Hotel Hell Season 1 Episode 1 FULL

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Arvydas Adutavicius

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All Credits goes to Fox.

KrakenOneSix Gaming
KrakenOneSix Gaming 8 timmar sedan
That moment when I have family with more respect for other people and 5 times the money than this dickhead. Dude's so money hungry he never even learned to not bite the hand that feeds.
Punto Damar
Punto Damar 11 timmar sedan
I swear i've seen the chef in a quite popular meme template, but i dont know what it's called
twolip 11 timmar sedan
I’m gay. We DO NOT claim this pig.
Salim Mala
Salim Mala 11 timmar sedan
Waiiittt of the door was locked then how did the camera man enter???? 🤔🤔🤔🤔😮😮
MCCrafterTV 15 timmar sedan
The Juniper Hill Inn closed after it went into foreclosure with debts of $1.1million in April 2014. They posted on their website that they are no longer in business. Ari was arrested in July 2015 for assaulting a police officer.
TreChanda Garrett
TreChanda Garrett 22 timmar sedan
I wish Gordon wouldnt have went in on the chef he was doing only what he can or could the owner was a complete moron sitting there making menus and he cant cook can we make that a rule for every restuarant around the world just because you are an owner that doesnt mean you should make a menu especially if you can't cook...the owner and his lover were really abusing their staff pretending and lying to everyone about everything. .like he str8 threatened the damn chef right in front of Gordon
annie pau
annie pau 22 timmar sedan
What a shame owner
Henry MULLER Dag sedan
Why is it that, in EACH and every episode of Hotel Hell, we have to endure the sight of Gordon's naked butt?
Kristupas Jonas Zilnys
Kristupas Jonas Zilnys Dag sedan
Zdarova Arvydai
Richard Silva
Richard Silva Dag sedan
id be very careful on coming down on me to hard...or i wont pay you again so
Alexa Glipo
Alexa Glipo Dag sedan
14:10 he looks like he plays the clarinet
OreoBunny 2 dagar sedan
The way he said *Excuse me* Sounded so funny I can see it as a meme.
Don McDouglas
Don McDouglas Dag sedan
in case you didnt know his boyfriend got arrested for molesting later on lol
dayana nibarger
dayana nibarger 2 dagar sedan
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Realt_gaming 2 dagar sedan
"I have a sexual relationship with my RV"
Stephanie Berry
Stephanie Berry 2 dagar sedan
I love Barbara, she's awesome
janey winterbauer
janey winterbauer 2 dagar sedan
“What a muppet”
janey winterbauer
janey winterbauer 2 dagar sedan
Robert is a bottom
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 3 dagar sedan
He pays that gorgeous lady $6k a year but sleeps in a RV worth over $100k. What a prick!
The I.R.S
The I.R.S 3 dagar sedan
I mean, it's super illegal they don't get paid on time... Why haven't these people gone to an attorney
Kage Maru
Kage Maru 3 dagar sedan
The owner has a "butt" face.
Julian Prasaja
Julian Prasaja Dag sedan
And his boyfriend is a dick. You do the math 😉
Anna 3 dagar sedan
Those crab cakes looked more like CRAP cakes
Anna 3 dagar sedan
100% that Robert changed his name to Daren and an anti-masker now.
Anna 3 dagar sedan
Robert *talking about an enourmous spoon*: it was a present... Gordon: from A GIANT
Lynn 3 dagar sedan
Pretentious pricks.
Neeraj412 3 dagar sedan
" Your problem is not Juniper hill your problem is fucking Robert" Well if Gordan says it maybe they should stop showing eachother their arseholes and putting stuff in.
Marty 4 dagar sedan
Gordon dont fuck around
Don McDouglas
Don McDouglas Dag sedan
no he doesnt with food for sure
Robin Sessoms
Robin Sessoms 4 dagar sedan
This Guy is Unbelievable 😸🤣🤣
Nancy Jones
Nancy Jones 5 dagar sedan
I love the way Gordon pronounces LUNCH! SO CUTE
Chin Xong
Chin Xong 5 dagar sedan
2012?! Woah i didn’t expect it to be this old
Dr Skelly Bones
Dr Skelly Bones 5 dagar sedan
that woman honestly looks like she could be in her 40s or 50s... she aged like fine wine
SRP Designs
SRP Designs 6 dagar sedan
Love when he calls someone a Muppet!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Bigweedgaming 6 dagar sedan
Robert has gone mad with power
Julian Prasaja
Julian Prasaja Dag sedan
Ari's weiner juice did that.
Turskarr Totemic
Turskarr Totemic 6 dagar sedan
Robert Dean II, bro really renamed himself to seem fancy. Bobby Jr. would sound different
Xingyu Jiang
Xingyu Jiang 6 dagar sedan
The opening is so lit
hm 6 dagar sedan
not barbara showing up serving old hollywood glam with a modern beat for $100 a month .... she deserves so much better :(
Christoph Becker
Christoph Becker 6 dagar sedan
@38:38 Kitchen River Song - with suspicious TIMEstamp, too! :)
iamareptilianalien from outer space
iamareptilianalien from outer space 6 dagar sedan
Thinking that you should live with nice things if you can afford them is his first problem because he can't afford them and it's an unethical lifestyle anyways. The dollar store has higher revenue than you did and maybe if you had targeted a wider clientele you wouldn't have gone bankrupt. Some people shouldn't own a business or manage people..
