How I Left the Jehovah’s Witnesses to Pursue Filmmaking

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Chris Stuckmann

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Interview with Korey Coleman:
I've wanted to make this video for years. Here I discuss my religious past, and how members of the religion I was raised in attempted to keep me from pursuing my goals. I hope that this video can prove inspirational for other people who have felt trapped in life. Thank you for watching.
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Chris Stuckmann
Chris Stuckmann 16 dagar sedan
Thank you all so much. The outreach since the interview went up has been overwhelming and has helped me heal. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you’ve understood. I was anxious about discussing these things, but I’m so happy to learn that many ex-JWs watch the channel, and I truly hope this video reminds you that you’re not alone. Anyone out there afraid to come out about something, I see you. I support you. Thanks so much everyone.
OceanMan 12 dagar sedan
Good for you man!! May we all be given the strength to share our perceived vulnerabilities.
Fermion 15 dagar sedan
More power to you dude. Love the channel and love watching you. Remember, you are what you do not whats been done to you, and what you do is amazing.
Ryan Burnett
Ryan Burnett 15 dagar sedan
You are incredible! Moral courage like this is rare! Thank you for showing how good a person can be. Celebrate your freedom!
Adam Imperial
Adam Imperial 15 dagar sedan
I really love this video chris. You have gotten me through so much hard times and made me smile and feel Happy and watching this makes me love you even more for Being vulnerable and soo damnnn cool love you! 🤗😇😇
Alexander 15 dagar sedan
Jeremy Briggs
Jeremy Briggs Minut sedan
I really appreciate you came out to see what you’re saying Man... but I do want to know about your relationship with God as a whole? I understand you don’t wanna share that info and you’re absolutely have every right.
Raymond Fagertun
Raymond Fagertun 18 minuter sedan
I am happy for you that you can finally be yourself. It was a heartbreaking video, it takes a lot of courage to do what you did. Live your life to the fullest.
Nathan B.
Nathan B. 20 minuter sedan
Imagine Thor being the reason your not a jeahvous witness anymore. Legendary!
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Archduke Franz Ferdinand 28 minuter sedan
Wow, i followed this guy for a long time & it's refreshing to hear this as a former JW from someone ive watched respected. i felt the same when tyrone magnus said he was a former JW
Rashad Strother
Rashad Strother 35 minuter sedan
Very Informing! Thank you so much for sharing your story. For sharing your truth, and enlightening us that don't know very much about the religion.
Brandoch Daha
Brandoch Daha 38 minuter sedan
Those Jehova's witnesses in the video look beyond creepy and confused themselves. I think its always a nice assessment to make if spiritual teachers look happy themselves. Like the shamans in south America, they radiate happiness, just an example. By the way apostate sounds super cool.
Lucas McManus
Lucas McManus 46 minuter sedan
I always knew the Jehovas Witnesses were a weird bunch. Good on you Chris for escaping that brainwashing and creating your own path rather than the one they tried to force you on. And if the info you have on them is legally devastating then I hope it brings them to their knees.
PEEPEE POGGER 49 minuter sedan
as a Christian this breaks my heart. Cults ruin peoples relationships with their friends, family and God, Jesus himself. So many people hurt by religion aka mental politics. Stay strong Chris. God bless you.
Kyaira Marie
Kyaira Marie 58 minuter sedan
Living with my family that are Jehovah witness, I’m glad my parents let up. And aren’t like those crazy people or the ones who are strict. I keep my personal things to myself, but I didn’t make the dedication. I’m 21, and not a Jehovah Witness, I don’t really have a religion. I ask my mom today if I was marked or if they made an announcement after watching this. And they didn’t, I’m just known as inactive. But my mom believes that you can find happiness outside the religion. But make sure I’m at least trying to be a good person. That’s all. I love my family, I’m so glad my mom realized that being so strict wasn’t the right thing. Doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. But I also can say I’m confused if this is true about the religion being cruel and brainwashing. My family just believes to be a good person and live like Jesus/humble. I grew up feeling everything he felt, but now a days I’m still confused if this is really true about the religion. All in all I’m not ever going back tbh
Safemode Tron
Safemode Tron Timme sedan
Thank you Chris , you just made a new subscriber today.
