How Cod Saved the Vikings

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The Vikings suffered many hardships living in the north of Europe: long, cold winters and importantly a lack of sunlight. Luckily, they had cod.
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When making a video about vitamins I thought the story would mainly be about supplement pills, whether we should or shouldn't take them and how they're made. But what I found out is vitamins have a remarkable story that affects many more aspects of our lives. For example the Vikings needed a source of vitamin D to last the dark winter months and for their children to develop strong, healthy bones, avoiding rickets.
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This video was filmed by Harry Panagiotidis
Researched and written by Derek Muller and Jonny Hyman
Editing, animation and music by Jonny Hyman
Cod liver oil animation by Iván Tello
Vitamania was written, directed and produced by Sonya Pemberton

Adwaith Reddy
Adwaith Reddy Dag sedan
Do one thing tell the person on Mars to send his time and blast Mars at the same time (Assuming it takes 20 mins for light to travel from earth to mars and instantaneous for light to travel from mars to earth ) Earth send message at 12 :10 Mars recieves at 12 :30 but the person thinks it is at 12 :20 and send a message that the time is 12:20 and instantaneously blast Mars Now if earth saw mars in real time earth will see Mars blast at 12 :30 and earth will also receive a message that it is 12: 20 and hence proved that the previous assumption was correct that it takes 20mins for the light to go to mars and instantaneously comes back to earth
Peter Faber
Peter Faber 4 dagar sedan
Nice one, but didn't you wonder why the vikings on their long trips didn't get scurvy? 🤔 It's because all they ate during their trips was fish and meat. They were on carnivore diets. You don't need lemons or vitamin C supplements when you eat a carnivore diet. Something to think about. 🤔
Bob Trenwith
Bob Trenwith 4 dagar sedan
Cod save our gracious (vi)King Long live our noble (vi)King Cod save the (vi)King.
D Diver
D Diver 6 dagar sedan
wow, good news, I'm fresh sardines eater since a kids, it's got lots of Vitamin D and Omega-3 too
Falling Star
Falling Star 13 dagar sedan
COD saved my childhood
Dennis Christensen
Dennis Christensen 20 dagar sedan
they call it tørfisk! even the herring is called a hero in old danish
Adit Bagaitkar
Adit Bagaitkar 21 dag sedan
Imagine this in assassins creed valhalla
Robbie Elefterion
Robbie Elefterion 22 dagar sedan
Cod save us all
m&m 22 dagar sedan
Titles : How cod saved the vikings My brain : how god save the kings
Haroldo Avellar
Haroldo Avellar 23 dagar sedan
Heja Norge!!
Francisco Carvalho Capeche
Francisco Carvalho Capeche 25 dagar sedan
My mother made me drink cod liver oil when i was a child, but the thing is.. i live in brazil , and i'm very pale, so vitamin D should not be a problem. And my family isnt even norwegian...
ReCrDz 27 dagar sedan
i thought this was about Call of Duty lolololololol
Avlas Gamer
Avlas Gamer 28 dagar sedan
So it was just machine learning
William BO
William BO 28 dagar sedan
they should skateboard and it will fix this
eka nanda
eka nanda 29 dagar sedan
8:20 imo, market is the greatest humans invention
TheSkystrider Månad sedan
Excellent conclusion!
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson Månad sedan
Another amazing video. I particularly liked the part around 5:00 where you explained how the practice of drinking the liver oil might have caught on. Too often in teaching complicated ideas we get bogged down in personifying the involved parties. This was a great description about a natural emergence and development of a concept.
Zach J
Zach J Månad sedan
"In Cod We Trust!"
Statakaka Månad sedan
checkmate vegans
Alireza Eskandari
Alireza Eskandari Månad sedan
How call of duty saved the vikings 🤣
Aslak Sakshaug Haugeto
Aslak Sakshaug Haugeto Månad sedan
For anyone that wonders, cod liver oil is called "tran" in Norway
Bro Jaxs
Bro Jaxs Månad sedan
I wonder how scientific TheDesireSystem is from the embedded advertisement.
