molecules like NMN also trigger sirtuins to monitor and repair the epigenome. This may slow aging.
Reversing aging requires an epigenetic reset, which may be possible using Yamanaka factors. These four factors can revert an adult cell into a pluripotent stem cell. Prof. Sinclair used three of the four factors to reverse aging in the retinal cells of old mice. He found they could see again after the treatment.
Special thanks to:
Professor David Sinclair, check out his book "Lifespan: Why We Age & Why We Don't Have To"
Assistant Professor David Gold
Noemie Sierra (for polyp images)
Genepool Productions for telomere animations from Immortal:
Epigenetics animations (DNA, histones, methylation etc) courtesy of:
Animation: Etsuko Uno
Art and Technical Direction: Drew Berry
Sound Design: Francois Tetaz & Emma Bortignon
Scientific Consultation: Marnie Blewitt
Courtesy of Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Filming, editing and animation by Jonny Hyman and Derek Muller
Music from "Clearer Views" "Innovations" "A Sound Foundation" "Seaweed"
Additional music by Kevin MacLeod from "Marty Gots a Plan"

Ed Ducate
Ed Ducate 2 timmar sedan
If I can live for every, I would ask to be sent to the moon, where I could work and drink wine for ever, without polluting earth.
Mohamed Ayach
Mohamed Ayach 2 timmar sedan
Where can we get NMN?
Lascauxe 6 timmar sedan
A lot of people are saying that the steps to take to slow the aging process seem like they would be uncomfortable to follow through with. I, over the past few years, have intentionally or not, massively reduced my caloric intake. One of the most notable things that happens to you when you start eating less than you normally would, is you start getting hungry less. I would describe the feeling as knowing your body wants you to eat, but not actually feeling bad in any way. I have also inadvertently started following some of the other rules, such as exercising more and eating less protein. I'm 5'10 and 110 pounds, and I have to say, I feel amazing. The past few years have also been the most productive and eventful years of my life. When you follow these rules you don't live tired and hungry, you just need sleep and food to a lesser degree, with no penalties to your well-being.
UpsideDown World
UpsideDown World 9 timmar sedan
Ironic how the globalists are depopulating "useless eating" humans & you want to prolong life, nice & good luck! Acidic GMO agriculture is causing health decline thus, prevelant diseases like cancer, dementia, alzheimer, arthritis, etc which creates a short life-span! When we stop eating Bill Gates Monsanto GMO foods, our health improves - lm a living example! Btw, Obama recieved the NPP for sending more troops out to be killed!
where banana
where banana 13 timmar sedan
and maybe in the future we are not just immortal we have powers too
Lightbringer 14 timmar sedan
If only the world invested more into science that benefits humanity and less into war - imagine what we could've accomplished by now?
roiem sunshine
roiem sunshine 14 timmar sedan
Try the Natural Anti-Aging Shortcuts System for today.
Dan , McGill
Dan , McGill 18 timmar sedan
How do I get this nmn steroid ?🤣🤣🤣
LizxNguyen 21 timme sedan
Ohhh I didn’t know my alma mater had a marine lab 😍
mattie caroline
mattie caroline 22 timmar sedan
He tells chicks in a bar, Im 31, and then muffles inaudibly,... biologically.
Sevan 22 timmar sedan
This gives me so much comfort knowing were going into this bc iv been into this funk of why do we live if we die
loco Dag sedan
4:27 ah yes
aO mR
aO mR Dag sedan
Now this is an optimistic headline
Reza Bee
Reza Bee Dag sedan
Why are these scientists wasting time on mice when they should study Keanu Reeves and Paul Rudd?
t4 jimidanglez
t4 jimidanglez Dag sedan
Let's not compound the factor of Time with that of health and wellness. Anyone concerned with Alzheimer's doesn't know how to avoid the causes which invalidates any further concerns as one must prescribe supreme importance to good health so as to utilize available time-as opposed to simply wishing for additional time in that mediocre existence. And let's not speak for a collective. Use "I statements". Rather than, "we dont know" "I don't know"
L R Dag sedan
People in Africa do exactly that, why they don't seem to live longer than us?
