How Microwaving Grapes Makes Plasma

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A bisected grape in the microwave makes plasma. But how does it work? A grape is the right size and refractive index to trap microwaves inside it. When you place two (or two halves) close together the fields interact with each other creating a maximum of electromagnetic energy where they touch. This creates heating, sparks, and plasma, which is further fed with energy directly by the microwaves.
Huge thanks to Hamza Khattak, Prof. Pablo Bianucci and Prof. Aaron Slepkov (unavailable for the call) for chatting to me and helping me understand the physics of this cool phenomenon.
Linking plasma formation in grapes to microwave resonances of aqueous dimers
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
Thanks also to Steve Bosi, my original plasma collaborator.
Animations by Alan Chamberlain
Music from "Seaweed"

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If you need help with some of the audio, turn on captions!
emmitt mcfaddin
emmitt mcfaddin 4 dagar sedan
I’m still waiting for the episode which shows how to make microscopic black holes in my microwave with a sugar cube.
Alex T
Alex T 8 dagar sedan
@Topsail I'm with you on that. But I thought I was losing my hearing 'cause I couldn't hear all the new movies. Turns out the old movies are fine. New movies, other than being garbage, aren't put together with any care. It's just "Run the film and hope for the best". Anything after about 1955 is rejected, with few exceptions. Believe it or not, some new movies are good! And believe this or not, I can understand the dialogue. Wifey agrees. She had better. Ciao.
Topsail 9 dagar sedan
I'm hard of hearing so I always use captions when it's available. Most people find it annoying on the TV when they watch my TV. However, my wife will be the first to tell them, "it bothered me at first, but then I got used to it. After I got used to it, I never realized how much of the dialogue I missed! Now I want Closed Captioning on everything I watch!" We like captioning so much that the only theater we go to for movie watching are Regal theaters. They have a special pair of glasses with a little box attached by a long cord (you can put it in your pocket) that let you have captions of the movie you are watching. The cool thing about it is captions during the movie without it getting in the way! Plus, if you have to make a trip to the snack bar or restroom, you can still read the captions as you go! LOL Now, if only the captioning on SVfrom was more accurate!
Alex T
Alex T 9 dagar sedan
@Aquason And what about grape nuts?
CBDa Great For *Anxiety *Pain *Depression *Sleep!!
CBDa Great For *Anxiety *Pain *Depression *Sleep!! 12 dagar sedan
Vegans now can't eat fruits because they have a soul, as you clearly saw it leaving the grape's body.
Mia Kramer
Mia Kramer 6 timmar sedan
HAHAHA! The headlines read: *”Scientist discovers creation of plasma through microwaving grapes”* Your grandma: I see, those darn scientists are still wasting their time. They should be finding the cure to cancer 🤦🏻‍♀️
RobertWF42 9 timmar sedan
Ah this explains what happened when they put the gremlin in the microwave. :-)
Precision Lead Throwing
Precision Lead Throwing 10 timmar sedan
Challenge to youtubers - make an experiment demonstrating that increasing the concentration of CO2 in parcel of air from 00.029% to 00.038% has the effect IPCC claims and that it will bring the temperature up by the IPCC claimed amount of ºC WITHOUT increasing the energy input.
Val2016 10 timmar sedan
Now imagine your head is the grape and you cell phone is the microwave.
Manuel Cornejo
Manuel Cornejo 10 timmar sedan
Don't tell us, please do it. You said that if you have a material that doesn't absorb microwave...then make this experiment. Half-open a grape with a knife and put a steel ball inside, then close the grape again with the help of adhesive tape
ChefGiovanni 12 timmar sedan
Fun Fact ; Microwaves are not made for cooking. They do help to reheat food, unevenly of course. Here is a great Bread Recipe from the Chefs ;
Batman 1179
Batman 1179 14 timmar sedan
I'm making a plasma rifle.....with grapes.