DiabloMinero Månad sedan
There's some people who think your bone marrow wants to produce blood cells as if you're going to have a bunch of small injuries (as a hunter-gatherer would), and by bloodletting or blood donation to simulate that, you can marginally improve your health (assuming your diet has enough iron and protein that you won't miss the extra blood).
Pete Dixon
Pete Dixon Månad sedan
A reply to your argument that "the scientific method is the greatest technology that humans have ever developed."- I would counter that the ability to store and use information is more critical to human cultural and technological development, and is an underlying necessity for the scientific method.
Matthew Jerlecki
Matthew Jerlecki Månad sedan
Thus Ivar the Boneless - possibly suffered from Rickets??
Subscribe To Me For A Cookie🍪
Subscribe To Me For A Cookie🍪 Månad sedan
Ivar the boneless!
Hugo Antunes
Hugo Antunes Månad sedan
Portuguese eat a lot f cod xD
Avik Saha
Avik Saha Månad sedan
Too much vitamin d(calciferol) will create brittle bones.
Sienevas Månad sedan
Hanging up fish is called in norsk tørke fisk, or dry fish.
Donbros Månad sedan
I like vitamin d honestly it is tasty :)
David Stewart
David Stewart Månad sedan
You have to wonder if the Vikings actually figured out the secret of needed vitamins or was it just a fact that they needed to eat and the fish was there? As far as cod liver oil again I really think that it was recognized as providing energy perhaps as a skin treatment and so on. I doubt the average Viking had any concept of the actual relationship of vitamins and health and where these came from.
Akotski1338 2 månader sedan
I took a vitamin D pill just because of this video
avada 2 månader sedan
8:25 Maybe someone should convince the state and politicians about that... Or the neo-degenerates (particulary every group that has activist in their label ).
J C 2 månader sedan
Hopefully you see this comment. My blood test indicated low vitamin D. I watched your show Vitamania. When researching ways to get more vitamin D i used cod liver oil. However, you didn't mention mushrooms. Furthermore, there is the interesting suggestion that if you expose the gills to the sun prior to you eating them you can get vitamin D on the order of thousands of milligrams above your RDA. I hope you explore that more in an future episode. Thanks
mettycandy 2 månader sedan
This made vegans very angry
Flemming Lauritzen
Flemming Lauritzen 2 månader sedan
Great video! Being a Norwegian I've noticed the use of cod oil (tran) has diminished over the past 20 years. I'm guessing it has been replaced by (other) supplements and D-vitamine fortified food. But before that tran commercials where usual. I remember my grandparents emphasise the importance of tran as part of the daily diet. That would be a (circumstantial) evidence for scientific knowledge through evolution. 🙂 Oh, and BTW: science is not a technology; it's a kind of knowledge. 😉
Minist 3 månader sedan
i remember a story my friends up in north of Sweden told me about their parents and going way back, they used to have a barrel of liquid and at the surface it was mold. Once a week they were forced to drink that liquid, i can't even imagine that taste lol. their ancestors knew way before the invention of penicillin that drinking that liquid with mold kept them healthy. That is pretty amazing.
Negila Or Just Ella
Negila Or Just Ella 3 månader sedan
Vikings also accidentally made the strongest steel by adding bone to the swords because they thought the souls were helping them
Aapeli Kähkönen
Aapeli Kähkönen 3 månader sedan
Horrible childhood memories of cod liver oil triggered. :(
10dogs2cats1donkey 3 månader sedan
As a Norwegian l thank this channel for only discussing cod, and not mentioning the shame of our sweetened pickled herrings. Oh well thanks to this video at least now l know why they exist and it's because some severe illnesses are actually worse than eating sugary pickled herrings. Wow.
Hamada AG
Hamada AG 3 månader sedan
"it wasn't God, it was Cod" -Someone i don't know
Joey Crowley
Joey Crowley 3 månader sedan
Why does youtube's algo put this in front of me now?
Baltu Lielkungs Gunārs Miezis
Baltu Lielkungs Gunārs Miezis 3 månader sedan
as for the without science good practaces can be forgoten, well we have science yet society is become weaker and weaker.
Baltu Lielkungs Gunārs Miezis
Baltu Lielkungs Gunārs Miezis 3 månader sedan
The reason they stopped eating cod is because they used up all the wood to make fires.