Nathanael Smith
Nathanael Smith Timme sedan
Surviving religion leaves you scarred. It's such a common form of abuse society gives you little sympathy. I was not raised a Witness but I work with a few. I find them to be nice polite respectful people. I feel for them though. I know one of their family members has come out as gay. I can only imagine how his relationship to his family has been affected. I was raised a christian. As a reluctant non-believer I am the black sheep of my family but at least they still talk to me. I really feel for you. It's cold comfort but you are in good company.
Schomone Timme sedan
Thanks for sharing ! Just be yourself !
LolaKlein Timme sedan
My only experience with JW was a friend of mine from high school that after graduation simply vanished from our social circle. And then we learned that she was engaged to be married to a guy who was double her age. This was such a weird event and I wonder how she is doing. She was such a smart person and would have a beautiful future. I hope she left this religion and is doing well.
Aaron Barragan
Aaron Barragan Timme sedan
I always feel like people who get too much into religion become so creepy and brainwashed and psycho, I don’t know how to explain it. I feel like in this life, you just need to be a good human being towards others.
Shinobu Oshino
Shinobu Oshino Timme sedan
I hardly ever comment, and I've never seen a video of yours before, but this has caught my full attention and has been very eye opening. Thanks for sharing your story.
tengunomori Timme sedan
I wasn't expecting a double coming out video, but bravo and congrats! Being gay myself, I know the "fear" of losing all friends and family, until you one day just reach the "fuck it" point and stop giving a crap about keeping toxic relationships. One of the defining qualities of a cult, is using coercive and abusive tactics like "exclusion" and "pariah-ship" to control members, so Jehovah's Witness definitely falls into that category with that alone. If you haven't seen it already, Telltale is another ex Jehovah's Witness (I find his Caleb and Sofia propaganda videos entertaining in all the cringe-inducing wrong ways) who mentioned how they stunted his development too. Keep up the good work and reviews!
Patrick Beilharz
Patrick Beilharz Timme sedan
I've been putting off on watching this just because I know it's going to bring up bad memories for me. Just watched it today and it's interesting to see how many former witnesses can share a similar story. I feel like my life didn't begin until I left the congregation. Even more so when I turned 18. Even though my parents were kind enough to let me still live with them, it didn't make life any easier. So many friends lost over the years.
Narwhale Time
Narwhale Time Timme sedan
I hope you weren't too uncomfortable while filming this. By doing this you've spread the word, good job. Edit: Holy shit this has nothing to do with what I was saying but the guy at 6:59 looks like he just saw something he absolutely shouldn't have.
Lindsay Sedgwick
Lindsay Sedgwick 2 timmar sedan
You're so inspiring and brave and know you are loved, just as you are. Even by this internet stranger 💙💚❤️💛💜
Arella Jardin
Arella Jardin 2 timmar sedan
Growing up in the 80s, a JW mom and daughter duo made the rounds in our area. Every couple months, they’d ring the doorbell, and my mother would invite them in for a drink and to talk. I don’t even recall them talking about god or religion that much, and they seemed very nice. And of course my mother had no interest in converting (very casual Protestant). It wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned the truth of JWs.
16-BitPixelDude 2 timmar sedan
thank you for sharing your story!
Broke Dawn
Broke Dawn 2 timmar sedan
CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did that Chris ! Pan KING.
Garrett 2 timmar sedan
I’m glad you got UnStuckman
kelly Sinner
kelly Sinner 2 timmar sedan
As another person with deep trauma from religion (not Jehovah's) I appreciate how much you risked to make this. I support you, and hope you are able heal and move forward.
Ramon Segui
Ramon Segui 2 timmar sedan
These teachings just throw forgiveness, love and understanding out of the window. That’s no way to live. Don’t know what god they claim has these ideals, but my God is forgiving loving and understanding.
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 2 timmar sedan
Thank you for sharing I have friends that are drove a witness you have gave me some inside I still why they do some of the things they do.much love for you bro thanks again for sharing.
