How Live TV Works

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
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Vedant Chaudhari
Vedant Chaudhari 3 timmar sedan
Justinas Andrijevskis
Justinas Andrijevskis 12 timmar sedan
Thank you for mentioning Lithuania :)
Dinesh Goundla
Dinesh Goundla Dag sedan
Glad to see TATA come up in the video.
vee2easy Dag sedan
they do all this just so I can stream it free on youtube. you got to love it.
Sanjeev Dasari
Sanjeev Dasari 2 dagar sedan
Silverstone in the first 5 seconds of the video
Harsh Jani
Harsh Jani 2 dagar sedan
Proud to be an Indian ❤️
John Cheever
John Cheever 2 dagar sedan
I wish this video was more focused on the systems and logistics of live tv news and entertainment like SNL, Concerts, Thanksgiving Parade, Breaking news? - and not so much on sports (specifically on F1 considering they already have a dedicated video out about it)
Omen 2 dagar sedan
I was expecting the technical details of all live tv, not just Formula 1 :(
Tony Chan
Tony Chan 2 dagar sedan
My understanding is that the contract between Tata and F1 was discontinued in 2019.
Alparslan Korkmaz
Alparslan Korkmaz 3 dagar sedan
Nice video.
Ron 3 dagar sedan
Never thought I'd see my house in a Wendover video 8:58 🇰🇪
Rilch Vladimir
Rilch Vladimir 3 dagar sedan
they also use drones a lot in racing events.
पेड़ Tree
पेड़ Tree 3 dagar sedan
i am very sad, he didnt named it the logistics of live broadcast
Jaye O'Farrell
Jaye O'Farrell 4 dagar sedan
One interesting aspect of F1 is depending on the previous years constructor standings. Each team is guaranteed a certain amount of on on screen time. Meaning that as well as balancing the on camera action and narrative, the producer also has to make sure each time gets their on camera time. It's why you sometimes get odd cuts to follow a car out of the action for a couple of laps.
SLiX 5 dagar sedan
I think you should also cover eSports broadcast. A more digital aspect to getting shots on top of the out of game shots. I think the rest of it is pretty similar tho, just want to note how difficult observing is and how limitless shots and angles may be in a virtual 3d space.
Spookay It's Me
Spookay It's Me 5 dagar sedan
That's a Mid-Western accent that creeps in there that I can hear. Like a Milwaukee accent, maybe?
snore cart
snore cart 6 dagar sedan
Haha - I catched the driver at the back who spins reference. I see you are a man of formuladank as well ;) :p Awesome work as always!
Yasin Hasan
Yasin Hasan 6 dagar sedan
dont know a single person who watch formula 1
Sexy Axolotl
Sexy Axolotl 6 dagar sedan
11:17 mazespin
FABI P 6 dagar sedan
In addition.
General Bomba
General Bomba 6 dagar sedan
where plane?
Matas Kart
Matas Kart 6 dagar sedan
12:45 Except that no TV channels in Lithuania could afford to pay for F1 coverage, so it was dropped a while ago, leaving only the horrific F1TV service that doesn't work 1/2 the time :/
Ijas Muhammed Photography
Ijas Muhammed Photography 6 dagar sedan
Decided to Invest in Tata Communication stock which is enlisted in Indian Stock Market. Just investors things 😉
Daniel 6 dagar sedan
What's the skyline at 7:54? I don't recognize that city.
Henrik Kowalski
Henrik Kowalski 7 dagar sedan
Please stop with this Brilliant stuff. Honestly it teaches you nothing and still people claim they know machine learning (and all models there are) while the CV of someone who might have done years worth of DNN lacks points in logistic regression or random forrest. No researcher knows all methods but someone who has taken a brilliant course could sell superficial knowledge as deep knowledge. And believe me real researchers would and could not do this.
joep vn
joep vn 7 dagar sedan
Please do a bit about the medical coverage at F1
killerch0 7 dagar sedan
I love how F1 is the new airplanes
cchaz003 7 dagar sedan
Dude, I was so hoping you'd dig into F1 and then you did - perfection once again!
