History Buffs: Bohemian Rhapsody Part One

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TheGreatBurntHam 4 timmar sedan
You should do a video on Memphis belle
maceofspades 8 timmar sedan
I love Queen more than I love Elton John, but I love Rocketman more than Bohemian Rhapsody. It should’ve been R rated. I guess Brian and Roger didn’t have the balls to put in the realism and truth like Elton and Bernie did
maceofspades 8 timmar sedan
The entire film is 80% made up
Charlie Ridall
Charlie Ridall 13 timmar sedan
Can you do Midway 2019
Léon 23 timmar sedan
rami malek looked like a literal demon in the movie
McLir Dag sedan
I'd love to see you do a History Buffs video about Frank W. Abagnale Jr. as portrayed in Steven Spielberg's CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Love your channel! Your videos on GOODFELLAS and BRAVEHEART are the kind I share with friends and family.
David Bolger
David Bolger Dag sedan
One thing I wish Rhapsody covered was how Freddie punched Simon Ferocious after Skaggy Sidney had the nerve to mockingly ask Freddie whether he'd bring Ballet To The Masses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Bolger
David Bolger Dag sedan
Rageaholic Razorfist did a *FANTABULOUS* MYTHOS ON THIS BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QUEEN SHOULD SACK THE TALENTLESS AMERICAN IDOL AUTOTUNED WANKER WHO *SHAN'T* NEVER EVER BE NAMED AND GET IN ROGER DALTREY TO SING AND SCREAM FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHECK IT OUT MUTHAHZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sven van Leeuwen
Sven van Leeuwen Dag sedan
I Wish I could join Nebula and CuriosityStream, but THEY DON'T ACCEPT PAYPAL.
Diego Gianoli
Diego Gianoli Dag sedan
Being a Queen fan that actually knows some basic Queen history watching this movie physically hurt
mazimadu Dag sedan
As a Nigerian who has nostalgia for the BBC, Your explanation for why they had to lip-sync pisses me off so much... ... Becuase you are right!!
Damon Lopez
Damon Lopez Dag sedan
Do the movie. my way.
Tapan Joshi
Tapan Joshi 2 dagar sedan
Do one for HBO's Chernobyl, That would be lovely!
Chip Kolat
Chip Kolat 2 dagar sedan
have you ever through about doing ether The Tuskegee Airmen (1995) or RedTails (2012) for a black history month this February
The Heavy Truth
The Heavy Truth 2 dagar sedan
Those band members made themselfs look like saints. Abunch of assholes making freddy look bad...
Ber Hen
Ber Hen 2 dagar sedan
Do Control Anton Corbijn. Stil the best music bio pic
nikknack mickattack
nikknack mickattack 2 dagar sedan
@history buffs: you reviewed Dances with Wolves. Is there enough content to review The Last of the Mohicans? I know the battle took place and so did the following ambush. Just don't know if there's enough content in the rest of it to review.
Robert Drake
Robert Drake 2 dagar sedan
Live Aid was a scam. Thought so even at the time.
Podomus 2 dagar sedan
You haven’t posted in so long, that I missed you by a month lmao
Jeanie Chowdury
Jeanie Chowdury 3 dagar sedan
Do rocketman!
Jeanie Chowdury
Jeanie Chowdury 3 dagar sedan
The movie was fantastic!!!
EdgarAllenHoe 3 dagar sedan
Virgin Bohemian Rhapsody vs Chad Rocketman
Mr.Baguette _
Mr.Baguette _ 2 dagar sedan
Rocketman was even worse
throwback19841 3 dagar sedan
Do "Anthropoid" about the assassination of Reinhardt Heidrich. OR, Cromwell, cos history.
Thomas Drysdale
Thomas Drysdale 4 dagar sedan
21:39 Nice one
Gerald Pena
Gerald Pena 4 dagar sedan
I would like for you to do a segment on The charge of the light brigade the movie
Gerald Pena
Gerald Pena 4 dagar sedan
I would like you to do a
Alexandru Kozma
Alexandru Kozma 4 dagar sedan
Would you mind doing an episode on ,,The Bridge Over The River Kwai''?
Flee Willy
Flee Willy 5 dagar sedan
456lef 5 dagar sedan
seriously? bohemian rhapsody as history buffs?! create a new series or something like that
Cannibal713 5 dagar sedan
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
Dave Annan
Dave Annan 5 dagar sedan
Queen were delighted to get onto Top Of The Pops as that was the great vehicle which propelled all the major acts back in the day. The last thing they would have done at the BBC studios would have been to complain about miming because if they did they would have quickly been shown the door.