Joaco rodriguez
Joaco rodriguez 2 timmar sedan
My man Chris, your are just the best. Thank you for sharing this part of your life that could hopefully reach those who are in a similar situation, specially regarding religion and sexuality. I just want to say thank you for being open and genuine as always. Never let go of your dream, you make a lot of people laugh, think and debate about filmaking already. Wish you the best from Argentina!
Dorf Johnston
Dorf Johnston 3 timmar sedan
Good for you man
Fryd Fish
Fryd Fish 3 timmar sedan
Damn. The strength this would've taken to say. Thank you for deciding to help others with your story. This is genuinely impressive. I'm glad you're in a better place
Vincent Reviews
Vincent Reviews 3 timmar sedan
You're inspiring and you inspired me to start my own SVfrom videos. I also love your videos.
Marcemallow Reads
Marcemallow Reads 3 timmar sedan
Two weeks later I hope you are doing well and are enjoying some mental and emotional relief after sending this out into the world. Sending you lots of love from a long time fan 💜
Dalton Lee Marks
Dalton Lee Marks 3 timmar sedan
im very proud of you, man. i know its difficult growing up in an environment thats toxing, stifling, or cultlike. it does things to you and affects how you see the world, treat other people, treat yourself.... i grew up in a similar place, and im still unlearning. still not sure who i am. but for you to come out with all of this took an extraordinary amount of courage. so from me - and many others, im sure - thank you. i look forward to a new era of stuckmannization.
Pietro Lorenzi
Pietro Lorenzi 3 timmar sedan
Man, I don't know what to say. You've just done an extremely brave and inspiring thing. Wish you the best from the bottom of my heart.
Asahel Davalos
Asahel Davalos 3 timmar sedan
this is so much truth it hurts.
Joseph s
Joseph s 4 timmar sedan
See this is why I like Chris, even though I disagree with him about some of his movie criticism which is completely normal, he's genuinely a great guy, who has passion for movies and film making and most importantly brave He seems like a genuine nice person who I would love to meet and get to know
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat 4 timmar sedan
Fuck man, I can't believe that my family almost joined this faith, for almost 5 years my family (we are Catholic) has been approached by the same 2 JW peeps (which was weird since we moved 3 times but I chocked it up to coincidence since I live in a very small country in south-east asia), we decided to just not answer the door when they came knocking (which took like 4 months until they stopped) because my parents didn't like how they view religion. Shit, I still have those phamplets they give for free when they came around, I still vividly remember seeing the cover of one with apocalyptic shit all over.
32lilbruce 4 timmar sedan
I knew he was Gay, i knew it!
Ignacio Delgado
Ignacio Delgado 4 timmar sedan
Keep on keepin on. Love this channel and always will. Keep being you!!
Gamer Geek
Gamer Geek 4 timmar sedan
Very brave doing this, hats off to you sir. I was a Jehovahs witness until around 12 years old (I'm 42 now). I didn't suffer per say only say beyond getting those gives as a kid. My mother is still a Witness. I'm always asking her random questions lol, why didn't Noah take any dinosaurs onto the ark /why did just that species die off etc. Things about the universe, like if the earth is the only populated planet in thier eyes then what's the purpose of all those galaxies and planets. You know? Things like would a former pedophile or serial killer be allowed into the flock. I appreciate she's only a member per say and not an authority on everything to do with them but yeh, just makes me wonder how much they talk yet can hardly ANSWER.
Reb3nga 5 timmar sedan
Respect you came out with this!
S A 5 timmar sedan
Tom King
Tom King 5 timmar sedan
Very brave of you Chris, can't wait to party with you and Freddie Mercury in hell!