Baltu Lielkungs Gunārs Miezis
Baltu Lielkungs Gunārs Miezis 3 månader sedan
Culture is more evolution less science. The good culture propegates trough the people it helps to survive.
Frederik Kaslov
Frederik Kaslov 4 månader sedan
Here in scandinavia we call it torsk
End CSline
End CSline 4 månader sedan
SVfrom: searching for CoD recieving the Cod
National Socialist
National Socialist 4 månader sedan
Great information, I'd just add about the British, one must consider the Irish contingency of Vikings were ousted by the Jews, and the Dutch to a degree, and moved to Wirral in England. They then crossed the Mersey River to inhabit much of South West Lancashire. The county is the Red Rose County, and the 2nd city of the empire, Liverpool, is also in South West Lancashire. So there's a direct connection, plus Scandinavian companies to this day pay no taxes here, England, if they are based here, they pay it to their home country. England was ruled by Danish King's for a spell, read Hamlet by Shakespeare. 😁
grantcivyt 4 månader sedan
If you want to understand the value of conservatism, it's at the heart of the failure of the Greenland colony. Culture brings customs that carry inherited knowledge of what works. Much of it isn't understood. Much of it is wrong. But the cultures that have lasted millennia have important insights to contribute. Progressivism is important, of course, but it must be tempered with humility. Vegetarianism in Viking culture would have been ethical and possibly deadly.
Ultima Ratio
Ultima Ratio 4 månader sedan
Scandinavians were not all Vikings! It's like saying Desperados when you talk about Americans!
Scias 4 månader sedan
Had to drink this growing up, bluuugh.
Katt Mat
Katt Mat 4 månader sedan
How did call of duty save the vikings?
Dhanuddhara Eriyagama
Dhanuddhara Eriyagama 4 månader sedan
Call of Duty
Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones 4 månader sedan
8.38 Millenial speak: "Manipulate reality" Boomer speak: "Natural selection" / " Survival of the fittest".
Björn Þórir
Björn Þórir 4 månader sedan
Alvöru menn drekka lýsi
øystein enlid
øystein enlid 4 månader sedan
My mom says that i should eat «torsk» beacause it has a lot of vitamin D. Cuz we sont have a lot of sun light.
henriktre 4 månader sedan
I still (25 years old) drink cod liver oil daily
Rui Correia Monteiro
Rui Correia Monteiro 4 månader sedan
Thank God, we have enough sun here in Portugal. Wait! We also had to taste g'd old liver cod oil when we were young. Damn!
CasperG 4 månader sedan
fish in general actually
Avik Sanyal
Avik Sanyal 4 månader sedan
More like the cod liver oil drinkers survived and procreated, the non drinkers either died of osteomalacia or gave birth to children with rickets. Just emulate Darwin, no need of fancy theories here.
sir Cumference
sir Cumference 4 månader sedan
Thanks for reminding me to take my tran
Gerald Kramer
Gerald Kramer 4 månader sedan
In Norway the most common cod liver oil product is Tran. and there's a saying that you should drink a little bit of tran every day in the months that have and R in them. And it its because it's the months with the least sunlight.
Jovan 4 månader sedan
Ohhh My Cod!!..
Aksel Vedvik
Aksel Vedvik 4 månader sedan
Yes 4 månader sedan
But the vikings are dead dude
Tinil0 4 månader sedan
"Like evolution, but for ideas" mean memes? The vikings thrived due to cod liver oil memes.
Lucas dam Engberg
Lucas dam Engberg 4 månader sedan
5:98 SKÅL!!!!! (denmark for life)
Lucas dam Engberg
Lucas dam Engberg 4 månader sedan
I know but we say the same thing in denmark
Oskar Holm Beuschel
Oskar Holm Beuschel 4 månader sedan
That was definitely in Norway.
Dan 4 månader sedan
wait... so the vikings played warzone too!?!?!
Kaiden Hall
Kaiden Hall 4 månader sedan
He has a vary gay face if I’ve ever seen one
SaltBlood 4 månader sedan
It is called memetics
Setonos 4 månader sedan
evolution but with ideas - memes
Faust Rah
Faust Rah 4 månader sedan
My Norwegian friends would always have cod oil pils in the fridge while studying abroad. Aside from packs of snus, that is
Parker Smith
Parker Smith 3 månader sedan
cod oil for rickets, snus for studying.