Tamer Dag sedan
So cold showers every day + One meal a day + Keto Diet + Physic exercices with adrenalin rushes + eat lot of antioxydants to preserve DNA from damages = perfect way to slow down age ?
Hhaa dave Bzw
Hhaa dave Bzw Dag sedan
Life is overrated
John Leiper
John Leiper 2 dagar sedan
I can only imagine that the people complaining that they arent going to starve themselves to live longer, uncomfortably, haven't watched the entirety of the video. That, or they dont understand what's being said.
Radiólogo Millonario
Radiólogo Millonario 2 dagar sedan
This video doesn't talk about antioxidants. What about them? What about a vegetarian diet?
JJ P 2 dagar sedan
Prof. doesn't look good..sunken crazy eyes....pale grey lips and skin...small shoulders.
Adeel Abbas
Adeel Abbas 2 dagar sedan
1. Eat less/less protein. 2. Do HIIT, be uncomfortable. 3. Be hot. No AC. 4. Be cold. No heaters. So that's how Saitama became a ONE-PUNCH MAN!
Jan Thomassen
Jan Thomassen 2 dagar sedan
I feel this research is very valuable, But I have two ethical concerns...First with uncontrolled world population going from 3.7 billion in 1970 to 7.8 billion today we are dangerously running out of earths ability to support human expansion.....Longer life wont fix that problem, it would compound the problem....Secondly, only the rich will benefit from this as it will be an elective therefore expensive treatment and not be available to ordinary people. Which comes back to the first point that with the planet being over crowded, to protect it, this type of treatment would have to be very exclusive. (expensive by design and necessity) Some form of one child per couple will eventually need to be law. But I would be the first in the que to live healthy to 120!!
Adam Smithson
Adam Smithson 2 dagar sedan
Pozdrawiam serdecznie i życzę miłego dnia
MrRyanmcmahon 2 dagar sedan
this is total b.s.
Diego Silver
Diego Silver 2 dagar sedan
I want to really appreciate Dr Alaho Olu on SVfrom, this great man has the permanent cure to HSV 1&2 and HPV....
G. HELM 2 dagar sedan
The Bible shows you how you can live forever. The Christ said he was the way, the truth and the life. Science is only what our Creator allows us to know. Be sure of your future, time is running out.
//___ 2 dagar sedan
this is a great material. My grandmother, God bless her, she's been fatty all her life. Little to none exercise since she was a housewife and you can forget about the cold/hot shocks. She's 96 and she's keeping great. All her family were fat and almost all (8/11 brothers) died after 80. Her father died at 93 and mother on 89. They were peasants. I don't question the truths from this material. I'm only saying: there is more than one key to a door.
Vee Mur
Vee Mur 2 dagar sedan
Absolute nonsense
Read Zechariah 12:10
Read Zechariah 12:10 3 dagar sedan
This video lost all credibility when goober tries to tie a human life back to bacteria from millions of years ago. We did not evolve from pond scum, knucklehead. When you start with an erroneous premise, all of your conclusions are invalid.
Neil Gagarin
Neil Gagarin 3 dagar sedan
nature and her stability works fine, born, grow, reproduction and dead, if we reverse the aging totally, we reach the opposit effect, sure, good idea for extinguish the entire specie, only way is stop the reproduction, isn,t necessary be a smart genius for understant this, my explanation for this is, fear to the die and egocentric people. if you love life, one day die, better without too much pain, off course.
Sol Feinberg
Sol Feinberg 3 dagar sedan
Your metabolism is the rate at which you are aging. Just eat a nutritarian diet a la Joel Fuhrman (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds).
Sol Feinberg
Sol Feinberg 3 dagar sedan
cloned organisms (sheep?) live as long as non cloned ones? I thought that was found to be false - the whole telomere thing explained that, didn't it? What changed? Do they not die sooner?