Mr Mola
Mr Mola 5 timmar sedan
Im 33 and I live in the uk and was a jw until the age of 14 when i told my parents i didnt want to go anymore. For all the people saying jw are evil and a brainwashing cult, this couldnt be more far from the truth. I still see many jw out and about and they never shun me, they always say hello and ask about the family. The worst thing about being a witness is no christmas, easter or birthdays, as a child you just feel like your being left out of everything fun. But in NO way would i ever say jw are bad people. Maybe i was lucky to be in a nice congregation. Of course there are bad eggs in every religion, but i feel jw get a bad rep more than most and quite unfairly. There are way worse religions out there. I never felt pressured to become a publisher or get baptised or give up my non believing friends. I still miss some of the people i knew back then, many came to my fathers funeral even though he was disfellowshipped 10 years earlier. I left because religion just wasent for me, not because i was scared, worried or pressurised, i just didnt want religion of any sort in my life. I guarantee 99% of jw are nice, respectable and peaceful people, i think they only get so much hate because they interupt peoples precious tv time on a sunday.
ReAction 5 timmar sedan
Wow. Hats off to you, Chris. You have lots of guts! You did the right thing. Best of luck for the future!
Brett Walter
Brett Walter 5 timmar sedan
Wow man thanks for making this video! As a follower of your reviews and a fellow film maker (+ day job working on blockbusters in vfx industry) it is great to see people speaking upfront and honestly about things that don’t always sit right. Power to you!
Hunter Wiseman
Hunter Wiseman 5 timmar sedan
Thank you for being brave enough to come out and tell your fans. We love you Chris!
Steve Gagné
Steve Gagné 5 timmar sedan
I fallow 2 persons on SVfrom. You and Jeremy Jahns. I have a lot of respect to both of you. But now I have admiration to you, Chris. It take a lot of courage to do what you did and I admire that. Hope you fell better and stronger today and moving on. Félicitation from a friend in Montreal Canada.
Bahamutdordi 6 timmar sedan
Chris. I hope you see this comment, because I followed your work for years. And the review I was most hyped for you to make was for the 2018 remake of "Suspiria". I was so disappointed when it never came, I started commenting asking if you where going to review it, to the point i started commenting things like "So....Suspiria. You gonna say something?". I knew you loved "Call me by your name" so i just couldn't figure out why there was complete silence when it came to "Suspiria". I even googeled :"Chris Stuckmann Suspiria" and found absolutely zero. I couldn't for the life of me understand why, since i knew you respect Luca Guadagnino's work. And i was so sad that you said nothing because i was so ready and looking forward to hearing your opinion about it more then ANY other movie. It makes perfect sense to me now. I would just like to apologize and say to you that I fully understand now. If you ever saw any of my posts about the absence of "Suspiria". I am sorry and i fully and completely understand now why you never said anything. I hope that you feel free to say something about it at some point now, but if not i completely understand why you would feel uncomfortable touching on that movie. I know there are thousands and thousands of comments in every video you make, so you might not have noticed, but if you did. Then I'm really sorry. Thank you for your passionate work All the best to you and your wife... And puppies ofc. Regards from Norway.
YoungGuns642 6 timmar sedan
Don’t think anyone’s said it yet but the hoodie choice is so incredibly fitting for the subject matter of this video gotta give props for that. So glad you made this video and decided to finally share this with us!
TrocaNero 6 timmar sedan
The JW organization (as in the higher-ups and such, not regular people who may not want to be in it) are scumbags. Imagine shunning someone completely just because the gender and identity of people they are attracted to go against the heterosexual norm, or because of just thinking differently in general. God I hate stupid people. Props to you Chris, very proud of you.
Jake Stanton
Jake Stanton 7 timmar sedan
Thank you for your bravery and your candor. You're an actual hero to everyone with the courage to follow their dreams and passions.
Scott Hann
Scott Hann 7 timmar sedan
You're really brave to post this. The power of healing is infinite...You are worthy to live the life you deserve
Cherries Pictures
Cherries Pictures 7 timmar sedan
You know, Chris, I have far less serious issues than your past, and I feel often depressed and demotivated (coincidentally, reviewing movies like you, by the way). After watching this video, I can say at last that nothing is preventing me from pursuing my dreams and nothing will. And I am in some sense not allowed to complain about problems I create to myself. There are people that are constantly blocked by other people's mentality, ideology, faith, way of living in general: other people continue to decide willingly or unwillingly, what our life is or should be. Truth is (and we all have to realize it: "to know it" is a thing, "to realize it" is something else) our life is our own life, and the only one we have. You'll always have my respect, and for the little it matters, since I'm a small slow-growing SVfromr, my thanks.
