How the Quantum Vacuum Gave Rise to Galaxies

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4 år sedan

All the large-scale structure in the universe may owe its existence to nothing.
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Bryan Baker, Donal Botkin, Tony Fadell, Saeed Alghamdi
Let's see how clearly I can explain this. We think of empty space as, well... empty, the epitome of nothingness. But as our understanding of physics has evolved we have realized that it's not truly empty. Space is filled with fields. There is a field for every subatomic particle. One for electrons, up quarks, down quarks, neutrinos and so on. In empty space these fields are basically zero, flat, nil. But it's impossible to make them perfectly zero so there are always some quantum fluctuations in the fields, even in a perfect vacuum. These are sometimes called virtual particles but they should really just be thought of as little disturbances in the field. Vacuum fluctuation play a role mediating the interactions of subatomic particles but they don't really have an impact on the large-scale structure of the universe, EXCEPT during inflation, right after the big bang when the universe increased in size 10^26 times. Due to this rapid expansion, those tiny fluctuations were blown up to the scale of the observable universe. And we know this by looking at the cosmic microwave background radiation where we can see slightly hotter and cooler parts of the early universe that correspond to density fluctuations. And it is these density fluctuations that allowed matter to clump together into large structures like the gigantic gas clouds that would go on to contain stars and planets. In case the video isn't clear, this is what I've been trying to say.
Animations by Gustavo Rosa
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Deathcrush Dag sedan
Still do not understand how so much mass can come from nothing!does not make any sense at all?
Sam 4 dagar sedan
That's why god can't exist 100% nor 0% And it can't be, that there is 100% free will nor 0% of that.. What if the uncertainty principle itself can't be 100% exactly xD well.. that's why we call them theories To assume anything to be absolute would be crazy.. well relatively crazy.. And at some point it would be better to eat than do think of stuff like that
vani bandodkar
vani bandodkar 4 dagar sedan
this really blow my mind thank you :)
abhinav nigam
abhinav nigam 20 dagar sedan
I don't know if I am wrong, but i telate the real world with computer generated world ( virtual ) In computer everything is made up by the combinations of zreros and ones , in which zero means nothing (closed sircuit),, In real world ,everything is just ripples in a field of vaccum but with different excitement levels and orientation patterns . I always used to think about vaccum as not really empty but something undetectable by our means
Felipe Berlim
Felipe Berlim Månad sedan
I see in the comments people saying that fluctuations happen all the time. What is the definition of a fluctuation?
Felipe Berlim
Felipe Berlim Månad sedan
I really hope you come to Brasil someday. There are great scientists here with channels on SVfrom, like Átila Iamarino (Nerdologia) and Pedro Loos (Ciência Todo Dia) who you need to know. Brazil is in the Dark Ages with Bolsonaro in power. We need more people like you to bring here such good things, with such quality. You are amazing!!!
Felipe Berlim
Felipe Berlim Månad sedan
I’m still mesmerized. It looks like taoism, things in the universe that came from nothingness. Fluctuations in a field. And comparing this video with the one in which you say gravity is an ilusion... It blows my mind 🤯
Cat Man
Cat Man Månad sedan
Tells us about the nature of nothing then promotes a vacuum cleaner?
E.C. Go Music & More
E.C. Go Music & More Månad sedan
How do we know if a second Big Bang did not cause the second period of mass expansion?
Mantis Man
Mantis Man Månad sedan
that vacuum doesn't sound like a security breach at all lol, can't wait til someone hacks that and has a drivable 360 degree camera that can make a map of my house 😂
Rifat Hasan
Rifat Hasan 2 månader sedan
It's really hard to understand science.
SeekingTruth404 3 månader sedan
Genuine question - where did the quantum vacuum come from? It requires space and energy right? Is the common view that a quantum vacuum has always existed and is necessary? I vaguely remember Sean in another video saying he thought the quantum state was contingent but on what? Surely there are theories on how it came to be?
is sad
is sad 3 månader sedan
The cosmic space (as a whole) is homogenous, isotopic, smooth (flat) 1 - The cosmic space is very cold (the temperature is about zero). Then, there is possibility to use the ''theory of ideal gas'' (has temperature T=0K) and say, ''the cosmic space is filled with Boltzmann's mass-molar particles (k)'' 2 - The cosmic space is very cold (the temperature is about zero). Then, there is possibility to use the ''theory of black body'' (has temperature T=0K) and say, '' ''the cosmic space is filled with Planck's energy particles of action (h)'' 3 - Then is possible to guess, that interaction between (k) and (h) particles can change the homogenous, isotopic, smooth (flat) structure of the cosmic (vacuum) state. ---
Manish Singh
Manish Singh 3 månader sedan
The reason why we don't get to know how universe was created is... If we get to know how... We will start creating shitty universe...