Sol Feinberg
Sol Feinberg 3 dagar sedan
120, 150 and beyond that's probably science fiction again. 100, sure. 105, yes. We could raise and narrow the bell curve to this range easily. But that's probably the limit. There can be some outliers but most people would probably live 95 to 105, on a nutritionally optimal, avoiding drugs and substance abuse, getting adequate sleep, working to build permacutlure solutions which create abundant ecosystems which supply our needs.
BOB11111000001 3 dagar sedan
I think this maybe partly true, but more research is definitely required. Logically thinking if we eat non-processed organic foods, drink clean living water from rivers or natural springs (bottled water is dead water), and breath clean living air (which would be hard these days with all the pollution humans have created), if you could do all these 3 things then cells will be able to restore themselves fully and the aging process would slow down or stop completely.
Roksana Hare
Roksana Hare 3 dagar sedan
Christian Slater looks good since he became a scientist researching reversing the age process. Go Christian!
Sebastian Aurum Solaris
Sebastian Aurum Solaris 3 dagar sedan
14:18 👌🏻
norakat 4 dagar sedan
Yeah but the adult cell is fused with an egg (that is young) which turns into an embryo.
Milla Cabral
Milla Cabral 4 dagar sedan
And here's why I get pissed of at the ridiculous amount of protein people say you need to eat nowadays. Every weight loss, or muscle building, eating healthy fad diets are almost 50% protein which is just completely ridiculous. 0.8g/kg of body mass, or 1g/kg. Keep it simple, jfc.
voko axecer
voko axecer 4 dagar sedan
Do HIIT Be Uncomfortably Cold Be Uncomfortably Hot Eat Less Me:- Life is pain.
Metal Guru
Metal Guru 4 dagar sedan
"How to slow aging and even reverse it - IF YOU'RE A RODENT"
The_SpecialistA 4 dagar sedan
1. Avoid proteins: only animal protein or plant based as well? 2. Are fruits ok? Nowadays everyone is claiming that fructose is like poison 3. Do we have to cut cereals? "Ketonians" as I call them, claim they're the devil Thank you so much for this incredible video
Sunnique Crombie
Sunnique Crombie 4 dagar sedan
Fix this and you fix baldness
LetsBeChillx 4 dagar sedan
Seems like Saitama's routine will make you live forever
Hamza Ahadaf
Hamza Ahadaf 5 dagar sedan
Ben A
Ben A 5 dagar sedan
I want all my pet mice to stay really young!
SIDHANT JASROTIA 5 dagar sedan
Well if they can cure just the eyesight of people this is novel
Demonwater Demonwater
Demonwater Demonwater 5 dagar sedan
Who reset my grandma
Demonwater Demonwater
Demonwater Demonwater 5 dagar sedan
Bitch stop joking ok everyone go immortal now yo can you resurrect my dad back to life I got his ashes reset him
Demonwater Demonwater
Demonwater Demonwater 5 dagar sedan
Yay we can be immortal now
Demonwater Demonwater
Demonwater Demonwater 5 dagar sedan
The nervous system controlling the body with electricity
Demonwater Demonwater
Demonwater Demonwater 5 dagar sedan
What about if you go to the casino too much or your always in the sky scraper and when you come down your older than you would have been outside of the casino
Ploppy Ploppy
Ploppy Ploppy 5 dagar sedan
3:14 'I don't think we're anywhere near that' At the current rate of technological development I would expect that within the next 2 decades.
Jeanie Haase
Jeanie Haase 5 dagar sedan
so basically, if you live an uncomfortable life, you can be uncomfortable longer
Stevphie Ricardo
Stevphie Ricardo 5 dagar sedan
Wow... this gives me hope to watch human finally able to migrate to other planets
Jason Brice
Jason Brice 5 dagar sedan
I can feel my self getting younger as the video go on as if ah goggoo gaga mummy mummy wahhhwahhh
AXMIM 5 dagar sedan
Beautiful and Marvelous clip! Although the reason I found this clip is quite sad. Will share next freaking November 19.
soundseeker63 5 dagar sedan
So basically, don't eat sugar, don't eat meat, exercise a lot, fast regularly, run around naked in winter, and then jump around fully clothed in a sauna! I'm guessing those are the types of thing Dr Sinclair did to take off 29 years from his biological age. It seems to have worked, he looks really good for 50! All good advice, though the state of the world right now I'm not even sure if I want to live longer...