Justin L
Justin L 7 timmar sedan
I'm not ex-JW but I WAS a Christian. Also WAS a Buddhist. I've been an atheist for the past 15 years of my life. Not gonna change that anytime soon. Never looked back. Not even once. Take care, Chris. You are alright.
Kaffe petersson
Kaffe petersson 7 timmar sedan
Can relate. This is anxiety. I'm recognizing a lot of this but I'm not and have never been part of Jehovas witnesses.
Kristen Sellers
Kristen Sellers 7 timmar sedan
After my dad was convicted of child sexual abuse his congregation, after Elders testified on his behalf, asked the rest of my family to leave in order to prevent them from talking to anyone about it. He’s an Elder now and even when I was on good terms with him I wasn’t allowed to become a Publisher because they ‘doubted my intentions’ (ie they were afraid I would make trouble). It’s gross and I accepted it for way too long.
MzTMichelle 8 timmar sedan
This was great. Thank you for being transparent and sharing. ❤
Bonanza86 8 timmar sedan
Brave man.
【HYPNOS】 8 timmar sedan
Pretty much sounds like a cult, so sad people have to suffer so much because of this. Also reminds me of that Hulu series The Path.
noble whitney
noble whitney 8 timmar sedan
I never got baptized with them so my family still talks to me. After i initially left they didn’t talk to me.
Ilya Kralinsky
Ilya Kralinsky 8 timmar sedan
I've written a lot of mean shit to you in your comments in the spirit of mean joking, and I apologise for that deeply. My best friend in grade school was a Jehovah's Witness. We managed to have a great friendship while he occasionally gave me Watchtower magazine, and I made strange faces at his lack of birthdays and Christmases. His older sister got pregnant. She was out. I didn't fully understand it all, but she suddenly seemed to live the life of a criminal, on the run in cheap places, doing drugs, so on. I lost touch with my friend until we were in our twenties, when I was working as a bouncer, and he was working on a drunk quite successfully. It was shocking to see clean cut JW Guy drunk as a skunk, smoking, cursing, and then talking about his coke habit. We agreed to meet up and catch up. He had fallen in love with a young woman, and he defied his church and his family for her. Being dumped like that took its toll on him, and that took its toll on the relationship. He had lost everything, and that Jehovah's Witness practice kept him from regaining his family -- he was shunned. These lives were destroyed, and it just fit the JW narrative: "Well, look, they've descended into sin!" But they were covering pain, medicating pain. I'm so glad to see you working through your pain in such a positive and kind way. You have my tremendous respect and best hopes that you find your personal enlightenment in all the best ways.
Steekira 8 timmar sedan
Chris, my heart goes out to you. It was very brave of you to come out about this. My heart aches that you will likely not hear from your family for a long time. I am grateful that you have friends and other family that will support you, as well as all of your viewers who also support you in this. Thank you for speaking your truth. And I will definitely be watching the things you reccomended.~
Razzelsul 8 timmar sedan
Takes a lot of balls to thread that path. Don’t relent! May the force be with you!
angrykoolaidman 8 timmar sedan
This is a great video. You described the feelings of being "outcast" perfectly. You don't have to be a well-known youtuber to feel like you're being spied on by the elders and "soft-shunned" by the self-righteous robots in the congregation. Miss field service or don't raise your hand at a meeting for a few weeks and you get the same treatment. They put all these non-biblical physical markers (field service, meeting attendance/comments, clothing, facial hair on men, etc.) on you so men can judge your spirituality. For brevity's sake, I won't list all the scriptures that contradict their teachings. Anyway, good for you for getting out. Fuck those micro-managing charlatans.
