How to build budget $500 PC, but using mayonnaise as thermal paste

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00:00 Intro
1:11 Rules of build, components
4:38 The build
14:51 First boot, on thermal paste
16:37 Testing on thermal paste
18:19 Installing the mayonnaise and booting
19:17 Testing on mayonnaise
20:09 Results
Boris here to show you how to build your own PC. The thermal paste substitute we have is mayonnaise.
Today we build a budget PC with a price point of under $500. There are some rules to the build. All components have to be new and from the store. Also no scavenging parts from old PCs. All components have to be available to buy in store. This way we get a very nice budget PC build that actually can run games.
Instead of thermal paste, we use mayonnaise to test if it is a suitable substitute. Imagine this: you build your new PC but run out of thermal paste. Run to shop but shop is closed. What you do? You of course use mayonnaise instead.
This custom budget PC is tested to play these games:
* Metro Exodus
* STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl
* Cyberpunk 2077
(wanted to test Doom Eternal too but disk was full)
Along with mayonnaise thermal paste, the vodka cooled PC that I have built before, they should make up a very powerful device with ultimate slav cooling solution. But that is something for another upcoming video.
Low budget PC builds are always fun to do, but always have to check that all parts are compatible with each other. Here is the full list of components along with details that make the $500 budget mayo PC run smooth.
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.6GHz
Motherboard: Asrock A320M-HDV (falsely used Gigabyte A520MH before)
RAM: 8GB DDR4 G.Skill Aegis 3200MHz CL16
SSD: WD Green 240GB M.2
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1050Ti 4G GDDR5
Power supply: 450W Corsair CV450 80 Plus Bronze
Cooler: AMD Wraith Prism RGB M4
Thermal paste: Arctic MX-4
Mayonnaise: high quality stuff I found in fridge
Case fan: Deep Cool 120mm Blue
Case: Deep Cool Smarter mATX
Wi-Fi card: TP-Link 300Mbps ETL-WN881ND
Mayonnaise cooling is here to stay.
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uamee 21 dag sedan
Boris, the absolute madman actually did it!!!! 😂😂
Bibi Dawg
Bibi Dawg 5 dagar sedan
@William Philip Lano cut the crap already
Bibi Dawg
Bibi Dawg 5 dagar sedan
@William Philip Lano No,In respect for those who never respected me,I play Along of boredom and it doesn't help boredom anymore so I write my poetry and draw a Lot more than have the same stereotypical insults thrown around,insulting my intelligence and strength with smart ass remarks too But I am a smarter ass😅😅So I laugh my head off right now
Bibi Dawg
Bibi Dawg 5 dagar sedan
@William Philip Lano Tbh ALL of this is a repeat of the same shameful game ppl do not have a clue they all lie to themselves about,and I started to hate it
William Philip Lano
William Philip Lano 5 dagar sedan
It's so russian words
Bibi Dawg
Bibi Dawg 6 dagar sedan
As is expected of King Borishlikov!He seems to be able to do Anything and everything.
john van winckel
john van winckel 8 minuter sedan
will it run stalker 2 bliat
Rezeer Honor
Rezeer Honor Timme sedan
What if it melts and drips onto the motherboard?
Haxiuz 6 timmar sedan
Oh no
Big Cazza
Big Cazza 7 timmar sedan
meanwhile in australia 1200 bucks take it or leave it
Big Cazza
Big Cazza 7 timmar sedan
lmao the 1050ti is slower than the 970 in the vodka cooled rig
Science NCERT FOR CLASS 6 8 timmar sedan
Face reveal please
BëåštÿÂF Games
BëåštÿÂF Games 8 timmar sedan
ANDI PLAYZ 9 timmar sedan
Ok, but it can run S.T.A.L.K.E.R?
Lgm My
Lgm My 13 timmar sedan
0:30 that USB SSD plugged into a SATA port?