Kanha the third
Kanha the third 4 dagar sedan
Important fact: Death is NOT BLISS, its not JOY, it won't SEND YOU TO HEAVEN.
Бил Мюррей
Бил Мюррей 6 dagar sedan
Do you know about mitochondria-targeted antioxidants (SkQ)?
Tri Man
Tri Man 6 dagar sedan
I don't get how being immortal would cause ecological problems, we'd just have to stop making babies... And if you want to, you won't ne immortal
Andrey Lebedenko
Andrey Lebedenko 6 dagar sedan
This is our gateway to stars!
Cybil Snarf
Cybil Snarf 6 dagar sedan
Wow, what a bunch of debbie downers all y'all's comments are. Idk about you, but all the negativity oozing from your statements must mean you would rather age in a nursing home staring out the window than being active in your later years. I feel sorry for ya!! Not!!! Don't knock it till you try it!!
Gliding Graphite
Gliding Graphite 6 dagar sedan
#6 inject your body with pure NMN
Sammy from Alabamy
Sammy from Alabamy 6 dagar sedan
NO SMOKING is a big no no. It can't be good for your breathing lungs.
Chun Kai
Chun Kai 6 dagar sedan
10:25 Only practical information to us laymans starts at Part 2 The beginning is just bla3 yadda3 of jargons
Pawan 6 dagar sedan
Its wonderful to live longer
Rose Queen
Rose Queen 6 dagar sedan
It's not science fiction anymore, they have started the process of downloading memories to robots and recreating ppl. Look up Bina48 robot!
Rohit Dutta
Rohit Dutta 7 dagar sedan
I'm always 20 I'm always 20 ................... Brain:
Thiccboithe3rd 666
Thiccboithe3rd 666 7 dagar sedan
I'm getting a "i am legend" feeling
Eapen Ninan
Eapen Ninan 7 dagar sedan
Are we evolutionally programmed to be aged
Carline Seiser
Carline Seiser 7 dagar sedan
So sad to see those 2 mice - the young one can't help the other - they are divided by humans, who want to live for ever. If you want to slow aging, slow your thoughts...
Sandy Westbrook
Sandy Westbrook 7 dagar sedan
I thought amino acids were good for you?
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones 7 dagar sedan
Its official they figured it out today
Vostock -
Vostock - 7 dagar sedan
They already know, but dont want to everybody live 200 years. banks wouldnt like that and the richest want you to die asap
Organic Methamphetamine
Organic Methamphetamine 7 dagar sedan
my friend starve himself after this video .. ummm, he died!
gofres 7 dagar sedan
There is of course a proven way to age more slowly, just travel very very fast. Special relativity does all the hard work and then you can continue with your unhealthy lifestyle ;D That's what I keep telling myself anyway.
Sanchit Dixit
Sanchit Dixit 5 dagar sedan
But you'll feel that you're aging at a normal pace.
gofres 7 dagar sedan
Wow, how can we get the test to find out when we're likely to die? I want to know so that I can spend every last penny :D
NARSREEN JOHNSON 7 dagar sedan
what does he think about the covid vax that will change our dna forever with full indemnity for those who make lots of money giving mankind lots of long term bad side effects that has never been tested in their sudoscience labs
surfr5 7 dagar sedan
Fascinating, thanks.
HypersonicMonkeyBrains 8 dagar sedan
oh damn! now ive got to skip dinner and go out for a run in the cold! But on the plus side i can then have a hot bath.
Secret to stop aging : eat less Me eating like a pig and watching this videos 😭😩
HypersonicMonkeyBrains 8 dagar sedan
If your brain cell turns into a skin cell, " you've got a problem".
9 [
9 [ 2 dagar sedan
HypersonicMonkeyBrains 8 dagar sedan
If they can clone a monkey, i assure you they can also clone a human. Imagine a clone of you being born and looking identical to you like an identical twin but living another life, a bit like your doppelganger.