TheFeelofWind 16 timmar sedan
Raspberries. Raspberries do this, as I discovered a few years ago when I couldn't understand why my microwave caused the raspberries to spark, flame, and burn - it is actually this exact thing! but it has only happened in one home, with one brand of microwave. Thanks for this!
nursekimmie77 16 timmar sedan
That is too damn cool! Definitely a science experiment for the kiddo to video for his science class.
Sherman Tung
Sherman Tung 17 timmar sedan
A woman found dead on the side of a Houston road has been identified as a social media influencer:
Brain Serum
Brain Serum 17 timmar sedan
@4:23 Looks like 2 eyeballs staring deeply into one another.
Twykster 18 timmar sedan
"They're graaaaaAAAPE!"
Scott Rousseau
Scott Rousseau 18 timmar sedan
Hmmm. How to start a fire... with grapes! Amazing.
Felix The Cat
Felix The Cat 18 timmar sedan
Malted milk balls generated similar...
Waggle Ivah
Waggle Ivah 18 timmar sedan
My question, like most weird things, is who tf cut a grape in half and microwaved it?
jeff fung
jeff fung 19 timmar sedan
"What kind of printer is that?" "Oh, it's a grape-plasma printer."
Royz View
Royz View 20 timmar sedan
Hang on a minute...ions and magnetic feilds, that has a similarity to how Aurora Borialis works doesn't it?.........................If so are we living on a big grape LOL?
Coptic Christian
Coptic Christian 20 timmar sedan
So what does this do to the body?
ByGraceIGo 22 timmar sedan
And how is this helping the world? It's interesting but it's of no use a my opinion. Should be on that show how things work. Doesn't seem like this can be applied to anything except more useless knowledge. Just saying. Americans and people who are from industrialized countries are just too bored. My son is kind of a geek but he doesn't even have a microwave in his house. God only knows what it's doing to the food. Definitely changes it somehow. Meanwhile some people are struggling to survive.
ByGraceIGo 22 timmar sedan
I had it happen with blueberries. I was like what the heck?
Taste of Wang
Taste of Wang Dag sedan
8 months into quarantine. It’s getting boring. NOW DO 2 spheres of triple point water. Boooom
Lars Sjöträsk
Lars Sjöträsk Dag sedan
The microwave oven is almost empty if you have there only two grapes. Running empty microwave owen may ruin it. I noticed once sparks when I had two small sausages side by side in the microwave owen.
Fransiskus GUNTUR
Fransiskus GUNTUR Dag sedan
imagine being so desperate in competing with other scientists in term of publications that u started investigating fruits and stuff :/
Venomous Llama
Venomous Llama Dag sedan
Can I try this at home? Or will it damage the microwave
Devin Loew
Devin Loew Dag sedan
Physicists talking to one another vs. the Kardashians talking to one another...
Markus Toribio
Markus Toribio Dag sedan
Time to make Plasma Guns possible with a couple of grapes
dexter Dag sedan
steins gate is also possible i guess 😂
Mike Hat
Mike Hat Dag sedan
Does this plasma contain covid19 antibodies?
nitsuAustin Moore
nitsuAustin Moore Dag sedan
This also work's with prunes
Manisha Persaud
Manisha Persaud Dag sedan
i want to try this so badly but i am so concerned about my microwave.. will it be damaged? '
Revealanation 777
Revealanation 777 Dag sedan
I wish I was smart 🤓
Yash Kumar
Yash Kumar Dag sedan
Has anyone noticed that we use wifi also at 2.4 ghz and radio 2.4 ghz and lots of things at 2.4ghz
Kima Parker
Kima Parker Dag sedan
Now I understand how cell phones work
Diotima of Mantinea
Diotima of Mantinea Dag sedan
I see no discussion on shape of grape. I suggest you look into that more.
Justin Sarvis
Justin Sarvis 2 dagar sedan
Wow, microwaves must be terrible for us!
Catsnmi2 2 dagar sedan
5G is microwaving humans.