Roger Searcy
Roger Searcy 6 dagar sedan
Not a full episode
Plasma Freeze
Plasma Freeze 5 dagar sedan
It actually is a full episode it's just the other part is the second episode
Agoraphobic Adam
Agoraphobic Adam 7 dagar sedan
Who wanted to see the executive chef bitch slap that old putz? I'm the Boss! Whamo!
Agoraphobic Adam
Agoraphobic Adam 7 dagar sedan
How can you think your above your staff with such a snobby attitude when you can't even pay your staff?
bigarabsm 7 dagar sedan
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Acceptable76 7 dagar sedan
This guy is the biggest snob ever. He's literally clarified that the RV wasn't an RV but a 'motor coach' because he was afraid it would make him sound poor. Are you serious?
big ounce
big ounce 7 dagar sedan
Bro the camera man is everywhere you can't escape him
Bunbuncherry 7 dagar sedan
Robert is the “Hell” In Hotel Hell.
Loretta Casey
Loretta Casey 7 dagar sedan
The devilish quart statistically peep because plain causally smell versus a vast overcoat. unaccountable, evasive bamboo
POTATO CHIPZ 7 dagar sedan
am I watching hotel hell or hoarders? douche should sell all that crap so he can pay his staff.
POTATO CHIPZ 7 dagar sedan
has anybody seen the lamb sauce yet? im scared he's gonna yell again.
Nie Wiem
Nie Wiem 7 dagar sedan
in "next" i see "thats a wedding soup? i'd rather get a divorce"
AMON SUTTON 7 dagar sedan
When a rich man tries to act all high and mighty to a richer man
Peter Grewal
Peter Grewal 8 dagar sedan
They were a couple? How did I miss that?!
Twiztii _
Twiztii _ 8 dagar sedan
This guy is such a major snob!! He talks about wanting to appeal to the right people which are people who can afford his expensive rooms and 3 course meals but he can’t even afford it but acts like he is better than everyone in Windsor and probably the rest of England. He such a snob that he had to interject that he doesn’t live in an RV, it’s a high-end motorcoach. Oh we’ll pin a rose on your nose with your high end BS
Kazma Italia
Kazma Italia 8 dagar sedan
This scrub couldn't figure out his art wasn't worth shit
myth 8 dagar sedan
10/10 intro
Kereen Gellineau
Kereen Gellineau 8 dagar sedan
😭that into I can't, gordon can replace lucifer if he wanted to
Jaime Doornbos
Jaime Doornbos 8 dagar sedan
Robert is a vile individual
Sianna Rowson
Sianna Rowson 8 dagar sedan
Why does he act like it's his castle
the redfedora
the redfedora 8 dagar sedan
Gordon:your biggest problem! Is f*ckin Robert! Ari:*-*
Loretta Casey
Loretta Casey 8 dagar sedan
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Agnes Burton
Agnes Burton 8 dagar sedan
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Javier Michel
Javier Michel 9 dagar sedan
*From a comment in the clip in Gordon Ramsay (same episode) main SVfrom* Wobbles and Bean hace 1 mes (editado) After the show aired, Robert went on facebook to whine about how the show made him look like a liar and a thief. So in the end, he learned nothing, and is STILL blaming everyone else for his own wrongdoings. Typical. The hotel continued to lose money until it was foreclosed on, and both Robert and Ari fled. His employees simply showed up one day to find the building abandoned, and that stupid RV nowhere in sight. I have to assume they didn't bother to send the team their final paychecks, either. Ari was later arrested and jailed for assaulting a police officer. The building lay abandoned for several years, and the people who bought it on auction said Rob and Ari had absolutely trashed it. There were even dirty dishes left sitting there in the sink! Thankfully, the new owners are actually competent this time around, and the hotel now has rave reviews under its new name! As for the Wonder Twins, I don't feel sorry for them. Frankly, I hope Robert lost the very shirt off his back. Ari is out of jail and his facebook page is active, it seems he's still with Robert and they do unfortunately still have that ridiculous RV. However, the very few photos of their main residence look like they may live in a manufactured home now? Definitely cheap-looking, given the very very few shots of the front and the interior. So there's that. But, can't confirm it.
JaneDoe 9 dagar sedan
"Ex~kyooooooz me!"