Enlightened Calamity
Enlightened Calamity 8 timmar sedan
I can’t express how relieving it is to know I’m not alone. I was raised as a JW, and I have been out of the religion for over 20 years, and I still deal with the aftermath and guilt daily. It gets better, but the way my brain was conditioned has never left me. I have very little contact with my family who remain JW’s, and I struggle with feeling like it is my fault we don’t have a strong relationship, but I know the root of the issue is that I am not a JW. I know this religion/cult is not the truth, but when you are told, every single day, that you have to be perfect, and you are hurting gods feelings when you aren’t perfect, it completely wrecks you mentally and emotionally. I’m so happy you made this video and have been a fan of your channel for years and you are my go-to film reviewer/critic. Thank you for all you do!
Jclaud 9 timmar sedan
This is like a movie in itself
Omar Salinas
Omar Salinas 9 timmar sedan
I dated a Jehovah witness for a bit but she couldn't deal with the family pressure of dating a non Jehovah
Oliver Ong
Oliver Ong 9 timmar sedan
Just want to say Happy birthday. Even though its not your birthday today.
Nick Galbraith
Nick Galbraith 9 timmar sedan
We love you man!!! I’m an ex-Mormon, and I can relate on so many levels... Thanks for sharing! I’m sure you helped more people than you realize!
Danni 9 timmar sedan
I am SO proud of you for having the courage to leave their cult.
Willmar Castro
Willmar Castro 9 timmar sedan
I’m an ex JW as well my friend. I understand 💯 what you mean and I’m very proud of you! Thanks for the awesome reviews
Sonic2d 9 timmar sedan
Relegion is futile
Si Mitchell
Si Mitchell 9 timmar sedan
Well done for this
noble whitney
noble whitney 9 timmar sedan
I did not expect this video from you I actually stop being a witness when I was 15 years oldBecause a lot of friction between me and my family for the last 16 years I still am on a journey to make film and music I appreciate this so much
Cathal Looby
Cathal Looby 9 timmar sedan
Fair dues to you, Chris. It takes guts to do what you did.
Matthew Blunt
Matthew Blunt 10 timmar sedan
I’m presuming the 2.1k dislikes are all Jehovah’s witnesses?
Kurohige 11 timmar sedan
I was raised a JW myself, my dad was was an elder too. I left the religion when I was 20, and my family still loves me and still talks to me. My dad is still an elder and he accepts me for who i am and supports me. I still talk to members of the religion till this day. My older brother was disfellowshipped and we still spoke to him. I guess everyone had different experiences.
Ciaran Ryan
Ciaran Ryan 11 timmar sedan
Honestly. One of the bravest people I've ever come across. Also all said so calmly and articulately which could not have been easy. Full credit to you Chris.
tentative stagename
tentative stagename 12 timmar sedan
this isn't for everyone but i have to speak the truth: everybody disfellowships people. it just happens over (a pretty short period actually, of) time. what would you do if someone didn't believe in the cult of job house wife car friends kids? you'd stop talking pretty quick, wouldn't you (if you are of that belief cult). jw's problem is they don't believe in god. they say they do, but they don't. no one who denies that yeshua (who died on the cross for our sin) is god, believes in god, because god is the one who _sent_ yeshua. they deny that yeshua is god. i don't. he is someone who's actually worth leaving people for. seek him and you'll find him. no he is not christianity. but he is a savior.
Zack Johnson
Zack Johnson 12 timmar sedan
Rosa Firetail
Rosa Firetail 12 timmar sedan
This was very brave of you to speak up about this and I applaud you, Chris. I've had a similar experience where I battled with my faith for a few years until I eventually decided to leave christianity and become pagan. Luckily friends I had made in my previous church were mostly supportive but sadly that's not the case for all. I do hope you find happiness and wish you well for the future x
Siddharth Bikky
Siddharth Bikky 12 timmar sedan
I have been watching you since I can't remember. I always admired you and your reviews. After watching this video I just want to say I love and respect you even more. Thank you for sharing.
7Dano5 12 timmar sedan
Look. I-- I'd had a lovely supper, and all I said to my wife was, 'That piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah...
Ben Seddon Harvey
Ben Seddon Harvey 13 timmar sedan
Good on you, very beautiful to hear
That Guy
That Guy 13 timmar sedan
I don’t know you personally but I love you. I’m so happy that you were confident enough to make this video.