Southpaw Chef
Southpaw Chef 5 dagar sedan
If someone would green light MacArthur park, bohemian rhapsody’s length couldn’t have been an issue
Southpaw Chef
Southpaw Chef 5 dagar sedan
U should’ve spoke about how several other bands had released longer songs. Like Hey Jude and Stairway to Heaven years before. They act like they’re the first to write a long song...
Southpaw Chef
Southpaw Chef 2 dagar sedan
@ShadowCat I will concede the point that the Beatles were the biggest band the world had ever seen for quite some time before they released it, but they could’ve mentioned it. He could’ve said, “what about hey Jude?” To which the exec would say ur not the Beatles! Also that train wreck MacArthur park was like a year long
ShadowCat 3 dagar sedan
That really bugged me in the film. Hey Jude held the record for longest run at #1 and it was seven minutes, but it’s never mentioned.
Southpaw Chef
Southpaw Chef 5 dagar sedan
Queen is so mediocre and derivative, they can be someone’s favorite band and I’m fine with that, but I don’t feel like it’s even arguable that they are the greatest rock band ever. If they’re even top ten.
Mr.Baguette _
Mr.Baguette _ 2 dagar sedan
Thats just your personal taste , and i won't argue with what you think , but when you take into account the number of record sold , they are one of the biggest bands ever.
7graywolf7 5 dagar sedan
In Toronto, Canada, there is Q107 Classic Rock radio. When I was a teenager (I don't know if they still do this) they would hold a poll in the month of July. You could phone in, mail, or use the website to vote for what you believed was the greatest rock song of all time. In the month of August they would count down 500 songs over the course of a week, ending with the top 10 on Sunday afternoon. The top 2 positions were always always ALWAYS a battle between Stairway to Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody.
Dominick Biolsi
Dominick Biolsi 5 dagar sedan
Hey can you do Cromwell next? I'm very curious to learn more about the subject after I just watched it?
diatras 5 dagar sedan
I don't care how busy shit is, you're NEVER going to send bags down the beltloader so fast that the guys at the bottom can't keep up, and the guys at the bottom can stop the beltloader if they're getting backed up. SMFH 0/10
Ellen Grow
Ellen Grow 6 dagar sedan
Do black hawk down
Nathanel Hodges
Nathanel Hodges 6 dagar sedan
Tahulrik 6 dagar sedan
I have no idea how accurate it is to the real events.. But gangs of new york should be at least partly based on real events.. Could that be a History buff video someday ? :)
Kung Fu Kenny
Kung Fu Kenny 7 dagar sedan
Any chance you can do Ford vs Ferrari?
Richard Lenkiewicz
Richard Lenkiewicz 7 dagar sedan
Can you spend time on a video of either Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? With the main topic about the coverage of the book(s). Please as special !!!!:D In the case of LOTR it kind of counts as historic, by now I think.
Vicarious Gamer
Vicarious Gamer 7 dagar sedan
Despite my criticism, I think that this is very well put together. Good job ! I was 13 when A night at the Opera was released, I absolutely loved it and my GF and I really enjoyed the film. But seeing how things reported here "actually" occurred, I am certain that the film would have been even better being presented in an honest chronological order. Looking forward to viewing the 2nd half of your video. -VG
Vicarious Gamer
Vicarious Gamer 7 dagar sedan
The scene where the audience sings Love of my life... Can you imagine the feelings of the song writer who has witnesses this ? Kind of brings a chill down my spine.
Vicarious Gamer
Vicarious Gamer 7 dagar sedan
I think that maybe you might consider that once one feels that they have a bit of power under their name, they will always become what their name represents. Power does that and it doesn't matter whether they are political leaders, musicians, business owners, or you tube presenters. Thus becoming "that" person you approve or disapprove of. This is inevitable. Hence the old but true statement... Power promotes corruption, suspect all who seek it.
Vicarious Gamer
Vicarious Gamer 7 dagar sedan
Actually the Prophet's song is also quite operatic as well. I'm going to presume that you haven't listened to the entire album ?
El profe Vicente
El profe Vicente 7 dagar sedan
Excellent! Thank you so much!
jobanski 7 dagar sedan
What about the Ken Hughes movie, “Cromwell”? I’m not well versed in Great Britain history and saw a clip.
NOXISUM 7 dagar sedan
You’ll do a review of this bullshit but not first man 🙄
rick grimes
rick grimes 8 dagar sedan
God he died 1 yea before I was born
Will Moore
Will Moore 8 dagar sedan
I can't count how many times I said, "WTF?", while watching this turd of a flick.