Thang Tran
Thang Tran 5 månader sedan
Oh my cod
Sten Bergman
Sten Bergman 5 månader sedan
Legit worst video gross simplification of history and culture
super koksu
super koksu 5 månader sedan
0:36 as a polish man i can say we the Poles are indeed hostile to life.
Nils Pochat
Nils Pochat 5 månader sedan
So, there's that extremely violent viking chief called *Ivar the boneless* he might have been handicapped (or impotent it's not clear). Maybe he didn't eat his fish liver as he should've had.
Kvasi 5 månader sedan
The fiefdom of Normandy was given to the vikings in the treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte to get them to stop raiding West Francia (France). The vikings/normans instead conquered England. So the British fleet that "came to dominate the sees" were in some way a little bit viking.
pen15 5 månader sedan
Didn't know norse was so tied to call of duty
IKS 5 månader sedan
im confused, how did call of duty have anything to do with this
Nasa_The_Gay_Retard 5 månader sedan
plackization 5 månader sedan
Hey, you are talking about "the scientific method" and i would like to know what that means. Thanks.
plackization 5 månader sedan
Clark Talbot I wouldn’t say it’s that easy to explain. We still got the problem of induction. And poppers falsifiability is more of an ideal than a description of the scientific method.
Clark Talbot
Clark Talbot 5 månader sedan
It's the generally accepted way of deriving a conclusion from a hypothesis
Carbon 5 månader sedan
or we just killed the weak and sick childs
Fawkes Exe
Fawkes Exe 5 månader sedan
there is no proof that vikings EVER ate fish
Janelou42 5 månader sedan
Cod save the jarl!
Rob Rob
Rob Rob 5 månader sedan
Cod save the queen
blue fire
blue fire 5 månader sedan
8:45 42.0 ? 420 xD
blue fire
blue fire 5 månader sedan
Beefy Beings
Beefy Beings 5 månader sedan
Regarding wisdom in tradition. You're points made me think of psychedelic mushrooms and other hallucinogens. There are benefits to them in a number of areas, but science have been slow to research them. Many of the insights about them from users and researchers aren't taken seriously to fund more scientific research. I love science, but it feels like the institutions for research are regressive and not so open mind sometimes.
Calle Söderberg
Calle Söderberg 5 månader sedan
There is a very unscientific amout of helmet horns in this video.
xx_Desert_hunter_xx 5 månader sedan
Vikings were not a people tho, norsefolk, the people in the north. Viking was just the men sailing out to raid. And also, vikings didn't really plunder that much more than anyone else, its just that they were fearsom and very good at it
Kay The Villain
Kay The Villain 5 månader sedan
That plate of food is the whitest and most unappetizing thing I've ever seen. No greens whatsoever, not even a yung carrot, lol
Osel Somar
Osel Somar 5 månader sedan
Swedes exchanged drinking cod oil for eating soy - and look what happened....
GabKoost 5 månader sedan
Cod Liver oil isn't a health invention. It was just one more way to preserve a food source. Everything was preserved one way or another. When this oil was first invented there was no medical meaning behind it. And then, pretty much all oils or preserved liquids were said to be miraculous and good for you in a way or another. This is a basic behavior in any self sufficient society.
je suis fudgeman
je suis fudgeman 5 månader sedan
moosesnWoop123 5 månader sedan
6:31 is such a bland meal. Boiled potatoes. Boiled fish. JFC
Lainter 5 månader sedan
Tran, vettu.
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 5 månader sedan
7:30: Caveat, Derek. Traditional knowledge may not always be the best place to start, as attested to by the use of substances like laudanum, arsenic, snake oils in general, and even mercury and radium as medicinal compounds.
Rohan Antony
Rohan Antony 5 månader sedan
It’s science but not the perfect scientific method. A lot of it becomes religion
Cremated Baby
Cremated Baby 5 månader sedan
The oil is called tran. You can buy it in the stores and it tastes awful
erikals 5 månader sedan
4:55  A:: that was MUCH better than what i remember.... V:: Really ???   :D
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