How Fast Anime Characters be Building Friendships

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How come every time someone makes a friend in anime they're instantly down? I swear friendships are built x3000 faster than real life 😂
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RDCworld1 Månad sedan
Can’t wait till y’all see anime House 5 and hood avatar they boxing I PROMISE!
Smolnilla Ice
Smolnilla Ice Dag sedan
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams 7 dagar sedan
Subscribing for Hood Avatar. I’ve been waiting for that for like a year now
Somerset Belenof
Somerset Belenof 15 dagar sedan
Nigga I dnt know you though 😂😂😂😂😂 this BS was soo boring until that minute to be honest
Meet The Inmans
Meet The Inmans 15 dagar sedan
Fdfresh 16 dagar sedan
let’s gooo
Kyle Likes soda
Kyle Likes soda 20 minuter sedan
This is too accurate
Sashi Timme sedan
I had a guy in school who gave fist bumps and high-fives to everyone even if he didn't know them. He'd be the most popular man alive rn if you could make friends just by sayin wassup. 😂
Alexander2127 Timme sedan
You know you tired of shit when you ask the enemy to kill you.
Eat Me
Eat Me 2 timmar sedan
Sasuke in every episode
Maher Rahman
Maher Rahman 2 timmar sedan
They should've ended it where the Reaper Blades guy killed himself cuz Mark was the best and nicest anime protagonist he's ever known and his best friend somehow🤣
Joshua Henderson
Joshua Henderson 4 timmar sedan
Zoro and luffy
Man 4 timmar sedan
Savage Grookey
Savage Grookey 5 timmar sedan
Savage Grookey
Savage Grookey 5 timmar sedan
I’m Dying from laughter
Tomás Peixinho
Tomás Peixinho 5 timmar sedan
It was like I was watching Naruto again
aimi shiota
aimi shiota 7 timmar sedan
This is anime logic
DB Rec.
DB Rec. 7 timmar sedan
I fucking died when that nigga said “you were always so kind to me.” And they hit me with that flashback😂
Hakime Hamdouchi
Hakime Hamdouchi 8 timmar sedan
Dude my uncle has cancer. and he's on the on his death bed RN. And this day was really tragic. But this video made laugh dude. I'm less sad dude. I'm really greatfull. Thank you.
Peyton Barrett
Peyton Barrett 8 timmar sedan
This is very accurate
Vanteran The meme king
Vanteran The meme king 8 timmar sedan
Mc do for real be touching peoples hearts just from one interaction from the jump
Icy blade
Icy blade 9 timmar sedan
SAO be like
Alpha Manny thoo
Alpha Manny thoo 11 timmar sedan Real American
Kabita Kar
Kabita Kar 11 timmar sedan
1.19 name of background theme PLEASE
Jalen Tucker
Jalen Tucker 12 timmar sedan
Do accurate mane😂
dh3 13 timmar sedan
is it me or when the do the piccolo its funny asl
Abinash Mallick
Abinash Mallick 13 timmar sedan
"Who are u?" Lmaoooo
Gheonoaia Silfida
Gheonoaia Silfida 14 timmar sedan
Bruh this is literally yu yu hakusho
Ruth Serapelo
Ruth Serapelo 18 timmar sedan
“Remember me from earlier” 🙄🙄🙄🤣🤣🤣
Trunkssg2 ssg
Trunkssg2 ssg 19 timmar sedan
The god of highschool nigga got 3 friends in one ep
JeremysRants 20 timmar sedan
Chief 21 timme sedan
Alternate title: Me and the boys playing outside after school in 4th grade
rayan hussin
rayan hussin 22 timmar sedan
i can't stop laughing on the second scene
Retoro Boyz
Retoro Boyz 22 timmar sedan
1:14 remember that one xavier wolf song: im comeing threw the fron i aint worry bout shit, try to harm me i leave his ass like a tip
LOFI : Dag sedan
I'm dying of laughing 😂😂😂
007 Dag sedan
Meanwhile out here in the real world I said hi to a girl in the bus stop and she screamed rape!!
stephanie bui
stephanie bui Dag sedan
just @ gon & killua already
BrU Uh
BrU Uh Dag sedan
oh damn love that Akame ga Kill bg song!🤣
win D. boy
win D. boy Dag sedan
this made me cry im not lying i cried like a baby
corvet corvet
corvet corvet Dag sedan
what the hell but it's accurate
Rylan Ofori
Rylan Ofori Dag sedan
2:04 Did he just call him babe??
The Greasy Gus
The Greasy Gus Dag sedan
The remember me from earlier had me dying, I thought that was just a civ passing by didn’t realize he was part of the video.
Alonsothe1 Dag sedan
I wasn’t expecting the 2nd kill😂😂
Bolt Morales
Bolt Morales Dag sedan
Rock Lee
Rock Lee Dag sedan
Luffy and zoro intensifies
Pratyush Acharya
Pratyush Acharya Dag sedan
Ammar Alramdhan
Ammar Alramdhan Dag sedan
That AoT soundtrack was fire
Koolaidrank Andy
Koolaidrank Andy Dag sedan
My nigga dez need some chapstick. You know it cold out there
Light In The Darkness
Light In The Darkness Dag sedan
Man this really got me laughing
Uptown Dadeboi
Uptown Dadeboi Dag sedan
BigSmoothoTV Dag sedan
Mark I'm mad you didn't full counter you always doing it but now you got a blade full lol
Fake Bobby Hill
Fake Bobby Hill Dag sedan
I knew that guy in yellow would come back for you man! He was always my favourite character!
lglp3 Dag sedan
LOL the from earlier bit killed me
Funkysunky Dag sedan
I thought the villain was finna protect him his damn self
captain alpha
captain alpha Dag sedan
Those guys are just power rangers 😂
ranpoolz Dag sedan
“You don’t know ME!”.