Abhiram padikkat
Abhiram padikkat 5 månader sedan
But If the whole things are fluctuation in field,energy is required.but whole energy of universe is zero .how can we say both together?
Mark Simpson
Mark Simpson 5 månader sedan
Brilliant. As ever. Thanks for producing these videos Derek.
Old Man
Old Man 6 månader sedan
Hilarious. Expanding into what? Space expands in Space? Answers from you guys are nonsensical. Your reality is based on brainwashed words.
Old Man
Old Man 4 månader sedan
@Daniël Derikx LMAO at nerds picking their nose and scratching their hithers trying to figure out "reality".
Daniël Derikx
Daniël Derikx 4 månader sedan
@Old Man nigga what are smoking
Old Man
Old Man 6 månader sedan
@Sifat Ahmed TusharPity you don't know reality.
Sifat Ahmed Tushar
Sifat Ahmed Tushar 6 månader sedan
@Old Man " Your theories" what do you mean MY theories? These theories stand on the same scientific method of all other theories of science that you called "great". Pity you don't know how scientific method works.
Old Man
Old Man 6 månader sedan
@Sifat Ahmed Tushar LOL. I think scientist are only as good as the training that drives them. Your theories are built on clouds of smoke. Your pseudo "science" is just abstract logically consistent made up mumbo jumbo.
CollX Gaming
CollX Gaming 6 månader sedan
Veritasium: This video. Me: Thinks about Galaxy A Quantium smartphone Google it & you'll find it.
TheMichaelNT 7 månader sedan
Where did the quantum vacuum come from though
Nauman Malik
Nauman Malik 7 månader sedan
I think it is just a supposition that 'nothingness' or space is filled with all possible 'fields' and anywhere there is excitation in the field , energy in the field there will be the particle (2:38). Again it doe snot solve the question, where the excitation came from that stirred the space filled with the fields? I feel the explanation is as hopeless as a creator, all are just suppositions!
Nauman Malik
Nauman Malik 7 månader sedan
2:40 'It is impossible to make a field perfectly flat and zero"' wondering whether they are emphasizing the need of a maker?
Yutong Shi
Yutong Shi 7 månader sedan
are you crazy. they said that no field is without fluctuations
THE WAKE UP ARTIST 7 månader sedan
I like how we talk about creation of the universe like we were right there watching with a front row seat. Not even a "we believe" anymore. It's the pinnacle of arrogance.
tilu ubhe
tilu ubhe 8 månader sedan
The big bang theory is not great
Darshan Phy
Darshan Phy 8 månader sedan
Physicist don't let their simplest explanation out. They keep to themselves and use freak out grammer to public. That's how they get funded.
byVawx 9 månader sedan
This kinda stuff makes it seem like we are part of a simulation
Tony Droid
Tony Droid 9 månader sedan
More reason to believe in God of the Bible
Anarchy is Order
Anarchy is Order 4 månader sedan
the comentator
the comentator 7 månader sedan
VIII Maus 7 månader sedan
Anna Lill Bjørnsdatter
Anna Lill Bjørnsdatter 9 månader sedan
Gravity is such a trickster
Андрей Полевиков
Андрей Полевиков 11 månader sedan
Explanation of the Universe. The quantum theory of spacetime explains the structure of the vacuum and its transformation into various types of matter. See below.
Vallo Tubli
Vallo Tubli 11 månader sedan
The lack of documentaries that are articulated into popular science about quantum fluctuation is embarrassing. Also ... expansion of big bang wasn't three-dimensional, it was flat. Once matter started to form, a timespace concept saw the light.
21trips 11 månader sedan
I though you were a scientist? Talking about Big Bang as if it’s fact? Don’t facts matter anymore?