Paw Gaming
Paw Gaming 18 timmar sedan
Linustechtips of russia
Jason Mathers
Jason Mathers 21 timme sedan
what the actual fuck
Shawn Nichol
Shawn Nichol 22 timmar sedan
MayoNICE 22 timmar sedan
Going sue you mr Boris, Where is your manager I want to speak to him now!
Jason Rose
Jason Rose 23 timmar sedan
I'm curious to see what the long term results are from using mayo as thermal paste, like do you need to re-apply it every week?
zomb Dag sedan
use this one for stalker let’s play
Jian Ortega
Jian Ortega Dag sedan
But i can run my pc without a thermal paste for 10 hrs straight
Иннокентий Комаров
Иннокентий Комаров Dag sedan
Благодаря таким людям как ты, Боря, нашу страну перестали считать "империей зла". Так держать, Борис!
Quy Kim
Quy Kim Dag sedan
What is Blin anyway?
xBananaTERROR Dag sedan
Actually laughed harder than I should have at "poor man's fractal design"
Max Xiang
Max Xiang Dag sedan
i've used a pc without thermal paste for months at one point xd
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Dag sedan
Ethan J Sands
Ethan J Sands Dag sedan
Apparently this has been studied. It's legitimate mayonnaise can temporarily act as quality thermal paste. But it will smell like cooking mayonnaise and eventually go bad. My brain is blown that it's actually a working substitute for a day or two.
Ethan J Sands
Ethan J Sands Dag sedan
Update: mustard and baby ass rash cream also a thing
Mueed Afridi
Mueed Afridi Dag sedan
Now how are we supposed to get Slav mayonez? Do I have to go to Ukraine now?
derpstormchaser Dag sedan
Me: Sees a 40°C CPU *laughs in 0°C.
justin Dag sedan
i built mine with sensodyne
Ayden O'Keefe
Ayden O'Keefe 2 dagar sedan
Zachary Clarke
Zachary Clarke 2 dagar sedan
should have found mayonez in Tarkov on mayonez pc
Rohan A R
Rohan A R 2 dagar sedan
Finally like Mr beaasst
Max_ L
Max_ L 2 dagar sedan
Даниил Борисов
Даниил Борисов 2 dagar sedan
500$ is budget? How about 16000₽ (it’s about 200$) . . . Написал комментарий перед тем, как смотреть видео . Думаю меня поймут
Arve Rezzle
Arve Rezzle 2 dagar sedan
>the cheapest component >not using ryzen 3
Kostyantyn Halanets
Kostyantyn Halanets 2 dagar sedan
@LinusTechTips your move? xD
Elmojomo 2 dagar sedan
Loved the video for the entertainment, as always. HOWEVER, for anyone who might see this and seriously consider using mayo as thermal compound...DON'T. This concept was tested back in 2011 by Hardware Secrets, and they determined that yes, mayo does work well as a thermal compound, but only for a short time. Its performance degrades after a couple days. At the end of their 12-day test, they noted significant oxidation of the CPU lid. Who knows what it would do to your CPU or motherboard over a longer period. Mayo basically works as a thermal paste because when heated it reverts to being mostly a thin oil, which fills the voids and provides a pretty good thermal transfer interface. The downside is that it also contains lots of organics (eggs!), so it deteriorates quickly. Part of what makes a commercial thermal paste "good" is its ability to retain a stable viscosity over long periods of time, and during multiple heat/cool cycles. Mayo(nez) may be delicious, but it's not known for thermal stability. ;)
Chyeqarl Alhasni
Chyeqarl Alhasni 2 dagar sedan
16:34 Damn Capitalist with their so called QuESTION! good job by avoiding all of them Comrades!
Kelly Gordon
Kelly Gordon 2 dagar sedan
Itsss boris tech tips
bob 2 dagar sedan
Now that's a slavic pc *my pc crashes* Me: o pizdiec
Anvilshock 3 dagar sedan
Drop of fine mechanics oil. Not as slav, but works, and lasts.
Banana Joe?