Mango T
Mango T 6 dagar sedan
Oh come on. It was all right. They did have to cram in what, 30+ years into two hours? There is a couple of really good docs for the real McCoy. To me, it gave lot of younger people exposure to Queen. Now, how can that be bad?🤷‍♀️. (I’ve been a fan since ‘74). I’ve never seen such excitement for Queen since the 80’s. In the US, anyway. I know they’re gods in England, and rightfully so. Freddy died before most of the people who saw the movie were even born. Now they love him.
Christopher Hemsworth
Christopher Hemsworth 8 dagar sedan
21:41 "in the end .. it doesn't really matter." Did you do that on purpose? :D
Callum Gillis
Callum Gillis 8 dagar sedan
Hey I love all of your videos and watch all of them and I just watched the movie Blackkklansmen and thought I'd be the perfect movie for an episode. I dont have twitter or any social media but wanted to make this suggestion to ya!!
Alexander Angelus
Alexander Angelus 8 dagar sedan
Interesting to see that journalists were the same worthless, parasitic leeches they still are to this day. What’s the thought process like? “I have no talent, no skills, no values, less dignity than a prostitute, and I want reality to be what I want it to be so that I can hide that I contribute to nothing in this world”?
BoilingKoolaid 8 dagar sedan
Still waiting on the Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra movie. This is one of my favorite channels. I wait months for your expert breakdowns.
NPC_1138 9 dagar sedan
I mean... I am really happy about every HB video... but... this? Come on. SO many movies and series about actually important and interesting things......... and you do Queen? Oh well...
Therk Kqpb
Therk Kqpb 9 dagar sedan
Rogers like “I’m in love with my future car that I’ll make lot of money from later on”
1 1
1 1 9 dagar sedan
Really 6 months between uploads and you choose this movie? Fucking lame dude
Official Talisonus
Official Talisonus 9 dagar sedan
Gosh I love this channel! Keep up the great work Nick!
Barry Scott
Barry Scott 10 dagar sedan
I nearly died when you showed the Blue Monday clip
KrisJM1234 10 dagar sedan
No station would play a song over 3 Minutes....in 1975? After Hey Jude, Like a Rolling Stone, Whole Lotta Love, Kashmir? Give me a break this whole movie was just a glorified circle jerk.
Mark Ford
Mark Ford 10 dagar sedan
Can y’all do an episode on Gangs of New York? I was reviewing the Election Day scene and it seems pretty relevant. That and all the recent riots going on.
DRDANNTE 10 dagar sedan
Could you maybe do "Seven years in Tibet"?
Nate DS
Nate DS 10 dagar sedan
Why does john reid have red hair in the movie? In real life he had jet black hair.
Nate DS
Nate DS 10 dagar sedan
Btw shout out too Marc Martel who did all of the dubbing for Marc Martel where Rami Malik couldn't lip sync actaul recordings. Doing freddie mercury's singing voice for his biopic can't be easy.
Nate DS
Nate DS 11 dagar sedan
Im glad that you did Bohemian Rhapsody, because think the history aspect is more important to this movie than most. It could have either been a movie with a 3 act structure or a recreation/celebration of queen(well mostly Freddie Mercury's) career, in my opinion the movie didn't really stick to either all the way but it definitely dropped the ball on the historical angle.
Steve Hammer
Steve Hammer 11 dagar sedan
"The only operatic song on the entire album is Bohemian Rhapsody." The Prophet's Song would beg to differ.
Tank Tank
Tank Tank 11 dagar sedan
I drought you will ever see this comment but you should cover the film Tucker: The Man and His Dream. It tells the true story of Preston Tucker. He is a grandiose schemer with a new dream, to produce the best cars ever made. He created the almost Tesla of the 1940s. I really enjoyed watching it in my history class and I think you would enjoy it too.
Az. Prodigy
Az. Prodigy 11 dagar sedan
You should do the doors
NerdilyDone 11 dagar sedan
I don't actually care for Queen all that much, but this is still really fascinating.
Gabriel 11 dagar sedan
Band names back in the day, man
SlashmanG 11 dagar sedan
Glad I never decided to see this piece of garbage
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim 12 dagar sedan
Do one on Schindler’s list
DCdanger 12 dagar sedan
Ok wait after all that stuff about a night at the opera you didn't mention the fact that on bohemian rhapsody Roger never sang the Galileo part
mama oooh
mama oooh 13 dagar sedan
How about Rocketman?
Nico 13 dagar sedan
Can you do pearl harbor next?
Brandon McLendon
Brandon McLendon 13 dagar sedan
In an early draft, they actually mentioned that Brian dated Mary
XxXVideoVeiwerXxX 13 dagar sedan
Part two remind me of trump
Cmathews32 13 dagar sedan
Do a review of AMC's Turn: Washington's Spies.