21trips 11 månader sedan
Nadeem Shaikh good question! Things we can prove, not science fiction or theories.
Nadeem Shaikh
Nadeem Shaikh 11 månader sedan
So what is the fact?
Go To Explore
Go To Explore 11 månader sedan
How do you know that universe expand quickly, with which speed ? did someone saw this??
VIII Maus 8 månader sedan
@Go To Explore Yes, very radiated in fact. And not just the radiation that's found in a nuke.
Go To Explore
Go To Explore 8 månader sedan
@VIII Maus so we live in a radiated universe?
VIII Maus 8 månader sedan
Background microwave radiation.
Go To Explore
Go To Explore 11 månader sedan
How do u make the calculations? Why the energy is dark and not other color ?
the comentator
the comentator 7 månader sedan
YEa wHy NOt GrEen MAtte!?!?
Go To Explore
Go To Explore 9 månader sedan
@Linda Versadia how a learned man will answer ?
Linda Versadia
Linda Versadia 9 månader sedan
If you can't answer them yourself self, you should have some shame before asking a learned man😇.
Udit Dutta
Udit Dutta År sedan
@2:41 can't the increasing entropy stabilize the field? In the end...! @Veritasium
Shahid Raza Khan
Shahid Raza Khan År sedan
If universe can expand can we think of it to start shriking some day??
VIII Maus 8 månader sedan
That's what some physists think. But because of dark energy, our expansion doesn't seem to be slowing down. It might be more likely for a heat death.
Nissemus År sedan
This video unhelpfully conflates the quantum vacuum and nothing. They're two difference concepts.
cosmos and physical laws
cosmos and physical laws År sedan
Tablet Duda
Tablet Duda År sedan
We-e t take it f fo or gr rant ted. (it's because of my low battery.)
Levi Johnson
Levi Johnson År sedan
How do we know how fast or slow the universe is expanding??
Curtis Reynolds
Curtis Reynolds År sedan
I think this is most likely, but.... how do you KNOW that's what happened with expansion, inflation, expansion? You say that as if it's an absolute. And I agree, it's most likely correct, but it's anything but absolute.
Curtis Reynolds
Curtis Reynolds År sedan
@Nug U ok.... so there's evidence that "strongly suggests" it's accurate. Which is why I BELIEVE it's most likely the way it happened. But, I think it would be MUCH more accurate to say "we think" or "we believe" or "we surmise", than to talk about it as though it's an absolute. Because that's really all we CAN say about it. I just really despise when scientists talk about subjects like this as though our current understanding is "absolutely correct".... when in actuality that's why many say "our current understanding". THAT, I don't have a problem with. Because you never know when someone is going to come along and make another discovery that causes us to have completely rethink everything we thought we knew about it. See what I mean?
Chairman Mao
Chairman Mao År sedan
In ancient Chinese theory BAGUA, says a singularity point randomly generated from void emptiness rather than say there was nothing at beginning... that singular point is Taichi, yes the well known Chinese martial art named after it - the looking low action might generate overwhelming power, Yin and Yang two sides of realm were generated from that singularity and later the 3 dimensional world we live in.
Sai Surapaneni
Sai Surapaneni År sedan
my question is what's there before it started to expand....what is it expanding into....???
SOULSafeProductionZ År sedan
So, the universe came from the quantum vacuum? And it had 4 steps? How did the matter from the first step get here? Where did the quantum vacuum come from?
Harry Stewart
Harry Stewart År sedan
Does Veritasium have a podcast ?
J. Evan
J. Evan År sedan
Well if you can't make space be still, can we at least harness the energy of those fluctuations?
Zachariah M. Baird
Zachariah M. Baird År sedan
Look at the URL of this video.
Utetopia År sedan
What if after inflation, and the slowing down of the expansion, there was another"Big Bang" that forced the expansion to re-accelerate.. and that its not Dark Energy pushing the universe apart..
[REDACTED] År sedan
sorry i was born in a christian minecraft server
Jayant Malhotra
Jayant Malhotra År sedan :^)
Md. Tunazzin Ul Arefin
Md. Tunazzin Ul Arefin År sedan
Nothing is the absence of everything. It cannot even include an energy or dark energy. Nothing cannot even include a cause.