Banana Joe? 3 dagar sedan
Make a pc in a giant vodka bottle
Attila Bodoki
Attila Bodoki 3 dagar sedan
And this is just better than the Verge's pc build
o37gekko 3 dagar sedan
*happy warmind noises*
Huy Phương Vũ Sử
Huy Phương Vũ Sử 3 dagar sedan
Hey Boris when I join your channels I need to spend 20.000 VNĐ EVERY YEAR OR EVERY MONTH ?
Umar Vayani
Umar Vayani 3 dagar sedan
Slav lives matter 😂
Марк Марохин
Марк Марохин 3 dagar sedan
I have the same pc case.
Марк Марохин
Марк Марохин 3 dagar sedan
I am russian.
haydar yilmaz
haydar yilmaz 3 dagar sedan
The cheap fall anteriorly moan because swan dewailly rob astride a evasive catamaran. crazy, electric error
sluggthesnail 3 dagar sedan
he sounds so much different from when he was playing gta as a cab driver 5 years ago
ALICANTO 1372 3 dagar sedan
It is Boris a real slav?why he dont wear a russian hat whit the ,,soviet" logo?
Nathyn_ 3 dagar sedan
imagine that kid watching this video from 2067...
Khad 3 dagar sedan
I'm amazed that Boris even managed to find a 1050 in stock at this time, let alone a ti
Tokyo 4 dagar sedan
why did i laugh so god damm much in this video
Show time
Show time 4 dagar sedan
bro i almost forgot your channel name not videos like the vodka cooled pc and all other fun 😅❤ love india
Dalal Als
Dalal Als 4 dagar sedan
Антон Эртс
Антон Эртс 4 dagar sedan
Плохо понимаю но интересно и смешно)
Mories Limborg
Mories Limborg 4 dagar sedan
i fell while sqatting on ice and now i cant squatt anymore
Nahan_Boker 4 dagar sedan
The major downsode of mayonez is swhen it stale it will be stink AF tho lol...
M. Bilal
M. Bilal 4 dagar sedan
That Mayonnaise is doing better job than unknown thermal paste i brought from Aliexpress
MTF BETA-7 4 dagar sedan
does anyone else realize that he says pancake when he says blin
Lina .Lry8
Lina .Lry8 2 dagar sedan
In russian blin is kind of means dammit but if dammit wasn't a rude word.
yubi puni
yubi puni 4 dagar sedan
i subscribed cuz i like the way he say "pc"
Rastakiwi 4 dagar sedan
me, whose CPU has been running on toothpaste for years: good idea dude :0 (really, toothpaste is the best, it smells good, it tastes good)
_ PbR _
_ PbR _ 4 dagar sedan
Where is Polish mayo?
DragL 4 dagar sedan
Seeing my pc broke down recently and I don't have alot of money this is useful, thank you boris
LegendaryLinc 5 dagar sedan
I also have Ryzen 5 1600 what a coincidence
Dhanu_Ko 5 dagar sedan
try tomato sauce next time
Hydra_gamer _123
Hydra_gamer _123 5 dagar sedan
mayones is cheeaper too so its a better option anyway..... but we don't know how much it will last so yea
Neil Northghost
Neil Northghost 5 dagar sedan
Boris: *Not want to use stock amd cooler. Also Boris: *Uses stock cooler from 9 series for 5 series chip
ICan'tReadYourMind 5 dagar sedan
should've used rx 570 instead
Phenomenon Gamez
Phenomenon Gamez 5 dagar sedan
Besic mayonez cost 69420 Dollars
Ali Abdullah Chachou
Ali Abdullah Chachou 5 dagar sedan
Boris, use toothpaste maybe?
Alexander Brezovsky
Alexander Brezovsky 5 dagar sedan
do a toe reveal
Andrzej Wanoski
Andrzej Wanoski 5 dagar sedan
I was happy with my computer v card until Boris called it "the cheapest graphics card in the market". Fuck, technology is frustrating
Turji's Ranch
Turji's Ranch 5 dagar sedan
Just found this guy, good channel
Дмитрий Пархоменко
Дмитрий Пархоменко 5 dagar sedan
You could buy 16 gb RAM from HyperX
CalmBubbles 6 dagar sedan
This is how Evan King would build a PC
Bibi Dawg
Bibi Dawg 6 dagar sedan
BORISHLIKOV!!Please teach me Coding I will Pay for your mentorship
GLaDOS [REDACTED] 6 dagar sedan
1050 ti cheap and underpowered mean while im laughing in 660
Владимир Ленин
Владимир Ленин 6 dagar sedan
Please make Slovak pirohi it is definitely better than Russian piroshki!