Vishesh Kothari
Vishesh Kothari 8 dagar sedan
🇮🇳 Proud of Tata Communications Indian Company making Indians Proud in World. Also the Company of Ratan Tata
Dongle Berry
Dongle Berry 8 dagar sedan
Quality? BroadWhat? 720p? A problem? FFFUUUUUUU!
Lance Gambit
Lance Gambit 8 dagar sedan
It would seem that how the F1 races are produced & broadcast is infinitely more fascinating than the races themselves.
Steven Samuel
Steven Samuel 8 dagar sedan
I just thought I'd get a video about live TV broadcasting, but to find out that it's actually just an F1 logistics vid, I'm delightfully bamboozled
Super Pandas
Super Pandas 9 dagar sedan
What’s the difference between sender and BaI?
Super Pandas
Super Pandas 9 dagar sedan
Ali Syed
Ali Syed 9 dagar sedan
SVfrom is for information not accessible through Wikipedia.. and this video contains PhD in Formula 1 info.
Kylla Zanabi
Kylla Zanabi 9 dagar sedan
Who’s that williams at the back? @10:37
Lars Jorgensen
Lars Jorgensen 10 dagar sedan
Loved the details in this vid, thanks! Though I wish there would have been even a little talk about the sound mix as part of the production, in addition to cameras and data transmission. In a time when most people’s personal experience with capturing live video is from a smartphone which automatically combines video and sound, this is not inherently the case in professional production. Many of the cams are shooting very long shots and the “local” sound at the operators location is either not captured at all, or would not be a good choice for the final mix to match the image framing after zooming in, etc. So there are hundreds of microphones of all types being mixed as part of that broadcast. Since some of the stock footage was of sound mixers would have been cool to address it also!
Big Onicha
Big Onicha 10 dagar sedan
Okay but how about scheduling routes for an aeroplane?
Medad Alfalasi
Medad Alfalasi 10 dagar sedan
Hey is that sam
Village Blunder
Village Blunder 10 dagar sedan
I wonder if the record it in PAL, NTSC or SECAM.
teresa puthoor
teresa puthoor 10 dagar sedan
Quidditch must be a nightmare
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee 10 dagar sedan
The sporting event that always boggles my mind in terms of broadcast is the Tour De France.
loads of content
loads of content 11 dagar sedan
You sound like hai guy
Prerak Kalla
Prerak Kalla 11 dagar sedan
Tata - Real pride of India
Santiago Mendez-Roelofs
Santiago Mendez-Roelofs 11 dagar sedan
Can you do a video about the logistics of car or airplane manufacturing? That would be awesome!
Terox 11 dagar sedan
theres this crazy video in the F1 channel here on yt where you hear the directors talking to each other. interesting as hell imo. search ''How TV Directors Captured the Action in Germany'' here on yt
Terox 11 dagar sedan
my condolences that you had to do a video about f1 lol. bet it was a pain in the *ss to get stockfootage. f1 is crazy about their licenses
Joe Morris Bray
Joe Morris Bray 12 dagar sedan
I really appreciate the effort that Sam (or his underpaid grad student staff lol) makes to gear these videos towards an international audience. I get so sick of the over-saturation of North American media in the English-speaking world. Thank you for making the effort
Halim Halim
Halim Halim 12 dagar sedan
Halim Talafuka,Alhamdulillahirobbil Alamiin,Allahumma Amiin,Trima Kasih.@$#.
abb ba
abb ba 12 dagar sedan
So is that why so far this season F1 has been so terrible at showing live overtakes compared to the previous era? Primarily just switching between those cameras on track one to next rather then all feeds in between those, that have been currently mostly used for replays.
YandeMC 12 dagar sedan
This guy sounds like the guy from hai
Nikola Tasev
Nikola Tasev 12 dagar sedan
I see that live TV has no other way to work - they have a single time slot on a single channel. But with the Internet, allowing people to choose what to watch and when to watch it - I would *love* to have access to the raw data - all the cameras, so I can choose to focus on a driver of my own choosing. It would not even be that difficult, you can stream an arbitrary number of videos to youtube, or Twitch.