Illuminati65 År sedan
Wow, just learned something very interesting
pongespob År sedan
"That's not actually how it happened" - What he's never going to tell you is he doesn't really know how it happened, everything he states is an incomplete guess. Until he can tell you specifically where all the matter came from, he's only guessing.
Tank Dempsey
Tank Dempsey År sedan
It’s not a guess, it’s been studied & studied & studied, it isn’t necessarily “proven” but it’s as close as we can get to proving it right now. A scientific theory is VERY different from a normal theory
Zatchary Belltucker
Zatchary Belltucker År sedan
Now we're talkin. Not quite caught up with Buddhism.. but we're gettin there.
sumandhan 3 månader sedan
Shut up
dwj1231 År sedan
You are a stupid liar and you know nothing about the Universe. Get off of the internet and stop wasting people's time.
the comentator
the comentator 7 månader sedan
Tell us oh master of the universe how did the universe begin also why is this guy wrong
Boymicin År sedan
Then how the universe begun?
Lorenzo Manzoni
Lorenzo Manzoni År sedan
Who do you think you are? 😂
Tesla Tower
Tesla Tower År sedan
Veritasium, do you believe in God? I want your honest openion.
Exist64 År sedan
I take it for granit that the universe consinsts of...
Hari Kishore
Hari Kishore År sedan
this video explains *nothing*
Drake Danos
Drake Danos År sedan
@4:16, what does he mean when he says “in the density of matter”?
Mohammed Samir
Mohammed Samir År sedan
But it is not nothing, the nothing means no dimensions for position (the 3d) and no dimension for time, it means exactly nothing, and now we want to know where did these fluctuations come from?when did these dimensions appear?
Neil Funk
Neil Funk År sedan
It takes less faith to believe in a creator God than it does to believe in a non-God-motivated beginning of the universe.
VIII Maus 8 månader sedan
"I'm too stupid to understand science, so I use Jewish magic to solve all of life's questions"
To The Sciencemobile!
To The Sciencemobile! År sedan
Not really. The disembodied mind hypothesis would require the universe to 'come from' an actual 'state' of nothingness -- which is a contradiction. Sorry. _That_ takes more faith.
Momcilo Milankovic
Momcilo Milankovic År sedan
Big bang is a theory and nothing else. Everything came out of nothing. Got ya
Jennifer Carrico
Jennifer Carrico År sedan
So why aren’t things always popping into existence, like cars, castles or pizza?
Jennifer Carrico
Jennifer Carrico År sedan
Lorenzo Manzoni Yes, but why don’t bugs randomly pop into existence like energy does? What’s so special about energy that it doesn’t need a cause?
Lorenzo Manzoni
Lorenzo Manzoni År sedan
@Jennifer Carrico bugs are made of matter?
Jennifer Carrico
Jennifer Carrico År sedan
Lorenzo Manzoni I know, but how is that related to my question?
Lorenzo Manzoni
Lorenzo Manzoni År sedan
@Jennifer Carrico matter and energy are related
Lorenzo Manzoni
Lorenzo Manzoni År sedan
@Jennifer Carrico Energy can create matter, but you need a lot of it. E = mc^2
AI fan
AI fan År sedan
I think Allan Guth actually said that it stopped expanding exponentially in this region of the universe but not necessarily everywhere.
nGon- År sedan
"Speaking of vacuums" Please don't be a vacuum cleaner ad, please don't be a vacuum cleaner ad "Today's episode is sponsored by Dyson"
kinza Riaz
kinza Riaz År sedan
Always great love your videos love from Pakistan
Matheshwara Senthilkumar
Matheshwara Senthilkumar År sedan
So you can have your own big bang?
Ury B.
Ury B. År sedan
Yeah but how are galaxies made? How the very first stars in the universe made groups of them selfs sorrounding black holes? Its very complex, but it happened millions of times
yasmin År sedan
watching this in school
TheMBROO År sedan
Time, space, matter. And then everything we know nothing about that made time, space, amd matter. And then everything that isnt time, space, and matter, that matters even more.
AL Can
AL Can År sedan
Would you bet your first born on all that “theory”?
Lorenzo Manzoni
Lorenzo Manzoni År sedan
@eeei hmmm Do you have proof of your claims? Don't tell "the bible", it's not a source :)
eeei hmmm
eeei hmmm År sedan
Love it! He says a whole lot with no basis or background to his claims.