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez 9 dagar sedan
Ha gay
MegaMurph13 9 dagar sedan
I just don’t understand how anyone would work a job for no paycheck. You’re homeless taking a free room for no pay..a free slave. Not one person deserves that
Blowjay Simpson
Blowjay Simpson 9 dagar sedan
"I'd be very careful coming down on me too hard" bud, that chef is a man that has nothing to lose and everything to gain at this point
Ryan Gilligan
Ryan Gilligan 9 dagar sedan
I have never wanted someone to fail more, but I feel badly for the staff.
kpo1389 9 dagar sedan
Amazing, from fine arts to this shit
Bunbuncherry 7 dagar sedan
Mark Vanantwerp
Mark Vanantwerp 10 dagar sedan
It's not the staff that's the problem it's both of the owners
Juliette 71
Juliette 71 10 dagar sedan
LMAO! Ari has been taking this whole situation as a joke. Laughing all the time. No wonder I can't take him serious lol.
Nizham Izzatul Islam
Nizham Izzatul Islam 10 dagar sedan
Hotel hell is true, Robert hotel is like a hotel in hell
Bunbuncherry 7 dagar sedan
Robert is the hell
its u boii Nick
its u boii Nick 10 dagar sedan
11:59 0-0
Spyderred 10 dagar sedan
I was waiting for the entire staff to say okay, none of us work here anymore. Then set up their own place to compete, then buy the hotel out of bankruptcy.
Spyderred 10 dagar sedan
Ari and Robert are dull and have no real taste, and are poorly trained and have no understanding of how to make the thing work.
Code Red
Code Red 10 dagar sedan
You don’t want ppl there that don’t have a lot of money,but u on the show losing money and seem like to me you need the ppl that don’t have a lot of money.
Jeordan Chavannes
Jeordan Chavannes 10 dagar sedan
Owner:Gordon wants Lunch Chef: what am I supposed to do with that information Looking all confused, like we don't serve Lunch,loll
Mr. Jones1113
Mr. Jones1113 11 dagar sedan
If you own a business and think it is okay to treat your workers as lowly trash and then insult them with low pay on top of not paying on time is not only completely unacceptable and and unlawful deserves a good ass whooping in their own driveway... glad Gordon jump down his throat aside from chewing the underpaid chef out but made up for it in the end.
Carl Shinoda
Carl Shinoda 11 dagar sedan
Serving a half-cut dessert! EXCUUSSEE ME!
Erica Play’s
Erica Play’s 11 dagar sedan
Robert is fucken delusional
Sean Potter
Sean Potter 11 dagar sedan
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Connie Reid
Connie Reid 11 dagar sedan
Holy Hell!! $6000 a year?!?!? How do you live on that? My husband and I make that in a month!!
rockoorbe2002 12 dagar sedan
I find it hilarious that Robert is an "antiques dealer" yet couldn't figure out most of his "authentic" art collection is fake.
dyanswill 12 dagar sedan
That restaurant is Roberts narcissist supply house.
Kasia Twarowska
Kasia Twarowska 12 dagar sedan
"what do you mean appropriate people?" "people without noses who are rich and not very hungry"
Chelsea Peterson
Chelsea Peterson 12 dagar sedan
I saw someone else comment this on another video featuring Robert, but he looks like he doesn’t care that you broke your elbow
Johnny Says
Johnny Says 12 dagar sedan
Wait wait wait.... Is there a part two you pompous fk?
funnymonke 12 dagar sedan
The intro tho
Noble Cyborg-Savage
Noble Cyborg-Savage 12 dagar sedan
Or just shovel your room regularly and you could use the front door and stop confusing peolle
Comics N' Coffee
Comics N' Coffee 12 dagar sedan
41:08 Classic Ramsey Correction. I love watching him kick ass!
JoJo TheOJ
JoJo TheOJ 13 dagar sedan
Truly the worst intro song ever.
Alexander LaPierre
Alexander LaPierre 13 dagar sedan
He doesn’t act like a millionaire
EYMAN NASSOLE 13 dagar sedan
One foot in the gutter, and one fist in the gold!
Don Cavaloñ
Don Cavaloñ 13 dagar sedan
ari looks like he was part of the SS
NRG=MC2 13 dagar sedan
We don't want people here that don't have money. *pays his cook $1600/month before taxes. Asshat
Darryl Skylar
Darryl Skylar 13 dagar sedan
The poor chef and staff have HORRIBLE owners! The former chef wouldn’t even come back to the inn just to visit with Gordon!
Darryl Skylar
Darryl Skylar 13 dagar sedan
Robert is a b*tch!!!
Zander Fleming
Zander Fleming 13 dagar sedan
Watching this in 2021😂😂
Mist Dragon Mc
Mist Dragon Mc 13 dagar sedan
I love the constant look of concern on his face🤣🤣🤣
Mist Dragon Mc
Mist Dragon Mc 13 dagar sedan
Oh good to know that three fucking presidents died in there.Like I would sleep in there after hearing that.
Dali Sophie
Dali Sophie 14 dagar sedan
ExcuUuuse me ...
BBi 2.0
BBi 2.0 14 dagar sedan
Barbara is such a sweetheart i wouldn't mind here being my grandma 😙✌🏾❤
Gabe Tower
Gabe Tower 14 dagar sedan
Oh my God the introduction is so funny.
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