Treeherder 77
Treeherder 77 2 dagar sedan
Tommy Li
Tommy Li 2 dagar sedan
The grape represents your alveoli the microwave is 5gee. 🤔
Captainflux Gaming
Captainflux Gaming 2 dagar sedan
I wonder how many volts i could generate from doin this
toaster graps v2 jude
toaster graps v2 jude 2 dagar sedan
H8 im toaster graps
Nerbiz Dijkstra
Nerbiz Dijkstra 2 dagar sedan
What've these grapes ever done to you?
Nils Pochat
Nils Pochat 2 dagar sedan
lol grape goes "pew pew laser"
Tom Adams
Tom Adams 2 dagar sedan
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 2 dagar sedan
Waiting for an oversaturation of wifi networks to cook two grapes that coincidentally happen to be in the middle of it all.
Altus Talent
Altus Talent 2 dagar sedan
Did anyone else think this sounded more exciting than it actually was to watch?
Bare With Me
Bare With Me 2 dagar sedan
I love you thank you
Cuba Nisms
Cuba Nisms 2 dagar sedan
what does refractive index (affects light) have to do with magnetic fields?
Miles Martinez
Miles Martinez 3 dagar sedan
Jill Gaumet
Jill Gaumet 3 dagar sedan
Could 5G turn us into goo?
Robert Zeurunkl
Robert Zeurunkl 3 dagar sedan
Would just two glass marbles do it? My theory is that the grape halves act as a sort of "lens", focusing the microwaves into two beams that collide with each other "head on". So, would two glass marbles do the same?
Lisa Mcgehee
Lisa Mcgehee 3 dagar sedan
So can you eat the grapes afterwards what will it do?
Alex Hamilton
Alex Hamilton 3 dagar sedan
I bet only the parents were the ones that disliked the video.
James Salter
James Salter 3 dagar sedan
great! I mean, grape!
Joseph R
Joseph R 3 dagar sedan
Amazing find! After thinking about it 🤔 I started to wonder what would happen if you would have not 2 but 3 grapes or 3 little water balls? The reason I say 3 is Tesla always said that if you want to understand the universe think in terms of EFV "Energy Frequency Vibration ". I believe that yes you can create plasma in a 2 dimensional space and time but it is rather unstable! But in a 3 dimensional space and time you might be able to stabilize it at the center of the triangle shape created by the items used in the experiment?
Eeeehhhsoudesuka 3 dagar sedan
Those grapes need to get a room.
GibsonVienna 3 dagar sedan
Now I know what the Phased Plasma Rifle with the 40 Watt Range is.
fivepinkhearts 3 dagar sedan
I am so glad to see this video! I have always combined Costco mixed berries with oatmeal, and it was a joke that "mom sees berry fireworks"! We could never figure out what was going on in there, so I just assumed I was seeing things! 🤣 I am vindicated! 👍😂👍 Thank you for clearing things up!
nitsuAustin Moore
nitsuAustin Moore 3 dagar sedan
How much energy do they produce? I wonder if someone could somehow create a perpetual motion machine.
Casey Henderson
Casey Henderson 3 dagar sedan
AWESOME Video! But ONE Question: Why not HONEY NUT Cheerios? :P
Is this seedless grapes or real grapes 🤔 ??
Deborahlyn Hetherly
Deborahlyn Hetherly 4 dagar sedan
This is so cool💖
Sam LSD 4 dagar sedan
7:05 what you want to see...
kimperly lopez
kimperly lopez 4 dagar sedan
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Robert Gamble
Robert Gamble 4 dagar sedan
Would another fruit, like Cherries or cherry tomatoes do this same thing? Robert Gambe, Ret. USN/USMC "Doc G" Semper Fi
Think 4 dagar sedan
Nuclear Fusion should be improved by utilizing these facts. Grapes for nuclear fusion!
ReD QuEEn 4 dagar sedan
You know when you see an animation in a SVfrom video, its gonna be legit 🤣
Stone Age Killer
Stone Age Killer 4 dagar sedan
Was Dr. Bosi played by Rufus Sewell?
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 4 dagar sedan
Gosh who knew I could power my spaceship's plasma thrusters with grapes from your Earth grocery store. I'll be able to get home tonight in time to watch The Intergalactic games! Seriously though this is fascinating
Tzatziki V
Tzatziki V 4 dagar sedan
That scientist is cute.