Wina and time traveler
Wina and time traveler År sedan
Professor Sean carroll, I know this guy, read some of his articles and asked some questions but never got any mail from him
Wina and time traveler
Wina and time traveler År sedan
When Aristotle was the greatest thinker they thought earth is stationary that was science then, and what u r saying is science now. We don't know what will be said in future. But for these idiotic thoughts I can say that we observed too less to come to a decision like this.
Artist in Dark
Artist in Dark År sedan
*Hotel? Trivago* *Conservatives? Fucked* 😂😂😂
Christian Gingras
Christian Gingras År sedan
Once again, Fourier analysis easily illustrate what is going on. When a shock wave is coming, the way to generate such wave shape is to add so many higher frequency harmonics. Suppose, for example, that after 1 micro second, the universe reached 2 light year in diameter. First, that mean the universe expanded about 1 million times the speed of light. Let's assume that from center to the circumference, we get a concentration of matter that approximate one half cycle of a sinusoidal wave. One half cycle / cycle/microsecond = 500 khz If that wave has a sharp attack instead of a half sinusoidal, then the harmonics will be 1 mhz, 2 mhz, etc Brief, an observer standing at 1 light year from the big bang will perceive gravitational waves starting at 1 mhz and extending in upper integer multiples of that fundamental. The intensity of that wave is quite high since the weight of the entire is still concentrated in that expanding sphere
SadNTasteless Vegan
SadNTasteless Vegan År sedan
What happened before the big bang?
Lord Zordid
Lord Zordid År sedan
Never take things for granite.
Lana År sedan
There was no big bang. That is a theory proven wrong. Understanding conservation of energy is partly key in understanding how wrong this guy is. Understanding how the accretion of matter works is also partly key to understanding how bodies within the universe formed. From a soup of hot, hydrogen plasma, electrically charged particles and time, we have the first stars, which were the first of those bodies. Those stars were veracious in apatite. They consumed large quantities of hydrogen until some either burst as a supernova or turned into a black hole under the intense gravity. Those first stars seeded the universe with more complex elements and pushed matter around with their explosive forces and gravity. This in turn formed the first galaxies. Time proceeded to tick away through the universe as cosmic bodies either formed or got destroyed. Then after quite a long time, humans began to observe the after effects in a mature universe and proposed how it all began. Many get this wrong, very wrong. There was and is no great creator ghost in the sky, no Heaven, no Hell, no Big Bang. Perhaps many bangs all around after things began to heat up. Just simply observe star forming regions of nebula to see stars form with planetary discs to get a glimpse. Those Nebulae are from massive stars that exploded very long ago. Check out galaxies that are over 12 billion light years away, and fully mature. Does this make sense if at that distance those galaxies should still be very young in our observations? I think not. I believe that the observation of quasars that have a redshift that supposedly makes them appear much farther away than they are is also proof that theories are wrong. The fact that Galaxies are moving in many directions, some faster than others is also proof of the never existing big bang. I am positive that there never was a big bang. Even with the most supermassive black holes, the matter can only be smashed down so far, it continues to grow slowly as it consumes matter. Black holes seem to be quite stable and never simply explode. All matter in the universe can not possibly be smashed down infinitely small, down to the size of the point of a needle. That is not only flawed thinking, but stupid.
Lana År sedan
The CMB does not prove or hold up the Big Bang Theory. There was loads of lies connected with the CMB as there is so very little difference in the field (3 degrees in fact). Background radiation is observable but proves and supports none of the theories that were discussed. It only proves that there may be radioactive matter in a fairly smooth field, perhaps a dense soup so to speak, that we can't visualize as it produces no visible light and is not illuminated enough to be observed. As far as we know, it is like a gigantic nebula surrounding the observable universe. But that is only a theory. We know little beyond the OBSERVABLE. In fact, we are still infantile in our knowledge of the universe and how things actually came to be and how things work.