HypersonicMonkeyBrains 8 dagar sedan
If you look at a theoretical Type - 1 civilization living on a planet identical to earth they would be able to support a population much larger than we can currently. It's all down to technology.
Richard Schiller
Richard Schiller 8 dagar sedan
30 years is the length it took for Peleg's biological clock to cut in half. His father lived 191 years past his son's death. Two dates are unveiled by the calendars, Noah died 2021bc Julian Dec 25 (Mesor 15) and Nimrod died 1770bc Julian April 22. (Mekir 15). Year 350 in 365-day is 2020bc July 14 tagging dead Noah as 950. Year 600 of 365-day is 1770bc May 13 tagging Nimrod as 500, last of the gods. The 360-day calendar puts 12-15 on Dec 25 in 1770bc.
Richard Schiller
Richard Schiller 8 dagar sedan
Weage because DNA carbon turns into nitrogen. Genesis indicates carbon-14 in DNA fits the curve of longevity in ALL organics. Modern dilution already has youths who will live 200 merely by carbon-dilution/this is why the armageddon survival prediction is prophecy coming true. The only way to survive a continent baptism is rapidly approaching since it would take an asteroid to the Pacific to put a water canopy backup 52 miles. My guess is 2021AD Feb 2 though i admit the Feb 2 date was forecasted every year since 2009. The first aging occurred in year 390 (3636bc misdated an additional 20,000 years for all things before Flood). This is because angels came down and made their carbon bodies of nitrogen constantly putting out C-14 which joined our DNA and resulted in a short life of 900 years. Plunging it down to nothing was part of God's decision as a lesson, though primary purpose was to baptize land to push angels off, and create atmosphere the angels could not return to Earth.
Eli Elfassy
Eli Elfassy 8 dagar sedan
Now understand that some people don't want you free and happy with this technology. Lockdowns are here... Just think by yourself.
Jose Passarinho
Jose Passarinho 8 dagar sedan
Fasting/starving ones Biology🤔 and lots of exercise keeps you younger!!🤔 better have a good reason for it😂
RAGHU 8 dagar sedan
hahaha! that's a good one 😂😂😂 running from a lion ... trust me dude ... if I'm running from a lion .. not only my heart, even my other organs will be beating at 200 bps , once I ran from a small dog and jumped 9 or 10 foot wall 😀 .. I think we should leave a hungry lion behind marathon runners and see how fast they run 😂
Discovery Outdoors / Matt-N-Abra
Discovery Outdoors / Matt-N-Abra 8 dagar sedan
So basically.. Be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Eat only once a day and eat less meat Run on a treadmill until you can't hardly stand.
SuzNews 8 dagar sedan
Here's how ya do it: You eat what the jellyfish are eating. Chlorella and spirulina help your body release more stem cells, to heal you and make you younger. Some brands even market on that. There ya go.
Motivation Network
Motivation Network 8 dagar sedan
Unbelievable! Science is beautiful
Angael Tartar Rose
Angael Tartar Rose 8 dagar sedan
i have been told the ancients used a magnifying glass to heat a spot on the skin lightly, to activate such a healing reaction, & thereby the longevity gene.
MrSaabsucks 9 dagar sedan
At 14:18 list of useful things you can do NOW.
Yggi11 9 dagar sedan
New mission in life: Hold out until this becomes a reality.
Andrew Ortiz
Andrew Ortiz 6 dagar sedan
Lol, look into Alcor! I'll be using them.
ekszentrik 9 dagar sedan
Overpopulation is a fake issue. I'd migrate to Mars no problem if it meant I get to be young for 200 years.
CCrystal's Extras
CCrystal's Extras 9 dagar sedan
Did Queen Elizabeth watch this video?
E Bat
E Bat 9 dagar sedan
This was Interesting - Thank you
PC gone mad 3142536
PC gone mad 3142536 9 dagar sedan
Bill Gates wouldn't be happy about this!!
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