Philip H
Philip H 4 dagar sedan
Science is going to take a great leap, so many folk cooked up in their homes experimenting
Bobby Bobby
Bobby Bobby 4 dagar sedan
On my way to the store to buy some grapes.
hooch pandersnach
hooch pandersnach 4 dagar sedan
So if you modulate the electromagnetic radiation at different frequency lengths can you do this with different sized object ?
ken shaw
ken shaw 4 dagar sedan
beachboy boobybuilder
beachboy boobybuilder 4 dagar sedan
They look like twins.
kof839 4 dagar sedan
that is not a beard on your face >D
Rae G.O.D.
Rae G.O.D. 4 dagar sedan
just eat it
ljbull33 4 dagar sedan
this is vert cool , so ? what can you do with the plasma?
Emily Grace
Emily Grace 4 dagar sedan
Awesome sauce. Time to take this to the next level.
Andrea Botteghelz
Andrea Botteghelz 4 dagar sedan
As regards the sodium spectral line…
Daniel Getz
Daniel Getz 4 dagar sedan
Most mysterious things: 1. Big foot 2. Area 51 3. SVfrom recommendations
Edward Tyndall
Edward Tyndall 4 dagar sedan
Edward Tyndall
Edward Tyndall 4 dagar sedan
and you could store those little pictures on a quartz crystal
Bo Banks
Bo Banks 4 dagar sedan
God's just making Easter eggs for our game
Steve Trueblue
Steve Trueblue 4 dagar sedan
How to weaponise this ?
joe caterman
joe caterman 4 dagar sedan
when ever i see higher energy density somewhere than should be the case considering the source I would always assume resonance.
emmitt mcfaddin
emmitt mcfaddin 4 dagar sedan
Does this glitch still work or did it get patched yet?
Ray Ching
Ray Ching 5 dagar sedan
Kevin 5 dagar sedan
What about raisins, or other dried round fruit?
X S 5 dagar sedan
yeah but how do they taste?!
RumChickenBiscuits 5 dagar sedan
Could this be applicable to human combustion relative to old malfunctioning TV or other form of low radiation?
Hauk Langlo
Hauk Langlo 5 dagar sedan
Just curious. What is your MBTI type? My guess is ENTJ....
Krocodilo 5 dagar sedan
I gotta say this: non-ginger Mitchel from Modern Family
Liam Cahill
Liam Cahill 5 dagar sedan
nice I remember this
Herr Brokkoli
Herr Brokkoli 5 dagar sedan
Why is it called Grape,....the Plant is called Wine and the Fruit is a Berry: Should it be called a Wine-Berry?
dan joseph
dan joseph 5 dagar sedan
What if you made them spin? Would it make the process more stable?
Doris Dsouza
Doris Dsouza 5 dagar sedan
Is this experiment safe to do in a old LG oven
The Continental
The Continental 5 dagar sedan
Mankind’s new power source?
JD Sykes
JD Sykes 5 dagar sedan
This was really really good. There is a lot more going on here and whomever figures it out, well lets hope they they use their powers for good and not evil... Talking to you America with ur insane obsession to weaponise everything lol 🤭
Bram Vandenbon
Bram Vandenbon 5 dagar sedan
I think the same may actually happen to 2 hotdog sousages. If you put them too close to each other, then the intersection is extremely burned as well. They are extremely hot inside as well. Sometimes you can heat them in 10 seconds, and sometimes it takes a minute. So, I guess that means it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. - The bad thing is, I ate those sousages, and now I'm wondering if that was a good idea.
Bram Vandenbon
Bram Vandenbon 5 dagar sedan
My theory in fact, was that it is a kind of resistance. e.g. in electronics, if you have a small wire, it will get hot faster than if you use a thick wire. As the waves move through the object, they follow the shape of the object. And if there's a very small point of contact, I think that also creates some kind of resistance. That extremely small point of contact is the case when you have circular objects which are touching.
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