Lana År sedan
Dark Energy and Dark Matter do not exist. It too is only a theory to plug holes in a flawed theory. I find it uniquely stupid that it was said in the video that everything slowed down and then sped up. Lets just say for instance I am wrong and this fictitious Dark crap actually existed, it would have existed all along throughout time. Has anyone proven without a doubt that Dark Energy and Dark Matter exists? NO. There are no samples or proof that it is a real thing. It supposedly makes up near some 90% of everything that is not normal, visible matter. Yet, it has never been actually observed, sampled, witnessed in any actual factual way. Perhaps one day, people/scientists will pull their heads out of their asses and stop treating theories as fact and as a religion that is indisputable. Theories are NOT facts.
Aetheon Pro
Aetheon Pro År sedan
There is no such thing has nothing... That defeats the idea... Nothing means nothing at all... Nothing cant be a physical thing but instead its relative to lack of a physical thing at a certain point... So the universe does not come from nothing...
Seamus År sedan
"Nothing" from a materialist perspective, but as far as energy is concerned it's not empty or nothing.
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam 2 år sedan
OK. So show us the proof of this made-up BS Theory. You can have faith in this BS or the BIBLE.
Boymicin År sedan
This has nothing to do with religion
Omoshne År sedan
I see that you have clearly never read the Bible, otherwise you'd never say that.
The in_visible girl
The in_visible girl 2 år sedan
where did 'time' come from, if the big bang was the 'beginning'?
The in_visible girl
The in_visible girl 2 år sedan
where did the 'nothing' come from?
Atharva Mandrekar
Atharva Mandrekar 2 år sedan
Scientists should have picked up another term for "Dark Energy" All these religious people start making an excuse and since they don't really know what dark energy really is, They use this as an excuse to correlate their term for "Dark Energy". And when they're being explained they become ignorant
akhlaq choudhary
akhlaq choudhary 2 år sedan
were did matter came from?who created it or cause it to be created?if something created matter.where did that thing came from
Double Jsizzle
Double Jsizzle 2 år sedan
The temperature differences are greatly exaggerated in this video. It varies by less than 0.001 degrees from 2.725 Kelvin. it is virtually uniform.
Mystery Person
Mystery Person 2 år sedan
Cyber Hugs
Cyber Hugs 2 år sedan
no matter the theory, something has always been there and that is so mind boggling
John Bartucci
John Bartucci 2 år sedan
Nicely done..
s197mustangfan 2 år sedan
Mind blowing. Awesome. We are so small.
Noah Watkins
Noah Watkins 2 år sedan
You all need to think long and hard about this video. I’m not saying that he is wrong but I’m not saying he’s right. There is no proof that the big band theory happened, why do you think it said theory. This is just his opinion and does not mean it is true. We cannot judge a person for there believes so all of you saying god isn’t real are doing the same thing you get mad at them for. We all are allowed to have opinions and we shouldn’t try to tell other people that there wrong... it will just be this endless loop of people saying I’m right, no I’m right, no I’m right, see................but I have to say that every one that says the Big Bang theory is real are stupid.
Boymicin År sedan
Ok did you see god create the world?
J P 2 år sedan
Ada Cougars What do you mean by "corrupted"? What do you mean by "god"? What do you mean by "build the heavens and the earth", do you have some "proof" for that, did you see it happen? A scientific theory is not "just" an idea. Here's a quote from Wikipedia: "A scientific theory is an explanation of an aspect of the natural world that can be repeatedly tested and verified in accordance with scientific method, using accepted protocols of observation, measurement, and evaluation of results. Where possible, theories are tested under controlled conditions in an experiment. In circumstances not amenable to experimental testing, theories are evaluated through principles of abductive reasoning. Established scientific theories have withstood rigorous scrutiny and embody scientific knowledge. The meaning of the term scientific theory (often contracted to theory for brevity) as used in the disciplines of science is significantly different from the common vernacular usage of theory. In everyday speech, theory can imply an explanation that represents an unsubstantiated and speculative guess, whereas in science it describes an explanation that has been tested and widely accepted as valid. These different usages are comparable to the opposing usages of prediction in science versus common speech, where it denotes a mere hope. The strength of a scientific theory is related to the diversity of phenomena it can explain and its simplicity. As additional scientific evidence is gathered, a scientific theory may be modified and ultimately rejected if it cannot be made to fit the new findings; in such circumstances, a more accurate theory is then required. That doesn’t mean that all theories can be fundamentally changed (for example, well established foundational scientific theories such as evolution, heliocentric theory, cell theory, theory of plate tectonics etc). In certain cases, the less-accurate unmodified scientific theory can still be treated as a theory if it is useful (due to its sheer simplicity) as an approximation under specific conditions. A case in point is Newton's laws of motion, which can serve as an approximation to special relativity at velocities that are small relative to the speed of light. Scientific theories are testable and make falsifiable predictions. They describe the causes of a particular natural phenomenon and are used to explain and predict aspects of the physical universe or specific areas of inquiry (for example, electricity, chemistry, and astronomy). Scientists use theories to further scientific knowledge, as well as to facilitate advances in technology or medicine. As with other forms of scientific knowledge, scientific theories are both deductive and inductive, aiming for predictive and explanatory power. The paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould wrote that "...facts and theories are different things, not rungs in a hierarchy of increasing certainty. Facts are the world's data. Theories are structures of ideas that explain and interpret facts.""