Chiron Pallas
Chiron Pallas 13 timmar sedan
Thank you for sharing , you've helped a lot of people
Goldfish 13 timmar sedan
Thanks dude, it means a lot. I can definitely relate. Just want to say I have a lot of respect for how brave you are. It's not easy. But the truth really does set you free. Peace!
Chris Eisert
Chris Eisert 13 timmar sedan
No problem dude... Now go plan on making those movies you have always wanted to do. Big respect brothah.
The Inspirational Multi-Sports Coach
The Inspirational Multi-Sports Coach 14 timmar sedan
Wow, that took a lot of guts.
ein en
ein en 14 timmar sedan
Thx for talking about it and sry about your family and the pressure.
Daniel Tong
Daniel Tong 14 timmar sedan
Thanks for sharing this Chris! While I wasn’t raised a JW, I did go to a church regularly, up until 2018, when I moved out far from home on my own for the first time. I can relate with your experience, the guilt-tripping and the gas-lighting... I’m a film-maker too, as well as a long time film-fan, especially horror, I LOVE horror, but also used to get A LOT of flack for that. One of the last things someone from the church said to me was, “If you don’t give up horror movies, that means you’re full of pride”. Long story short, that broke the camel’s back, and haunted me for a while, but was eventually what led me to leave the church, as well as moving far away. It led me to re-examine a lot of things about myself, and while some things still hurt, I’m much happier, and have learned to truly love who I am. I do wish I’d realized these things earlier in life as you did, but all the same, your story is inspiring and I know it will help a lot of folks who are in the situation. Keep doing what you’re doing, and again thanks for sharing your experience!
Abiram Reyes
Abiram Reyes 14 timmar sedan
Major props . This was me second video of yours that I saw and was just shocked when I saw the title. I too struggled and just came to the point Of saying “ I am who am, so Fuck it” however I was convinced Armageddon would have me. It wasn’t until researching religion of every kind that I saw the flaws in the scriptures, which dismantled the entire structure. Funny JW thought me how to find the flaws in other religions, which became the very tools I needed to see the flaws they too had.
Paul Mooney
Paul Mooney 14 timmar sedan
Looks like 2.1K Jehovah's Witnesses have watched this so far. 😄😄
Alexandros K
Alexandros K 14 timmar sedan
Every hero has a journey bro, and every journey has a hero. Look where you've been and what you've been through. You're a hero!
Kiko San
Kiko San 14 timmar sedan
This is what religion does to people. Why can't people accept that there is nothing after death like there is nothing before birth?
David E
David E 14 timmar sedan
Not a big SVfrom fan, but I like your movie reviews. This seemed truly honest and emotional, two words I don't associated much with SVfrom. I found it impactful despite never having gone through anything like this. All the best from Scotland.
Christian Acevedo
Christian Acevedo 15 timmar sedan
Screen Pop
Screen Pop 15 timmar sedan
Lost a former best friend to that JW cult. Good on you Chris for getting out.
HindsightPOV 15 timmar sedan
I was never baptized and I was never disfellowshipped but all of my Jehovah’s Witnesses relatives on my father’s side are shunning me anyway. They tried to do it years earlier when I first made it clear I wasn’t a Jehovah’s Witness anymore. But my Jehovah’s Witness grandmother wouldn’t allow it. She was very protective of all of her grandchildren. My sneaky relatives waited for my grandmother to pass away to start shunning me again. My brainwashed Jehovah’s Witnesses family are completely fine that a chunk of our relatives are shunning me. They never even considered how that made me feel. I already felt betrayed that my Jehovah’s Witnesses relatives were shunning me. My Jehovah’s Witnesses family condoning my relatives’ actions was an even bigger betrayal that hit me harder. They don’t get why I’m upset with them. They’re so brainwashed.
hazel goodshepherd
hazel goodshepherd 15 timmar sedan
54:44 Says the guy tying a millstone around his neck and jumping into the sea. LoL 🤣😜 Classic irony!
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