Joe Kingsriter
Joe Kingsriter 13 dagar sedan
Have you watched the amc series: “turn: Washington’s spies?” Ive recently been watching through it and have been wondering constantly how true to history it actually was. Like “did these specific people really exits or are they just works of well crafted fiction?” Either way would be really cool to see a series on that someday!
Panzer Ausf Productions
Panzer Ausf Productions 14 dagar sedan
2:30 Jesus Christ, Paul McCartney looks really young there
Tristan Milner
Tristan Milner 14 dagar sedan
While no need to look at it's historical accuracy, I'd love to know your thoughts on They Shall Not Grow Old.
Eric B
Eric B 14 dagar sedan
Do Schindler's List :)
V 15 dagar sedan
I love your deep dive into movie histories. I have truly missed your videos, so glad you're back! I know these require A LOT of research and we really appreciate all your hard work. I went back and rewatched a lot of your videos, it keeps me entertained during these trying times. I especially loved your Casino and Goodfellas and was wondering if you would ever consider doing Bugsy? I would really love to see your take on that movie.
Iced 2woo
Iced 2woo 15 dagar sedan
You should do flags of our fathers
The88Cheat 15 dagar sedan
Would you do a History Buffs episode of the 1989 movie Fat Man and Little Boy?
Craig Middleton
Craig Middleton 15 dagar sedan
“The Crown” on Netflix should keep you busy for a while.
Eli Smith
Eli Smith 16 dagar sedan
You have to do 1917 next.
Damian Cole
Damian Cole 17 dagar sedan
I waiting on "13 days" review. Hope it's gonna be on HB's radar soon.
TheTwinangels 17 dagar sedan
This movie was simply frustrating for anyone that knows a little bit of Queen history. This movie also shows how it can be a very bad idea to have band member as executive producers. Brian May and Roger Taylor made themselves appear more like saints. Roger Taylor himself was a well known party animal, womanizer and coke user. Ironically despite some of their partying Queen was definitely not the worst when it came to these things. The only Queen member who really developed problems was John Deacon with his drinking. Freddie Mercury was a very dedicated musician, according to their sound engineers and producers he spent the the most time in the studio out of everyone. In the movie it appears as if he is always late, and as if he never spends time in the studio. You can understand how a movie might not always be accurate, but the worst part of the movie by far was how they pretended as if Freddie broke up the band to do a solo album. Queen never broke up. Freddie Mercury's first priority was always Queen, he took two years to record his solo album because he did the Queen album - The Works in-between, and Queen did a whole world wide, The Works tour. The highlight of the tour was the Rock In Rio Festival, where they played for a massive audience of almost 400k people. Queen did well at Live Aid, because the band was in good form, The Works tour had ended 5 weeks before Live Aid. It is ridiculous to think that band who has not played together for years, are suddenly going to steal the show at such a big event. That is basically what happened to Led Zeppelin, they performed at Live Aid, but they had not played together for years, and it was pretty bad. Freddie did not even promote his solo album, Roger did more promotion for his solo albums. Freddie's solo albums were not as unsuccessful and Brian May and Roger Taylor like to pretend. After Freddie's death they took some of his solo material and rerecorded it with their own instrumentation. So they obviously did think it was that bad, if they still used the material. The way in which Freddie was represented as selfish jerk during this section especially was incredibly unfair and grating to watch.
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 17 dagar sedan
Nick I insist you review rocket man.
Zim Wolf
Zim Wolf 17 dagar sedan
Thanks for this Nick, now I think the movie should have been called ''Bohemian Bull Shit'', although I did enjoy the movie. Just happy I watched it before this...
Corey Sanders
Corey Sanders 17 dagar sedan
This was great! You should do the social network next! I think there could be alot of interesting things you can find out. And it's a really great movie.
Munitia Blastpaw
Munitia Blastpaw 18 dagar sedan
Please do Enemy at the Gates.
George Moore
George Moore 18 dagar sedan
You made Amadeus one of my favorite movies. Thank you for covering Bohemian Rhapsody
Jan :-)
Jan :-) 18 dagar sedan
You know what’s cool the Irish men
Heather Olsen
Heather Olsen 19 dagar sedan
Long time fan first time commenter... is it too much to hope to get a "Hamilton" History Buff?
Caméron Jàmes
Caméron Jàmes 19 dagar sedan
Complete bullshit the whole movie. Brain Mays bullshit ruins it all.
Martijn00095 19 dagar sedan
Please doe the netflix film the chicago 7 :)
BAD PRODUCTIONS 19 dagar sedan
Could you please make a video on The Bounty (1984) or maybe Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (2019)
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