Karthik Srikanth Brahmajosyula
Karthik Srikanth Brahmajosyula 13 dagar sedan
This is better than "Drive to Survive"
Frank R. Haugen
Frank R. Haugen 13 dagar sedan
Briiiiiiiiicks part 2!!!!
e e
e e 13 dagar sedan
Hai is better
Kevin 13 dagar sedan
could you do some more videos about cargo and aviation?
Noukz 14 dagar sedan
Oh, @01:12 I see you used some of my country's criminal organisation people (the government staff)
Sergio Pranav
Sergio Pranav 14 dagar sedan
Wendover, more like bendover.
sokin jon
sokin jon 14 dagar sedan
Love it!
RyanMr92 14 dagar sedan
U seem to be a very big fan of F1
LivingDeadGirl 14 dagar sedan
I’m surprised that they still use helicopters. Seems like those days would be close to becoming extinct. Just seems like drones are getting so much better and are so much safer for everyone. I mean, with all the moving parts already, a helicopter is just another part that can go wrong, and if that part fails, it’s not only expensive, but lots of people could die. I don’t know much about drones- other than they can vary in size from finger tip to airplane size, so I’m sure they can still be just as dangerous if they needed a camera that large, but it seems like technology is on the brink of being able to make cameras and drones work in unison to get the amazing shots without the need for the heavy equipment 🤷‍♀️
Comment 200
Comment 200 9 dagar sedan
In the US, they have replaced the cable cam for auto racing. Drones however are restricted to how high they can fly. Operator must maintain visual at all times. Helicopters and blimps can fly higher for larger area coverage. Larger lenses on helicopters = better closeups from a distance.
Justin Koster
Justin Koster 14 dagar sedan
this makes the random cuts to team radio traffic make more sense and the best thing about F1 coverage is basically no commercials
Philipp Lama
Philipp Lama 13 dagar sedan
There are commercials
sokin jon
sokin jon 14 dagar sedan
Kind of sounds like a commercial...
Jean-Marc Belliveau
Jean-Marc Belliveau 14 dagar sedan
disliked cause did not mention hockey
Saket Iyer
Saket Iyer 15 dagar sedan
As an Indian, I had no idea that Tata packed so much heat, neither did I know that they are the only Tier 1 comm network in the country. It's a pretty low key company and extremely respected here.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 15 dagar sedan
If Wendover had a live news channel, it would only be about planes, geography problems, and bricks
Tom Czech
Tom Czech 15 dagar sedan
Great video! Please do a video about the logistics of the Olympics over the summer. A sporting movement with the best intensions that is poorly executed every single time. The debt that host cities incur is not helped by the convoluted ticketing system that leaves many tickets unsold. It would be great if the Olympics could be fixed so that they are less of a burden on the host city.
Tech Build
Tech Build 15 dagar sedan
Got to know something new about Tata. Great video by the way.
Deepanshu Payaal
Deepanshu Payaal 15 dagar sedan
Tata sky huh🙂
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 15 dagar sedan
NIce tatas.
Ankit Dhoot
Ankit Dhoot 15 dagar sedan
GOOD FARMER 15 dagar sedan
Ahhh it's too complicated thanks to our engineers
Douglas 15 dagar sedan
official gwen
official gwen 15 dagar sedan
+1 (813) 492-4201 *wat’s@pp*】
Emily Payeur
Emily Payeur 15 dagar sedan
I've been a camera operator and director for a very tiny local broadcast (annual Christmas telethon) and I thought THAT was stressful...
Comment 200
Comment 200 9 dagar sedan
Ah, those were the days (some 38 years ago in local cable tv). High school parades, telethons, 3 cameras for football games with no replay, student announcers, primitive graphics.
GOOD FARMER 15 dagar sedan
@Wendover Productions joined 2 days ago 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
CS Anton
CS Anton 15 dagar sedan
Sam is watching in Netflix Formula1 drive to survive. I mean for live just show the race no story needed, since stories are better crafted for post production like what Netflix does
Ross Morgan
Ross Morgan 15 dagar sedan
i'm blown away Wendover didn't do a video on the recent Suez Canal incident. It's gotta be in the works.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 15 dagar sedan
Fact: People watch live TV just to see our world famous news lady
APS1999 16 dagar sedan
Video summary: How do they show every s🅱inalla live?