Noah Watkins
Noah Watkins 2 år sedan
See the problem is you keep saying theory but a theory is an idea used to account for a situation. The situation is the Big Bang and it’s just an idea that someone had. You are probably one of those corrupted kids that think what other people think, even tho some people say that god build the heavens and the earth. So how are you going to tell those people that they’re wrong when they have the same proof you do.
J P 2 år sedan
Ada Cougars "Did I see it happen" What a stupid question. One person seeing something is never "proof" of anything and only in mathematics you have proofs. You have access to the internet so you have the tool to find the evidence. But basically the redshift of galaxies means they were closer together in the past and the big bang theory predicted the CMB which was discovered and the mixture of elements in the universe is predicted by the theory as well.
Noah Watkins
Noah Watkins 2 år sedan
Ok so did you see the Big Bang happen, no so that’s an opinion if no one has proof.
Caleb Fox
Caleb Fox 2 år sedan
In order to create something you have to be outside of it. God is outside of everthing that he made. Just like many have said. What crashed into what to make the galaxies? Some may say atoms. Where did the atoms come from? and it just keeps going. Where did the things come from that created the atoms? God. If you come across a massive ball in the woods you aren't going to think of where the ball came from. You know there had to be a creator of it. How come we see the earth and how complex it is and think that there is no creator?
H Habib
H Habib 2 år sedan
Bing bang is a wrong theory
I dont wanna use my name
I dont wanna use my name 2 år sedan
If space and time are interchangeable how can one measure how long it took for our universe to expand?
Sumanyu Sinha
Sumanyu Sinha 2 år sedan
Everyone talks about universe facts like they know thats is indeed a fact. How do we know that ?
Matthew Tenebre
Matthew Tenebre 2 år sedan
At least science has the backbone to say, "we don't know for sure, but this mathematically tested, visually observed, evidence based theory seems to fit." Science is completely open to being wrong and willing to change course when a better theory is brought to the forefront, when all religions do is say, "well, God works in mysterious ways," and refuse to bring forth even the smallest shred of evidence to support their beliefs and claims. Religions absolutely refuse to be wrong and change as evidence contrary to their beliefs and claims is presented, which is the crux of what is causing the sharp declines of membership all over the world. People are waking up, and it's about time.
Aweri Blakely
Aweri Blakely 2 år sedan
what if we are nothing, just a nothing twisted and formed into a different type of nothing.
ArunPrasad K
ArunPrasad K 2 år sedan
There is something bcos of nothing!
이지연 2 år sedan
한국어도 좀 해주어어어ㅠㅠ
Charlie Mancuso
Charlie Mancuso 2 år sedan
Add God and it makes perfect sense.
Azael Burr
Azael Burr 2 år sedan
whose videos did you sample? i want to watch the full video.
Adolfo Madrid
Adolfo Madrid 2 år sedan
The big gang bang!👄🐰👁️👄💙👍👌🤘🏋️⛹️🤸🎅👻👿😜🤔🐤🐥🐦🐉🐍🦋🕷️🕸️🐞🐝🐜🌻🍁🍄🍭🍬🥂🗼🗽🕌🎡🎢🎈🎄🎃🥊💉🛁🗿💊♒♑♐⛎♓♌♍🈵🈺㊙️㊗️🔶🌐♨️🇦🇺
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