Niels Koomans
Niels Koomans 6 dagar sedan
when are you and western spy linus gonna build a pc together?
Menace Gaming
Menace Gaming 6 dagar sedan
Actually it is hard to understand your words.
sour.ffx 6 dagar sedan
vodka water cooling combined with this, absolute master piece
ฐิติศักดิ์ พยุงชัยศิริกุล
ฐิติศักดิ์ พยุงชัยศิริกุล 6 dagar sedan
7:03 WHAT THE F-
Mr Games
Mr Games 6 dagar sedan
The rear exhaust fan..... supposed to be blowing out air... not sucking in air... blyat.. He had it right the first time LOL.. BORIS!!! why you do this ??
MaddAkeeno 6 dagar sedan
fun fact PS/2 isnt analog. it's like pseudo I2C before I2C
Pupicle 24
Pupicle 24 6 dagar sedan
Он правда русский? 😂
Austria-hungary countryballs
Austria-hungary countryballs 6 dagar sedan
Supra_ Waiffu
Supra_ Waiffu 6 dagar sedan
Way better than verge
Mostafa Delwar
Mostafa Delwar 6 dagar sedan
My mayonnaise is white, and yours is yellow, why is that? 🤔
Dalika 010
Dalika 010 6 dagar sedan
12:24 per cheap and underpriced a 1050t in these day u can find it for 200 lmaooo just for the stockage.. real price 70 max maaaax 90 but 90 already a scam for that gpu
Dalika 010
Dalika 010 6 dagar sedan
1050ti the only gpu on the market
BananaM0nk Channel
BananaM0nk Channel 6 dagar sedan
I saw, no one got any special icon on the comments. lost of charisma?
SMC14 /// Productions
SMC14 /// Productions 6 dagar sedan
ah, blin i have intel quad :D to edit videos lol
Landscope 360
Landscope 360 6 dagar sedan
Buying new is just a huge waste of money when refurbished is available.
José Concha
José Concha 6 dagar sedan
I just Bought an Laptop WITHOUT the GPU For MORE than that...... If I would saw this video Then... Well Still Happy with the Big Screen that haves on it :)
Markus Hölsö
Markus Hölsö 6 dagar sedan
And thanks to Boris, my next pc cpu will be cooled by mayonnaise =D
Tomek 215
Tomek 215 6 dagar sedan
next time make the most expensive pc you can buy with vodka cooling and thermal mayonez
Andrei 6 dagar sedan
Looks like Linus from Russia
Freekees 6 dagar sedan
sweden? someone??
9k0 I eat tractors
9k0 I eat tractors 6 dagar sedan
Just wait for the foul fucking smells when the mayonnaise goes bad...
Nightmare_YT 6 dagar sedan
You used one of the BEST graphics card! (the best is still GTX 1080)
Nightmare_YT 6 dagar sedan
@tomaninc and btw its 8 gb graphics card, and is somewhat better than RTX 2060
Nightmare_YT 6 dagar sedan
@tomaninc no, my friend have GTX 1080 and run every game, so yeah i dont know what to say (minecraft 2k fps, cs go 300-400fps)
tomaninc 6 dagar sedan
HELL NO. Are you joking? I hope youre joking. If youre not, then the GTX 1080 is definetly not the best anymore and the 1050 ti is a terrible card
Andrej rilj
Andrej rilj 7 dagar sedan
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Berkay 7 dagar sedan
Mayo is works nice. normaly pc is dying when rendering (about 95 degrees) Its now just 60 on render
The vodka cooled PC
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