Octane Dag sedan
I can confirm this
sadhi putra
sadhi putra Dag sedan
Plot twist: whole world happen...😝
Christian Vincent Costanilla
Christian Vincent Costanilla 2 dagar sedan
Person : Why you save me Person : you are my best friend Person : I just met you five minutes ago
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 2 dagar sedan
Imagine if in the 3rd try while trying to kill him the enemy killed himself and said you're the only person I was really close to.
HopeEsleim1101 2 dagar sedan
For sure one of the funniest videos I ever seen
raiders WAIDN
raiders WAIDN 2 dagar sedan
im dead as a mosquito when it got slapped
Nzm_ F
Nzm_ F 2 dagar sedan
I don't really think it's not this fast
Portia Gama
Portia Gama 2 dagar sedan
This is piccolo everytime being strong enough to stop the enemy but dying for the plot
Spartan King
Spartan King 2 dagar sedan
It do be like that tho
Emily Ryan
Emily Ryan 2 dagar sedan
I had to pause the video I was laughing so hard
Aaron Rachiele
Aaron Rachiele Dag sedan
Hello There
JaY Prov
JaY Prov 2 dagar sedan
Philip Paul
Philip Paul 2 dagar sedan
Naruto and Sasuke friendship, ya I said it, fuck you XD
Christopher MacKenzie
Christopher MacKenzie 2 dagar sedan
Is that balboa park?
EganDoesCoasters 2 dagar sedan
It’s almost faster than a sim marrying someone
floww bucket
floww bucket 2 dagar sedan
Hahaha 😂😭🙉
Angelic Minecraft
Angelic Minecraft 2 dagar sedan
Who else laughed before the video even started 😅
KingDiz 2 dagar sedan
it's so truuuuue
Kevin Burrell
Kevin Burrell 2 dagar sedan
Umm actually this happens in real life. Just not these days because people only care about their self..
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin 2 dagar sedan
The Stardust Crusaders be like
BadQuallitySaiyan 2 dagar sedan
Fake The bench would block the attack because nobody had ever sat on it
Shah Xad
Shah Xad 2 dagar sedan
Haha... Haha.. haaaaaa.. im dying
FrozenDictator 2 dagar sedan
Lmao where is the music song from again
Why am I writing this And why are you reading this
Why am I writing this And why are you reading this 2 dagar sedan
“You treated me like nobody else did” all he said was what’s up 🤣
LucidThree 2 dagar sedan
They can make 100 friends in a few days while for me it can take a lifetime.
Hafizin Khairi
Hafizin Khairi 2 dagar sedan
2:12 idk how did I know what happen at this point
Malia Midnight
Malia Midnight 2 dagar sedan
I'm losing it. This is the absolute best. Much love to you guys. 💜💜
Yoselin 2 dagar sedan
Literally 5 minutes ago
SushiItzMe 2 dagar sedan
Hey.... Remember me?
lukaza12 2 dagar sedan
"You were my best friend" Thats kinda sad though
Nate Dunbar
Nate Dunbar 2 dagar sedan
srinag Ravishankar
srinag Ravishankar 2 dagar sedan
Doctor Msallam
Doctor Msallam 2 dagar sedan
Black people are the last of pure heart kind
Domino 2 dagar sedan
As a black person Thats true lmao
El Reino ArKadico
El Reino ArKadico 2 dagar sedan
I thought the villana would kill him self and go like "you were always like a brother to me" lol
Jihan Putra
Jihan Putra 2 dagar sedan
Why does the enemy wear a hijab tho
Ken.Green2501 2 dagar sedan
“Oh this?” 🤣🤣🤣
Marilyn Marie
Marilyn Marie 2 dagar sedan
Caleb Larson
Caleb Larson 3 dagar sedan
Nice sword...
S男 3 dagar sedan
the same feeling with Gon and Kaito
Julius F.
Julius F. 3 dagar sedan
1:04 every. anime.
Theo THAT kid
Theo THAT kid 3 dagar sedan
Subrina White
Subrina White 3 dagar sedan
I don't know if no dreams of yours I don't know you Nigga ps I like how if you say nigga it puts niger
Derrick D
Derrick D 3 dagar sedan
You were like a brother too me!
Nahs 3 dagar sedan
I didn't think the yellow dude was apart of it lol
X!tale Sans -Cross-
X!tale Sans -Cross- 3 dagar sedan
I thought I was watching an anime
KGU_K C Dixon
KGU_K C Dixon 3 dagar sedan
Thats some great writing 😂🔥
Cutekitty 3 dagar sedan
I love you guys
Mothusi Tsima
Mothusi Tsima 3 dagar sedan
They'd get bullied if they did this at school😭
Maka Muka
Maka Muka 3 dagar sedan
Yo im dying! 😵😵😵😵
Javi G Damas
Javi G Damas 3 dagar sedan
And then they just happen to find his family by chance some episodes later.
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