The Way of Lou
The Way of Lou 16 dagar sedan
Kind of sounds like a commercial...
official gwen
official gwen 15 dagar sedan
+1 (813) 492-4201 *wat’s@pp*】
Obsidian Nebula
Obsidian Nebula 16 dagar sedan
*Twice as Interesting*
Big 50
Big 50 16 dagar sedan
Stevan 16 dagar sedan
so would eurovision fall into the news category then?
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 15 dagar sedan
AlpineAddict 16 dagar sedan
My cousin works in the F1 TV production team, gets to travel to all the races. Pretty awesome job! :)
Umesh Jaid
Umesh Jaid 16 dagar sedan
You forgot cricket
Adam Katt
Adam Katt 16 dagar sedan
NIce tatas.
Tim Meredith
Tim Meredith 16 dagar sedan
Ohhh, is that why F1 broadcasts are terrible and you never see the part of the track where the action is actually happening?
Tim Meredith
Tim Meredith 15 dagar sedan
@Wendover Productions lol, 'Joined 1 Day ago' and 0 content... I guess any channel can just call itself Wendover Productions and try to scam people huh. Seems like a flaw in the SVfrom system (Edit - this is in reference to a spam reply to my initial comment by an account calling itself "Wendover Productions" that was clearly fake, but I suspect it's going to get removed since I reported it, so here's the context)
Aaron Hess
Aaron Hess 16 dagar sedan
Anyone else notice that the "television satellite" at 5:29 was a spacex cargo dragon?
Comment 200
Comment 200 9 dagar sedan
Yup. They should have used stock footage of a NASA TDRS satellite.
Connor McCourt
Connor McCourt 16 dagar sedan
11:18 Nikita Mazepin, anyone?
TL 17 dagar sedan
F1 makes any video twice as interesting.
Benjamin Carlin
Benjamin Carlin 17 dagar sedan
sooooo airplanes?
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia 17 dagar sedan
What does this have to do with *planes* ?
Edvinas Rupkus
Edvinas Rupkus 17 dagar sedan
The only problem is that Lithuanians can't get their TV providers to get their act together and purchase rights to broadcast it. 😬
Astoria Gaming
Astoria Gaming 17 dagar sedan
2:56 Even in Wendover videos, Mercedes are still 1-2
Astoria Gaming
Astoria Gaming 15 dagar sedan
@Wendover Productions Hello fake Wendover, how ya doin
Dhiru Halai
Dhiru Halai 17 dagar sedan
The Airtel 4G office shown is in Nairobi, Kenya.
Derfla 17 dagar sedan
Logo 17 dagar sedan
TV Publica momento
Lis Shala
Lis Shala 17 dagar sedan
I got shocked when he used news from my country at 1:14 . Like why why us .
Mr Russell's Musical Adventures
Mr Russell's Musical Adventures 17 dagar sedan
But I want to learn more about airplanes
Albi Avdyli
Albi Avdyli 17 dagar sedan
How did the primeminister of the Republic of Kosovo made it here? 😂
Leonaяdo DiCapяio
Leonaяdo DiCapяio 17 dagar sedan
0:21 If anybody cares, this is the Silverstone race track
Jae Joo
Jae Joo 17 dagar sedan
Amazing video as always
BloodRider 1914
BloodRider 1914 17 dagar sedan
3:56 Really?
antsolja 17 dagar sedan
5:28 thats not a satellite thats a dragon rider capsule
antsolja 17 dagar sedan
@Nagarjun Kashyap its proly just a bot lol
antsolja 17 dagar sedan
@Nagarjun Kashyap so it is i didnt even realize that was supposed to be a phone number
Nagarjun Kashyap
Nagarjun Kashyap 17 dagar sedan
@antsolja hope you didn't call him. That's a scammer.
antsolja 17 dagar sedan
@Wendover Productions i dont get it lol
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